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Vehicle Index

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Vehicle Index

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Vehicle Marques
Vehicle Models
Vehicle Subcategories (Subject Pages)
Buses Buses of all sizes, including 15-passenger vans.
Emergency Services Vehicles Police cars, fire trucks, rescue apparatus, private security vehicles, and ambulances.
Military Vehicles used by the military whether purpose-built or adapted from civilian vehicles.
Motorcycles Two- and three-wheeled open vehicles.
Recreational Vehicles Campers, caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, and tour buses.
Trucking Trucks and the trucking industry.
Page Sections
Vehicle Marques (Highlights)
Vehicle Models (Highlights)
These are the cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more that changed the world.

Generally, to get listed on this page a vehicle must be self-propelled and designed to hold at least one human being.

Marques (Highlights)

This highlights section does not include all vehicle marques in The Crittenden Automotive Library. A full list of available marques is here.

Notes on Years and Location at the bottom of the list...

American Auto Industry

Ford Motor Company
General Motors
North American Independents
World Auto Industry

Asian Marques
Australian Marques
European Marques
Other Vehicles

Race Car Constructors
Recreational Vehicles
Specialty Vehicles
Utility Vehicles (small)

Chrysler Corporation
Chrysler LLC
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States
Chrysler Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States
DeSoto 1928-1961 New York City, New York, United States
Dodge 1915-____ Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States
Eagle1988-1999 Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States
Imperial Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States
Jeep 1941-____ Toledo, Ohio, United States
Plymouth 1928-2001 Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States
Ram 2010-____ Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company 1903-____ Dearborn, Michigan, United States
Edsel 1958-1960 Dearborn, Michigan, United States
Ford 1903-____ Dearborn, Michigan, United States
Lincoln 1917-____ Dearborn, Michigan, United States
Mercury 1939-2011 Dearborn, Michigan, United States
General Motors
General Motors 1908-____ Detroit, Michigan, United States
Buick 1903-____ Detroit, Michigan, United States
Cadillac 1902-____ Warren, Michigan, United States
Chevrolet (also Chevy II) 1911-____ Detroit, Michigan, United States
GMC 1912-____ Detroit, Michigan, United States
Holden1908-2021 Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Oldsmobile 1897-2004 Lansing, Michigan, United States
Opel 1899-____ Rüsselsheim, Hesse, Germany
Saturn 1985-2010 Spring Hill, Tennessee, United States
North American Independents
AM General1971-____ South Bend, Indiana, United States
AMC1954-1988 Southfield, Michigan, United States
Auburn 1900-1936 Auburn, Indiana, United States
Cord1929-1937 Connersville, Indiana, United States
Duesenberg 1913-1937 Auburn, Indiana, United States
Hudson 1909-1954 Detroit, Michigan, United States
International Harvester 1907-1985 Warrenville, Illinois, United States
Jeep 1941-____ Toledo, Ohio, United States
Locomobile Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States
Nash 1917-1954 Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States
Packard 1899-1958 Detroit, Michigan, United States
Rambler 1900-1969 Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States
Shelby1962-____ California, United States
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Studebaker South Bend, Indiana, United States
Tesla 2003-____ Palo Alto, California, United States
Tucker 1947 Chicago, Illinois, United States
Asian Marques
Acura1986-____ Tokyo, Japan
Datsun1934-____ Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan
Genesis Seoul, South Korea
Hindustan1942-____ Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Honda Tokyo, Japan
Hongqi1958-____ China
Hyundai Seoul, South Korea
Infiniti1989-____ Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan
Isuzu1916-____ Tokyo, Japan
Kia 1957-____ Seoul, South Korea
Lexus 1989-____ Nagoya, Japan
Mazda (マツダ) 1931-____ Fuchu, Aki, Hiroshima, Japan
Mitsubishi 1917-____ Tokyo, Japan
Nissan 1934-____ Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan
Qoros (观致汽车)2007-____ Changshu, China
