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Race Fan Resources: SpeedwayMedia.com

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  SpeedwayMedia.com
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Race Fan Resources: SpeedwayMedia.com

Bill Crittenden
July 7, 2007

SpeedwayMedia.com at http://www.speedwaymedia.com is one of the best sources of stock car racing news on the internet.  Unlike NASCAR.com, SpeedwayMedia.com is independent, and presents an independent viewpoint without a "company line" to follow.

The "industry standard" for NASCAR news (other than NASCAR.com, of course) seems to be Jayski.com.  SpeedwayMedia.com is no Jayski wannabe:  aside from being easier on the eyes, SpeedwayMedia.com includes all manner of viewpoints in commentary and includes other functions that make it a fully-featured website, where Jayski.com focuses on news and rumors.  You can hear about something first on Jayski.com, but SpeedwayMedia.com will have the full story and editorial reactions, along with a place to discuss it with other racing fans.


The most basic function of the site is that it is a news site that compiles news and opinions from different writers covering different series.  Where most other sports websites just focus on the biggest events in the Nextel Cup Series, this site features information and news in separate sections for Nextel Cup, Busch Series and Craftsman Truck Series.  They even include some sports car and IRL news under the "Other Series" heading.


Aside from the news, there is a newsletter, forum, photo gallery, polls, and just about anything else you can think of putting on a stock car racing website.  It's all there.

Advanced Features for Website Owners

The best feature of this site (in my humble opinion), and one that I've used extensively with The Crittenden Automotive Library is their News Feed.  You can use the news feed two different ways.  As a website owner, you can include one of seven varieties of the news feed on your website for a self-updating news section on your site.  Or, if you write commentary or news, you can use the news feed to promote your opinions and direct visitors to your site.

This is the second in a series of articles on off-the-beaten-path or unusual internet resources for stock car racing fans.  The first article was on the National Weather Service.

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