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Stock Car Racing

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Stock Car Racing

Stock Car Racing

"Stock car" racing began in the earliest days of the automobile, as automakers sought to prove their worth and motor car enthusiasts wanted to see the machines they could buy in the dealerships pitted against one another in competition.

Stock car racing as we know it today began after World War II, first as a hobby for people in the southeast United States who had other professions (famously, many were moonshine runners) but wanted to prove their driving skills against one another, usually on oval dirt tracks in big American sedans.  Attempts to organize these small competitions into a national championship found success when Bill France founded NASCAR and began stock car racing's first successful national championship series in 1949.

Soon the American car manufacturers would support stock car racing as a marketing tool, in hopes that proving their cars better than the other automakers on the racetracks would help sell cars.

NASCAR became a national sport in the United States beginning in 1979 with the first flag-to-flag live broadcast of that year's Daytona 500.  During the 1980's the need for safety and equal competition in an era where car design had changed dramatically began to result in "stock cars" that looked and functioned less and less like the real street vehicles they were designed to mimic, and today a "stock car" almost always refers to a type of tube-frame design V8-engined rear wheel drive race car with a full sheet metal body designed to resemble a common street-legal production car that the average middle-class American can afford.

The current world center of stock car racing is in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina, which is home to NASCAR and most NASCAR teams.  Having spent most of its early years based in the American south, stock car racing has races, drivers, and fans from all across the United States.  Stock car racing has made some attempts to become an international sport with races in Japan and series in Europe and Australia, but so far international competition has been limited to drivers and automakers from around the world coming to the United States to compete.  Countries with regular representation in the top series now include Japan (Toyota), Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya, and Australia (Marcos Ambrose).

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2015  The NASCAR Nationwide Series becomes the NASCAR Xfinity Series.
2014  The NASCAR Chase for the Sprint Cup made another major change to a knockout format to decide a final four drivers to compete for the championship in the final race. The big story of the year was when in early August NASCAR star Tony Stewart killed sprint car driver Kevin Ward Jr. in a small sprint car event in New York, and went on to become champion as owner of Sprint Cup Champion Kevin Harvick's car.
2013  Jimmie Johnson returned to the top of the Sprint Cup series with his sixth championship, putting him just one away from the hallowed 7-championship perch of Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. at the 2012 Daytona 500 2012  The 2012 season begins with a bang as Juan Pablo Montoya's car crashes into a jet dryer at the Daytona 500, which finishes in the early hours of a Tuesday morning!  Brad Keselowski wins the Sprint Cup for car owner Roger Penske, both first time Cup winners.  It was also a parting gift for Dodge, as Keselowski handed them their first modern-era Cup championship in their final season of competition since returning to the sport in 2001.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. at the Daytona 500 (By United States Army MWR) The photo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License.
Jacques Villeneuve at the 2011 Bucyrus 200 2011  NASCAR debuts a new points system and Tony Stewart became the first owner-driver to win the Cup since 1992.  The Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang make their Nationwide Series debuts.

Photo: Jacques Villeneuve at the Bucyrus 200 (By Royal_Broil at Flickr)
The photo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License (CC BY-SA 2.0).
Patrick Sheltra ARCA 2010 Messina Wildlife Animal Stopper 200 2010 Jimmie Johnson wins his historic fifth NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship in a row.  No other driver has even won 4 in a row.

Photo: Patrick Sheltra at the Messina Wildlife Animal Stopper 200 (By Glenn Bure for OnPitRow.com/BethAnne Heisler)
The photo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic License.
Jimmie Johnson pit stop at the 2009 Coca-Cola 600 2009 Among the over 100 wins in NASCAR's top series, Kyle Busch's only championship is his 2009 Nationwide Series title.

Photo: Jimmie Johnson stops for tires & gas at the Coca-Cola 600...and Chad Knaus is looking elsewhere (Photo by Tequila Mike, CC BY 2.0)
Erik Darnell at the 2008 Camping World RV Sales 200 2008 The name of NASCAR's top series changes to the Sprint Cup, but it's Champion remains the same as Jimmie Johnson ties Cale Yarborough with three Cup Championships in a row.

Photo: Erik Darnell at the Camping World RV Sales 200 (©2008 Bill Crittenden)
Regan Smith at the 2007 Toyota/Save Mart 350 2007 It was a dark year for a large group of traditionalist NASCAR fans as the winged Car of Tomorrow made its debut and Dale Earnhardt Jr. shocked the stock car racing world when he announced that starting in 2008 he would be racing for his father's fans' nemesis: Hendrick Motorsports.

Photo: Regan Smith at the Toyota/Save Mart 350 (Photo by U.S. Army Racing)
Dale Earnhardt Jr. with Mark McFarland and a mock-up of the Navy #88 2006 Jimmie Johnson wins his first of 5 consecutive championships.  It would be 2011 before another champion would be crowned.

Photo: Dale Earnhardt Jr. with Mark McFarland and a mock-up of the Navy #88 during a press event announcing JR Motorsports as his new Busch Series team (U.S. Navy photo by Chris Desmond)
Justin Labonte at the 2005 Carquest 300 2005 Ted Musgrave scores his only top-level championship in the Craftsman Truck Series.

Photo: Justin Labonte at the 2005 Carquest 300 (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Barry Lane)
US Military Sponsored NASCAR Cars 2004 NASCAR's top series began a new life without tobacco sponsorship as the Nextel Cup.

Photo: US Military Sponsored NASCAR Cars at Daytona (U.S. Air Force photo by Larry McTighe)
Ben Collins at an ASCAR Days of Thunder race in Europe 2003 Roush Racing wins its first Winston Cup Championship in the last year for the name, with Matt Kenseth behind the wheel.

Photo: Ben Collins at an ASCAR Days of Thunder race in Europe (Photo by Steve Gregory (CC BY-SA 2.5))
Ricky Hendrick Busch Grand National Show Car at the 2001 Tropicana 400 2002 Tony Stewart's first Cup championship would be Pontiac's last, as GM discontinued support for Pontiacs after the 2003 season.

Photo: Ricky Hendrick Busch Grand National Show Car at the 2002 Tropicana 400 (Photo by Heidi Walczak)
Kevin Harvick Busch Grand National Show Car at the 2001 Tropicana 400 2001 Dale Earnhardt died in the last lap of the Daytona 500, casting a shadow over the sport for the season.

Photo: Kevin Harvick Busch Grand National Show Car at the 2001 Tropicana 400 (Photo by Heidi Walczak)
Matt Kenseth at the 1998 MBNA Gold 400 1998 NASCAR celebrates its 50th Anniversary.  Counting Terry Labonte's 1996 Championship along with Jeff Gordon's, 1995, 1997, and 1998, Hendrick Motorsports won the Winston Cup four years in a row.

Photo: Matt Kenseth in his Winston Cup debut substituting for Bill Elliott at the 1998 MBNA Gold 400 (Photo by Darryl W. Moran Photography, (CC BY-SA 2.0))
Bill Elliott at the 1997 Pocono 500 1997 Jeff Gordon wins his second Winston Cup Championship and Dale Earnhardt Jr. makes his debut at NASCAR's top levels with 8 starts in the Busch Grand National Series.

Photo: Bill Elliott at the 1997 Pocono 500 (Photo by Mike Traverse, (CC BY-SA 2.0))
1996  Terry Labonte wins his second Winston Cup title, 12 years since the first.
1995  Jeff Gordon won his first Winston Cup Championship in just his third year of full-time competition.
1994  NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt won his record-tying 7th championship in the sport's top series while a young Jeff Gordon won his first Winston Cup victories.
1993  In 1993 it was more dangerous getting to and from the racetrack than it was competing.  Davey Allison was killed in a helicopter crash and Alan Kulwicki was killed in an airplane crash.
Kyle Petty at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway NASCAR Tire Test 1992  The increasing popularity of NASCAR was acknowledged with testing for upcoming races starting in 1994 at the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, while the era of the small-team owner-driver ended with Alan Kulwicki winning the Winston Cup. (it would be 19 years until any other owner-driver won the Cup, and he did so with a 2-car multimillion dollar operation)

Photo: Kyle Petty at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway NASCAR Tire Test (By John Walczak)
1990  One of the most enduring events of 1990 happened off the track, as in June the big budget Tom Cruise film Days of Thunder was released, bringing NASCAR culture across the nation and popularizing such phrases as "rubbin' is racin'" beyond the die-hard stock car fans of the day.
Joe Shear at the Milwaukee Mile (ASA) 1989  Rusty Wallace's only Winston Cup Championship came in 1989.

Photo: Joe Shear at the Pontiac Excitement 200 - Milwaukee Mile ASA Race (By John Walczak)
Michael Waltrip at the Champion 400 1988  Bill Elliott won over a dozen titles as NASCAR's Most Popular Driver but just one Winston Cup championship, in 1988.

Photo: Michael Waltrip at the Champion 400 (By John Walczak)
Dale Earnhardt at the Champion 400 1987  The era of "restrictor plate racing" begins with Bobby Allison's horrific 200 mile per hour crash at Daytona.

Photo: Dale Earnhardt at the Champion 400 (By John Walczak)
Kyle Petty at the Goody's 500 1986  Dale Earnhardt wins his first of 6 championships for Richard Childress, now a car owner after having retired from a longtime driving career.

Photo: Kyle Petty at the Goody's 500 (By John Walczak)
Dickie Boswell at the Milwaukee Sentinel 200 1985  Bill Elliott wins the Winston Million, a prize many thought unwinnable, in its first year!

Photo: Dickie Boswell at the Milwaukee Sentinel 200 (By John Walczak)
Lake Speed in 1984 1984 Anheuser-Busch switches the Sportsman Series sponsorship from its Budweiser brand to its Busch brand, beginning a long-term association with NASCAR's second-level national touring series.

Photo: Lake Speed in 1984 (by Ted Van Pelt)
The photo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).
Dale Earnhardt at the 1983 Van Scoy 500 1983 In all the years that Allisons have competed, with Bobby, Davey and Donnie combining to win dozens of races, 1983 was the only time an Allison claimed a NASCAR Championship with Bobby Allison's Winston Cup title.

Photo: Dale Earnhardt at the Van Scoy 500 (by Mike Traverse) The photo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License (CC BY-SA 2.0)
1982  1982 was the year that NASCAR grouped together its Sportsman races into a national touring series, named the Budweiser Late Model Sportsman Series
1981  Long before he was the voice of NASCAR and known as "Ol' D.W.," Darrell Waltrip was known as "Jaws" and won his first of three Winston Cup championships in 1981.
1980  Dale Earnhardt won his first of a record-tying seven Winston Cup championships.
1979  NASCAR got national attention with a fight at the end of the Daytona 500, its first race nationally televised from start until finish.
Darrell Waltrip 1978 World 600 1978 Cale Yarborough becomes the first driver to win three championships in a row in NASCAR's top division with his 1978 Winston Cup title.

Photo: Darrell Waltrip at the 1978 World 600 (by Bill Ferguson)
The photo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
1977  Cale Yarborough wins second of three Winston Cup championships.
1976  Cale Yarborough wins first of three Winston Cup championships.
Cale Yarborough 1975 1975 Dale Earnhardt makes his first Winston Cup start in the World 600.  He drove the #8 Dodge sponsored by 10,000 RPM Speed Equipment, starting 33rd and finishing 22nd.  It was his only start of the year.

Photo: Cale Yarborough in 1975 (by Ted Van Pelt)
The photo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).
1951  Despite the reputation as a "Southern sport," the 1951 season saw NASCAR branch out westward with 5 races in California and one in Arizona.  The Great Lakes were also visited frequently, with five events in Ohio and two in Michigan.
1950  NASCAR's top series changed names to Grand National, a name that would last until the era of corporate title sponsorship begins two decades later.
1949  NASCAR, founded a year before, began stock car racing as it exists today with the Strictly Stock series.

Stock Car Series Name Chart

The names of stock car series most often change because they are named for corporate sponsors who come and go.  This is a handy little "cheat sheet" to find out what an old series is called today.

NASCAR Sprint Cup
2008-Current NASCAR Sprint Cup
2004-2007 NASCAR Nextel Cup
1972-2003 NASCAR Winston Cup
1950-1971 NASCAR Grand National
1949 NASCAR Strictly Stock

NASCAR Nationwide Series
2008-Current NASCAR Nationwide Series
2004-2007 NASCAR Busch Series
1986-2003 NASCAR Busch Grand National
1984-1985 NASCAR Busch Late Model Sportsman Series
1982-1983 NASCAR Budweiser Late Model Sportsman Series

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series
2009-Current NASCAR Camping World Truck Series
1996-2008 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series
1995 NASCAR SuperTruck Series by Craftsman

ARCA Racing Series
2011-Current ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards
2010 ARCA Racing Series presented by RE/MAX and Menards
2001-2009 ARCA RE/MAX Series
1995-2000 ARCA Bondo/Mar-Hyde Series
1993-1994 ARCA Hooters Cup Super Car Series
1986-1992 ARCA Permatex Super Car Series
1982-1985 ARCA Talladega Super Car Series
1964-1981 ARCA Racing Series
1953-1963 Midwest Association for Race Cars (MARC)

2005-Current ISCARS DASH Touring
2004 iPOWER Dash Series
1992-2003 NASCAR Goody's Dash Series
1990-1991 NASCAR Dash Series
1985-1989 NASCAR Charlotte/Daytona Dash Series
1983-1984 NASCAR Darlington Dash Series
1980-1982 NASCAR International Sedan Series
1975-1979 NASCAR The Baby Grand Series
1973-1974 NASCAR The Baby Grand National Racing Association

NASCAR Toyota Series
2012-Current NASCAR Toyota Series
2011 NASCAR Corona Series Presentado por Toyota
2007-2010 NASCAR Corona Series
2004-2006 Desafío Corona

Rev Oil Pro Cup Series
2012-Current Rev Oil Pro Cup Series
Late 2011 CARS Pro Cup Series
2009-2011 USARacing Pro Cup Series
1997-2008 Hooters Pro Cup Series


DateMedia or Collection Name & DetailsFiles
197443: The Petty Story
Rowland-Lasko Distribution

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- 246MB - 1:18:58
5 August 2006Will Ferrell Finds New Comedic Vehicle in 'Talladega Nights'
Alan Silverman for Voice of America News

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- 663KB - 5:23
2008NASA Launchpad: Team Penske
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Video Page
- 3:31
20 February 2018Storycorps: African-American NASCAR Driver Was Driven to Compete
Storycorps, VOA News

Topic Page
- 56.3MB - 2:31

Article Index

News, commentary, and press releases.  This section contains articles about general topics in stock car racing, biographies of stock car racing's personalities.  Articles about a specific event or season can be found on that season's page...in essence, this is a "miscellaneous" section that contains articles that don't pertain to one particular season or event.  Obituaries are often posted both in the season during which the person died and here as a biographies of careers that spanned multiple seasons if not multiple decades.

Links to historic Stock Car Racing articles can be found in three places.  Either you can browse through them in the Stock Car Racing section (some on this page and more on the season pages), or you can look up articles on specific topics by finding the driver on this page or the race on its season page.

General Article Index

15 September 2003NASCAR Media ConferenceBrian France
Bill France
27 May 2005NASCAR Popularity Quickly Attracts Job Seekers Chris Simkins
1 June 2005NASCAR is America's Fastest-Growing Spectator Sport Chris Simkins
7 July 2005NASCAR Seeks to Attract African Americans to Sport Susan Logue
17 February 2006NASCAR Media Conference: Busch Series 25th AnniversaryChuck Bown
Tommy Ellis
Jack Ingram
Larry Pearson
9 May 2006NASCAR Media ConferenceJanet Guthrie
Junior Johnson
Bruton Smith
Humpy Wheeler
6 July 2006NASCAR Media ConferenceTim Newman
Mark Dyer
Winston Kelley
Pat McCrory
16 August 2006Nascar Nextel Cup Series, TheJim Johnson
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9 September 2006NASCAR's Car of TomorrowBill Crittenden
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7 February 2007NASCAR and RetirementJeremy T. Sellers
20 March 2007Dummies Guide To NASCAR, TheDan Cross
24 April 2007If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say...Bill Crittenden
7 July 2007Race Fan Resources: SpeedwayMedia.comBill Crittenden
9 July 2007Unsteady Ground, The Future of NASCARJeremy T. Sellers
21 August 2007What Do NASCAR Collectibles Mean to You?Brian Connors
23 August 2007NASCARUladzislau Suski
1 September 2007Random Lugnuts: Money Makes the Wheels Go RoundBill Crittenden
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11 September 2007Betting Basics for NASCARMark Greene
12 September 2007Advanced Concepts for Handicapping NASCARMichael Cash
15 September 2007Paying their DuesJoe Dudas
15 September 2007Random Lugnuts: Model Drivers and Model CarsBill Crittenden
19 October 2007Random Lugnuts: This Ain't Your Older Brother's NASCARBill Crittenden
1 November 2007How To Go About Collecting NASCAR MemorabiliaCassaundra Flores
3 November 2007NASCAR Championships, TheChris DiCicco
3 November 2007Random Lugnuts: Illinois, Amp, Hockey and Wet TowelsBill Crittenden
9 November 2007NASCAR Vehicle, TheChris DiCicco
16 November 2007NASCAR - The Drivers TrainingChris DiCicco
16 November 2007Where Do Race Cars Of Yesteryear Belong?Anthony Fontanelle
5 December 2007Am I Still "Complaining"?Jeremy T. Sellers
21 February 2008Random Lugnuts: Don't Move the 500Bill Crittenden
26 February 2008Speeding Turds, TheJeremy T. Sellers
3 March 2008Random Lugnuts: Candy and Race Car DriversBill Crittenden
17 June 2008When They Use To Earn ItJeremy T. Sellers
4 May 2009Random Lugnuts: Pontiac, Safety, and FiatBill Crittenden
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18 September 2009Random Lugnuts: NASCAR Teams and Sponsorship Money Bill Crittenden
September 29, 2009Random Lugnuts: Beyond the Hood Bill Crittenden
14 November 2009Random Lugnuts: Zombie Sponsorships Bill Crittenden
14 December 2009Man Charged in $10 Million NASCAR Merchandise Scam Arraigned on Charges of Bilking Dozens of VictimsFBI Los Angeles Office
28 December 2009Random Lugnuts: NASCAR Isn't BrokenBill Crittenden
11 February 2010Random Lugnuts: Let's Race TwoBill Crittenden
20 June 2010Random Lugnuts: Happy Father's Day!Bill Crittenden
Septmeber 10, 2010Random Lugnuts: The Intersection of NASCAR and HockeyBill Crittenden
7 October 2010NASCAR Hall of Fame Media ConferenceKurt Busch
Winston Kelley
Marcus Smith
14 November 2010Random Lugnuts: Rutledge, Points, and More PointsBill Crittenden
6 September 2011Man Pleads Guilty to Mail Fraud in Multi-Million-Dollar NASCAR Merchandise Ponzi That Bilked Friends and FamilyFBI Los Angeles Office
9 March 2012Random Lugnuts & Dream Cars: NASCAR EditionsBill Crittenden
19 May 2012NASCAR Media ConferenceBrian France
Jimmie Johnson
Nick Keller
Juan Pablo Montoya
Steve Phelps
21 May 2012NASCAR Media ConferenceJim Jones
Mike Lynch
Steve Phelps
23 May 2012NASCAR Media Conference: NASCAR Hall of Fame AnnouncementBrian France
Brett Jewkes
5 June 2012Former Gunnison County Man Charged in Scheme to Defraud Investors in NASCAR BusinessU.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Colorado
27 November 2012Random Lugnuts: National Pride and NASCARBill Crittenden
3 December 2012San Fernando Valley Man Sentenced to More Than Six Years in Prison in $13 Million Scheme Involving Non-Existent NASCAR MerchandiseFBI Los Angeles Office
23 June 2013NASCAR/NHTSA AnnouncementMarcus Jadotte
David Strickland
12 August 2013NASCAR on TelevisionBill Crittenden
12 August 2013The Nationwide Series: Five Bucks?Bill Crittenden
10 September 2013Random Lugnuts: Making Sure Racing Doesn't Become BasketballBill Crittenden
30 October 2013Random Lugnuts: NASCAR NumerologyBill Crittenden
20 August 2015Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure, Inc.; Analysis of Proposed Consent Order To Aid Public CommentApril J. Tabor


