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Open Wheel Racing

Racing Sanctioning Body

CART, an acronym for Championship Auto Racing Teams, was a sanctioning body for open wheel racing in North America.

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Article Index

November 13, 1995Car Racing Media ConferenceEmerson Fittipaldi
Karl Kainhafer
December 6, 1995Car Racing Media ConferencePaul Tracy
Al Unser Jr.
May 6, 1996Car Racing Media ConferencePaul Tracy
July 31, 1996Car Racing Media ConferenceEmerson Fittipaldi
February 25, 1997CART Media ConferenceMichael Andretti
February 25, 1997CART Media ConferenceChristian Fittipaldi
February 25, 1997CART Media ConferenceAl Unser Jr.
February 25, 1997CART Media ConferenceJimmy Vasser
March 4, 1997CART Media ConferenceMichael Andretti
Carl Haas
March 18, 1997CART Media ConferenceScott Pruett
April 8, 1997CART Media ConferenceParnelli Jones
P.J. Jones
April 15, 1997CART Media ConferenceChip Ganassi
Alex Zanardi
April 22, 1997CART Media ConferenceChristian Fittipaldi
April 29, 1997CART Media ConferencePaul Tracy
May 6, 1997CART Media ConferenceRaul Boesel
May 10, 1997CART Media ConferenceMauricio Gugelmin
May 11, 1997CART Media ConferencePaul Tracy
May 20, 1997CART Media ConferenceRick Mears
Al Unser Jr.
May 27, 1997CART Media ConferencePatrick Carpentier
June 3, 1997CART Media ConferenceGreg Moore
June 10, 1997CART Media ConferenceMark Blundell
Mauricio Gugelmin
Bruce McCaw
June 17, 1997CART Media ConferenceChristian Fittipaldi
June 24, 1997CART Media ConferenceDario Franchitti
Carl Hogan
July 8, 1997CART Media ConferenceGil de Ferran
July 15, 1997CART Media ConferenceAdrian Fernandez
July 22, 1997CART Media ConferenceAndrew Craig
Jimmy Vasser
July 29, 1997CART Media ConferenceAlex Zanardi
August 5, 1997CART Media ConferenceBryan Herta
August 12, 1997CART Media ConferenceMax Papis
August 19, 1997CART Media ConferenceRichie Hearn
August 26, 1997CART Media ConferenceBobby Rahal
September 2, 1997CART Media ConferenceMauricio Gugelmin
September 9, 1997CART Media ConferenceAndre Ribeiro
September 23, 1997CART Media ConferenceAlex Zanardi
September 30, 1997CART Media ConferenceAndrew Craig
October 15, 1997CART Media ConferenceDario Franchitti
Barry Green
Paul Tracy
November 5, 1997CART Media ConferenceGil de Ferran
December 4, 1997CART Media ConferenceCarl Hogan
J.J. Lehto
December 9, 1997CART Media ConferenceAndrew Craig
David Shoenfeld
December 16, 1997CART Media ConferenceAlex Barron
Dan Gurney
January 6, 1998CART Media ConferenceSteve Horne
David Grayson
Tony Kanaan
January 27, 1998CART Media ConferenceRobby Gordon
Cal Wells III
March 3, 1998CART Media ConferenceMauricio Gugelmin
March 3, 1998CART Media ConferencePaul Tracy
March 3, 1998CART Media ConferenceAlex Zanardi
March 3, 1998CART Media ConferenceGil de Ferran
March 10, 1998CART Media ConferenceMichael Andretti
March 10, 1998CART Media ConferenceAndrew Craig
March 17, 1998CART Media ConferenceGreg Moore
March 31, 1998CART Media ConferenceAdrian Fernandez
April 7, 1998CART Media ConferenceDario Franchitti
April 9, 1998CART Media ConferenceAndrew Craig
Ed Duffy
Chip Ganassi
Jimmy Vasser
April 21, 1998CART Media ConferenceRobby Gordon
Cal Wells III
April 28, 1998CART Media ConferencePatrick Carpentier
May 5, 1998CART Media ConferenceAndre Ribeiro
May 12, 1998CART Media ConferenceRichie Hearn
May 19, 1998CART Media ConferencePaul Tracy
May 26, 1998CART Media ConferenceScott Pruett
June 2, 1998CART Media ConferenceTony Kanaan
June 9, 1998CART Media ConferenceHelio Castroneves
June 16, 1998CART Media ConferenceMark Blundell
Gil de Ferran
June 23, 1998CART Media ConferenceMax Papis
July 7, 1998CART Media ConferenceBryan Herta
July 14, 1998CART Media ConferenceChristian Fittipaldi
July 21, 1998CART Media ConferenceChip Ganassi
August 4, 1998CART Media ConferenceGreg Moore
August 11, 1998CART Media ConferenceJJ Lehto
August 18, 1998CART Media ConferenceScott Pruett
Cal Wells III
August 25, 1998CART Media ConferenceMauricio Gugelmin
August 31, 1998CART Media ConferenceMax Papis
Bobby Rahal
September 8, 1998CART Media ConferenceChip Ganassi