Subaru Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Suzuki 1937-____ Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
Toyota 1935-____ Toyota, Aichi, Japan
Australian Marques
Holden1908-2021 Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
European Marques
Alfa Romeo 1920-____ Turin, Italy
Aston Martin 1913-____ Gaydon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Audi1909-____ Ingolstadt, Germany
Austin1905-1987 Longbridge, England, United Kingdom
Austin-Healey1952-1972 United Kingdom
Bentley 1919-____ Crewe, Cheshire, United Kingdom
BMW 1923-____ Munich, Germany
Bugatti 1909-____ Molsheim, Alsace, France
Citroën 1919-____ Saint-Ouen, Seine-Saint-Denis, France
Dacia1966-____ Mioveni, Argeş, Romania
Ferrari 1947-____ Maranello, Italy
Fiat Turin, Italy
Jaguar 1945-____ Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom
Lamborghini1963-____ Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy
Land Rover 1947-____ Gaydon, United Kingdom
Lotus 1952-____ Hethel, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
Maserati1914-____ Modena, Italy
McLaren1966-____ Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom
Mercedes-Benz 1926-____ Stuttgart, Germany
MG 1924-____ Oxford, United Kingdom
Mini1969-____ Longbridge, England, United Kingdom
Opel 1899-____ Rüsselsheim, Hesse, Germany
Peugeot1889-____Sochaux, France
Porsche 1939-____ Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Renault1899-____ Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Rolls Royce 1904-____ Derby, England, United Kingdom
Vauxhall1903-____ Luton, United Kingdom
Volkswagen 1937-____ Wolfsburg, Germany
Volvo 1927-____ Gothenburg, Sweden
Motorcycles & Electric Bicycles
Buell1983-____ East Troy, Wisconsin, United States
Ducati 1950-____ Bologna, Italy
Harley-Davidson 1903-____ Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Hyosung 1978-____ Seoul, South Korea
Indian 1901-1953 Springfield, Massachusetts, United States
Kawasaki1960-____ Minato, Tokyo Japan
Chūō-ku, Kobe, Japan
KTM1953-____ Mattighofen, Austria
Moto Guzzi1921-____ Mandello del Lario, Lombardy, Italy
Norton1898-____ Donington Park, United Kingdom
Orange County Choppers California, United States
Triumph 1902-1984 Coventry, England, United Kingdom
Yamaha 1955-____ Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
Autocar 1899-____ Ardmore, Pennsylvania, United States
Hagerstown, Indiana, United States
DAF 1928-____ Eindhoven, Netherlands
Freightliner 1942-____ Portland, Oregon, United States
Fuso1932-____ Japan
Hino1942-____ Hino-shi, Tokyo, Japan
International 1986-____ Lisle, Illinois, United States
Iveco Turin, Italy
Kenworth 1923-____ Kirkland, Washington, United States
Mack 1907-____ Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
MAN1904-1925 Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Mitsubishi Fuso Kanagawa, Japan
Peterbilt 1939-____ Newark, California, United States
Denton, Texas, United States
Scania1903-____ Södertälje, Sweden
UD Trucks Ageo, Saitama, Japan
Utilimaster Wakarusa, Indiana, United States
Volvo 1927-____ Gothenburg, Sweden
Western Star 1967-____ Portland, Oregon, United States
White Freightliner Portland, Oregon, United States

Years and Location are estimates for quick reference only, they may not include all possible information or all possible headquarters locations for an automobile marque.

Years also tries to refer as much as possible to model years of production of vehicles  For example a company may have been founded earlier and produced something other than vehicles, such as Studebaker, founded in 1858 as a carriage company.  Also, a company may have taken an extraordinarily long time to come to market, such as DeLorean, founded in 1975 and only producing cars for 1981 and 1982.

Location, when a company had more than one headquarters, refers to the place or places a company was most known for or spent the most time in.  In the case of subsidiary companies created for specific markets, judgement is involved a little in determining home "Location" and may differ from the company's opinion.  For example, Acura considers itself to be an American company but it is a sales company rebadging upmarket Hondas for North America and is most known as a Japanese car company, so they share parent company Honda's location on this list.  Opel, however, despite being a subsidiary of American company General Motors, has not only headquarters, but unique engineering and separate manufacturing all in Germany, and is therefore considered a German company.