17 June 2006Forgotten NASCAR GreatsBill Crittenden
2 October 2006In Memory of a Gregory Allen Cross ISCARS
9 October 2006Jeff Gordon NASCAR ProfileJason Martin
21 February 2007Living Legend, Russ TrueloveJeremy T. Sellers
1 April 2007Response to "Gordon more like Earnhardt than fans will admit"Jeremy T. Sellers
23 April 2007Marvin Panch, Legend and GentlemanJeremy T. Sellers
11 May 2007Tradition, Legacy and Family mean a lot to a true EarnhardtBecky Davidson
31 May 2007Adding to the Collection of Legends: Rex WhiteJeremy T. Sellers
6 June 2007Commentary on Bill France Jr, Rest in PeaceJeremy T. Sellers
16 August 2007Mourning the Passing of A Competitor ISCARS
28 October 2007An Introduction To Clint BowyerCassaundra Flores
29 October 2007Joe Collins Mourned by Racing FamilyISCARS
31 December 2007Random Lugnuts: Same Old Story...Bill Crittenden
15 February 2008NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Jr. - From boy to SuperstarChris DiCicco
16 February 2008Random Lugnuts: Michael Waltrip at The Daytona 500Bill Crittenden
18 February 2008NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Sr. - From boy to SuperstarChris DiCicco
24 February 2008"Mad Marion" MacDonald...the Reason Behind the Name Will Stir A ChuckleJeremy T. Sellers
26 February 2008Johnny Allen, Another Unknown from NASCAR's Hay DayJeremy T. Sellers
17 July 2008Random Lugnuts: NASCAR's Top 60 at 60 YearsBill Crittenden
26 January 2009Day Racing Died, TheJeremy T. Sellers
13 February 2009Vicki Wood, the Lady LegendJeremy T. Sellers
5 March 2009We Are Jr. Fans Because...Jeremy T. Sellers
23 March 2009Former DASH Official Passes AwayISCARS
25 August 2009Doctor is Out, TheJeremy T. Sellers
18 November 2009Doctor Is In, The...The Driver's Seat!Jeremy T. Sellers
27 November 2009Grinch Who Stole NASCAR, TheJeremy T. Sellers
27 November 2009Patrick Sheltra Thankful For Extra Guest In TexasChris Knight
3 December 2009Sheltra Motorsports Mourns Loss Of Team Member’s FatherChris Knight
21 January 2010ISCARS Remembers Joe Moss ISCARS
2 February 2010Honoring Jimmie JohnsonUnited States Senate
23 May 2010NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Introduction (Part 1/6)Mike Helton
Mike Joy
23 May 2010NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Bill France Sr. (Part 2/6)Don Cassidy
Jim France
Jim Hunter
Winston Kelley
23 May 2010NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Richard Petty (Part 3/6)Dale Inman
Kyle Petty
Richard Petty
23 May 2010NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Bill France, Jr. (Part 4/6)Ken Clapp
Brian France
Lesa France Kennedy
Rick Hendrick
23 May 2010NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Junior Johnson (Part 5/6)Junior Johnson
Robert Glenn Johnson III
Winston Kelley
Darrell Waltrip
23 May 2010NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Dale Earnhardt (Part 6/6)Richard Childress
Kelley Earnhardt
Kerry Earnhardt
Taylor Earnhardt
Teresa Earnhardt
Mike Helton
11 July 2010Random Lugnuts: 2011 NASCAR Hall of Fame NomineesBill Crittenden
17 July 2010Random Lugnuts: Dale Earnhardt's Legacy was in Victory Lane This JulyBill Crittenden
15 August 2010fastest half-mile plus 210 feet, TheJeremy T. Sellers
13 September 2010"Heaven 500"Jeremy T. Sellers
6 May 2011God Speed Tom Powell ISCARS
23 May 2011NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Ned JarrettNed Jarrett
Bud Moore
23 May 2011NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: David PearsonRussell Branham
David Pearson
Leonard Wood
28 June 2011A Tribute to Bobby AllisonSenator Jeff Sessions
8 December 2011Joey Jones: WIDE OPEN 24/7 Bradley Carpenter
19 December 2011Nick Martin: WIDE OPEN 24/7 Bradley Carpenter
18 January 2012Random Lugnuts: NASCAR's "Home Teams" and Kyle Friggin' BuschBill Crittenden
20 January 2012NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Richie EvansLynn Evans
Bill Nacewicz
20 January 2012NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Dale InmanDale Inman
Richard Petty
20 January 2012NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Dale InmanDale Inman
20 January 2012NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Darrell WaltripJeff Hammond
Darrell Waltrip
20 January 2012NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Darrell WaltripDarrell Waltrip
20 January 2012NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Glen WoodGlen Wood
Leonard Wood
20 January 2012NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Glen WoodGlen Wood
Leonard Wood
20 January 2012NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Cale YarboroughKen Squier
Cale Yarborough
20 January 2012NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Cale YarboroughCale Yarborough
20 February 2012Random Lugnuts: Roger Penske and LoyaltyBill Crittenden
8 February 2013NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Buck Baker (Part 4/5)Buddy Baker
Susan Baker
Jeff Gordon
8 February 2013NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Buck BakerBuddy Baker
Susan Baker
8 February 2013NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Cotton Owens (Part 2/5)Mark Martin
Kyle Owens
David Pearson
8 February 2013NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Cotton OwensBrandon Davis
Cari Spanton
8 February 2013NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Herb Thomas (Part 1/5)Carl Edwards
Ned Jarrett
Joel Thomas
8 February 2013NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Herb ThomasJoel Thomas
Victor Thomas
8 February 2013NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Rusty Wallace (Part 5/5)Brad Keselowski
Greg Wallace
Rusty Wallace
8 February 2013NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Rusty WallaceGreg Wallace
Rusty Wallace
8 February 2013NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Leonard Wood (Part 3/5)Trevor Bayne
Eddie Wood
Leonard Wood
8 February 2013NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Leonard WoodEddie Wood
Leonard Wood
April 2014The American Road: Driving in CirclesBill Crittenden
24 February 2015Random Lugnuts: We Need More Short Tracks, Less DaytonaBill Crittenden
15 June 2016In Honor of 2017 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductee Benny ParsonsCongressional Record: Rep. Richard Hudson
15 June 2016In Honor of 2017 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductee Mark MartinCongressional Record: Rep. Richard Hudson
15 June 2016In Honor of 2017 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductee Raymond ParksCongressional Record: Rep. Richard Hudson
15 June 2016In Honor of 2017 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductee Richard ChildressCongressional Record: Rep. Richard Hudson
15 June 2016In Honor of 2017 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductee Rick HendrickCongressional Record: Rep. Richard Hudson

Fan Fiction

24 March 2012NASCAR Cartoon Cup Series"SuperBlackdeth666"


Hometown Google Search

The distinction of a hometown is not exact.  Many of these listings are pulled from entry lists or media, and may be based on different criteria depending upon which source is used and how each individual driver defines their "hometown."  I have even observed that the same source (racing sanctioning bodies) may have different listings for the same driver on different entry lists (look to the image to the right).  Sometimes birthplaces and current residences get mixed in with hometowns.  Some people also have a tendency to identify with the nearest large city even if they live in a nearby suburb.  For example, if Library owner Bill Crittenden were to enter a race he could potentially list Arlington Heights (his actual birthplace), Hoffman Estates (where his family lived when he was born), Schaumburg (where he actually grew up), Chicago (Schaumburg is a suburb of Chicago) or Woodstock (where he lives now).  At least his home state, Illinois, would be the same for all.  If there are any corrections/additions to be made, please e-mail us.


Ackerland, Tony (Starr, ID)
Acton, Marv (Porterville, CA)
Adams, Bubba
Adams, Carl (National City, CA)
Adams, Doug
Adams, Kenny (El Paso, IL)
Adcox, Grant (Chattanooga, TN)
Adkins, Billy
Affleck, Francis
Agnew, Jeff (Floyd, VA)
Aiello, Bob (Covington, GA)
Aiken, Blair (Lakeport, CA)
Albert, Gene
Alexander, Blaise
Alexander, John
Alexander, Ken
Alexander, Mike (Franklin, TN)
Ali, Nur (Karachi, Pakistan )
Allec, Jerry Jr.
Allen, Glenn Jr.
Allen, Kenny
Allen, Loy Jr. (Fuquay-Varina, NC)
Allen, Willie (Nashville, TN)
Allgaier, Justin (Riverton, IL)
Allison, Bobby (Miami, FL)
Allison, Clifford (Hueytown, AL)
Allison, Davey (Hueytown, AL)
Allison, Donnie (Miami, FL)
Allison, Josh (Martinsville, IN)
Allmendinger, A.J. (Los Gatos, CA)
Almirola, Aric (Tampa, FL)
Alsup, A.J.
Alsup, Nipper
Altiere, Tony (Lecanto, FL)
Altman, Richie
Alton, Rusty
Alves, Scott (Charlotte, NC)
Ambrose, Marcos (Launceston, Tasmania, Australia )
Amick, Lyndon
Anaya, Carlos
Anderson, John (Warren, MI)
Anderson, Richard
Anderson, Tony
Anderson, Wayne (Wildwood, FL)
Andretti, Jeff (Nazareth, PA)
Andretti, John (Bethlehem, PA)
Andretti, Mario
Andrews, Tim (St. Louis, MO)
Annett, Michael (Des Moines, IA)
Anthony, Chris (Grand Rapids, MI)
Antrican, Todd (Lebanon, OH)
Apperson, Bob
Applegate, Allen
Applegate, Butch
Aramendia, Joe (Texas)
Ard, Sam (Asheboro, NC)
Armstrong, Dakoda (New Castle, IN)
Armstrong, Glen
Arnold, Lee (Naples, FL)
Arpin, Steve (Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada )
Arrington, Buddy (Martinsville, VA)
Arrington, Joey (Rocky Mount, VA)
Arteaga, Jorge
Ascue, Ralph
Ash, Brandon (Umpqua, Oregon)
Ashburn, Justin (Joelton, TN)
Ashley, David
Atwood, Casey (Antioch, TN)
Aubin, Claude
Austin, Chase (Eudora, KS)
Autrey, Scott (Maywood, CA)
Ave, Tony (Hurley, WI)

Babb, Bobby
Babb, George
Bagwell, Danny (Cordova, AL)
Bailey, Chris (South Park, PA)
Bailey, H.B. (Houston, TX)
Bailey, Jack (Huntersville, NC)
Bainbridge, Blake
Bainey, Tim Jr. (Pennsylvania)
Baird, Bill (Sturgis, KY)
Baker, Bill
Baker, Bobby
Baker, Brad (Nashville, TN)
Baker, Brandon
Baker, Brian
Baker, Bryan
Baker, Buck (Richburg, SC)
Baker, Buddy (Florence, SC)
Baker, Charlie
Baker, Gary
Baker, Randy (Concord, NC)
Baldwin, Ivan (California)
Baldwin, Jack
Baldwin, Rick (Corpus Christi, TX)
Baldwin, Thomas
Ballard, Walter (Houston, TX)
Ballot-Léna, Claude (Paris, France )
Balough, Gary (Florida)
Bambard, Tom
Bamburak, Paul
Bandish, Russ
Banks, John
Barfield, Ron
Barham, Charlie
Barkdoll, Phil (Phoenix, AZ)
Barker, Dick
Barnes, Chuck Jr. (Louisville, KY)
Barnhart, Greg (Oklahoma City, OK)
Barnhart, Jim
Barrales, Víctor
Barrett, Stan
Barrett, Stanton (Bishop, CA)
Barrett, Steve
Barry, Jeff
Barry, Mike
Bartoszek, Tom (Maple Heights, OH)
Basham, Darrell (Henryville, IN)
Basham, Dugan (Henryville, IN)
Basham, Jason (Henryville, IN)
Bauer, Josh
Baugess, Ed
Bayne, Trevor (Houston, TX)
Beahr, Chad (Mechanicsville, VA)
Beahr, Eddie
Beam, Sam (Mooresville, NC)
Bean, Dexter (Westby, WI)
Bean, Joe
Beard, Mark
Beattie, Kyle (Concord, NC)
Bechtel, Bruce
Beck, Jayme (Hunker, PA)
Beck, Jeff
Becker, Jim
Becker, Randy
Beckers, Christine
Bedart, Yzon
Beebe, Rick
Beebe, Troy (Modesto, CA)
Beggarly, Barry
Bekielewski, Alan
Beler, Sam
Bell, Mackena
Bell, T.J. (Sparks, NV)
Belmont, Andrew (Mooresville, NC)
Belmont, Andy (Penndel, PA)
Belmont, Kevin (Langhorne, PA)
Belmont, Kyle (Mooresville, NC)
Bender, Tim
Bennett, Bill
Bennett, Brad
Bennett, Danny
Bennett, Dennis
Bennett, Lowell
Benning, Norm (Pittsburgh, PA)
Benson, Johnny (Grand Rapids, MI)
Benton, Robby
Beregszaszy, Paul (Phoenix, AZ)
Beretta, Olivier (Monaco )
Bernier, Darren
Berrier, Ed (Winston-Salem, NC)
Berry, Jeff
Berryhill, Tanner (Bixby, OK)
Berte, Tom (New Berlin, WI)
Bessey, Joe
Bethea, Randy
Bettenhausen, Tony
Beyer, Mike
Bezanson, Buzzie
Bickford, Don
Bickle, Rich (Edgerton, WI)
Bierschwale, Eddie (San Antonio, TX)
Biffle, Greg (Vancouver, WA)
Bigelow, Tom
Bigler, Frank (Springfield, MO)
Bigley, Billy
Bilderback, Ricky
Bingham, Chris
Bires, Kelly (Mauston, WI)
Bischoff, Duane
Bivins, Terry
Bixman, Howard (Holly, MI)
Bjorklund, Blake (Isanti, MN)
Blackburn, Steve (Prestonburg, KY)
Blackstock, Roger (Richmond, MI)
Bland, Jack
Blaney, Dave (Hartford, OH)
Blaney, RyanBlaney, Ryan (High Point, NC)
Blankenship, David
Blankenship, John (Knoxville, TN)
Blanton, Charlie
Blevins, Willie
Blewett, John
Bliss, Mike (Milwaukie, OR)
Blodgett, Bruce
Bloomberg, Jeremy
Blount, Chad (Walkerton, IN)
Blount, Bob (Lapaz, IN)
Boat, Billy
Bodenhamer, Kerry
Bodine, Barry
Bodine, Brett (Chemung, NY)
Bodine, Geoffrey (Chemung, NY)
Bodine, Todd (Chemung, NY)
Bogart, Rick
Boggero, Bobby
Boggs, David Ray (Rock Hill, SC)
Boley, Steve
Bolles, Tom
Bonanno, Robin (Nutley, NJ)
Bondurant, Bob
Boney, Dustin (Tonganoxie, KS)
Bonicelli, Mike
Bonifield, Phil
Bonnell, Al
Bonnett, David
Bonnett, Neil (Bessemer, AL)
Booher, Joe
Booher, Paul (Harrisburg, NC)
Bopp, Daniel (Concord, NC)
Borkowski, Mike
Borneman, John
Borneman, John III
Bostick, Barry Jr.
Boston, Thomas
Boswell, Charlie
Boswell, Dickie
Boswell, Richard II
Bouchard, Ken
Bouchard, Ron
Boulton, James
Boulton, Timothy
Bourque, Pierre (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada )
Bowles, Jason (Ontario, CA)
Bowman, Alex (Tucson, Arizona)
Bowman, Jerry
Bown, Chuck (Portland, OR)
Bown, Dick
Bown, Jim (Portland, OR)
Bowsher, Bobby (Springfield, OH)
Bowsher, Todd (Springfield, OH)
Bowyer, Clint (Emporia, KS)
Boyd, Jim
Boyd, Stan (Brighton, MI)
Boyer, Jeff (Harrisburg, NC)
Boys, Buddie
Boys, Trevor (Calgary, Alberta, Canada )
Boys, Wheeler
Bozell, Phil (Portage, MI)
Brabham, Geoff
Brack, Bobby
Bracken, Craig (Windsor, Ontario, Canada )
Brackett, Dale
Bradberry, Charlie
Bradberry, Gary
Bradshaw, Eddie
Brafford, Shane (Concord, NC)
Bramley, Steve (Sarasota, FL)
Brand, Robbie
Brannen, Walt (Elko, GA)
Branscombe, Babe
Brass, Andy
Brassfield, Darin
Braun, Colin (Ovalo, TX)
Breen, David (Deerfield Beach, FL)
Breiner, Mikie
Brenner, Joe
Brent, Robb (Shelby Township, MI)
Brevak, Bob
Brevak, Brent (Ashland, WI)
Brickhouse, Richard
Briggs, Randy
Brightbill, Kenny
Brinkley, Jim
Briscoe, Kevin
Bristol, Chris (Columbus, OH)
Britt, John
Brittain, Pete
Brode, Dan (Mocksville, NC)
Brolsma, Larry
Brooks, Dick (Porterville, CA)
Brooks, Earl
Brooks, Gary
Broome, Wayne
Bross, Scott (Temperance, MI)
Brown, Clay
Brown, Kenny
Brown, Preston
Brown, Richard
Brown, Russell
Brown, Tim
Browning, Don
Browning, Hal
Broyles, Danny
Bruce, Gerry (Franklin, PA)
Bruce, Robert
Brunell, Bob
Brunnhoelzl, George
Bryan, Dawayne (Lake Alfred, FL)
Bryant, Darrell
Bryant, Kirk
Buckles, Morty (Stone Mountain, GA)
Buckley, Mike (Ann Arbor, MI)
Buckley, Timothy
Buckner, Larry
Buescher, Chris (Prosper, TX)
Buescher, James
Buford, Joe
Buice, Jeff (Charlotte, NC)
Bujdoso, Roby (Girard, OH)
Bull, Dr. Ed (Chapin, SC)
Bull, William (Chapin, SC)
Bumgarner, Frankie
Bunker, Rob (Bridgewater, NJ)
Burcham, Bob
Burg, Mike (Cincinnati, OH)
Burgess, Richie
Burkhalter, Don
Burks, Kenny
Burnette, Wes
Burns, James
Burns, Jimmy
Burr, Conrad
Burrell, Tim (Homewood, AL)
Burris, Brandon
Burton, Jeb (South Boston, VA)
Burton, Jeff (South Boston, VA)
Burton, Ward (Virginia)
Burton, Wes
Busch, Kurt (Las Vegas, NV)
Busch, Kyle (Las Vegas, NV)
Bush, Joe
Busse, John (Dillsboro, IN)
Butkovich, Marty (Romeo, MI)
Butler, Brandon
Butler, Brett (Lilburn, GA)
Butler, Frankie
Butler, Ken III (Lilburn, GA)
Butler, Randy
Butler, Tobey
Butner, Randy
Buttke, Nathan
Butts, Craig (Grove Hill, AL)
Byers, Terry
Byers, Ricky (Birmingham, AL)
Byron, Red (Anniston, AL)