Jimmy Vasser
September 15, 1998CART Media ConferenceAlex Zanardi
September 22, 1998CART Media ConferenceBryan Herta
September 28, 1998CART Media ConferenceMichael Andretti
October 6, 1998CART Media ConferenceTony Kanaan
October 20, 1998CART Media ConferenceBobby Rahal
December 1, 1998CART Media ConferenceLee Bentham
Vicki O'Connor
Cal Wells III
December 9, 1998CART Media ConferenceAndrew Craig
Dario Franchitti
Barry Green
Bert Kremer
Paul Tracy
December 16, 1998CART Media ConferenceAndrew Craig
January 12, 1999CART Media ConferenceRobby Gordon
Mike Held
John Menard
February 25, 1999CART Media ConferenceAndrew Craig
David Grayson
Dick Rutherford
March 9, 1999CART Media ConferenceAdrian Fernandez
March 9, 1999CART Media ConferenceDario Franchitti
March 9, 1999CART Media ConferenceGreg Moore
March 9, 1999CART Media ConferenceJimmy Vasser
March 16, 1999CART Media ConferenceMario Andretti
March 16, 1999CART Media ConferenceMichael Andretti
March 23, 1999CART Media ConferenceMax Papis
March 30, 1999CART Media ConferencePaul Tracy
April 2, 1999CART Media ConferenceRobby Gordon
April 13, 1999CART Media ConferenceAdrian Fernandez
April 27, 1999CART Media ConferenceJuan Pablo Montoya
April 30, 1999Secretary Slater, CART Chairman Craig Announce Joint Safety InitiativeNHTSA
May 4, 1999CART Media ConferencePJ Jones
May 11, 1999CART Media ConferenceHelio Castroneves
May 18, 1999CART Media ConferenceChristian Fittipaldi
May 25, 1999CART Media ConferenceMemo Gidley
June 1, 1999CART Media ConferenceDario Franchitti
June 8, 1999CART Media ConferencePaul Tracy
June 15, 1999CART Media ConferenceScott Pruett
June 22, 1999CART Media ConferenceGil De Ferran
Derrick Walker
June 22, 1999CART Media ConferenceCasey Mears
June 29, 1999CART Media ConferenceRoberto Moreno
July 6, 1999CART Media ConferenceMichael Andretti
July 13, 1999CART Media ConferenceChristian Fittipaldi
Carl Haas
July 20, 1999CART Media ConferenceBarry Green
July 27, 1999CART Media ConferencePhillip Peter
July 29, 1999CART Media ConferenceTony Kanaan
August 3, 1999CART Media ConferenceMark Blundell
August 10, 1999CART Media ConferenceChristian Fittipaldi
August 10, 1999CART Media ConferenceJuan Pablo Montoya
August 17, 1999CART Media ConferenceCharles Bidwill III
Chip Ganassi
August 24, 1999CART Media ConferenceMax Papis
August 31, 1999CART Media ConferenceDario Franchitti
September 21, 1999CART Media ConferenceChristian Fittipaldi
September 21, 1999CART Media ConferenceRoberto Moreno
September 28, 1999CART Media ConferencePatrick Carpentier
Cristiano da Matta
October 5, 1999CART Media ConferenceAdrian Fernandez
October 21, 1999CART Media ConferenceWally Dallenbach
October 26, 1999CART Media ConferenceDario Franchitti
Juan Pablo Montoya
December 9, 1999CART Media ConferenceRod Campbell
Morris Nunn
January 18, 2000CART Media ConferenceBryan Herta
March 16, 2000CART Media ConferenceMichael Andretti
March 16, 2000CART Media ConferenceDario Franchitti
March 16, 2000CART Media ConferenceJuan Pablo Montoya
March 16, 2000CART Media ConferenceMax Papis
March 16, 2000CART Media ConferencePaul Tracy
March 21, 2000CART Media ConferenceAndrew Craig
March 28, 2000CART Media ConferenceMax Papis
March 29, 2000CART Media ConferenceKenny Brack
April 4, 2000CART Media ConferenceAl Speyer
April 11, 2000CART Media ConferenceBryan Herta
April 18, 2000CART Media ConferencePaul Tracy
April 25, 2000CART Media ConferenceHelio Castroneves
May 2, 2000CART Media ConferenceAdrian Fernandez
May 9, 2000CART Media ConferenceScott Dixon
Ziggy Harcus
May 16, 2000CART Media ConferenceMichael Andretti
May 23, 2000CART Media ConferenceCristiano da Matta
May 30, 2000CART Media ConferenceGil de Ferran
June 13, 2000CART Media ConferenceLee White
June 20, 2000CART Media ConferenceHelio Castroneves
June 21, 2000CART Media ConferenceBobby Rahal
June 27, 2000CART Media ConferenceRoberto Moreno
July 11, 2000CART Media ConferencePatrick Carpentier
July 13, 2000CART Media ConferenceKeith Allo
Gina Gershon
Renny Harlin
Kip Pardue
Burt Reynolds
Elie Samaha
Til Schweiger
Sylvester Stallone