Vehicle Models (Highlights)

This highlights section does not include all vehicle models in The Crittenden Automotive Library. A full list of available marques is here.

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BMW 3 Series
318i - 320d - 320i - 323i - 325i - 325xi - 328Ci - 328i - 330i - 330xi - 335i - 340i

BMW 5 Series
520d - 525i - 528e - 528i - 530i - 530xd - 533i - 530xi - 535d

Chrysler 300-Letter Series
1955 C-300 - 1956 300B - 1957 300C - 1958 300D - 1960 300F - 1962 300H - 1965 300L - 1970 300-Hurst - 2005-____ 300C - 300 (non-letter)

Ferrari 250
250 GT - 250 GT Berlinetta - 250 GT California Spyder - 250 GTB - 250 GTE - 250 GTO - 250 LM - 250 Monza - 250 Testa Rossa - 250 TR 61 Spyder Fantuzzi

1 Series (BMW car line)
122S (Volvo car)
2+2 (Pontiac car)
210 (Chevrolet car)
3 (Mazda car)
3000GT (Mitsubishi car)
3100 (Chevrolet truck)
3200 (Chevrolet truck)

350Z (Nissan car)
356C (Porsche car)
365GTB/4 Daytona/365GTS/4 Daytona (Ferrari car)
442 (Oldsmobile car)
500 (Fiat car)
612 Scaglietti (Ferrari car)
7 Series (BMW car line)
787B (Mazda race car)

88 (Oldsmobile car)
812 (Cord car)
850i (BMW car)
852 (Auburn car)
98 (Oldsmobile car)
911 (Porsche car)
959 (Porsche car)


Rambler American

A6 (Audi car)
Accent (Hyundai car)
Accord (Honda car)
Airflow (Chrysler car)
Allanté (Cadillac car)
Altima (Nissan car)

Ambassador (AMC car)
Ambassador (Hindustan car)
Ambassador (Nash car)
AMX (AMC car)
Anglia ( car)

Apache (Chevrolet truck)
Aurora (Oldsmobile car)
Avanti (Studebaker car)
Aventador (Lamborghini car)
Aztek (Pontiac SUV)


Barracuda (Plymouth car)
Beetle (Volkswagen car)
Bel Air (Chevrolet car)
Belvedere (Plymouth car)

Beretta (Chevrolet car)
Biscayne (Chevrolet car)
Blazer (Chevrolet SUV)
Bonneville (Pontiac car)

Boxster (Porsche car)
Bravada (Oldsmobile SUV)
Bronco (Ford SUV)
BRZ (Subaru car)


Chevrolet Camaro Dodge Challenger Chevrolet Chevelle Chevrolet Corvette

Mercedes-Benz C-Class
C220 - C230 - C240 - C250 - C280 - C320 - C55 AMG - C63 AMG

C-10 (Chevrolet truck)
C-Max (Ford MPV)
C70 (Volvo car)
C1500 (Chevrolet/GMC truck)
CA770 (Hongqi limousine)
Cabriolet (Volkswagen car)
Caliber (Dodge car)
Camry (Toyota car)
Caprice (Chevrolet car)
Caprice Classic (Chevrolet car)
Caprice Estate (Chevrolet car)
Caravan (Dodge van)
Caribbean (Packard car)
Catalina (Pontiac car)
Cavalier (Chevrolet car)
Cayenne (Porsche SUV)
Cayman (Porsche car)

Celica (Toyota)
Centurion (Buick car)
Century (Buick car)
Champion (Studebaker car)
Charger (Dodge car)
Cherokee (Jeep SUV)
Ciera (Oldsmobile car)
Cimarron (Cadillac car)
Civic (Honda car)
CJ (Willys/Jeep vehicle line)
CLA-Class (Mercedes-Benz car line)
Classic (Chevrolet car)
Classic (Rambler car)
Classic American Trolley (StarTrans bus)
Clipper (Packard car)
CLK-Class (Mercedes-Benz car line)
CLS-Class (Mercedes-Benz car line)