Cada, Bobby
Cahan, Bobby
Caisse, Sean (Pelham, NH)
Calderón, Abraham
Call, Aaron (Lyons, OH)
Callentine, Hal (California)
Callis, John (Florida)
Cambensy, Cody
Camelet, Gary (Howell, MI)
Camperon, Austin
Campbell, Brian (Wyoming, MI)
Campbell, Dan
Campbell, Fred (Battle Creek, MI)
Campbell, Jeremy (Monroe, MI)
Campbell, Kim
Campbell, Stevie
Canavan, Earle (Fort Johnson, NY)
Cannon, Terry
Capin, Alejandro
Capps, Jimmy Lee
Carden, Wayne
Carelli, Rick (Arvada, CO)
Carey, Tom
Carithers, Jackie
Carlson, Ryan
Carman, Paul
Carmichael, Ricky (Tallahassee, FL)
Carnes, Larry
Caron, Larry
Carpenter, Bow
Carpentier, Patrick
Carr, Jamie (LaGrange, GA)
Carrier, Eddie Jr.
Carroll, Larry
Carroll, Lynn
Carter, Matthew (Denver, NC)
Carter, Pancho
Carter, Roger (Mooresville, NC)
Cartwright, Adam
Casola, Dominick (Holmdel, NJ)
Cassill, Landon (Fairfax, IA)
Castles, Neil
Catania, Bill (Westfield, NY)
Cates, Larry
Cattanach, Kyle
Caudell, Jeff (Austin, IN)
Caudill, Jamey
Caudill, Larry
Chady, Kyle (Benton, IL)
Chaffin, Chad
Chamberlain, Ted
Chamblee, Charlie (Alabama
Champion, Bill
Chapman, Bob
Chapman, Johnny (Hickory, NC)
Chappell, Zach (Talala, Oklahoma)
Charbonneau, J.R.
Charlson, Drew (New Bremen, OH)
Chase, Mike (Bakersfield, CA)
Chastain, Benny (Tallahassee, FL)
Chastain, Ross (Alva, FL)
Childers, Rodney
Childress, Richard (Winston-Salem, NC)
Christensen, Gene
Christian, Frank
Christian, Sara
Christman, Steve
Christopher, Ted
Churchill, Jerry
Churchill, Randy
Ciccarelli, Dion
Ciochetti, Mike (Clayton, GA)
Clagett, John (Daytona Beach, FL)
Clanton, Joey
Clark, Billy
Clark, Greg
Clark, Mike
Clark, Mitchell
Clark, Spencer
Clark, T.J.
Clark, Travis
Clarke, Adam
Clarke, Dan (Mexborough, England )
Clarke, Gene
Clattenburg, Terry
Clauson, Bryan (Noblesville, IN)
Cleary, Leo
Cleek, John
Clements, Jeremy (Spartanburg, SC)
Clemons, Josh (New Albany, IN)
Clifton, Rick (Circleville, OH)
Cline, Ernie (North Carolina)
Cline, Troy
Cobb, Jennifer Jo (Kansas City, KS)
Cochran, Jason
Cockrum, Chris (Conyers, GA)
Cofer, Mike
Coffey, Bobby
Coffman, Morris
Cogdill, James
Cohen, Michael
Coker, Chris (Concord, NC)
Colabucci, Michael
Coleman, Brad (Houston, TX)
Coleman, James
Collier, Clay
Collins, Ben (England )
Collins, Gary
Collum, Cory (Cape Coral, FL)
Coltrane, Jim
Comalander, Chris (Beaumont, TX)
Combs, Billy
Combs, Dean
Combs, Rodney
Combs, Rodney Jr.
Compton, Stacy
Conger, Bill (Woodbridge, VA)
Conti, Nick
Contreras, Carlos
Contreras, Enrique
Conway, Kevin
Conz, Brian (Livonia, MI)
Cook, Chris
Cook, Jerry
Cook, Ray (Brasstown, NC)
Cook, Terry
Cooksey, Joe (Centralia, IL)
Cooper, Bill
Cooper, Edward
Cooper, Ronald
Cope, Amber (Puyallup, WA)
Cope, Angela (Puyallup, WA)
Cope, Derrike (Spanaway, WA)
Cope, Ernie
Cope, Jimmy
Cope, Mike
Copp, Dwight (Statesville, NC)
Cornett, Jack
Cornett-Ching, Sarah
Corr, Sean
Couch, Randy
Coulter, Joey
Coupal, Xavier
Cowart, Delma
Cowart, Robbie (Savannah, GA)
Cowell, Lowell
Cowen, Tim (Ashland, OH)
Cox, Bobby
Cox, Lonnie
Cox, Ron (Soddy Daisy, TN)
Cox, Stephen
Coy, Johnny Jr.
Coyle, Gene
Craft, Randy
Crafton, Matt (Tulare, CA)
Cragan, Charlie
Crane, Ryan (Panama City, FL)
Cranmer, Jerry (New Jersey)
Craven, Ricky
Crawfrod, Freddie
Crawford, Rick
Cray, Todd
Crenshaw, George
Crittendon, Gene
Crocker, Erin (Wilbraham, MA)
Crockett, Scotty
Croft, Tommy
Cronenwett, Steve (Flat Rock, MI)
Crosby, Kim (Slidell, LA)
Cross, Brent (Cortland, NY)
Cross, Ken
Crouch, Robbie
Crowder, Dennis
Crozier, Tommie
Crum, Jake (Statesville, NC)
Cudmore, Joe
Culpepper, Stan
Cummins, Skip (Grove City, PA)
Cunningham, Brian
Cunningham, Tony
Cundiff, Rodney
Currence, John
Curtis, Jeremy (Danville, KY)
Cushman, George (Waterville, NY)
Cywinski, Kevin

Dagit, Clyde
Dahlke, Jordan (Middleville, MI)
Dale, Clay
Dallenbach, Wally (Basalt, CO)
Dalton, Dean
Dalton, George
Damrow, Kevin
Daniel, Aaron
Daniels, Peter
Daniels, Raymond
Danielson, Jim
Darne, Steve
Darnell, Erik (Beach Park, IL)
Dassow, Travis
Daughty, Dan
Davidson, Ronnie
Davis, Bennie
Davis, Chris (Bahama, NC)
Davis, Dave
Davis, Dusty (Las Vegas, NV)
Davis, Frank
Davis, Jeff
Davis, Jimmy
Davis, Keith
Davis, Kertus (Gaffney, SC)
Davis, Marc (Silver Spring, MD)
Davis, Scott (Dawsonville, GA)
Davison, Pat
Day, Mark
Day, Wade
Dayton, Dave
Dean, Casey (Theodore, AL)
Dean, Gus
Deckman, Billy (Kansas City, MO)
Deiny, Frank
Deiters, Lance (Concord, NC)
Delaney, Dustin (Mayfield, NY)
Delong, Rich III
Dennis, Bill
Derhaag, Jim
DeRose, Zeke
Devea, Dennis
Denton, Kelly
Dezarov, Robby
Diamond, Chris
DiBenedetto, Matt (Grass Valley, CA)
DiCarlo, Gabi (Phoenix, AZ)
Dick, Jamie
Dick, Jimmy
Dickerson, Eddie (Milford, DE)
Dickerson, Frank
Dickinson, Larry
Didero, Doug
Diercks, Justin (Davenport, IA)
Dieringer, Darel (Indianapolis, IN)
Dillon, Austin (Lewisville, NC)
Dillon, Mike
Dillon, Ty (Lewisville, NC)
Dimitroff, Mark (Flat Rock, MI)
Dineen, John
Dinwiddie, Harry
Dion, Dave
Disdier, Michel (Nice, France )
Dodson, Cameron
Dokken, Chad
Dokken, Michael
Doles, Shane
Domski, Jamie
Donley, Brian
Donohue, David
Donohue, Jack
Doran, Buck
Dorman, Dana
Jim Dotellis
Dotson, Eldon
Dotter, Bob
Dotter, Bobby (Chicago, IL)
Dowler, Kevin
Doyle, Charlie
Dragon, Beaver
Dragon, Bobby
Drawdy, Justin (Fort Pierce, FL)
Drissi, Tomy
Driver, Bruce
Dubil, Brad (Bettendorf, IA)
Duchscherer, Brandon
Dudley, Aaron
Dufault, Maryeve (Sorel, Quebec, Canada )
Duffie, Philip
Dugger, Russ (Owasso, OK)
Duke, T.J. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
Dumarey, Max (Gent, Belgium )
Dumoulin, Jean Francois (Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada )
Dumoulin, Louis-Philippe (Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada )
Duncan, Mike (Bakersfield, CA)
Dunnaway, Glenn
Duno, Milka (Venezuela )
Durham, Andrew
Dwiggins, Tim
Dwyer, Clark
Dyer, Dennis
Dynes, Kieran

Eagan, Mike
Earnhardt, Dale (Kannapolis, NC)
Earnhardt, Dale Jr. (Kannapolis, NC)
Earnhardt, Jeffrey
Earnhardt, Kelley
Earnhardt, Kerry (Mooresville, NC)
Easley, Sonny
East, Bobby (Brownsburg, IN)
Easton, Marc (Saranac Lake, NY)
Eckard, Boyce
Eddy, Mike
Edwards, Adam (Christiansburg, VA)
Edwards, Carl (Columbia, MO)
Edwards, Danny
Edwards, Jimmy Jr.
Edwards, Jonathan
Edwards, Timothy
Edwards, Wayne (Shepherdsville, KY)
Efland, Danny
Eggleston, Chris
Ehrgott, Ricky
Eilen, Jonathan (Hampton, MN)
Ekström, Mattias
Elder, Christian
Elder, Ray
Elliott, Bill (Dawsonville, GA)
Elliott, Brent
Elliott, Bud
Elliott, Casey
Ellis, John (Soddy Daisy, TN)
Ellis, Scotty (Forsyth, GA)
Ellis, Tommy (Richmond, VA)
Elmore, Al
Elswick, Bill
Ely, Jack
Emery, Don
Emhoff, Eric
Emmick, Ron
Enfinger, Grant
Erickson, Ray
Eriksen, Tom (Hesston, PA)
Esau, Larry
Esau, Ron
Eshleman, David
Etheridge, Jack
Eunice, Cecil (Blackshear, GA)
Evans, Bernie (Knoxville, TN)
Evans, Garrett
Evans, Terry (Supply, NC)
Evans, Walker
Eversole, Bill (Chelsea, MI)
Ewanitsko, Michael

Fadden, Stub
Fagerberg, Vern
Faggart, Robby
Fair, Danny
Fair, Harold
Faison, CJ
Falk, C.E.
Falk, Eddie
Falk, Jeffrey
Falk, Joe
Farmer, Red (Hueytown, AL)
Farmer, Snookie
Faulk, Lee
Faulk, Michael (Ocala, FL)
Faustina, Doc
Fedewa, Gary
Fedewa, Tim
Feese, Blake (Saybrook, IL)
Fellows, Ron
Felton, Gene
Fenton, Lance
Fensler, Jason
Ferguson, Rob
Fernandez, Adrian
Fernandez, Roberto
Ferree, Ed (Saxonburg, PA)
Ferri, Dean
Ferrier, John (Middletown, NY)
Fess, Paul
Fields, Aaron
Fields, Joe
Fike, A.J. (Galesburg, IL)
Fike, Aaron (Galesburg, IL)
Fillip, Chet
Finchum, Chad
Finch, Tim (Henryville, IN)
Finger, Jimmy
Finger, John
Finley, Chad (Lansing, MI)
Finley, Jeff
Finney, Jake
Finney, Phil
Fischer, Ryan (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada )
Fischlein, Dale
Fisher, Bobby
Fisher, Scott
Fisher, Terry
Fisher, Woody
Fittipaldi, Christian
Fitzgerald, Barry (Sykesville, MD)
Fitzgerald, Jim
Fitzpatrick, J.R. (Cambridge, Ontario, Canada )
Fleming, Frank
Flesher, Jeff (Lexington, IL)
Flock, Bob
Flock, Fonty
Flock, Tim (Atlanta, GA)
Flowers, Bill
Floyd, Tommy
Fogelman, Joy
Fogleman, Jay
Follmer, George
Fontaine, Chris
Forbes, Todd
Forbes-Robinson, Elliott
Forrister, Korbin
Foster, Jimmy
Foster, Ryan (Lowell, AR)
Foushee, Rodney
Fowler, Chris (Stirling, Ontario, Canada )
Fowler, Kyle
Fox, Bobby
Fox, Joe
Fox, Stan
Fox, Steve (Hazleton, PA)
Foyt, AJ
Foyt, AJ IV (Anthony) (Hockley, TX)
Foyt, Larry (Houston, TX)
Frahm, Matt (North Salem, NH)
Franchitti, Dario (Edinburgh, Scotland )
Francis, Glen
Francis, Jake (Leroy, OH)
Frank, A.J. (Bluffton, SC)
Franklin, Rodney
Frasson, Joe
Fredrickson, Dan (Elko, MN)
Freeze, Bob
French, Doug
Frewaldt, Chad (Kansas City, KS)
Fritz, Ted
Froelich, David Jr.
Fukuyama, Hideo
Fuller, Jeff
Fuller, Rick
Fuller, Rob
Fultz, Jeff (Cincinnati, OH)

Gada, Bobby
Gahan, Bobby
Gafforini, Scott
Gaita, Joe
Gale, Cale (Mobile, AL)
Gale, Tommy
Gallagher, Spencer (Las Vegas, NV)
Gallaher, Will (Santa Rosa, CA)
Gandy, Bryan (Mooresville, NC)
Gant, Harry (Taylorsville, NC)
Garcia, Alex (Caracas, Venezuela & Marietta, GA)
Garcia, Ruben
Garcia, Ruben Jr.
Garcia Novoa, Ruben
Garfield, Mitch (Gilberts, IL)
Garrett, Junior
Garrett, Milan
Garvey, Mike
Garvey, Robert
Gase, Joey (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Gatto, Louis
Gaughan, Brendan
Gaylord, Scott
Geiser, Travis
Genail, A.J. (Atchison, KS)
Genzman, Andy
George, Doug
George, Jill
George, Nevin (Runkletown, PA)
George, Tim Jr. (New York, NY)
Gerchak, Eric
Gerhart, Bobby
Giamformaggio, Vince
Gibbons, Peter
Gibbs, Coy
Gibbs, J.D.
Gibbs, Mickey (Boaz, AL)
Gibson, John
Gibson, Mark (Winder, GA)
Gibson, Zachary (Richwood, OH)
Gifford, Ryan
Gigliotti, Lou
Gilchrist, Derrick
Gilcrest, Derek
Giles, Felix
Gill, Bobby
Gill, John (Mitchell, IN)
Gille, Jerry
Gillie, Lloyd
Gilliland, Butch
Gilliland, David
Gilliland, Leonard
Gillis, William (Weaverville, NC)
Gilster, Dan
Gingrich, Kevin (Topeka, KS)
Glanville, Jerry (Perrysburg, OH)
Glass, Bob
Glasstetter, Brent (Oran, MO)
Glenski, Ryan (Mooresville, NC)
Glotzbach, Charlie (Georgetown, IN)
Glover, Gene
Godley, Jay
Godsey, Buck
Goess, Craig
Goeters, Jorge (Mexico City, Mexico )
Geoters, Patrick
Gogel, Amanda (Daytona Beach, FL)
Goins, Mike
Goldberg, Michael
Goldsmith, Paul
Gomez, Jonathan (Twins Falls, ID)
Gonzàlez, Pepe
Gonzalez, Ricky (South Plainfield, NJ)
Gonzalez, Victor Jr.
Good, Phil
Goodman, Rob
Goodson, Eddie
Goodson, Hal
Goodwin, Matt
Goosens, Marc
Gordon, Benny (DuBois, PA)
Gordon, Cecil (Horse Shoe, NC)
Gordon, Eric
Gordon, Jeff (Vallejo, CA & Pittsboro, IN)
Gordon, Robby
Gordon, Tina (Andrews, NC)
Gosselin, Mario (Lake Wales, FL)
Goularte, Harry
Goulet, David
Grady, Tator
Graf, Klaus (Dornhan, Germany )
Gragg, Kenny
Graham, Buster (Lafayette, LA)
Graham, Don
Graham, John (Aurora, Ontario, Canada )
Graham, Tom (Clearwater, FL)
Gratton, Bill
Gravely, Eddie
Gray, Henley
Gray, Steve
Gray, Tom (Martinsville, IN)
Green, Bill
Green, David (Owensboro, KY)
Green, Jeff (Owensboro, KY)
Green, Mark
Green, Willie
Green, Zack
Greene, Bobby
Greene, Darwin (Susquehanna, PA)
Greenfield, Clay (Clarksville, TN)
Greenwell, Mike
Greenwood, John
Gregory, Aleks
Gresham, Max (Griffin, GA)
Grice, Allan
Griffin, Charlie
Griffin, Derrick
Griffin, Jake
Griffith, Charley
Grissom, Kyle (Concord, NC)
Grissom, Scott
Grissom, Steve (Gadsden, AL)
Gross, Andy
Gross, Kenny
Gross, Nate
Grover, Lamar
Grubb, Kevin
Grubb, Wayne
Guerity, Michael (Rochester Hills, MI)
Gunn, John
Gunselman, Larry
Gupton, Lester
Gurney, Dan
Guthrie, Janet
Gutknecht, Bobby
Gutknecht, Ryan

Hackenbracht, Chad (New Philadelphia, OH)
Hackett, Ryan (LaPlata, MD)
Hadley, Kyle (Louisville, KY)
Haese, Gregg
Hafertepe, Sam (Sunnyvale, TX)
Hagan, Billy (Lafayette, LA)
Hagans, Matt (Indianapolis, IN)
Hagelin, Budd
Hagen, Darren (Riverside, CA)
Haggenbottom, Mike (Levittown, PA)
Hairfield, Gary
Hale, Ed
Haley, Bruce
Halford, Johnny
Hall, David (Kansas City, MO)
Hall, Don
Hall, Jeff
Hall, Luke (Fortuna, CA)
Hall, Roy
Hall, Shane
Halverson, Jeff
Hamby, Mike
Hamby, Roger
Hamilton, Bobby (Nashville, TN)
Hamilton, Bobby Jr.
Hamilton, Charles
Hamlin, Denny (Chesterfield, VA)
Hamlin, Kevin (Concord, NC)
Hammond, Albert
Hampton, Bill
Hampton, Richard (Seymour, Indiana)
Hamson, John
Handy, Jeff
Hanley, Rick
Hannel, Dennis
Hanniford, Dange
Hansen, Scott
Hansen, Todd (Minneapolis, MN)
Hanson, Andy (Ramsey, MN)
Hanson, Ryan
Hardin, Jimmy
Harkins, John
Harmon, Mike (Birmingport, AL)
Harr, Daryl (St. Albert, Alberta, Canada )
Harraka, Paulie
Harriman, Richard (Snohomish, WA)
Harrington, Doug
Harrington, Tom
Harris, Carol
Harris, Ferrel
Harris, Mitchell
Harrison, Jeff (Grapevine, TX)
Harrison, Joe
Harsch, Gene
Hartline, Mark
Hartman, Butch
Harvey, Billie
Harvick, Kevin (Bakersfield, CA)
Haseleu, Nathan
Hatley, Bob
Hattori, Shigeaki
Hauser, Steve
Hausler, Zak
Haver, John
Havlik, Randy (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Hawkes, Todd
Hawkins, Matt (Canton, GA)
Hayden, John (Owensboro, KY)
Hayes, Derek
Hayes, J.T.
Healey, Bob
Hearn, Brett
Hearn, Richie
Heavner, Ryan (Lincolnton, NC)
Hedgecock, Jay
Hedlesky, Jason (Clinton, MI)
Heffner, JR (Pittsfield, MA)
Heiber, Danny
Heller, Greg
Helms, Buddy
Hemphill, Kenny
Hemphill, Ryan (Apollo, PA)
Henderson, Ian (Piedmont, SC)
Henderson, Jimmy (Conyers, GA)
Henderson, Kevin
Henderson, Russell
Hendrick, Kenny
Hendrick, Ray
Hendrick, Rick (Charlotte, NC)
Hendrick, Ricky
Hendrick, Roy Lee
Hendricks, Shawn
Henricksen, A.J. (Lake In The Hills, IL)
Hensley, Jeff
Hensley, Jimmy (Ridgeway, VA)
Herberg, Scott
Herman, Terry
Hernandez, Jesus (Fresno, CA)
Hernandez, Mario
Herrero, Juan C.
Herrin, Gary
Herring, Drew (Boxson, NC)
Hertz, Steve
Hess, Ben
Hess, Billy
Hessert, Tom Jr. (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Hessert, Tom III (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Heveron, Doug
Heywood, Vince
Hickey, Bud
Hicks, Billy
Hiers, Chuck (Jacksonville, FL)
Higgs, Gary
Highberger, Clay
Hilbert, Tommy
Hill, Anthony (Carrollton, GA)
Hill, Bruce
Hill, Frank
Hill, Harry Lee
Hill, Jerry
Hill, Timmy (Port Tobacco, MD)
Hillard, Blake
Hillenburg, Andy (Indianapolis, IN)
Hillin, Bobby Jr. (Midland, TX)
Hillin, Robby
Hillis, Bobby
Hindman, Jimmy
Hinds, Richard
Hines, Tracy
Hirschman, Tony
Hiss, Mike
Hixson, Jody (Soddy Daisy, TN)
Hmiel, Shane (Cornelius, NC)
Hobbs, David
Hobgood, Jake
Hobgood, Justin (Columbia, SC)
Hobson, Bill
Hoddick, Todd (Cheektowaga, NY)
Hodgson, Steven
Hoeft, Scott
Hoelzle, D.J.
Hoerr, Irv (Peoria, IL)
Hoff, Bill
Hoffman, Don
Hoffman, Nick
Hogan, Billy
Holbert, Al
Holden, Jerry
Holehouse, Jason (Ossining, NY)
Holland, Dustin
Hollar, Bill
Hollenbeck, Jim (Kalamazoo, MI)
Hollenbeck, Larry (Kalamazoo, MI)
Holman, Caleb
Holman, Darrell
Holmes, Jason
Holt, Mike (Snow Camp, NC)
Holt, Paul Dean
Holt, Randy
Holtz, Jeff
Holzhausen, Steve
Homan, Tom Sr.
Hooker, Jeff
Hoopaugh, Larry
Hooper, Lance
Hoover, Ron
Hope, Mike
Hopkins, Ronnie (Greenville, SC)
Hopkinson, Jim
Horn, Chris
Hornaday, Ron Jr. (Palmdale, CA)
Hornaday, Ron III (Mooresville, NC)
Hornish, Sam Jr. (Defiance, OH)
Horowitz, Jack
Horton, Jimmy
Hoshino, Satoshi
Hossfeld, Chuck
Housby, Kevin
Houston, Andy
Houston, Marty
Houston, Tommy (Hickory, NC)
Hovis, Mike
Howard, Rodney
Howard, Ryan (Tipp City, OH)
Howard, Shelby (Greenwood, IN)
Howe, Ed
Howell, Zane
Huber, Dan
Hubert, Tom
Hubred, Kody
Hucul, Cliff
Hudson, Brett (Owensboro, KY)
Hudson, Charles (Richmond, VA)
Huff, Ray
Huffaker, Joe
Hufflin, Jerry
Huffman, Robert
Huffman, Shane
Huffman, Stuart
Huffman, Zack
Hughes, Freddie
Hulin, Tony
Hull, Jim
Hume, Don
Hume, Rance (Morrisville, NC)
Humphries, Tommy
Hurlbert, James
Hurlbert, Mike
Hurtubise, Jim
Hutcherson, Ron
Hutter, Matt
Hutto, David
Hyder, David
Hylton, Al
Hylton, James (Roanoke, VA)
Hylton, James Jr.

