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Derek Daly

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Open Wheel Racing

Derek Daly

Born:  March 11, 1953

A race car driver.

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Formula 1 Race History
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The Flying Lap, Episode 36: Italian GP Debrief with Derek & Conor Daly
September 15, 2011
Duration: 1:18:47
The 2011 Santander Italian Grand Prix at Monza was kaleidoscope of accidents, high-speed passes and contentious defence. No-one is better qualified to reflect on the weekend's events than Derek Daly, the FIA F1 Driver Steward for the weekend. We look in detail at the first corner accident triggered by HRT's Vitantonio Liuzzi; Derek gives us his views on the Michael Schumacher/Lewis Hamilton battle; and we re-examine the brilliance of the World Champion, RBR's Sebastian Vettel. Conor Daly, fresh from an amazing run to sixth place in the GP3 on Saturday (from 17th on the grid) talks about his season with Carlin Motorsport, his success in the US this year in Indy Lights - and what life is like for a young American driver on the F1 trail.

This video is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License
Download The Flying Lap, Episode 36 at The Internet Archive

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March 19, 2002CART Media Conference: Speed Channel AnnouncementDerek Daly
Calvin Fish
Tommy Kendall
Terry Lingner
Jim McCalin
Scott Pruett
Doug Sellars
Rena Shanaman
Bob Varsha
February 19, 2003Champ Car Media Conference: The 2003 Speed Channel Broadcast TeamDerek Daly
Calvin Fish
Tommy Kendall
Jim Liberatore
Terry Lingner
Bob Varsha

Collectible Cards

YearSet#NameCar #SponsorNotes
1991All World Racing50Derek Daly10Raynor

Formula 1 Race History

Racing Record Notes

DateGrand PrixConstructorGridFinishPoints
April 2, 1978USA WestHesketh-FordDNPQ0
May 7, 1978MonacoHesketh-FordDNQ0
May 21, 1978BelgianHesketh-FordDNQ0
July 2, 1978FrenchEnsign-FordDNQ0
July 16, 1978BritishEnsign-Ford15Retired0
August 13, 1978AustrianEnsign-Ford19Disqualified0
August 27, 1978DutchEnsign-Ford16Retired0
September 10, 1978ItalianEnsign-Ford18100
October 1, 1978USA EastEnsign-Ford1980
October 8, 1978CanadianEnsign-Ford1561
January 21, 1979ArgentineEnsign-Ford24110
February 4, 1979BrazilianEnsign-Ford23130
March 3, 1979South AfricanEnsign-FordDNQ0
April 8, 1979USA WestEnsign-Ford24Retired0
April 29, 1979SpanishEnsign-FordDNQ0
May 13, 1979BelgianEnsign-FordDNQ0
May 27, 1979MonacoEnsign-FordDNQ0
August 12, 1979AustrianEnsign-Ford1180
September 30, 1979CanadianTyrrell-Ford24Retired0
October 7, 1979USA EastTyrrell-Ford15Retired0
January 13, 1980ArgentineTyrrell-Ford2243
January 27, 1980BrazilianTyrrell-Ford24140
March 1, 1980South AfricanTyrrell-Ford16Retired0
March 30, 1980USA WestTyrrell-Ford1480
May 4, 1980BelgianTyrrell-Ford1190
May 18, 1980MonacoTyrrell-Ford12Retired0
June 29, 1980FrenchTyrrell-Ford20110
July 13, 1980BritishTyrrell-Ford1043
August 10, 1980GermanTyrrell-Ford22100
August 17, 1980AustrianTyrrell-Ford10Retired0
August 31, 1980DutchTyrrell-Ford23Retired0
September 14, 1980ItalianTyrrell-Ford22Retired0
September 28, 1980CanadianTyrrell-Ford20Retired0
October 5, 1980USA EastTyrrell-Ford21Retired0
March 15, 1981USA WestMarch-FordDNQ0
March 29, 1981BrazilianMarch-FordDNQ0
April 12, 1981ArgentineMarch-FordDNQ0
May 3, 1981San MarinoMarch-FordDNQ0
May 17, 1981BelgianMarch-FordDNQ0
May 31, 1981MonacoMarch-FordDNQ0
June 21, 1981SpanishMarch-Ford22160
July 5, 1981FrenchMarch-Ford20Retired0
July 18, 1981BritishMarch-Ford1770
August 2, 1981GermanMarch-Ford21Retired0
August 16, 1981AustrianMarch-Ford19110
August 30, 1981DutchMarch-Ford19Retired0
September 13, 1981ItalianMarch-Ford19Retired0
September 27, 1981CanadianMarch-Ford2080
October 17, 1981Las VegasMarch-FordDNQ0
January 23, 1982South AfricanWilliams-Ford24140
March 21, 1982BrazilianWilliams-Ford20Retired0
April 4, 1982USA WestWilliams-Ford22Retired0
May 9, 1982BelgianWilliams-Ford13Retired0
May 23, 1982MonacoWilliams-Ford861
June 6, 1982USA EastWilliams-Ford1252
June 13, 1982CanadianWilliams-Ford1370
July 3, 1982DutchWilliams-Ford1252
July 18, 1982BritishWilliams-Ford1052
July 25, 1982FrenchWilliams-Ford1170
August 8, 1982GermanWilliams-Ford19Retired0
August 15, 1982AustrianWilliams-Ford9Retired0
August 29, 1982SwissWilliams-Ford790
September 12, 1982ItalianWilliams-Ford13Retired0
September 25, 1982Las VegasWilliams-Ford1461

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August 6, 2002CART Media ConferenceMario Andretti
Derek Daly
Adrian Fernandez
Chris Kneifel

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