Cobra (Shelby car)
Cobra Daytona Coupe (Shelby car)
Continental (Lincoln car)
Cooper (Austin/Mini/Morris car)
Corolla (Toyota car)
Corona (Toyota car)
Coronet (Dodge car)
Corvair (Chevrolet car)
Cougar (Mercury car)
Crestline (Ford car)
Crown Victoria (Ford car)
Cutlass (Oldsmobile car)
Cutlass Ciera (Oldsmobile car)
Cutlass Supreme (Oldsmobile car)
Cyclone (Mercury car)


Dakota (Dodge truck)
Dart (Dodge car)
Daytona (Dodge car)
Defender/Defender 90 (Land Rover SUV)
Delta 88 (Oldsmobile car)
Discovery/Discovery Sport (Land Rover RV)
DMC-12/DMC-EV (DeLorean car)

DS (Citroën car)
Durango (Dodge SUV)
Dynamic 88 (Oldsmobile car)


Ford Econoline/E-Series
E-150 - E-250 - E-350 - E-450

E-Class (Mercedes-Benz car line)
Eagle (AMC car)
Eclipse (Mitsubishi car)
El Camino (Chevrolet pickup car)
Elise (Lotus car)

Enzo (Ferrari car)
Eos (Volkswagen car)
ES (Lexus car line)
Escape (Ford SUV)
Escort (Ford car)

Evora (Lotus car)
Executive (Packard car)
Expedition (Ford SUV)
Explorer (Ford SUV)
Explorer Sport Trac (Ford pickup truck)


Pontiac Firebird

F-1 (Ford truck)
F-85 (Oldsmobile car)
F-150 (Ford truck)
F-250 (Ford truck)
F-Series (Ford trucks)
F40 (Ferrari car)
F50 (Ferrari car)

Fairlady Z (Nissan car)
Fairlane (Ford car)
Fairmont (Ford car)
Falcon (Ford car)
Fiero (Pontiac car)
Fiesta (Ford car)

Flex (Ford SUV)
Focus (Ford car)
Forester (Subaru car)
Frontier (Nissan truck)
Fury (Plymouth car)
Fusion (Ford car)


Pontiac GTO

G.T. 350 (Shelby car)
G.T. 500 (Shelby car)
G-Class (Mercedes-Benz SUV line)
G8 (Pontiac car)
Galaxie (Ford car)
Gallardo (Lamborghini car)
GLA-Class (Mercedes-Benz SUV line)
GLB-Class (Mercedes-Benz SUV line)
GLE-Class (Mercedes-Benz SUV line)
GLK-Class (Mercedes-Benz SUV line)

GLS-Class (Mercedes-Benz SUV line)
Golf (Volkswagen car)
Gran Fury (Plymouth car)
Gran Sport (Buick car)
Gran Torino (Ford car)
Grand Am (Pontiac car)
Grand Caravan (Dodge van)
Grand Cherokee (Jeep SUV)
Grand Marquis (Mercury car)
Grand Prix (Pontiac car)

Grande Parisienne (Pontiac car)
Gremlin (AMC car)
GS (Lexus car line)
GT (Ford car)
GT-R (Nissan car)
GT40 (Ford race car)
GT86 (Toyota car)
GTI (Volkswagen car)
GTX (Plymouth car)

H, I, J

H1 (Hummer SUV)
H2 (Hummer SUV)
H3 (Hummer SUV)
Hawk (Studebaker car)
Henry J (Kaiser-Frazer car)
HHR (Chevrolet car)
Highlander (Toyota SUV)
Hilux (Toyota SUV)
HMMWV (military truck)
Hornet (AMC car)
Hornet (Hudson car)
Huracán (Lamborghini car)
Hurst/Olds (Oldsmobile/Hurst car)

i (REVA car)
i3 (BMW car)
i8 (BMW car)
Impala (Chevrolet car)
Impreza (Subaru car)
Integra (Acura car)
Intrepid (Dodge car)
Intrigue (Oldsmobile car)