Ice, Tim
Ickler, Brian (San Diego, CA)
Igdalsky, Nick (Long Pond, PA)
Ingalls, Jimmy
Ingle, Bill
Ingle, Burt (Asheville, NC)
Inglebright, Jim
Ingram, Bill
Ingram, Jack (Asheville, NC)
Ingram, Jim
Ingram, Robert
Insolo, Jimmy
Irvan, Ernie (Modesto, CA)
Irwin, Kenny (Indianapolis, Indiana
Isaac, Bobby (Catawba, NC)
Isaacs, Roland
Islas, Julian
Isley, Larry
Isom, Butch

Jacks, Bobby
Jacks, Wayne
Jackson, Alastair (Ireland )
Jackson, Brian
Jackson, Dave
Jackson, Evan (Muncie, IN)
Jackson, John (Ellenton, FL)
Jackson, Lisa
Jackson, Tony Jr.
Jacobi, Bruce
Jacobs, Jeff
Jacobs, Michael (Stamford, NY)
Jaitovich, Israel
Jarrett, Dale (Newton, NC)
Jarrett, Glenn
Jarrett, Jason (Hickory, NC)
Jarrett, Ned (Newton, NC)
Jarvis, Dr. Bob
Jarvis, Butch (Blountville, TN)
Jarvis, Richard Jr.
Jarvis, Steve
Jefferson, Harry
Jefferson, Jason
Jefferson, Jeff
Jeffrey, Rick
Jenkins, Don
Jenkins, Shane
Jennings, Jimmy
Jennings, Justin (LaGrange, MO)
Jimenez, Cesar Tiberio
Joanides, Nicholas
Johncock, Gordon
Johns, Richard (Lawrenceville, GA)
Johnson, Billy
Johnson, Brian Jr. (Machesney Park, IL)
Johnson, Daniel
Johnson, Davey
Johnson, Dick
Johnson, Eddie
Johnson, Gary
Johnson, James E.
Johnson, Jarit (El Cajon, CA)
Johnson, Jerick
Johnson, Jimmie (El Cajon, CA)
Johnson, Julius (Florence, SC)
Johnson, Justin (Las Vegas, NV)
Johnson, Kevin
Johnson, Matt
Johnson, Mike
Johnson, Rick
Johnson, Slick (Florence, SC)
Joiner, Carl
Jolly, Jerry
Jones, Alton
Jones, Buckshot
Jones, Chris
Jones, Davy
Jones, Eric
Jones, Henry
Jones, Jabe
Jones, P.J.
Jones, Page
Jones, Pat
Jones, Ralph
Jones, Rob (Bowie, MD)
Jones, Robert
Jones, Terry (Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada )
Jones, Tom
Jonsson, Niclas
Joosten, Ken (Wonder Lake, IL)
Jourdain, Michel Jr.
Joyce, Cory
Jurkovic, Boris

Kahne, Kasey
Kaltreider, Brian (Reading, PA)
Kalwasinski, Jack
Kangas, Leland
Kann, Billy
Kapfhammer, Frank (Louisville, KY)
Karthikeyan, Narain
Katz, Steve
Kauffman, Joel (LaGrange, IN)
Keeker, Jim
Keith, Brad
Keith, David
Keller, Al
Keller, Doug (St. Joseph, MO)
Keller, Jason
Kelley, Brandon (Humble, TX)
Kelley, Derrick
Kelley, Donny (Humble, TX)
Kelley, Kyle
Kelly, Danny
Kelly, Frank
Kelly, Joe
Kelly, Owen
Kelly, Ray
Kempton, Mike
Kendall, Jeff (Montello, WI)
Kendall, Tommy (La Canada, CA)
Kennedy, Alex (Aztec, NM)
Kennedy, Ben
Kennedy, Bob
Kennedy, Ed (Coppell, TX)
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Steve
Kennedy, Ted
Kennington, D.J.
Kenseth, Matt (Cambridge, WI)
Kent, George Jr.
Kerley, Benny
Kershaw, Gary
Keselowski, Bob
Keselowski, Brad (Rochester Hills, MI)
Keselowski, Brian (Rochester Hills, MI)
Kidd, Brandon (Manlius, NY)
Kiekhofer, Junior
Kieper, John
Kilby, Scott
Kile, Mikey (Westlake, LA)
Kimbrough, Oma
Kimmel, Frank (Clarksville, IN)
Kimmel, Frankie (Borden, IN)
Kimmel, Will (Sellersburg, IN)
Kimmel, William
Kinder, John
King, Al
King, Bub
King, Clint (Denton, NC)
King, Gilbert
King, John
King, Richard (Conyers, GA)
Kingsland, Casey
Kinser, Kraig (Bloomington, IN)
Kinser, Mark
Kinser, Steve
Kirby, Andy
Kirby, Stuart (Bowling Green, KY)
Kirk, Tammy Jo
Kirkpatrick, Scott
Kissinger, Mark
Kitchens, Jimmy
Kite, Jimmy
Kittleson, Travis
Kline, Monty
Kligerman, Parker (Westport, CT)
Kluever, Todd (Sun Prairie, WI)
Knab, Peter
Knaus, John
Kneading, Brent
Knight, Ken
Knippenberg, Billy
Knoop, Rick
Knoulton, Steve
Knowles, Zach
Knupp, Brandon (Sidney, Ohio)
Kobyluck, Matthew
Kobza, Jerry
Koch, Amber (Mountain Home, AR)
Koch, Blake (West Palm Beach, FL)
Koch, Justin (Mountain Home, AR)
Koch, Mike (Mountain Home, AR)
Kocourek, Matt
Kourafas, Joey
Kovski, Kelly (Springfield, IL)
Kranzler, Dick
Krebs, John
Krebs, Kim (Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia )
Kreitz, Don Jr.
Kreyer, Frank
Krisiloff, Kyle (Indianapolis, IN)
Krogh, Jeff
Krogh, Mark
Krug, Josh (Omaha, NE)
Kruseman, Cory
Kuhn, Scott (Highland, IL)
Kulka, Andrew
Kulwicki, Alan (Greenfield, WI)
Kurzejewski, Matt
Kurzenski, Matt
Kvapil, Travis (Janesville, WI)

Labonte, Bobby (Corpus Christi, TX)
Labonte, Justin
Labonte, Terry (Corpus Christi, TX)
Lach, Rick
Lacks, Daryl
LaCosta, Corey
Lafferty, Chris (Concord, NC)
Lagasse, Scott
Lagasse, Scott Jr. (St. Augustine, FL)
Lain, Chip
Laird, Dwight (Toms River, NJ)
LaJoie, Corey (Concord, NC)
LaJoie, Randy (Norwalk, CT)
Lally, Andy (Dacula, GA)
Lamar, Burney (West Sacramento, CA)
LaMarca, Joe
Lambert, Wally
Lamell, Ron Jr.
Lamon, Guy (Tabernacle, NJ)
Lampman, Dennis
Landreth, Richard
Langford, Cain (Woodstock, GA)
Langford, Cale (Kennesaw, GA)
Langhorne, Will (Washington, DC)
Langley, Elmo
Langston, Mike (Marietta, GA)
Lanigan, Darrell
Laperle, Roger
Larson, Mel
Lasater, Richard
Latimer, Patrick
Laton, Gary
Laughlin, Mike
Lavender, Jody
Law, Darren
Lawler, Patrick
Lawler, Ryan (Colleyville, TX)
Lawrence, Steve
Lawrence, Terry (Boise, ID)
Laws, Mike
Lawson, Chris (Troutman, NC)
Lawson, Danny
Lawson, Jimmy
Lawver, Scott
Layne, Barry (Mins, FL)
Lazier, Buddy
Lazzaro, Anthony
Leavine, Michael (Bullard, TX)
Leavy, Jon
Leclerc, Claude
Lee, Jim
Leffingwell, Mike
Leffler, Jason
Leicht, Stephen (Asheville, NC)
Leighton, Brad
Leik, Dwayne
Leis, Tony (La Crosse, WI)
Leitzinger, Butch
LeMay, Larry
Lemke, Jon
Lemler, Bo
Lemley, Harold
Lensing, Dan (Roscoe, IL)
Leonard, Johnny (Cape Coral, FL)
Lepage, Kevin
Lepak, Jeremy
Leslie, Billy (Algonac, MI)
Leslie, Tracy (Mt. Clemens, MI)
Less, Zach
Lessard, Gregg
Lester, Bill
Lewandowski, Charles
Lewis, Ashton
Lewis, George
Lewis, Jonathon (Supply, NC)
Lewis, Michael
Lewis, Raymond
Lia, Donny (Huntington, NY)
Lia, Michael
Liberty, Garrett (Jonesboro, GA)
Licata, Joey (Van Nuys, CA)
Lichtfeld, Mike
Lind, Dave
Linder, Dick
Lindley, Butch
Lindley, Mardy
Lindsey, George
Ling, Donnie
Ling, Donny Jr.
Link, Terry
Linville, Dickie
Linville, John
Lipstreuer, Cody
Little, Chad
Little, Chuck
Littlejohn, Joe
Littlepage, Louie
Littleton, Mark (Arenzville, IL)
Livingston, John
Lizotte, Jon
Lloyd, Brad (Napa, CA)
Lloyd, Gary
Lloyd, Justin (Mooresville, NC)
Locke, Jim (Level Green, PA)
Lockhart, Shayne
Lofton, Justin (Westmorland, CA)
Lofton, Matt (Mooresville, NC)
Logan, Ricky
Logano, Joey (Middletown, CT)
Logue, Kyle (Cisco, IL)
Lombari, Lella
Lombi, Andy (Loxahatchee, FL)
Loney, Brad
Long, Carl (Roxboro, NC)
Long, Johanna (Pensacola, FL)
Long, Patrick (Thousand Oaks, CA)
Long, Sterling
Lopez, Rogelio
Loquasto, Al
Lorenzen, Fred (Elmhurst, IL)
Love, Kevin
Lowe, Bosco
Luck, Charlie
Lund, Tiny
Lunsford, Debbie
Lupton, Dylan
Lusk, Damon (Kennewick, WA)
Lynch, Ryan (New Boston, TX)
Lynch, Scott
Lynn, Brandon
Lynn, Clyde
Lynn, Will

MacDonald, Eddie
MacDonald, Randy
MacDonald, Teri
MacDonald-Cadieux, Terry
MacInnis, Dean
MacKenzie, Mike
Mackey, B.J. (Rock Hill, SC)
MacZink, Jeff (Rockwood, MI)
Mader, Dave III (Homewood, AL)
Madore, Joe
Maggard, Brack (Eatonton, GA)
Maggard, Spencer (Eatonton, GA)
Maggiacomo, Jocko
Magnussen, Jan
Mahlik, Doug
Mainella, Logan
Makai, Gyorgy (Budapest, Hungary )
Mallory, Blake
Malsam, Tayler (Seattle, WA)
Manfull, Bill
Manning, Skip
Marban, Rodrigo
Marcis, Dave
Marden, Michael
Mark, Howard
Markham, Curtis
Markle, Rick
Marks, Jared (Napoleon, OH)
Marks, Justin (Rocklin, CA)
Marlin, Coo Coo
Marlin, Steadman (Columbia, TN)
Marlin, Sterling (Franklin, TN)
Marlin, Tandy (Franklin, TN)
Marlowe, Gregory
Marquis, Jerry
Martel, Kyle (Lebanon, PA)
Martin, Chad (Chambersburg, PA)
Martin, Hal (Galliano, LA)
Martin, John
Martin, Kenny
Martin, Mark (Batesville, AR)
Martin, Otis
Martin, Tim
Martinez, Luis Jr. (Long Beach, CA)
Martinez, Rafael
Martins, Tommy Joe (Como, MS)
Martz, Justin
Mass, Adam
Massey, Todd
Massuch, Phil
Mast, Rick (Rockbridge Baths, VA)
Mathews, Ryan (Lake Geneva, WI)
Matthews, Gary
Mattioli, Chase (Long Pond, PA)
Mauldin, Joe
Maule, Rob
May, Dick
May, Eddie
Mayeda, Gary
Mayfield, Jeremy
Mayhew, David
McCabe, Dick
McCall, Matt (Denver, NC)
McCall, Robin
McCart, Jerry
McCarthy, Joey
McCarthy, Terry
McCaskill, Deac
McCellan, Mac
McClintock, Tom
McClure, Dave (Gorham, ME)
McClure, Eric (Abingdon, VA)
McClure, Jeff
McCluskey, Avery (Minor Hill, TN)
McCluskey, Roger
McCord, Skip (Nashville, TN)
McCormick, Carl (Jacksonville, FL)
McCormick, Jody
McCoy, Brett
McCray, Rick
McCreadie, Timothy (Penfield, NY)
McCumbee, Chad (Holden Beach, NC)
McCurley, Stephan (Humble, TX)
McDowell, Michael (Phoenix, AZ)
McDuffie, Glen
McDuffie, J.D. (Sanford, NC)
McDuffie, Jeff
McEachern, Steve
McElwee, Bob
McFadden, Johnny
McFarland, Mark
McGee, Ron
McGilton, Phillip (Marion, IL)
McGinnis, Billy
McGraw, Roy
McGriff, Hershel
McGuire, Tim
McIntosh, Nick (Charlotte, NC)
McKean, Eddy
McKeehan, Chris (Winder, GA)
McKnight, Sumner
McLaughlin, Mike (Waterloo, NY)
McLeod, B.J.
McMinn, Chuck (Dowington, PA)
McMurray, Jamie (Joplin, MO)
McRae, Barney
McReynolds, Brandon (Mooresville, NC)
Meacham, Bill
Meadors, Larry (Louisville, KY)
Means, Brad
Means, Jimmy (Huntsville, AL)
Mears, Casey (Bakersfield, CA)
Mears, Clint
Mears, Roger
Meazel, Bill
Meehan, Marty
Melvin, Rodney (Benton, IL)
Menard, Paul (Eau Claire, WI)
Mendenhall, Steve
Mennen, G.J.
Menschner, John
Mercer, Eddie (Pensacola, FL)
Meredith, Mickey
Merrell, Matt (Portland, TX)
Messer, Mike
Michaels, Joey
Michner, Andy
Mickel, John
Middleton, Jay (Gainsville, FL)
Middleton, Jerry (Richmond, IN)
Miedecke, George (Port Macquarie, Australia )
Mihalic, Joe
Miles, Tyler (Pulaski, TN)
Miller, Brandon
Miller, Butch (Lawton, MI)
Miller, Chase (Canton, GA)
Miller, Harold
Miller, Jerry
Miller, Joey (Farmington, MN)
Miller, Johnny
Miller, Junior
Miller, Mike
Miller, L.W. (Pennsylvania)
Miller, Scott
Millikan, Joe
Mills, Jim
Minghenelli, Steve (Sewell, NJ)
Mingus, Mason (Brentwood, TN)
Mink, Ron
Minor, Ted (Weatherford, TX)
Minter, Clyde
Mintey, Pat
Mitchell, Marc (Tallahassee, FL)
Mitchell, Richard
Mitchell, Tim (Fayetteville, TN)
Mitten, Robert (Plantation, FL)
Mock, Butch (Miami, FL)
Moffitt, Brett (Grimes, IA)
Moise, Patty (Jacksonville, FL)
Moltz, Dillon (Waterford, CT)
Momota, Kenji
Monoleos, Chris
Montaño, Luis F.
Montaño, Pepe
Monteith, Nate (Bristol, TN)
Montgomery, Chase (Wilson County, TN)
Montoya, Juan Pablo (Bogota, Colombia )
Mooi, Ray (New Lenox, IL)
Moon, Bobby
Moon, Jim
Moon, Ron
Moore, Brent
Moore, Chris (Columbus, OH)
Moore, Kelly
Moore, Lloyd
Moore, Pete
Moore, Ryan
Moore, Steve
Morales, Jimmy
Moran, Rocky
Morelock, Donny
Morgan, Charles
Morgan, Gene
Morgan, Rob
Morgan, Wayne
Morley, Jon (San Francisco, CA)
Moroso, Rob (Madison, CT)
Morris, Dave
Morris, Philip
Morris, Ralph
Moser, Roger Auxvasse, MO
Mosley, Jamie
Mountanos, Mark
Moxley, Rick (Hobe Sound, FL)
Moyer, Larry
Mueller, Alex
Mueller, Brad
Mueller, Joe (Brighton, IL)
Mulcahy, Mike
Mullins, Matt
Mullins, Willie (Fredricksburg, VA)
Mundy, Frank
Münter, Leilani (Rochester, MN)
Murphy, Sean
Murry, David
Murt, Keith (Paducah, KY)
Muscatel, Charles
Musgrave, Ted (Waukegan, IL & Grand Marsh, WI)
Myers, Andrew (Newport Beach, CA)
Myers, Billy
Myers, Bobby
Myers, Burt
Myers, Conan
Myers, Gary
Myers, Randy

Nadeau, Jerry
Neal, Jeff
Neering, Bill
Negre, Ed
Neisius, Paul
Nelms, Josh
Nelson, Randy
Nemechek, Joe (Lakeland, FL)
Nemechek, John
Nesbitt, Mart (Oxford, NC)
Neuenberger, Donnie (Edgewater, MD)
Newberry, Brennan (Bakersfield, CA)
Newman, Ronnie
Newman, Ryan (South Bend, IN)
Newsom, Rick
Newton-John, Emerson
Nicolopoulos, Con (Columbus, MI)
Niece, Gary
Niedecken, Junior
Nissan, Bubba
Noel, Don
Noffsinger, Brad
Nooner, Tim
Norfleet, Bobby (Suffolk, VA)
Norgard, Brad
Norick, Lance
Norris, Eric
Norris, JR (Mooresville, NC)
Nott, Joe
Nowak, Lyle
Nowell, Jimmie (Decatur, MS)
Null, Scott (Lake Mills, WI)

O'Connell, Kevin
O'Dell, Rick
O'Dell, Wes (Springfield, IL)
O'Leary, Tommy IV (Cygnet, OH)
O'Neal, John (Kansas City, KS)
O'Neil, Jerry
O'Quinn, Danny Jr. (Coeburn, VA)
Oakley, Brett
Oakley, Jeff
Obermeyer, Dave
Obrist, Dan
Odell, David (Lawrenceville, GA)
Ogata, Akinori (Kanagawa, Japan )
Ogden, Randy
Ogle, Billy
Ogle, Larry
Oliver, Dillon
Oliver, Mike
Oliveras, Hugo
Olow, Nathan
Olsen, Mike
Olson, Mike
Olswfski, Ted (Pennington, NJ)
Osborne, Bill
Oswald, Nelson
Otting, Mark (Plainwell, MI)
Ottinger, L.D.
Owens, Alli (Daytona Beach, FL)
Owens, Trent