July 18, 2000CART Media ConferenceTony Kanaan
July 28, 2000U.S. Transportation Secretary Slater, CART's Bobby Rahal Extend Safety PartnershipNHTSA
August 1, 2000CART Media ConferenceCristiano da Matta
August 15, 2000CART Media ConferenceChristian Fittipaldi
August 22, 2000CART Media ConferenceKenny Brack
August 29, 2000CART Media ConferenceAdrian Fernandez
September 5, 2000CART Media ConferencePaul Tracy
September 12, 2000CART Media ConferenceGil de Ferran
September 20, 2000CART Media Conference>Bobby Rahal
September 26, 2000CART Media ConferenceMichael Andretti
Keith Bane
Tom Elliott
Barry Green
Kim Green
October 3, 2000CART Media ConferenceBuddy Rice
October 10, 2000CART Media ConferenceTownsend Bell
Casey Mears
October 17, 2000CART Media ConferenceAdrian Fernandez
October 24, 2000CART Media ConferenceKenny Brack
Gil de Ferran
Adrian Fernandez
Roberto Moreno
Paul Tracy
November 1, 2000CART Media ConferenceGil de Ferran
November 8, 2000CART Media ConferenceJim Aust
Cristiano da Matta
Christian Fittipaldi
Carl Haas
December 4, 2000CART Media ConferenceJoseph Heitzler
December 6, 2000CART Media ConferenceTony Kanaan
Morris Nunn
Alex Zanardi
February 9, 2001CART Media ConferenceTom Carter
Joseph Heitzler
Hal Whiteford
February 23, 2001CART Media ConferenceTom Carter
Joseph Heitzler
February 26, 2001CART Media ConferenceKenny Brack
February 26, 2001CART Media ConferenceGil de Ferran
February 26, 2001CART Media ConferenceAdrian Fernandez
February 26, 2001CART Media ConferenceRoberto Moreno
February 26, 2001CART Media ConferencePaul Tracy
March 13, 2001CART Media ConferenceCristiano da Matta
March 28, 2001CART Media ConferenceScott Dixon
Derek Higgins
April 3, 2001CART Media ConferenceJimmy Vasser
April 10, 2001CART Media ConferenceHelio Castroneves
April 24, 2001CART Media ConferenceTony Kanaan
April 25, 2001CART Media ConferenceTom Carter
Joseph Heitzler
May 1, 2001CART Media ConferenceMichael Andretti
Mauricio Gugelmin
Joseph Heitzler
Bryan Herta
May 8, 2001CART Media ConferenceScott Dixon
May 22, 2001CART Media ConferenceKenny Brack
May 30, 2001CART Media ConferenceHelio Castroneves
June 5, 2001CART Media ConferenceBruno Junqueira
June 12, 2001CART Media ConferenceBruce Wood
June 19, 2001CART Media ConferenceRoberto Moreno
June 26, 2001CART Media ConferenceMax Papis
July 3, 2001CART Media ConferenceMemo Gidley
July 10, 2001CART Media ConferenceChristian Fittipaldi
Kristian Kolby
July 17, 2001CART Media ConferenceMichael Andretti
July 24, 2001CART Media ConferencePatrick Carpentier
August 7, 2001CART Media ConferenceKenny Brack
Bobby Rahal
August 16, 2001CART Media ConferenceRob Correa
Joseph Heitzler
Jim Liberatore
Mike Tranger
Keith Allo
Tom Carter
August 16, 2001CART Media ConferenceDario Franchitti
Barry Green
August 21, 2001CART Media ConferenceBruno Junqueira
August 27, 2001CART Media ConferenceAlex Tagliani
September 4, 2001CART Media ConferenceRoberto Moreno
September 25, 2001CART Media ConferenceGil de Ferran
October 2, 2001CART Media ConferenceMario Andretti
October 9, 2001CART Media ConferenceGil de Ferran
October 16, 2001CART Media ConferenceDan Gurney
Max Papis
October 23, 2001CART Media ConferenceTownsend Bell
Parnelli Jones
October 31, 2001CART Media ConferenceRick Mears
November 6, 2001CART Media ConferenceCristiano da Matta
December 20, 2001CART Media ConferenceChris Pook
February 7, 2002CART Media ConferenceChris Pook
February 19, 2002CART Media ConferencePatrick Carpentier
Wally Dallenbach
Lee Dykstra
February 27, 2002CART Media ConferenceMario Andretti
Michael Andretti
Chris Pook
March 4, 2002CART Media ConferenceBobby Rahal
Adam Saal
Rena Shanaman
Jimmy Vasser
Tom Wieringa
March 5, 2002CART Media ConferenceKenny Brack
March 5, 2002CART Media ConferenceCristiano da Matta
March 19, 2002CART Media Conference: Speed Channel AnnouncementDerek Daly
Calvin Fish
Tommy Kendall
Terry Lingner
Jim McCalin
Scott Pruett
Doug Sellars
Rena Shanaman
Bob Varsha
April 3, 2002CART Media ConferenceCristiano da Matta
Christian Fittipaldi
April 11, 2002CART Media ConferenceMario Dominguez
Adrian Fernandez
Michel Jourdain, Jr.
