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We Are Jr. Fans Because...

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Dale Earnhardt Jr.

We Are Jr. Fans Because...

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
March 5, 2009

...we could give two shits what the nay-saying haters bitch about every season, every week, or every race about the fact Dale Jr. hasn't won a championship yet, or multiple ones like his father. We are loyal because he is one of the few remaining drivers who came from a humble up-bringing. Though his father was a legend, his life wasn't handed to him off of a silver platter and force fed with a golden spoon. He played the "run what you brung" game on the local tracks in North Carolina and was allowed to fall on his face a bunch before becoming a two-time Busch Series Champion.

We stand by him when he falters, and jumping around like maniacs when he wins. We take a strange pleasure in the fact that his dialect isn't California pretty like Jimmie and his gay lover Jeffy. His fans lavish in the fact that he wears Wanglers, over-sized t-shirts, and ragged ball caps and avoid designer clothes with butterfly collars, Hollywood parties, and the yuppified indulgences that the other drivers partake.

Far from the arrogant prick that Kyle Busch is, though surprising many to know that he and two-time champion Tony Stewart are best friends (I know that will make some of you vomit in disgust). He's modest, speaks his mind, and doesn't act any smarter than he is.

Another fact that would make all you Stewart, Busch, Gordon, and Johnson fans ill with envy is the fact of Dale Earnhardt Jr's consecutive votes as NASCAR's most popular driver probably come FROM some of YOU!!! So, it is apparent that regardless of lacking victories and championships, he is still doing something very right. So if that pisses the rest of you off, so be it!

The goal of objectivity has been lost and it is a shame. However, I am just the humble owner, of an even MORE humble basement bar who, sure, has a TON of Dale Sr and Jr. memorabilia, but also recognizes past champions, and autographs from all sorts of drivers. We are Dale Jr. fans, and we don't give a fuck what anyone else thinks!

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