Palmer, Norm
Paludo, Miguel (Silver City, Brazil )
Palumbo, Tony (Frankfort, IL)
Panch, Richie
Paolillo, Charlie
Papis, Max (Como, Italy )
Paques, Jon
Pardo, Carlos
Pardo, Ruben
Pardus, Dan
Park, Bob
Park, Steve (Long Island, NY)
Parker, Billy
Parker, Hank Jr.
Parlett, Ashley (Wye Mills, MD)
Parsons, Benny (Ellerbe, NC)
Parsons, Phil (Detroit, MI)
Passmore, Christi (Pryor, OK)
Pate, Jim (Fredericksburg, TX)
Patten, Dana
Patterson, Dean
Patton, J.R.
Patrick, Danica (Roscoe, IL)
Patterson, Wayne
Patton, J.R. (Las Cruces, NM)
Pauch, Billy
Pauch, Billy Jr. (Frenchtown, NJ)
Paul, Donny
Paul, John Jr. (West Palm Beach, FL)
Payne, Brad (Philpot, KY)
Payne, Roy
Peacher, Rodney
Pearce, Ellis
Pearson, David (Spartanburg, SC)
Pearson, Eddie (Spartanburg, SC)
Pearson, Hugh
Pearson, Larry (Spartanburg, SC)
Peck, Todd (Jefferson, PA)
Peck, Tom (McConnellsburg, PA)
Pedersen, Ken
Pegram, Sammy
Peles, Nestor
Peles, Steve
Penaruiz, Julien (Paris, France )
Pennington, Free (Augusta, GA)
Pennington, Jack
Penrod, Bob
Peralta, Carlos
Peralta, Oscar
Perez, Antonio
Pérez de Lara, Ricardo
Perree, Ed
Perry, Dale
Perry, Steve
Peters, Natz
Peters, Timothy (Providence, NC)
Peterson, Cindy
Peterson, Wayne (Pulaski, TN)
Petree, Andy (Newton, NC)
Petris, Terry
Petty, Adam
Petty, Jeremy (Smolan, KS)
Petty, Kyle (Randleman, NC)
Petty, Lee (Randleman, NC)
Petty, Mark
Petty, Richard (Level Cross, NC)
Petty, Ritchie
Pezza, Joe
Pfeifer, Steve
Phelps, Michael (Suwanee, GA)
Phillips, Larry (Springfield, MO)
Pierce, Erik
Pierce, Keith
Pilgrim, Andy
Pilgrim, Randy
Pimm, Ed
Piontek, Brett
Piquet, Nelson Jr. (Brazil )
Pistone, Chase (Cornelius, NC)
Pistone, Tom
Pistone, Tommy
Pitarresi, Dane
Pittinger, Chuck
Plata, Fernando
Plemmons, John
Pletcher, Dave
Pluer, Mark
Podratz, Steve
Poirier, Leo
Polich, Bill
Pollard, Bubba (Senoia, GA)
Pollard, Larry
Polodna, Ron
Pompa, Ed (Ballston Spa, NY)
Pond, Lennie
Ponstein, Andy (Hudsonville, MI)
Poole, Brennan (The Woodlands, TX)
Poovey, Jim
Pope, Daniel II
Popplewell, Mike (Clarksville, IN)
Portenga, Steve
Porter, James
Porter, Mike
Porter, Randy
Porter, Toby
Potashnick, Sammy
Potter, Cody
Potter, Gary
Potter, Mike
Poulter, Paul
Powell, Allan
Powell, Robert
Powell, Travis (Snohomish, WA)
Powers, Tom
Preece, Ryan
Prescott, Andre
Prescott, Steve
Press, Dan
Pressley, Coleman
Pressley, Bob
Pressley, Robert (Asheville, NC)
Preston, John
Prestwood, Max
Price, Baxter
Price, Jonathon
Prietzel, Bill
Prieur, Matt
Prince, Jeriod (Sandusky, OH)
Prince, Kevin
Pruett, Bryan
Pruett, Scott
Pumpelly, Spencer (Concord, NC)
Pursley, Greg
Purvis, Jeff (Clarksville, TN)
Puryear, Stacy
Puskarich, Don
Pyburn, Matt
Pyle, Robbie

Quarles, Tony
Quarterley, Dale
Queen, Brad (Kernersville, NC)
Query, Freddie
Quinlan, Grant
Quinney, Tom
Quiroga, German (Mexico City, Mexico )

Rabenold, Kory (Slatington, PA)
Radford, Paul
Rafter, Billy
Ragan, David (Unadilla, GA)
Ragan, Ken (Unadilla, GA)
Ragan, Sammy
Rahal, Bobby
Räikkönen, Kimi (Finland )
Raines, Tony
Ralston, Zachary (Marion, IA)
Ramirez, Jose Luis
Ramseur, Stewart
Randall, Maurice
Ranger, Andrew (Roxton Pond, Quebec, Canada )
Raper, Jim
Raptis, Jim
Raudman, Craig
Rauston, Brent (Jasper, AR)
Ray, Johnny
Ray, Kevin (Eastaboga, AL)
Raymer, Brent
Raymond, Lee
Razo, Xavi
Reary, Jerry
Reed, Mark
Reed, Ryan
Reedy, Orvil
Reeves, Stevie
Reffner, Bryan (Stevens Point, WI)
Register, Bobby
Rehfield, Roland (Berlin, Germany )
Reich, Jim
Reid, Boston (Indianapolis, IN)
Reid, Doug III (Hueytown, AL)
Reiser, Robbie
Reithmeyer, Brad (Austin, TX)
Renfrow, Randy
Reno, A.J.
Renshaw, Deborah (Bowling Green, KY)
Rettenmeier, Louis
Rettig, Austin (Sikeston, MO)
Reutimann, David (Zephyrhills, FL)
Revis, Melvin
Rexford, Bill (Conewango Valley, NY)
Reyes, Mara
Reynolds, Don
Reynolds, Jon Jr.
Rezek, John
Rezendes, Dave (Assonet, MA)
Rhodes, Harrison
Rhodes, Stephen
Ribbs, Willy T.
Rice, Albert
Rice, Richie
Rice, Sam
Richards, Dustin
Richards, Homero
Richards, Josh (Shinnston, WV)
Richardson, D.J. (Leominster, MA)
Richardson, Loni
Richardson, Nelson
Richardson, Robert Jr. (McKinney, TX)
Richardson, Steve
Richeson, Joshua (Mooresville, NC)
Richmond, Tim (Ashland, OH)
Ridley, Jody
Riethmeyer, Bradley
Riggins, Tommy
Riggs, Scott (Bahama, NC)
Riley, Bob
Riley, Mike
Riniker, Gene
Rioux, Laurent
Ritch, Michael
Ritter, Randal (Franklin, TN)
Rivera, Pepe
Rizzo, Rob
Roark, Caleb (Abingdon, VA)
Robbins, Kenny
Robbins, Marty
Robbs, J.R.
Robe, Marc
Roberts, Fireball
Robertson, Jerry
Robertson, Shannon (Murfreesboro, TN)
Robie, Jarod
Robinson, Jim
Robinson, Shawna (Des Moines, IA)
Robinson, Terrance
Roche, Jason
Rodenbeck, Paddy
Roderick, Casey (Lawrenceville, GA)
Rodewald, Travis
Rogers, Bradley
Rogers, Clay (Troutman, NC)
Rogers, David
Rogers, Jackie
Rohrbaugh, Codie
Romine, Jim
Roper, Dean
Roper, Tony
Rosati, Tom
Rose, Brian (Louisville, KY)
Rose, Howard
Ross, Brian
Ross, Earl
Roth, Gil
Rotsell, Tom
Rovelo, Rubén
Rowe, Brett (Barboursville, WV)
Rowe, Mike
Royle, Adam
Rubeck, Steve
Rudd, Al Jr.
Rudd, Jason (Chesapeake, VA)
Rudd, Ricky (Chesapeake, VA)
Rudolph, Charlie
Ruffin, Logan
Ruggiero, Reggie
Ruìz, Oscar
Rumley, Johnny
Rush, Lonnie Jr. (Pickerington, OH)
Russell, Alan
Russell, Austin (Clovis, CA)
Russell, Jack
Russell, Tim (Longwood, FL)
Russell, Wes
Rust, Ryan
Ruston, Kenzie (El Reno, OK)
Rutherford, Johnny
Ruttman, Joe (Compton, CA)
Ryan, Terry
Rzesnowiecky, Stefan (Las Vegas, NV)

Sacks, Greg (Mattituck, NY)
Sadinsky, John (Johnstown, OH)
Sadler, Elliott (Emporia, VA)
Sadler, Hermie (Emporia, VA)
Sage, Darryl (Nashville, TN)
Said, Boris
Salazar, Eliseo (Chile )
Salmons, Ron Jr. (Cincinnati, OH)
Sammons, Danny (Hamilton, NJ)
Samples, Jesse Jr.
Sanchez A., Hector
Sánchez, Mike
Sanders, Ricky (Stockbridge, GA)
Sanders, Ronnie
Sanders, Rusty
Sanders, Ryck
Sanders, Sammy
Sands, Bobby
Sands, Scotty (Henryville, IN)
Sanger, Ed
Santerre, Andy
Santos, Bobby III (Franklin, MA)
Sarff, Greg (Powell, OH)
Sargent, Tim
Sasser, Kevin
Satterfield, Don
Satullo, Sandy
Sauter, Jay
Sauter, Jim (Necedah, WI)
Sauter, Johnny (Necedah, WI)
Sauter, Tim
Savage, Clifton
Saverance, Rounder
Savicki, Dave (Daytona Beach, FL)
Sawyer, Elton (Chesapeake, VA)
Sawyer, Roger
Sawyer, Steve (Denver, NC)
Sawyers, Rodney
Saylor, Connie
Scarallo, Joey
Schacht, Bob (Lombard, IL)
Schaefer, Charlie (Carlyle, IL)
Schaeppi, Hans-Peter (Horgen, Switzerland )
Schenkel, Kent (Huntington, IN)
Schildnecht, Robin
Schill, Al
Schmitt, Bill
Schneider, Frankie
Schoffen, Sonny
Schoonover, Terry
Schrader, Ken (Fenton, MO)
Schroedel, Chuck
Schroeder, Dorsey (Ballwin, MO)
Schuler, Jason
Schuler, Larry
Schultz, George
Schultz, Maxwell
Schulz, Mark (Sanger, TX)
Schwantz, Kevin
Schweikart, Dale (Linden, PA)
Scites, Davin (Wayne, WV)
Scott, Bill
Scott, Brian (Mooresville, NC)
Scott, Tighe
Scott, Wendell (Danville, VA)
Scribner, Rick
Seaman, Ryan
Sears, Glen
Sedgwick, Bill (Van Nuys, CA)
Seeger, Art (Toms River, NJ)
Seevers, Greg (West Milton, OH)
Sehr, Tim
Seifert, Bill
Seligman, Steve
Sellers, Jack
Sellers, Peyton (Danville, VA)
Seman, Jorge
Senerchia, Johnny
Senica, Mike (Doylestown, PA)
Senneker, Bob (Dorr, MI)
Sennett, Jeff (Harrisburg, NC)
Serio, Chris (Hoover, AL)
Serrano, Carlos
Sessler, Jerrod
Settlemyre, John
Setzer, Dennis
Shafer, Todd
Sharp, Eddie
Sharp, Scott
Sharpe, Travis (Martinsville, VA)
Shaver, Dan (Charlotte, NC)
Shaw, Caitlin
Shaw, D.J.
Shaw, Dale
Shaw, Darren
Shaw, Ernie
Shear, Joe
Shear, Kyle
Shear, Troy Jr.
Shearer, Dale (Alhambra, IL)
Shelmerdine, Kirk (Philadelphia, PA)
Sheltra, Patrick (Indiantown, FL)
Shepard, Ron
Shepherd, Morgan (Conover/Ferguson, NC)
Shepherd, Pete (Brampton, Ontario, Canada )
Sherman, Brent (North Barrington, IL)
Sherman, Gary (Lansing, MI)
Sherston, Jay
Shotko, Billy (West Olive, MI)
Shreeves, Bob
Shull, Paul
Shultz, Jason
Sieg, Ryan
Sieg, Shane
Sielsky, Matt
Sigmon, Tommy
Silas, Bryan (Stuart, FL)
Silva, Pete
Silva, Stan Jr.
Silver, Ronnie
Simko, David
Simko, Michael (Clarkston, MI)
Simmons, Buck
Simmons, Kevin
Simo, Brian
Simo, Mark
Simpson, Dave
Simpson, Jack
Simpson, Jimmy
Singleton, Dale
Sisco, Dave
Sisco, Jerry
Skillen, Dick
Skinner, Dustin
Skinner, Fain (Live Oak, FL)
Skinner, Jamie
Skinner, Mike (Susanville, CA)
Slagh, Vern (Zeeland, MI)
Slark, Wayne
Slaughter, Robbin (Grove City, OH)
Slawinski, Bob
Slocumb, Beau (Juliette, GA)
Small, Jason
Smith, Archie
Smith, Billy
Smith, Brad (Shelby Township, MI)
Smith, Brian
Smith, C.W. (Williamsport, PA)
Smith, David
Smith, Eric (Akron, NY)
Smith, Freddy
Smith, G.R. (Folsom, NJ)
Smith, Jack
Smith, Jesse (Wildwood, MO)
Smith, Johnny
Smith, Lowe
Smith, Marvin
Smith, R.D.
Smith, R.K.
Smith, Regan
Smith, Rickie
Smith, Roy
Smith, Slick
Smith, Stanley (Chelsea, AL)
Smokstad, Ted
Sneva, Tom
Snowden, Bill
Soares, John Jr.
Sockwell, Brian
Solomon, Charlie
Sommers, Jay
Sommers, Sam
Sonneveldt, J.J. (Platte City, MO)
Sonntag, Joey
Sorensen, Brad
Sorenson, Reed (Peachtree City, GA)
Sosebee, David
Sosebee, Gober
Sosebee, Mike (Hoschton, GA)
South, Justin (Hueytown, AL)
Southard, Jim
Souza, Todd
Spangler, Thomas
Spanos, Tony
Sparkman, Rachel
Speed, Lake (Jackson, MS)
Speed, Scott (Manteca, CA)
Speer, Tyler (Woodstock, GA)
Spencer, Ed
Spencer, G.C.
Spencer, Jeff
Spencer, Jimmy
Spencer, Steve
Sperling, Brandon
Spetman, Craig
Spoonmore, Jeremy
Sprague, Harvey
Sprague, Jack (Spring Lake, MI)
Sprague, Robert
Spraker, Jeff (Latham, NY)
Sprouse, Don
St. Amant, Gary (Columbus, OH)
St. Angelo, Ed
St. Denis, Don (Lasalle, Ontario, Canada )
Stacy, W. David
Stahl, Mark (San Diego, CA)
Stancill, Ben (Ayden, NC)
Stancill, John (Ayden, NC)
Standridge, Billy
Stanley, Robbie
Staropoli, Patrick
Starr, David
Stauffer, Kent
Steckly, Scott
Steele, Dave
Steele, Tim (Coopersville, MI)
Stefanik, Mike
Stenhouse, Ricky Jr. (Olive Branch, MS)
Stenzel, Scott (Alexandria, MN/Orlando, FL)
Stephens, Dirk
Stephenson, James
Stevens, Jeff
Stevenson, Steve
Stewart, Jay
Stewart, Tony (Columbus, IN)
Stierly, Ernie
Stolarcyk, Mike
Stolarek, Steve
Stott, Corrie (Denver, NC)
Stott, Lance (Keokuk, IA)
Stott, Ramo
Stout, J.C.
Stovall, Scott (Fort Wayne, IN)
Stover, David
Stowe, Joel
Strader, Tom (Keller, TX)
Strait, Bob (Mokena, IL)
Streeter, Jeff
Strelecki, Doug
Stremme, David (South Bend, IN)
Strickland, Dennis (Carleton, MI)
Strickler, Bub
Stricklin, Hut (Calera, AL)
Stricklin, Taylor
Strout, D. Wayne
Studer, Sean
Suarez, Daniel
Sullivan, Danny
Sullivan, Glenn
Sutton, Kelly (Crownsville, MD)
Swaim, Mike
Swaim, Mike Jr.
Swan, James
Sweet, Brad (Grass Valley, CA)
Swindell, Jeff
Swindell, Kevin (Bartlett, TN)
Swindell, Sammy
Swisher, Melvin
Szegedy, Todd
Szekeres, Kris

Tackman, Rick (Waukesha, WI)
Tagliani, Alex
Tallas, G.T.
Tallas, George
Talley, Johnny
Tame, Freddy
Tanner, Billy (Newtown, PA)
Tanner, Tyler (Auburn, WA)
Tardiff, Alan
Tartaglia, Robert
Tassin, Thierry
Taylor, Doug
Taylor, Graham
Taylor, Jerry
Taylor, T.W.
Taylor, Todd
Teague, Brad
Teague, Marshall
Teakell, Loyd (Caldwell, TX)
Teasdale, Kat
Teate, Dude
Teel, Diane
Terris, Kevin
Tews, Hank
Theriault, Michelle (Bristol, CT)
Thiel, Jimmy (Woodhaven, MI)
Thigpen, Ryan (Concord, NC)
Thirkettle, Jim
Thom, Jason
Thomas, Guy
Thomas, Herb (Olivia, NC)
Thomas, Jabe
Thomas, Ronnie
Thomas, Ted
Thompson, Brett
Thompson, Don (Carlisle, PA)
Thompson, Jeremy
Thompson, Jimmy
Thompson, Mark (Cartersville, GA)
Thompson, Robbie
Thompson, Ross
Thomson, Brandon (St. Cloud, FL)
Thomson, Don
Thonesen, Gene
Thorn, Derek
Thorpe, Doug
Thurman, Andy
Thurman, Joe
Tifft, Matt
Tighe, Robert III
Tiller, Travis
Tisler, Jeff
Tissot, Randy
Tobias, Richard Jr.
Tolsma, Randy
Tomaino, Jamie
Tope, Warren
Topham, Tam
Tori, Curt (Wilmington, DE)
Torres, Pete
Toste, Tony
Tovella, Sal
Townley, John Wes (Watkinsville, GA)
Townsend, Chris
Traber, Darryl
Tracy, Paul
Trammell, Greg
Traylor, Scott (Kansas City, MO)
Treichler, Merv
Trickle, Chris
Trickle, Dick (Wisconsin Rapids, WI)
Triplett, David
Tripp, Perry (Fredericktown, MO)
Truex, Martin
Truex, Martin Jr. (Mayetta, NJ)
Truex, Ryan
Tucker, Nick (Bremerton, WA)
Tull, Aaron (Mt. Morris, MI)
Turner, Alan
Turner, Curtis
Turner, Robert
Turner, Tim (Pulaski, TN)
Tutt, Preston
Tyler, Brian (Parma, MI)

Ulrich, D.K. (Woodbury, NJ)
Unser, Al
Unser, Al Jr.
Unzicker, Ryan (El Paso, IL)
Urciuoli, Mike
Usry, Tom
Utsman, John A.
Utsman, Larry

Vahsholtz, Clint (Woodland Park, CO)
Valiante, Michael
Vallina, Rafael
Van Der Merwe, Sarel
Van Horn, Carl
Vanadore, Ricky
Vandermeier, Ron Jr.
Vandevere, Jim
Vandiver, Jim
VanDoorn, Johnny
Vanhouten, Keith
VanRankin, Elliot
VanZant, Randy (Brookville, OH)
Vara, Dominic (Jupiter, FL)
Varde, Joe
Vaughan, Dorris
Vaughan, Will (Crane, MO)
Vences, Irwin
Venturini, Bill (Chicago, IL)
Venturini, Billy (Chicago, IL)
Vest, Charlie (Ocoee, FL)
Vickers, Brian (Thomasville, NC)
Vidovich, Auggie
Vieau, Jason (Huntersville, NC)
Villeneuve, Jacques
Vogel, Dennis
Vogler, Rich
Voight, Mark
Volk, Lou
Volpe, Joe (Vineland, NJ)
Vos, Ryan (Sanborn, IA)