Javelin (AMC car)
Jeepster (Willys SUV)
Jetta (Volkswagen car)

K, L

K/5 Blazer (Chevrolet SUV)
K10 (Chevrolet truck)
K1500 (Chevrolet/GMC pickup truck)
Karmann Ghia (Volkswagen car)

LaFerrari (Ferrari car)
Lagonda (Aston Martin car)
Lancer (Dodge car)
Lancer (Mitsubishi car)
Land Cruiser (Studebaker car)
Land Cruiser (Toyota SUV)
Lark (Studebaker car)
Le Baron (Chrysler car)
Le Baron (Imperial car)

Le Mans (Pontiac car)
Leaf (Nissan car)
Legacy (Subaru car)
LeSabre (General Motors concept car/Buick car)
LS (Lincoln car)
LTD (Ford car)
LTD Crown Victoria (Ford car)
Lumina (Chevrolet car)


Chevolet Monte Carlo Ford Mustang

Mercedes-Benz ML-Class
ML320 - ML350 - ML500

M-Class (Mercedes-Benz SUV line)
M3 (BMW car)
M5 (BMW car)
Magnum (Dodge car)
Malibu (Chevrolet car)
Mark VI (Lincoln car)
Mark VII (Lincoln car)
Marlin (Rambler/AMC car)
Matador (AMC car)
Matrix (Toyota car)
Maverick (Ford car)
Maxima (Nissan car)

Metropolitan (Nash car)
MGA (MG car)
MGB (MG car)
MGC (MG car)
Miata (Mazda car)
Miura (Lamborghini car)
Model 3 (Tesla car)
Model A (Cadillac car)
Model A (Ford car)
Model B (Ford car)
Model J (Duesenberg car)
Model S (Tesla car)

Model T (Ford car)
Model X (Tesla car)
Monaco (Dodge)
Monarch (Mercury car)
Mondeo (Ford car)
Montclair (Mercury car)
Mountaineer (Mercury SUV)
MR2 (Toyota car)
MR2 Spyder (Toyota car)
Murano (Nissan crossover)
MX-5 Miata (Mazda car)
MXT (Mastretta car)

N, O

Navara (Nissan truck)
Navigator (Lincoln SUV)
Neon (Dodge/Plymouth car)
New Beetle (Volkswagen car)
New Yorker (Chrysler car)
Newport (Chrysler car)
Ninety-Eight (Oldsmobile car)
Nomad (Chevrolet car)
Nova (Chevrolet car)
NSX (Honda/Acura car)

Odyssey (Honda van)
Omega (Oldsmobile car)
Omni (Dodge car)
Optima (Kia car)


Pacer (AMC car)
Pacer (Edsel car)
Panamera (Porsche car)
Pantera (De Tomaso car)
Parisienne (Pontiac car)
Park Avenue (Buick car)
Park Lane (Mercury car)

Passat (Volkswagen car)
Passport (Honda SUV)
Pathfinder (Nissan SUV)
Phaeton (Chrysler car)
Phaeton (Volkswagen car)
Phantom/Phantom II (Rolls Royce car)
Pinto (Ford car)

Polara (Dodge car)
Police Interceptor (Ford car/SUV)
Power Wagon (Dodge truck)
Prelude (Honda car)
President (Studebaker car)
Prius (Toyota car)
PT Cruiser (Chrysler car)


Qashqai (Nissan car)
Quattro (Audi car)

Quattroporte (Maserati car)

Quest (Nissan van)


R8 (Audi car)
R10 (Audi race car)
Rabbit (Volkswagen car)
Ram (Dodge truck)
Ram Van/Ram Wagon (Dodge van)
Rambler (Nash car)
Ranchero (Ford pickup car)
Range Rover (Land Rover SUV)
Range Rover Evoque (Land Rover SUV)