April 12, 2002CART FedEx Championship Series: Toyota Grand Prix of Long BeachCristiano da Matta
Christian Fittipaldi
Jimmy Vasser
April 13, 2002CART FedEx Championship Series: Toyota Grand Prix of Long BeachBrian Griffin
John Judd
John Lopes>
Chris Pook
April 16, 2002CART Media ConferenceMichael Andretti
Michael Valiante
April 17, 2002CART Media ConferenceMichael Andretti
Adrian Fernandez
Paul Tracy
April 23, 2002CART Media ConferenceJon Fogarty
Rocky Moran, Jr.
April 30, 2002CART Media ConferenceBruno Junqueira
May 14, 2002CART Media ConferenceMike Hull
Bruno Junqueira
May 21, 2002CART Media ConferenceA.J. Allmendinger
Dario Franchitti
May 28, 2002CART Media ConferenceAlex Zanardi
June 4, 2002CART Media ConferenceMichel Jourdain, Jr.
June 4, 2002CART Media ConferencePaul Tracy
June 8, 2002CART Media ConferenceSkip Barber
Townsend Bell
Colin Fleming
Leonardo Maia
Chris Pook
June 11, 2002CART Media ConferenceCristiano da Matta
Danica Patrick
Bobby Rahal
June 18, 2002CART Media ConferenceTownsend Bell
Marc Breueurs
June 25, 2002CART Media ConferenceLuis Diaz
Jimmy Vasser
July 2, 2002CART Media ConferenceCristiano da Matta
July 2, 2002CART Media ConferenceKyle Krisiloff
July 7, 2002CART Media ConferenceChris Pook
Bob Singleton
July 9, 2002CART Media ConferenceLee Dykstra
John Lopes
Derrick Walker
July 16, 2002CART Media ConferencePatrick Carpentier
Ryan Hunter-Reay
July 23, 2002CART Media ConferenceJosh Beaulieu
Jonathan Macri
Alex Tagliani
July 30, 2002CART Media ConferenceA.J. Allmendinger
Dario Franchitti
August 5, 2002CART Media ConferenceAdrian Fernandez
Max Papis
August 6, 2002CART Media ConferenceMario Andretti
Derek Daly
Adrian Fernandez
Chris Kneifel

August 12, 2002CART Media ConferenceA.J. Allmendinger
Patrick Carpentier
August 20, 2002CART Media ConferenceTony Kanaan
Leonardo Maia
August 27, 2002CART Media ConferenceDale Coyne
Michel Jourdain, Jr.
Rocky Moran, Jr.
September 3, 2002CART Media ConferenceJon Fogarty
Bruno Junqueira
September 10, 2002CART Media ConferencePhil Barber
Darren Manning
September 17, 2002CART Media ConferenceJim McGee
Oriol Servia
September 24, 2002CART Media ConferenceLee Dykstra
John Lopes
October 1, 2002CART Media ConferenceDon Panoz
Chris Pook
October 9, 2002CART Media ConferenceCarl Haas
Paul Newman
October 15, 2002CART Media ConferenceScott Dixon
October 30, 2002CART Media ConferenceMario Dominguez
Adrian Fernandez
November 6, 2002CART Media ConferenceJimmy Vasser
November 12, 2002CART Media ConferenceLuis Diaz
Michel Jourdain, Sr.
Michel Jourdain, Jr.
November 20, 2002CART Media ConferenceJoel Camathias
Dale Coyne
November 21, 2002CART Media ConferenceIan Bisco
Dan Davis
Emerson Fittipaldi
Chris Pook
Al Speyer
November 22, 2002CART Media ConferenceTom Crawford
Chris Pook
November 22, 2002CART Media ConferenceChris Pook
Jeffrey Tellman
November 22, 2002CART Media ConferenceCristiano da Matta
Carl Haas
Barry Schmoyer
December 16, 2002CART Media ConferenceDr. Patrick Jacobs
Dr. Steve Olvey
Oriol Servia

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