Wagner, Ken
Wagoner, Al
Wahl, Chuck
Walczak, Bob (Antioch, IL)
Walen, Melvin
Walker, Billy (Boaz, AL)
Walker, Bob
Walker, Chuck (Stanley, NC)
Walker, Jimmy (Holtville, AL)
Walker, Larry
Walker, Tyler (Los Angeles, CA)
Wallace, Chrissy (St. Louis, MO)
Wallace, Eric (Jasper, GA)
Wallace, Jack
Wallace, Joe (Winchester, KS)
Wallace, Ken
Wallace, Kenny
Wallace, Mike (Fenton, MO)
Wallace, Rusty (Fenton, MO)
Wallace, Shane
Wallace, Steve (Mooresville, NC)
Wallace, Walter
Wallis, Brian
Walter, Dan
Walter, Tim (Valparaiso, IN)
Walters, Scot
Walther, Salt
Walton, Chuck
Waltrip, Darrell (Owensboro, KY)
Waltrip, Michael
Wangerin, Blackie
Wangerin, Troy (Jordan, MN)
Ward, Bill
Ward, Glen
Ware, Cody Shane
Ware, Rick
Warren, Frank
Warren, Tony
Wasson, Gus
Watercutter, Wayne
Waterman, Don
Waters, Richard
Watson, Dave
Watts, Mike
Wawak, Bobby
Way, Jeff
Wease, Billy (Noblesville, IN)
Weatherly, Joe (Norfolk, VA)
Weaver, Bradley
Weaver, Floyd
Weaver, Ken (Dallas, TX)
Weaver, Tim
Weber, Brian (Mooresville, NC)
Weber, Chuck (Mesquite, TX)
Weddle, E.H.
Weeden, Mike
Weese, Danny
Wellman, Claude
Weston, Josh (Mt. Juliet, TN)
Wettlaufer, Ed (St. Clair Shores, MI)
Whalen, Dick
Wheeler, Darrell
Wheeler, Doug
Whitaker, Mark
White, Chevy (Columbia, TN)
White, Dana (Concord, NC)
White, Derek
White, Drew (Inglis, FL)
White, Jack
White, Jason
White, Joel
White, Michael
White, Paul (Temple, TX)
White, Rex (Taylorsville, NC)
White, Richard
Whitman, Alex (Dallas, TX)
Whitmire, Vince
Whitt, Brandon (El Cajon, CA)
Whitt, Cole
Whittington, Bill
Whittington, Don
Wilberg, Bobby
Wilburn, Bill
Williams, Alan
Williams, Dale
Williams, Jeff (Newbury Park, CA)
Williams, Josh (Port Charlotte, FL)
Williams, Michael
Williams, Ray
Williams, Roger (Charlotte, NC)
Williams, Tom
Williamson, Dicky (Savannah, GA)
Williamson, Tim
Williford, Carl
Willingham, Haskell
Willingham, Scott
Wilson, Angie (Marion, NC)
Wilson, B.A.
Wilson, Denny
Wilson, Eric
Wilson, Frank (St. Marys/Belmont, WV)
Wilson, John
Wilson, Rick (Bartow, FL)
Wilson, Rob
Wilson, Ryan (Randleman, NC)
Wiltjer, Shaun
Wiltshire, George
Wimmer, Chris (Wausau, WI)
Wimmer, Scott (Wausau, WI)
Windom, Chris (West Lafayette, IN/Canton, IL)
Winslow, Ernest
Winters, Brian
Wise, Josh (Riverside, CA)
Witherill, Cory (Santa Monica, CA)
Wittman, Wayman (Appleton, WI)
Wlodyka, Roland
Wolfe, Paul
Wolke, Darren
Wood, Craig
Wood, Crystal
Wood, Jon (Stuart, VA)
Wood, Keven
Wood, Tommy
Woodland, Rich (Templeton, CA)
Woods, Timothy III
Woodside, Sean
Woodward, Nick
Woolridge, Dennis
Woolslayer, Homer (Tulsa, OK)
Worley, Satch
Worman, Nick
Wright, Gary
Wright, John
Wright, L.W.
Wulff, Nathan

Yarborough, Cale (Timmonsville, SC)
Yeley, J.J. (Phoenix, AZ)
Yingling, Stan (Judsonia, AR)
Yontz, Alex (Walnut Cove, NC)
York, A.C.
York, Jason
Young, Clay
Young, Jason
Young, Mike
Young, Phillip
Young, Mike (Toledo, OH)
Young, Ron (Conyers, GA)
Youster, Levi (Toledo, OH)
Yunker, Brad (Maumee, OH)

Zack, Fred
Zahn, Charles
Zazula, Michael (Turnersville, NJ)
Zdroik, Austin
Zimmerman, Clair (Denver, PA)
Zock, Tim
Zumbach, Ross

National Touring Series Drivers by State

Includes drivers who have competed in Sprint Cup, Nationwide Series, Camping World Truck Series, and ARCA Racing Series.


The Alabama Gang was the nickname for a group of NASCAR drivers who set up shop and operated out of Hueytown, Alabama, near Birmingham, Alabama.[1] In the late 1950s, young auto racer Bobby Allison left Miami, Florida, looking for an area that had more opportunities to race. He discovered central Alabama in his travels. The region was dotted with small dirt tracks, and Allison won big his first few times out. He returned to Florida to pick up his brother Donnie Allison, and friend Red Farmer.

The trio set up shop in Hueytown, Alabama, and were dominant throughout the 1960s and early 1970s. In 1973, Jimmy Means joined the gang. Beginning in 1979, their sons and contemporaries began racing, and became known as members of the Alabama Gang themselves. Bobby's son Davey Allison, and fellow Hueytown residents Neil Bonnett, and David Bonnett. Hut Stricklin, who married Donnie's daughter, became the last member of the Alabama Gang.

Other drivers (notably Dale Earnhardt) were great friends with members of this group, and while not Alabama residents, these other drivers became associated with the Alabama Gang.

All of the original members of the Alabama Gang have been inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. Davey Allison's little brother, Clifford Allison followed the Alabama Gang tradition, but while practicing for a Busch Series race in Michigan, he spun out in turn 4 and was killed. Davey Allison died in a helicopter crash at Talladega Superspeedway in 1993. Then Neil Bonnett died while practicing for the 1994 Daytona 500. Bobby Allison retired in 1988 after suffering injuries in a race at Pocono Raceway that nearly cost him his life. Farmer, the oldest member of the "Gang," was injured in the helicopter crash that took Davey Allison's life, but recovered and continues to race at short tracks today, well into his 70s.

Hueytown memorialized the racers by renaming its main street Allison-Bonnett Memorial Drive. There are other tributes to the "Gang" around the city. Other streets bear names of the members, including Davey Allison Boulevard and Red Farmer Drive, and certain local businesses also have paid tribute to the famous drivers. A Honda automobile dealership located in Hueytown was named Neil Bonnett Honda for many years, but it was renamed Serra Honda in 2006. Additionally, the Seal of the City of Hueytown features two checkered flags, acknowledging the large part racing has played in the city's history.

Source:  Wikipedia License:  Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

Clifford Allison, Davey Allison, Danny Bagwell, Neil Bonnett, Tim Burrell, Craig Butts, Ricky Byers, Red Byron, Charlie Chamblee, Casey Dean, Red Farmer, Cale Gale, Mickey Gibbs, Steve Grissom, Mike Harmon, Dave Mader III, Jimmy Means, Kevin Ray, Doug Reid III, Chris Serio, Stanley Smith, Justin South, Hut Stricklin, Billy Walker, Jimmy Walker

Phil Barkdoll, Paul Beregszaszy, Alex Bowman, Gabi DiCarlo, Michael McDowell, J.J. Yeley

Ryan Foster, Amber Koch, Justin Koch, Mike Koch, Mark Martin, Brent Rauston, Stan Yingling

Marv Acton, Carl Adams, Blair Aiken, A.J. Allmendinger, Scott Autrey, Ivan Baldwin, Stanton Barrett, Troy Beebe, Jason Bowles, Dick Brooks, Hal Callentine, Mike Chase, Matt Crafton, Matt DiBenedetto, Mike Duncan, Will Gallaher, Jeff Gordon, Darren Hagen, Luke Hall, Kevin Harvick, Jesus Hernandez, Ron Hornaday Jr., Brian Ickler, Ernie Irvan, Jarit Johnson, Jimmie Johnson, Tommy Kendall, Burney Lamar, Joey Licata, Brad Lloyd, Justin Lofton, Patrick Long, Justin Marks, Luis Martinez Jr. Casey Mears, Jon Morley, Andrew Myers, Brennan Newberry, Austin Russell, Joe Ruttman, Bill Sedgwick, Mike Skinner, Scott Speed, Mark Stahl, Brad Sweet, Tyler Walker, Brandon Whitt, Jeff Williams, Josh Wise, Cory Witherill, Rich Woodland

Rick Carelli, Wally Dallenbach Jr., Clint Vahsholtz

Parker Kligerman, Randy LaJoie, Joey Logano, Dillon Moltz, Rob Moroso, Michelle Theriault

Eddie Dickerson, Curt Tori

Bobby Allison, Donnie Allison, Aric Almirola, Tony Altiere, Wayne Anderson, Lee Arnold, Gary Balough, Steve Bramley, David Breen, Dawayne Bryan, John Callis, Ricky Carmichael, Benny Chastain, Ross Chastain, John Clagett, Cory Collum, Ryan Crane, Justin Drawdy, T.J. Duke, Michael Faulk, Amanda Gogel, Mario Gosselin, Tom Graham, Chuck Hiers, John Jackson, Blake Koch, Scott Lagasse Jr., Barry Layne, Johnny Leonard, Andy Lombi, Johanna Long, Carl McCormick, Eddie Mercer, Jay Middleton, Marc Mitchell, Robert Mitten, Butch Mock, Patty Moise, Rick Moxley, Joe Nemechek, Alli Owens, John Paul Jr., David Reutimann, Tim Russell, Dave Savicki, Patrick Sheltra, Bryan Silas, Fain Skinner, Scott Stenzel, Brandon Thomson, Dominic Vara, Charlie Vest, Drew White, Josh Williams, Rick Wilson

Bob Aiello, Walt Brannen, Morty Buckles, Brett Butler, Ken Butler III, Jamie Carr, Mike Ciochetti, Chris Cockrum, Robbie Cowart, Scott Davis, Bill Elliott, Scotty Ellis, Cecil Eunice, Tim Flock, Alex Garcia, Mark Gibson, Max Gresham, Matt Hawkins, Jimmy Henderson, Anthony Hill, Richard Johns, Richard King, Andy Lally, Cain Langford, Cale Langford, Mike Langston, Garrett Liberty, Brack Maggard, Spencer Maggard, Chris McKeehan, Chase Miller, David Odell, Free Pennington, Michael Phelps, Bubba Pollard, Casey Roderick, David Ragan, Ken Ragan, Ricky Sanders, Wendell Scott, Beau Slocumb, Reed Sorenson, Mike Sosebee, Tyler Speer, Mark Thompson, John Wes Townley, Eric Wallace, Dicky Williamson, Ron Young

Tony Ackerland, Jonathan Gomez, Terry Lawrence

The Crittenden Automotive Library is based in Woodstock, Illinois, and as such has a lot of local information for drivers that race at Rockford Speedway and Wilmot Raceway, many of whom live in either Illinois or Wisconsin.
Kenny Adams, Justin Allgaier, Kyle Chady, Joe Cooksey, Erik Darnell, Bobby Dotter, Blake Feese, A.J. Fike, Aaron Fike, Jeff Flesher, Mitch Garfield, A.J. Henricksen, Irv Hoerr, Brian Johnson Jr., Ken Joosten, Kelly Kovski, Scott Kuhn, Dan Lensing, Mark Littleton, Kyle Logue, Fred Lorenzen, Phillip McGilton, Rodney Melvin, Ray Mooi, Joe Mueller, Ted Musgrave, Wes O'Dell, Tony Palumbo, Danica Patrick, , Bob Schacht, Charlie Schaefer, Dale Shearer, Brent Sherman, Bob Strait, Ryan Unzicker, Bill Venturini, Billy Venturini, Bob Walczak, Chris Windom

Josh Allison, Dakoda Armstrong, Darrell Basham, Dugan Basham, Jason Basham, Bob Blount, Chad Blount, John Busse, Jeff Caudell, Bryan Clauson, Josh Clemons, Darel Dieringer, Bobby East, Tim Finch, John Gill, Charlie Glotzbach, Jeff Gordon, Tom Gray, Matt Hagans, Richard Hampton, Andy Hillenburg, Shelby Howard, Kenny Irwin, Evan Jackson, Joel Kauffman, Frank Kimmel, Frankie Kimmel, Will Kimmel, Kraig Kinser, Kyle Krisiloff, Jerry Middleton, Ryan Newman, Mike Popplewell, Boston Reid, Scotty Sands, Kent Schenkel, Tony Stewart, Scott Stovall, David Stremme, Tim Walter, Billy Wease, Chris Windom

Michael Annett, Landon Cassill, Justin Diercks, Brad Dubil, Joey Gase, Randy Havlik, Brett Moffitt, Zachary Ralston, Shawna Robinson, Lance Stott, Ryan Vos

Chase Austin, Dustin Boney, Clint Bowyer, Jennifer Jo Cobb, Chad Frewaldt, A.J. Genail, Kevin Gingrich, John O'Neal, Jeremy Petty, Joe Wallace

Bill Baird, Chuck Barnes Jr., Steve Blackburn, Jeremy Curtis, Wayne Edwards, David Green, Jeff Green, Kyle Hadley, John Hayden, Brett Hudson, Frank Kapfhammer, Stuart Kirby, Larry Meadors, Keith Murt, Brad Payne, Deborah Renshaw, Brian Rose, Darrell Waltrip

Kim Crosby, Buster Graham, Billy Hagan, Mikey Kile, Hal Martin

Dave McClure

Marc Davis, Barry Fitzgerald, Ryan Hackett, Timmy Hill, Rob Jones, Donnie Neuenberger, Ashley Parlett, Kelly Sutton

Erin Crocker, JR Heffner, Dave Rezendes, D.J. Richardson, Bobby Santos III

John Anderson, Chris Anthony, Johnny Benson, Howard Bixman, Stan Boyd, Phil Bozell, Robb Brent, Scott Bross, Mike Buckley, Marty Butkovich, Gary Camelet, Brian Campbell, Fred Campbell, Jeremy Campbell, Brian Conz, Steve Cronenwett, Jordan Dahlke, Mark Dimitroff, Bill Eversole, Chad Finley, Michael Guerity, Jason Hedlesky, Jim Hollenbeck, Larry Hollenbeck, Brad Keselowski, Brian Keselowski, Billy Leslie, Tracy LeslieJeff MacZink, Butch Miller, Con Nicolopoulos, Mark Otting, Phil Parsons, Andy Ponstein, Bob Senneker, Gary Sherman, Billy Shotko, Michael Simko, Vern Slagh, Brad Smith, Jack Sprague, Tim Steele, Dennis Strickland, Jimmy Thiel, Ryan Thigpen, Aaron Tull, Brian Tyler, Ed Wettlaufer

Blake Bjorklund, Jonathan Eilen, Dan Fredrickson, Todd Hansen, Andy Hanson, Joey Miller, Leilani Münter, Scott Stenzel, Troy Wangerin

Tommy Joe Martins, Jimmie Nowell, Lake Speed, Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Tim Andrews, Frank Bigler, Billy Deckman, Carl Edwards, Brent Glasstetter, David Hall, Justin Jennings, Doug Keller, Jamie McMurray, Roger Moser, Larry Phillips, Austin Rettig, Ken Schrader, Dorsey Schroeder, Jesse Smith, J.J. Sonneveldt, Scott Traylor, Perry Tripp, Will Vaughan, Chrissy Wallace, Mike Wallace, Rusty Wallace

Josh Krug

T.J. Bell, Kurt Busch, Kyle Busch, Dusty Davis, Spencer Gallagher, Justin Johnson, Stefan Rzesnowiecky

New Hampshire
Caisse, Sean, Matt Frahm

New Jersey
Robin Bonanno, Rob Bunker, Dominick Casola, Jerry Cranmer, Ricky Gonzalez, Tom Hessert Jr., Tom Hessert III, Dwight Laird, Guy Lamon, Steve Minghenelli, Ted Olswfski, Billy Pauch Jr., Danny Sammons, Art Seeger, G.R. Smith, Martin Truex Jr., D.K. Ulrich, Joe Volpe, Michael Zazula

New Mexico
Alex Kennedy, J.R. Patton

New York
Brett Bodine, Geoffrey Bodine, Todd Bodine, Earle Canavan, Bill Catania, Brent Cross, George Cushman, Dustin Delaney, Marc Easton, John Ferrier, Tim George Jr., Todd Hoddick, Jason Holehouse, Michael Jacobs, Brandon Kidd, Donny Lia, Timothy McCreadie, Mike McLaughlin, Steve Park, Ed Pompa, Bill Rexford, Greg Sacks, Eric Smith, Jeff Spraker

North Carolina
Charlotte, North Carolina is the home of NASCAR and most of the stock car racing teams that compete in its national touring series.  Partially because of the sport's history in the American south, a great number of stock car drivers came from the Carolinas.  However, since Charlotte became the "hometown of NASCAR," North Carolina has continued to produce a disproportionately large number of stock car drivers.  One reason is because children in North Carolina grow up in a culture of stock car racing much like Canadian children grow up playing hockey.  The second major reason is that many young North Carolina racers on this list come in the form of second-generation drivers, the children of racers who moved to North Carolina for their stock car racing careers and stayed in the area, raising their children in the towns near Charlotte and Mooresville and raising them to be race car drivers as well.  A great example of this are the Blaneys.  Dave Blaney is originally from Hartford, Ohio, and now that his son Ryan Blaney is racing, his hometown is listed as High Point, North Carolina.  North Carolina also gets more than its fair share of hometown listings based on where drivers lived at the time of their careers (instead of where they grew up & came from) because if drivers are going to move their homes to race in the top stock car series in the United States, chances are they've moved to North Carolina (see the example under National Touring Series Drivers).
Loy Allen Jr., Scott Alves, Sam Ard, Jack Bailey, Randy Baker, Sam Beam, Kyle Beattie, Andrew Belmont, Kyle Belmont, Ed Berrier, Ryan Blaney, Paul Booher, Daniel Bopp, Jeff Boyer, Shane Brafford, Dan Brode, Jeff Buice, Matt Carter, Roger Carter, Johnny Chapman, Richard Childress, Ernie Cline, Chris Coker, Ray Cook, Dwight Copp, Jake Crum, Chris Davis, Lance Deiters, Austin Dillon, Ty Dillon, Dale Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kerry Earnhardt, Terry Evans, Bryan Gandy, Harry Gant, William Gillis, Ryan Glenski, Cecil Gordon, Tina Gordon, Kyle Grissom, Kevin Hamlin, Ryan Heavner, Rick Hendrick, Drew Herring, Shane Hmiel, Mike Holt, Ron Hornaday III, Tommy Houston, Rance Hume, Burt Ingle, Jack Ingram, Bobby Isaac, Dale Jarrett, Jason Jarrett, Ned Jarrett, Clint King, Chris Lafferty, Corey LaJoie, Chris Lawson, Stephen Leicht, Jonathon Lewis, Justin Lloyd, Matt Lofton, Carl Long, Matt McCall, Chad McCumbee, J.D. McDuffie, Nick McIntosh, Brandon McReynolds, Mart Nesbitt, JR Norris, Benny Parsons, Timothy Peters, Andy Petree, Kyle Petty, Lee Petty, Petty, Richard, Chase Pistone, Robert Pressley, Spencer Pumpelly, Brad Queen, Joshua Richeson, Scott Riggs, Clay Rogers, Steve Sawyer, Brian Scott, Jeff Sennett, Dan Shaver, Morgan Shepherd, Ben Stancill, John Stancill, Corrie Stott, Herb Thomas, Jason Vieau, Brian Vickers, Chuck Walker, Steve Wallace, Brian Weber, Dana White, Rex White, Roger Williams, Angie Wilson, Ryan Wilson, Alex Yontz

Todd Antrican, Tom Bartoszek, Dave Blaney, Bobby Bowsher, Todd Bowsher, Chris Bristol, Mike Burg, Aaron Call, Drew Charlson, Rick Clifton, Tim Cowen, Jake Francis, Jeff Fultz, Zachary Gibson, Jerry Glanville, Chad Hackenbracht, Sam Hornish Jr., Ryan Howard, Brandon Knupp, Jared Marks, Chris Moore, Jeriod Prince, Tommy O'Leary IV, Tim Richmond, Lonnie Rush Jr., John Sadinsky, Ron Salmons Jr., Greg Sarff, Greg Seevers, Robbin Slaughter, Gary St. Amant, Randy VanZant, Mike Young, Levi Youster, Brad Yunker

Greg Barnhart, Tanner Berryhill, Zach Chappell, Russ Dugger, Christi Passmore, Kenzie Ruston, Homer Woolslayer

Brandon Ash, Mike Bliss, Chuck Bown, Jim Bown

Jeff Andretti, John Andretti, Chris Bailey, Jayme Beck, Andy Belmont, Kevin Belmont, Norm Benning, Gerry Bruce, Skip Cummins, Tom Eriksen, Ed Ferree, Steve Fox, Nevin George, Benny Gordon, Darwin Greene, Mike Haggenbottom, Ryan Hemphill, Nick Igdalsky, Brian Kaltreider, Jim Locke, Kyle Martel, Chad Martin, Chase Mattioli, Chuck McMinn, L.W. Miller, Todd Peck, Tom Peck, Kory Rabenold, Dale Schweikart, Mike Senica, Kirk Shelmerdine, C.W. Smith, Billy Tanner, Don Thompson, Clair Zimmerman

South Carolina
Buck Baker, Buddy Baker, David Ray Boggs, Dr. Ed Bull, William Bull, Jeremy Clements, Kertus Davis, A.J. Frank, Ian Henderson, Justin Hobgood, Slick Johnson, B.J. Mackey, David Pearson, Eddie Pearson, Larry Pearson, Cale Yarborough

Grant Adcox, Mike Alexander, Willie Allen, Justin Ashburn, Casey Atwood, Brad Baker, John Blankenship, Ron Cox, John Ellis, Bernie Evans, Clay Greenfield, Bobby Hamilton, Jody Hixson, Butch Jarvis, Steadman Marlin, Sterling Marlin, Tandy Marlin, Avery McCluskey, Skip McCord, Tyler Miles, Mason Mingus, Tim Mitchell, Nate Monteith, Chase Montgomery, Wayne Peterson, Jeff Purvis, Randal Ritter, Shannon Robertson, Darryl Sage, Kevin Swindell, Tim Turner, Josh Weston, Chevy White

Joe Aramendia, H.B. Bailey, Rick Baldwin, Walter Ballard, Trevor Bayne, Eddie Bierschwale, Colin Braun, Chris Buescher, Brad Coleman, Chris Comalander, AJ (Anthony) Foyt IV, Larry Foyt, Sam Hafertepe, Jeff Harrison, Bobby Hillin Jr., Brandon Kelley, Donny Kelley, Ed Kennedy, Bobby Labonte, Terry Labonte, Ryan Lawler, Michael Leavine, Ryan Lynch, Stephan McCurley, Matt Merrell, Ted Minor, Jim Pate, Brennan Poole, Brad Reithmeyer, Robert Richardson Jr., Mark Schulz, Tom Strader, Loyd Teakell, Ken Weaver, Chuck Weber, Paul White, Alex Whitman

Jeff Agnew, Buddy Arrington, Joey Arrington, Chad Beahr, Jeb Burton, Jeff Burton, Ward Burton, Bill Conger, Adam Edwards, Tommy Ellis, Denny Hamlin, Jimmy Hensley, Charles Hudson, James Hylton, Rick Mast, Eric McClure, Willie Mullins, Bobby Norfleet, Danny O'Quinn Jr., Caleb Roark, Jason Rudd, Ricky Rudd, Elliott Sadler, Hermie Sadler, Elton Sawyer, Peyton Sellers, Travis Sharpe, Joe Weatherly, Jon Wood

Greg Biffle, Amber Cope, Angela Cope, Derrike Cope, Richard Harriman, Damon Lusk, Tayler Malsam, Travis Powell, Tyler Tanner, Nick Tucker

Washington D.C.
Will Langhorne

West Virginia
Josh Richards, Brett Rowe, Davin Scites, Frank Wilson

The Crittenden Automotive Library is based in Woodstock, Illinois, and as such has a lot of local information for drivers that race at Rockford Speedway and Wilmot Raceway, many of whom live in either Illinois or Wisconsin.
Tony Ave, Dexter Bean, Tom Berte, Rich Bickle, Kelly Bires, Brent Brevak, Jeff Kendall, Matt Kenseth, Todd Kluever, Alan Kulwicki, Travis Kvapil, Tony Leis, Ryan Mathews, Paul Menard, Ted Musgrave, Scott Null, Bryan Reffner, Jim Sauter, Johnny Sauter, Tim Schendel, Rick Tackman, Dick Trickle, Chris Wimmer, Scott Wimmer, Wayman Wittman

International Drivers in America's National Touring Series

Marcos Ambrose, Kim Krebs, George Miedecke

Max Dumarey

Miguel Paludo, Nelson Piquet Jr.

Steve Arpin, Pierre Bourque, Trevor Boys, Craig Bracken, Maryeve Dufault, Jean Francois Dumoulin, Louis-Philippe Dumoulin, J.R. Fitzpatrick, Ryan Fischer, John Graham, Daryl Harr, Terry Jones, Andrew Ranger, Pete Shepherd, Don St. Denis

Eliseo Salazar

Juan Pablo Montoya

Kimi Räikkönen

Claude Ballot-Léna, Michel Disdier, >Julien Penaruiz

Klaus Graf, Roland Rehfield

Gyorgy Makai

Alastair Jackson

Max Papis

Jorge Goeters, German Quiroga

Olivier Beretta

Nur Ali

Dario Franchitti

Hans-Peter Schaeppi

United Kingdom
Dan Clarke, Ben Collins

Milka Duno, Alex Garcia

People by Nickname

Awesome Bill from Dawsonville, Bad Brad, The Biff, Bono, B.P., Buckshot, a href="../m/myersdanny.php">Chocolate, Concrete Carl, Cousin Carl, Demon of Dirt, The Devil Racer, The Dinger, Handsome Harry, Infield Jen, The Intimidator, Ironhead, Jaws, Kelly Girl, The King, King Richard, Mad Max, The Man in Black, Mr. Excitement, Mr. Showtime, Million Dollar Bill, Ol' D.W., The Onion, Ricky the Rocket, Rowdy, Rushville Rocket, Shrub, Silver Dollar Man, Sliced Bread, Slinky, Smoke, The Stig, Tiger Tom, Vanilla Ice, the Virginia Gentleman, Wild Thing, Zippy.


1-800-CARCASH Mudsummer ClassicCamping World Truck Series Eldora Speedway
1-866RBCTERM.com 200Busch Series
3 Amigos 250ARCA Racing Series
3M Performance 400Sprint Cup
5-Hour Energy 200Nationwide Series
5-Hour Energy 250Nationwide Series
5-hour Energy 400Sprint CupKansas Speedway
5-Hour Energy 500Sprint Cup Pocono Raceway
AAA 400Sprint Cup Dover International Speedway
AAA Insurance 200 Camping World Truck Series O'Reilly Raceway Park
AAA Texas 500Sprint Cup Texas Motor Speedway
Aaron's 312Nationwide Series Talladega Superspeedway
Aaron's 499 Sprint Cup Talladega Superspeedway
AC-Delco 500Winston Cup North Carolina Speedway
Ace DASHISCARS Dash Touring Ace Speedway
Acorn Cabinetry 40Mid-American Stock Car Series Grundy Speedway
Advance Auto Parts 200
Advance Auto Parts 250Craftsman Truck Series Martinsville Speedway
AdvoCare 500Sprint Cup Atlanta Motor Speedway
Air Guard 400Sprint Cup
Alamo 500Winston Cup
All American 400 Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville
All-American Race Weekend New Jersey Motorsports Park
Allen Crowe 100ARCA Racing SeriesIllinois State Fairgrounds
Alliance Truck Parts 250Nationwide Series Michigan International Speedway
Allstate 400 at the BrickyardNextel CupIndianapolis Motor Speedway
American 200ARCA Racing Series
American 500Winston Cup
American Ethanol 200Camping World Truck Series Iowa Speedway
American Ethanol 225Camping World Truck Series Chicagoland Speedway
Amp Energy 500Sprint Cup Talldega Superspeedway
Amp Energy Juice 500Sprint Cup Talladega Superspeedway
Ansell ActivArmr® 150ARCA Racing Series Chicagoland Speedway
Ansell Cut Protection 150ARCA Racing Series Chicagoland Speedway
Ansell Protective Gloves 150ARCA Racing Series Chicagoland Speedway
Ansell Protective Gloves 200ARCA Racing Series Lucas Oil Raceway
ARCA 150ARCA Racing Series New Jersey Motorsports Park
ARCA 200
ARCA 200 at Daytona Daytona International Speedway
ARCA Racing Series 250ARCA Racing Series
ARCA RE/MAX American 200ARCA RE/MAX Series
Armed Forces 150
Army Strong 150K&N Pro Series East Bowman Gray Stadium
Asphalt Wars 100Champion Racing Association
Atlanta 500Winston Cup Atlanta Motor Speedway
Atlanta Journal 500Winston Cup Atlanta Motor Speedway
Aubuchon Hardware 125
Autism Speaks 400Sprint Cup Dover International Speedway
Auto Club 400Sprint Cup
Auto Club 500Sprint Cup
Autolite Iridium XP 150Camping World Truck Series Iowa Speedway
Axalta Faster. Tougher. Brighter. 200K&N Pro Series West Phoenix International Raceway
Bank of America 500
Banquet Frozen Foods 300Winston Cup/td> Sears Point International Raceway
Berlin ARCA 200
Best Buy 400Sprint Cup
BFGoodrich Tires 250ISCARS Dash Touring Ace Speedway
BFGoodrichTires.com 200Hooter’s Pro Cup South Division
Biscuitville 125K&N Pro Series East Virginia International Raceway
Blue Ox 100
Blue Ox 150USARacing Pro Cup Series Iowa Speedway
Bobby Isaac Memorial 200ISCARS Dash Touring Hickory Motor Speedway
Bojangles’ 250X1R Pro Cup Series
Bojangles' Southern 500Sprint Cup Darlington Raceway
Boyd Gaming 300Xfinity Series Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Brickyard 400Winston Cup
Nextel Cup
Sprint Cup
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Bryan Carnett Memorial Race Placerville Speedway
Bubba Burger 250
Buckle-Up Kentucky 150
Bucyrus 200Nationwide Series Road America
Bud 500Winston Cup Bristol International Speedway
Budweiser at the GlenWinston Cup Watkins Glen International
Budweiser DuelSprint Cup
Budweiser Shootout Nextel Cup
Sprint Cup
Daytona International Speedway
Built Ford Tough 225Craftsman Truck Series
Bully Hill Vineyards 125K&N Pro Series
Busch Volunteer 500Winston Cup Bristol Motor Speedway
Cabarrus Boys & Girls Club 250USARacing Pro Cup Series
CAM2 400
Camping World 200Craftsman Truck Series Gateway Motorsports Park
Camping World 300Nationwide Series Daytona International Speedway
Camping World RV 400Sprint Cup
Camping World RV Sales 200 Craftsman Truck Series The Milwaukee Mile
Camping World RV Sales 301Sprint Cup
Camping World RV Sales 500Sprint Cup
CampingWorld.com 200
CampingWorld.com 300
Capital City 400
Capital City 500
Capitol ClassicMid-American Stock Car Series Madison International Speedway
CarCash Mudsummer ClassicCamping World Truck Series Eldora Speedway
Careers for Veterans 200 Michigan International Speedway
Carfax 250Nationwide Series
Carfax 400Sprint Cup Michigan International Speedway
Carneros 200K&N Pro Series West Sonoma Raceway
Carolina 200ARCA RE/MAX Series North Carolina Speedway
Carolina 500Winston Cup North Carolina Speedway
Carolina 500KARCA RE/MAX Series North Carolina Speedway
Carolina Dodge Dealers 400Nextel Cup Darlington Raceway
Carquest 300 Busch Series Lowe's Motor Speedway
Carquest Auto Parts 300Nationwide Series Lowe’s Motor Speedway
Casey’s General Stores 150K&N Pro Series Iowa Speedway
Casino Arizona 100K&N Pro Series West Phoenix International Raceway
Casino Arizona 150 Camping World Truck Series Phoenix International Raceway
Catawaba County United Way 200CARS Pro Cup Series Hickory Motor Speedway
Catawba Valley 250 Hickory Motor Speedway
Cayuga ARCA RE/MAX 250ARCA RE/MAX Series
Central Wisconsin 40Mid-American Stock Car Series Golden Sands Speedway
Centurion Boats at the GlenNextel Cup
Sprint Cup
Champion Spark Plug 400 Winston Cup Michigan International Speedway
Charles Ray III Diabetes Association 150ISCARS Dash Touring Dillon Motor Speedway
Charlie Campbell Memorial Sears Auto Center 250Hooters Pro Cup Series Mansfield Motorsports Speedway
Checker Auto Parts 500 Winston Cup Phoenix International Raceway
Checker O'Reilly Auto Parts 500Sprint Cup
Cheez-It 355 at The GlenSprint Cup
Chevrolet Silverado 250Camping World Truck Series Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
Chevy American Revolution 400Nextel CupR Richmond International Raceway
Chevy Rock & Roll 400Sprint Cup
Chevy Silverado 250Craftsman Truck Series Daytona International Speedway
Chevy Silverado 350 Craftsman Truck Series Texas Motor Speedway
Chicagoland ARCA 200 ARCA RE/MAX Series Chicagoland Speedway
Circle City 100CRA Super Series Lucas Oil Raceway
Circuit City 250 Busch Series Richmond International Raceway
Citizens Bank 400Busch Series Michigan International Speedway
Coca-Cola 200Camping World Truck Series Iowa Speedway
Coca-Cola 250Camping World Truck Series Talladega Superspeedway
Coca-Cola 500
Coca-Cola 600
Coca-Cola Racing Family 600
Coca-Cola Firecracker 250Xfinity Series Daytona International Speedway
Copart 200 Camping World Truck Series
Corrigan Oil 200ARCA Racing Series Michigan International Speedway
Craftsman Anniversary 200Craftsman Truck Series Darlington Raceway
Crane Cams 250Hooter’s Pro Cup South Division Southern National Motorsports Park
CRC Chemicals 500Winston Cup
CRC Rebel 500Winston Cup Darlington Raceway
Crosley Brands 150ARCA Racing Series Kentucky Speedway
Crown Royal Presents the Curtiss Shaver 400Sprint Cup
Crown Royal Presents The Dan Lowry 400
Crown Royal Presents The Heath Calhoun 400
Crown Royal Presents The Jim Stewart 400
Crown Royal Presents the Matthew and Daniel Hansen 400
Sprint Cup
Crown Royal Presents the John Wayne Walding 400 at The BrickyardSprint Cup Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Crown Royal Presents the Russell Friedman 400Sprint Cup
Crown Royal Presents the Samuel Deeds 400Sprint Cup
Dan Duncan Memorial Aaron’s 250Hooter’s Pro Cup Series Southern National Raceway Park
DAV 200Nationwide Series Phoenix International Raceway
Daytona 500 Grand National
Winston Cup
Nextel Cup
Sprint Cup
Daytona International Speedway
DC Solar 200Xfinity Series Phoenix International Raceway
Dean Custom Air 250
Del Taco Feature Winners Invitational Rockford Speedway
Delaware 500
Dells DuelMid-American Stock Car Series Dells Raceway Park
Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown Richmond International Raceway
Dickies 500
Digital Fuel Solutions 40Mid-American Stock Car Series Grundy County Speedway
Dillon DASH
Dillon Dash 150
ISCARS Dash Touring Dillon Motor Speedway
Dixie 500
Dodge Challenger 500Sprint Cup
Dodge Dealers 400
Dodge/Save Mart 350
Dollar General 300
Dollar General 300 Miles of CourageNationwide Series Charlotte Motor Speedway
Dover 200
Drive Smart! Buckle Up Kentucky 150
DRIVE4CLOTS.com 300Xfinity Series Auto Club Speedway
Drive4COPD 300
Drive for the Cure 300 Charlotte Motor Speedway
Drive Sober 125K&N Pro Series East Dover International Speedway
Drivin’ For Linemen 200Camping World Truck Series Gateway Motorsports Park
Dukes of Hazzard Fans 150ISCARS Dash Touring Hickory Motor Speedway
E-Z-GO 200
EA Sports 500
EAS/GNC Live Well 300
Easter Bunny 100Jegs/CRA All-Stars Tour
Easter Bunny 150Pro All Star Series Hickory Motor Speedway
EasyCare Vehicle Service Contracts 200
Eddie Gilstrap Motors 200ARCA
Eddie Gilstrap Motors ARCA Fall ClassicARCA
Edge Hotel 150Busch East Series Adirondack International Speedway
Emerson Radio 250Busch Series Richmond International Raceway
EMF Richard Poe Memorial 125Champion Racing Association
Emory Healthcare 500
EnergySolutions Utah Grand PrixK&N Pro Series West Miller Motorsports Park
EnjoyIllinois.com 225
Faith’s Luxury Spas and Billiards 40Mid-American Stock Car Series Marshfield Motor Speedway
Fall Brawl 150ISCARS Dash Touring Hickory Motor Speedway
Fast Five 225Camping World Truck Series Chicagoland Speedway
Fast Track High Performance Driving School 100Frank Kimmel National Street Stock Series Rockingham Speedway
Federated Auto Parts 250
Federated Auto Parts 300
Federated Auto Parts 400Sprint Cup
Federated Car Care 200ARCA Racing Series Toledo Speedway
FedEx 400Sprint Cup Dover International Speedway
Ficrea 240Toyota Series Autódromo Miguel E. Abed
Fight for the Cure 40
Fight for the Cure Fall 40
Mid-American Stock Car Series Road America
Finger Lakes 355 at The Glen
Firecracker 40Mid-American Stock Car Series Madison International Speedway
Firecracker 150ISCARS Dash Touring Hickory Motor Speedway
Firecracker 400Winston Cup Daytona International Speedway
Florida 100ASA Late Model New Smyrna Speedway
Florida Dodge Dealers 250Craftsman Truck Series Daytona International Speedway
Floyd Weaver Memorial 150ISCARS Dash Touring Hickory Motor Speedway
Food City 150
Food City 250 Bristol Motor Speedway
Food City 300Xfinity Series Bristol Motor Speedway
Food City 500 Bristol Motor Speedway
Food County 200X-1R Pro Cup Series Motor Mile Speedway
Ford 200Craftsman Truck Series
Camping World Truck Series
Homestead-Miami Speedway
Ford 300Busch Series
Nationwide Series
Homestead-Miami Speedway
Ford 400Nextel Cup
Sprint Cup
Homestead-Miami Speedway
Ford EcoBoost 200Camping World Truck Series Homestead-Miami Speedway
Ford EcoBoost 300Nationwide Series Homestead-Miami Speedway
Ford EcoBoost 400Sprint Cup Homestead-Miami Speedway
Fred's 250Camping World Truck Series Talladega Superspeedway
Freedom 40Mid-American Stock Car Series Marshfield Motor Speedway
Full Throttle S’loonshine 98.9ARCA Racing Series Kansas Speedway
Gabriel 400
Garden State ARCA 150ARCA
Gateway ARCA 150ARCA
Gatorade 150
Gatorade DuelSprint Cup Daytona International Speedway
GEICO 400Sprint Cup
Georgia Watermelon DASHISCARS Dash Touring Watermelon Capital Speedway
GM FlexFuel 250Craftsman Truck Series Daytona International Speedway
GM Goodwrench 500Winston Cup North Carolina Speedway
GoBowling.com 400Sprint Cup Pocono Raceway
Gold Leaf 200 Southern National Motorsports Park
Golden State 400
Good Sam 200Camping World Truck Series Chicagoland Speedway
Good Sam 500Sprint Cup Phoenix International Raceway
Good Sam Club 500Sprint Cup
Good Sam Roadside Assistance 500Sprint Cup
Good Sam Roadside Assistance Carolina 200 Camping World Truck Series Rockingham Speedway
Good Sam RV Insurance 500Sprint Cup Pocono Raceway
Goody's 300
Goody's 500
Goody's Cool Orange 500
Goody’s Fast Relief 500
Goody's Fast Pain Relief 500
Sprint Cup Martinsville Speedway
Goody's Headache Relief Shot 500Sprint Cup
Goodyear 150Corona Series Autódromo Internacional Bernardo Obregón
Autódromo de Monterrey
Goodyear 200Corona Series Nuevo Autódromo de Querétaro
Governor’s Cup 40Mid-American Stock Car Series The Milwaukee Mile
Governor's Cup 200 The Milwaukee Mile
Granite State 100K&N Pro Series East New Hampshire Motor Speedway
Greased Lightning 250Hooters Pro Cup Series Mansfield Motorsports Speedway
Great Clips 250XFINITY Series
Great Clips 300
Gwyn Staley 400
Gwyn Staley Memorial
Gwyn Staley Memorial 400
Halloween 200
Hampton Visitors & Convention Bureau 250
Hanes 500 Winston Cup Martinsville Speedway
Hantz Group 200
Hardee's 500Winston Cup Atlanta Motor Speedway
Heart of Wisconsin 40Mid-American Stock Car Series Marshfield Motor Speedway
Hefty Odor Block 200
Heinz Southern 500Winston Cup Darlington Raceway
Heluva Good! 200
Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips 400
Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at the Glen
Herr’s Chase The Taste 200ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards Winchester Speedway
Herr’s Live Life With Flavor 200ARCA Racing Series Madison International Speedway
Hershey's Kissables 300Busch Series
Hisense 200XFINITY Series Dover International Speedway
History 300Nationwide Series Charlotte Motor Speedway
Hodgdon 500Winston Cup Riverside International Raceway
Holly Farms 400
Hollywood Casino 400
Hooters 250Hooters Pro Cup Series Jennerstown Speedway
Howie Lettow Memorial 30Mid-American Stock Car Series The Milwaukee Mile
Hyundai Construction Equipment 200Camping World Truck Series Atlanta Motor Speedway
Indiana 250Nationwide Series Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Indianapolis Motor Speedway NASCAR Tire Test Winston Cup Indianapolis Motor Speedway
International Motorsports Hall of Fame 200ARCA Racing Series Talladega Superpeedway
International Motorsports Hall of Fame 250ARCA Racing Series Talladega Superpeedway
Iron Brigade 100Mid-American Stock Car Series Lucas Oil Raceway
Irwin Tools Night Race
ISCARS 100ISCARS Dash Touring Shenandoah Speedway
ISCARS 150ISCARS Dash Touring Florence Motor Speedway
ISCARS Invitational 150ISCARS Dash Touring Orange County Speedway
Jeff Byrd 500Sprint Cup Bristol Motor Speedway
Jeff Foxworthy's Grit Chips 200Camping World Truck Series Atlanta Motor Speedway
Kansas Lottery 98.9ARCA Racing Series Kansas Speedway
Kansas Lottery 150 Kansas Speedway
Kansas Lottery $150 Grand ARCA RE/MAX Series Kansas Speedway
Kansas Lottery 300 Kansas Speedway
Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200ARCA Racing Series
Kentuckiana Ford Dealers ARCA Fall Classic
Kentuckiana Ford Dealers Fall ClassicARCA Racing Series Salem Speedway
Kentuckiana Ford Dealers ARCA 200
Kentucky 201Camping World Truck Series Kentucky Speedway
Kentucky ARCA RE/MAX 150
Kevin Whitaker Chevrolet 140K&N Pro Series East Greenville Pickens Speedway
Kevin Whitaker Chevrolet 150K&N Pro Series East Greenville-Pickens Speedway
Kevin Whitaker Chevrolet 250
Kmart 250Hooter’s Pro Cup Series Motor Mile Speedway
Kmart 400Winston Cup Michigan International Speedway
Kobalt Tools 400
Kobalt Tools 500
KOMA Unwind Liquid Relaxation 150 Memphis International Raceway
KOMA Unwind Relaxation 150Whelen Southern Modified Tour Southern National Motorsports Park
Kroger 200
Kroger 250
L.A. Times 500
Lakes Region 200XFINITY Series New Hampshire Motor Speedway
Lawnkeepers 30Mid-American Stock Car Series Lacrosse Speedway
Lenox Industrial Tools 300Nextel Cup
Lenox Industrial Tools 301
LifeLock 400
LifeLock.com 400
Like Cola 500 Winston Cup Pocono Raceway
Lilly Diabetes 250XFINITY Series Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Lone Star 350K
Lone Star 500
Los Angeles Times 500
Loud Energy Drink 150
Lucas Oil 150
Lucas Oil 200
Lucas Oil 225 Chicagoland Speedway
Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200 at Daytona Daytona International Speedway
Manning Services 100Champion Racing Association
Mansfield 150Busch East Series Mansfield Motorsports Park
Mason-Dixon 500
MBNA 400 "A Salute to Heroes"Nextel Cup
MBNA America 200
MBNA America 500
MBNA Gold 400 Winston Cup Dover International Speedway
MBNA RacePoints 400
Meijer 300Busch Series Kentucky Speedway
Mello Yello 500
Menards 200ARCA Racing Series
Messina Wildlife Animal Stopper 150ARCA RE/MAX Series Chicagoland Speedway
Messina Wildlife Animal Stopper 200
Michigan 200Craftsman Truck Series
Mid-Atlantic Shootout Caraway Speedway
Miller 500Winston Cup
Miller Genuine Draft 400 Michigan International Speedway
Miller High Life 500
Miller Time 300Busch Late Model Sportsman Series Charlotte Motor Speedway
Milwaukee Sentinel 200 Busch Late Model Sportsman Series The Milwaukee Mile
Missouri Illinois Dodge Dealers Ram Tough 200
Missouri-Illinois Dodge Dealers 250
Mobile ARCA 200ARCA Racing Series Mobile International Speedway
ModSpace 125ARCA Racing Series Pocono Raceway
ModSpace 150ARCA Racing Series
Mohegan Sun 200Busch East Series Lime Rock Park
Motor City 250Grand National Michigan State Fairgrounds
Motor State 400
Mountain Dew 250
Mountain Dew Southern 500
Music City 100ISCARS Dash Touring Music City Motorplex
Music City 150Busch East Series Music City Motorplex
Music City 420
NAPA 150K&N Pro Series East Columbus Motor Speedway
NAPA 400
NAPA 500
NAPA Auto Parts 150K&N Pro Series West Stateline Speedway
NAPA Auto Parts 200
NAPA Auto Parts 500
NAPA Auto Parts Gopher State 50
NAPA Auto Parts/Toyota 150K&N Pro Series West Evergreen Speedway
NASCAR Banking 500Sprint Cup
NASCAR Hall of Fame 150K&N Pro Series East Bowman Gray Stadium
NASCAR Preview 2012 NASCAR NASCAR Hall of Fame
Nashville 200
Nashville 300
Nashville 420
National 400
National 500
National Short Track Championship Rockford Speedway
Nationwide Children’s Hospital 200Nationwide Series
Nationwise 150
New England 125Busch East Series New Hampshire Motor Speedway
New England 200
New Hampshire 200 Craftsman Truck Series New Hampshire International Speedway
New River Valley 250X-1R Pro Cup Series Motor Mile Speedway
Nextel All-Star Challenge
NextEra Energy Resources 250
Nicorette 300
North Carolina Education Lottery 200
North Georgia 250USARacing Pro Cup Series Gresham Motorsports Park
Northern 300
NorthernTool.com 250Nationwide Series The Milwaukee Mile
Northwest Ohio Ford Dealers 200
Northwestern Bank 400Winston Cup North Wilkesboro Speedway
NRA 500Sprint Cup
NRA American Warrior 300Nationwide Series Atlanta Motor Speedway
O'Reilly 200
O'Reilly 300
O'Reilly 400
O'Reilly Auto Parts 200
O'Reilly Auto Parts 250
O'Reilly Auto Parts Challenge
O'Reilly Challenge
Oktoberfest 35Mid-American Stock Car Series Lacrosse Speedway
Old Dominion 500
Old Dominion ISCARS TwinsISCARS Dash Touring Old Dominion Speedway
OneMain Financial 200Nationwide Series Dover International Speedway
Orbitz 300Busch Series
Overton's 400Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Pocono Raceway
Owens Corning AttiCat 300XFINITY Series Chicagoland Speedway
Palmetto State 250CARS Pro Cup Series Anderson Speedway
Party in the Poconos 400Sprint Cup Pocono Raceway
Peak Antifreeze 500Winston Cup Dover International Speedway
Peggy Torbert Memorial 150ISCARS Dash Touring Florence Motor Speedway
Pennsylvania 200
Pennsylvania 400
Pennsylvania 500
Pennsylvania ARCA 125ARCA Racing Series Pocono Raceway
Pennsylvania ARCA 200
Pennzoil 200Corona Series Nuevo Autódromo de Aguascalientes
Penacola 150Five Flags Speedway
Pep Boys Auto 500Sprint Cup
Pepsi 400
Pepsi 500Sprint Cup
Pepsi FireCracker 400Busch Grand National Daytona International Speedway
Pepsi Max 400
Pepsi Racing 100Busch East SeriesThompson International Speedway
PittLite 125K&N Pro Series East Bristol Motor Speedway
Pocono 400
Pocono 500
Pocono ARCA 200
Pocono Mountains 125
Pocono Mountains 150 Pocono Raceway
Pontiac Excitement 200
Pontiac Excitement 400
Pork Be Inspired 175K&N Pro Series
Power Stroke Diesel 200Craftsman Truck Series O'Reilly Raceway Park
Powershares QQQ 300Xfinity Series Daytona International Speedway
Prairie Meadows 200
Prairie Meadows 250
Precision Printed Products 250 Tri-County Speedway
Price Chopper 400
Prime Time 150ISCARS Dash Touring Shenandoah Speedway
Pure Michigan 400Sprint Cup Michigan International Speedway
Purolator 500
Pyroil Chemicals 500Winston Cup Phoenix International Raceway
Quaker State 400Sprint Cup Kentucky Speedway
Quaker Steak & Lube 200
Quicken Loans 400Sprint Cup
Racing for Wildlife 200 ARCA Racing Series Michigan International Speedway
RainEater Wiper Blades 200ARCA Racing Series Michigan International Speedway
Rattlesnake 150
Rebel 400
Rebel 500
Request Foods-GFS 200
Richard Poe Memorial 125Champion Racing Association
Richmond 400
Richmond 500
Road America 180XFINITY Series Road America
Rocky Mountain 200 presented by Dodge
Royal Purple 200 presented by O'Reilly Auto Parts
Royal Purple 300Nationwide Series Auto Club Speedway
Sadler Brothers Shootout
Sam's Town 300
Samsung 500
Samsung Mobile 500Sprint Cup
Samsung/RadioShack 500
San Bernardino County 200Craftsman Truck Series California Speedway
Scott 150ARCA Racing Series Chicagoland Speedway
Scotts EZ Seed 300Nationwide Series Bristol Motor Speedway
Scotts Turf Builder 300
Seal Wrap 100Champion Racing Association Lucas Oil Raceway
Seal Wrap Repair Tape RedBud 300Champion Racing Association Anderson Speedway
Sears Auto Center 150Hooters Pro Cup Series The Milwaukee Mile
Sears Auto Centers 200
Service King 300Xfinity Series Auto Club Speedway
SFP 250 Camping World Truck Series Kansas Speedway
Sharp AQUOS 500Nextel Cup
Sharpie 500Sprint Cup
Sharpie Mini 300
Shelby 427Sprint Cup
Shelby American
Shenandoah Valley 150ISCARS Dash Touring Shenandoah Speedway
Show Me the Money 100Pro Late Model Division Montgomery Motor Speedway
Showtime Southern 500
Silverado 250Camping World Truck Series Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
Silverado 350kCraftsman Truck Series Texas Motor Speedway
Sioux Chief PowerPEX® 200ARCA Racing Series Lucas Oil Raceway
Sirius 400
Slack Auto Parts 150K&N Pro Series East Gresham Motorsports Park
Smith's 350Camping World Truck Series Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Smith's Food & Drug Stores 350
Snowball DerbyFive Flags Speedway
Sonic DASHISCARS Dash Touring Ace Speedway
South Carolina DASHISCARS Dash Touring Dillon Motor Speedway
South Jersey Building Trades 150
Southeastern 500
Southern 500
Southern Illinois 100
Southern Virginia 150Pro All Star Series South Boston Speedway
Sovran Bank 500
Spring Classic 50Mid-American Stock Car Series Rockford Speedway
Spring Kick Off 150ISCARS Dash Touring Hickory Motor Speedway
Sprint All-Star Race
Sprint Showdown
Sprint UnlimitedSprint Cup
St. Patrick’s Day 285 Southern National Motorsports Park
Stacker 2 Hundred presented by YJ Stinger
Stater Bros. 300
STP 400Sprint Cup Kansas Speedway
STP Gas Booster 500Sprint Cup
Strutmasters.com 150UARA STARS Late Model Series Ace Speedway
Subway 400
Subway Firecracker 250Nationwide Series Daytona International Speedway
Subway Fresh 500
Subway Fresh Fit 500
Subway Fresh Fit 600
Subway Jalapeno 250
Summer Sizzler 150ISCARS Dash Touring New Senoia Raceway
Summertime Showdown 200 Orange County Speedway
Summit Racing Equipment Modified Mania Dirt NationalsDIRTcar UMP Series Tri City Speedway
Sunoco 150Busch East Series Dover International Speedway
Sunoco Red Cross Pennsylvania 500
Supercuts Dick Grall Memorial 60Mid-American Stock Car Series 141 Speedway
Sylvania 300
Talladega 500Talladega Superspeedway
Talladega ARCA 250ARCA Racing Series Talladega Superspeedway
Target House 300
Tech-Net Auto Service 300
Telcel-Motorola Mexico 200Busch Series Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez
Texas 400
Texas 500
TheHouse.com 300 Xfinity Series Chicagoland Speefway
TheRaceDayRaffleSeries.com 175
#ThisIsMySpeedway150ARCA Racing Series Iowa Speedway
Tim Richmond Memorial ARCA 200
Tim Richmond Memorial ARCA RE/MAX 200
Tire Kingdom 150ARCA Racing Series
Tisler Salvage 35Mid-American Stock Car Series Wisconsin International Raceway
Toyota All-Star Showdown Toyota Speedway
Toyota ARCA 150
Toyota Owners 400Sprint Cup
Toyota/Save Mart 350 Nextel Cup
Sprint Cup
Sonoma Raceway
Toyota Tundra 200 Craftsman Truck Series Nashville Superspeedway
ToyotaCare 250Nationwide Series Richmond International Raceway
Tropicana 400 Winston Cup Chicagoland Speedway
Tropicana Twister 300 Busch Grand National Chicagoland Speedway
TSI Harley Davidson 150Busch East Series Stafford Motor Speedway
Tuborg 400
Tums Fast Relief 500
TUMS QuikPak 500Sprint Cup
Tyson-Holly Farms 400Winston Cup North Wilkesboro Speedway
U.S. Cellular 250
UAW-DaimlerChrysler 400
UAW-Dodge 400Sprint Cup
UAW-Ford 500
United Site Services 70K&N Pro Series East New Hampshire Motor Speedway
UNOH 100K&N Pro Series East Richmond International Raceway
UNOH 175
UNOH 200Camping World Truck Series Bristol Motor Speedway
UNOH 225Camping World Truck Series Kentucky Speedway
UPMC Health Plan 150K&N Pro Series East Motordrome Speedway
USARacing Pro Cup 250USARacing Pro Cup New Smyrna Speedway
USG Durock 300 Busch Grand National Chicagoland Speedway
Valleydale Southeastern 500Winston Cup Bristol Motor Speedway
Van Scoy 500 Winston Cup Pocono Raceway
Vercauteren MemorialMid-American Stock Car Series 141 Speedway
Veterans Memorial 40Mid-American Stock Car Series Veterans Raceway Park
VFW 200
Virginia 500<Winston Cup Martinsville Speedway
Virginia 529 College Savings 250
Virginia is for Racing Lovers 300Late Model Martinsville Speedway
VisitMyrtleBeach.com 300Xfinity Series Kentucky Speedway
Volunteer 500Martinsville Speedway
VooDoo Ride 50ISCARS Dash Touring Hickory Motor Speedway
VR-12/Easter Bunny 100Jegs/CRA All-Stars Tour
Weis Markets 125
White's International Trucks 250USARacing Pro Cup Ace Speedway
Widow Wax 125K&N Pro Series East Bristol Motor Speedway
Wilkes 400
Winchester ARCA 200ARCA
Winn-Dixie 200
Winn-Dixie 250
WinStar World Casino 350k
WinStar World Casino 400k
The WinstonWinston Cup Charlotte Motor Speedway
Winston 500
Winston Western 500Winston Cup
Wisconsin State ChampionshipsMid-American Stock Car Series Madison International Speedway
WIX Filters 250
WLWT Channel 5 150ARCA Racing Series
Wolverine Power Systems 200ARCA Racing Series
Wonderful Pistachios 400Sprint Cup Richmond International Raceway
World 600Grand National
Winston Cup
Charlotte Motor Speedway
Wrangler SanforSet 400Winston CupRichmond International Raceway
XTreme Trophies 100ISCARS Dash Touring Hickory Motor Speedway
XTreme Trophies Twin 75sISCARS Dash Touring Newport Speedway
Yankee 300 Grand National
Yankee 400Grand National
Yellow Book 75 Rockford Speedway
Young Chevrolet 100ROMCO Late Model Series Texas Motor Speedway

Racing Teams

A - D

Allgaier Motorsports
Andy Belmont Racing
Andy Petree Racing
Aramendia Motorsports
Art Seeger Racing
Athenian Motorsports
Auburn Racing Enterprises
BCR Racing
Bill Davis Racing
Billy Ballew Motorsports
BJ McLeod Motorsports
BK Racing
BlackJack Racing
BMR Motorsports
Bob Schacht Motorsports
Bobby Hamilton Racing
Bourque Racing
Bowsher Motorsports
Brett Hudson Motorsports
Brevak Racing
Brewco Motorsports
Brian Keselowski Motorsports
Brian Rose Motorsports
Brian Weber & Associates Racing
Bryan Silas Racing
Bud Moore Engineering
Cattanach Racing
CGH Motorsports
Chris Fowler Racing
Circle Bar Racing
Cleary Motorsports
Clemons Racing
Cory Joyce Racing
Country Joe Racing
Decker Racing
Dillon Oliver Racing
DSH Racing Enterprises
E - L

Eddie Sharp Racing
Elite 2 Racing
FAS Lane Racing
Fast Track Racing
Fitz Motorsports
FitzBradshaw Racing
Francis Racing
Garrett Marchant Racing
Germain Racing
Gibson Motorsports
Ginn Racing
Go Green Racing
Goodson Racing
Grant Enfinger Racing
Gun Broker Racing
Gus Dean Racing
Hendrick Motorsports
Highlands Motorsports
Hixson Motorsports
Hollenbeck Motorsports
James Carter Racing
Jason White Enterprises
Jay Robinson Racing
Joe Denette Motorsports
Joe Gibbs Racing
Josh Williams Motorsports
Junior Johnson Motorsports
Justin Allgaier Motorsports
K&B Motorsports
Ken Schrader Racing
Kevin Harvick, Inc.
Kimmel Racing
Kyle Busch Motorsports
Labonte Motorsports
Lee Faulk Racing
Levi Youster Racing
M - Z

MacDonald Motorsports
Matt Carter Racing
MB2 Motorsports
Michael Dabney Motorsports
Michael Waltrip Racing
Mike Harmon Motorsports
Mike Harmon Racing
ML Motorsports
NTS Motorsports
Parker Racing Team
Pennington Motorsports
Penske Racing
Penske Racing South
Peterson Motorsports
Premier Motorsports
R3 Motorsports
RAB Racing
RACE 101 Motorsports
Randy Hill Racing
Reed Racing
Rette Jones Racing
Richard Childress Racing
Richard Petty Motorsports
Richardson-Netzloff-Harmon Racing
Rick Ware Racing
Robert Tighe Racing
Robert Yates Racing
Roush Racing
Roush Fenway Racing
Ruolo Bros. Racing
Ryan Fischer Motorsports
SABCO Racing
Sadler Racing
Shannon Babb Racing
SS-Green Light Racing
Stan Hover Motorsports
Steve Blackburn Motorsports
Sunny Hobbs Enterprises
T3R Racing
Taylor Stricklin Racing
TD Racing Development
Team BCR
Team Gill Racing
ThorSport Racing
Transnet Racing
TRG Motorsports
Venturini Motorsports
Wauters Motorsports
Whitney Motorsports
WJ Plemmons Motorsports
Wood Brothers Racing
Wyler Racing
Xpress Motorsports
Young’s Motorsports

Subject Images

These are the little tags I use on Stock Car Racing pages throughout the Library.

Crittenden Automotive Library Stock Car Racing Button 17KB
Crittenden Automotive Library Stock Car Racing Banner View Crittenden Automotive Library Stock Car Racing Banner - 27KB
Joe Shear at The Milwaukee Mile April 2011 - February 2012
Joe Shear's Pontiac
Photo ©1989 John Walczak
Bill Elliott at Indianapolis February 2012 to May 2012
Bill Elliott at the 1992 Indianapolis Motor Speedway NASCAR Tire Test
Photo ©1992 John Walczak
Bill Elliott at Indianapolis May 2012 - August 2017
Bill Elliott at the 1992 Indianapolis Motor Speedway NASCAR Tire Test
Photo ©1992 John Walczak
Bill Elliott at Indianapolis August 2017 - Current
Bill Elliott at the 1992 Indianapolis Motor Speedway NASCAR Tire Test
Photo ©1992 John Walczak

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