Range Rover Sport (Land Rover SUV)
Range Rover Velar (Land Rover SUV)
Ranger (Ford truck)
RAV4 (Toyota SUV)
Reatta (Buick car)
Rebel (Rambler/AMC car)
Regal (Buick car)
Ridgeline (Honda truck)
Rio (Kia car)

Riviera (Buick car)
Road Runner (Plymouth car)
Roadmaster (Buick car)
Roadster (Tesla car)
Royal (Chrysler car)
Royal (Dodge car)
RX-7 (Mazda car)
RX-8 (Mazda car)
RX (Lexus SUV line)


Mercedes-Benz S-Class
S430 - S500 - S600 - S63 AMG - S65 AMG

Saturn S-Series
SC - SC1 - SC2 - SL1 - SL2 - SW1 - SW2

S-10 (Chevrolet truck)
S7 (Saleen car)
S8 (Audi car)
S80 (Volvo car)
S2000 (Honda car)
Safari (Pontiac car)
Satellite (Plymouth car)
SC (Lexus car line)
SC 430 (Lexus car)
SC/Rambler (Rambler car)
Scout II (International Harvester SUV)
Sedan deVille (Cadillac car)
Sedona (Kia van)
Sentra (Nissan car)
Seven (Lotus car)
Seville (Cadillac car)
Sienna (Toyota van)

Sierra (GMC truck)
Silverado (Chevrolet truck)
Silvia (Nissan car)
Skylark (Buick car)
Skyline (Prince/Nissan car)
SL-Class (Mercedes-Benz car line)
SL63 AMG (Mercedes-Benz car)
SLK-Class (Mercedes-Benz car line)
SLR McLaren (Mercedes-Benz car)
SLS AMG (Mercedes-Benz car)
Solara (Toyota car)
Solstice (Pontiac car)
Sonata (Hyundai car)
Soul (Kia car)
Special (Buick car)
Speed Wagon (REO truck)
Speedster (Porsche car)

Speedster (Studebaker car)
Spitfire (Triumph car)
Sportster (Harley-Davidson motorcycle)
Sprinter (Mercedes-Benz/Freightliner/Dodge van)
SS (Chevrolet car)
SSR (Chevrolet truck)
Star Chief (Pontiac car)
Starfire (Oldsmobile car)
Starion (Mitsubishi car)
Stealth (Dodge car)
Stinger (Kia car)
Suburban (Chevrolet/GMC SUV)
Super 88 (Oldsmobile car)
Super Bee (Dodge car)
Superbird (Plymouth car)
Supra (Toyota car)


T-5 (Ford car)
T-37 (Pontiac car)
Tacoma (Toyota truck)
Tahoe (Chevrolet car)
Talon (Eagle car)
Taurus (Ford car)
Tempest (Pontiac car)
Tempo (Ford car)
Testarossa (Ferrari car)
Thirty (Packard car)

Thunderbird (Ford car)
Thunderbolt (Ford car)
Tiburon (Hyundai car)
Torino (Ford car)
Toronado (Oldsmobile car)
Torpedo (Tucker car)
Town and Country (Chrysler van)
Town Car (Lincoln car)
TrailBlazer (Chevrolet SUV)

Trans Am (Pontiac car)
Transit (Ford van)
Transit Connect (Ford van)
TT (Audi car)
Tundra (Toyota truck)
Type 1 (Volkswagen car)
Type 2 (Volkswagen van)
Type 3 (Volkswagen car)
Type 35 (Bugatti car)


Ulster (Aston Martin car)

Underslung (American car)

Uplander (Chevrolet van)


Pontiac Vibe

V-Rod (Harley-Davidson motorcycle)
V8 Vantage/V12 Vantage (Aston Martin car)
Valiant (Plymouth car)
Vanquish (Aston Martin car)
Vega (Chevrolet car)

Veloster (Hyundai car)
Ventura (Pontiac car)
Venture (Chevrolet van)
Versa (Nissan car)
Versailles (Lincoln car)

Veyron (Bugatti car)
Viper (Dodge car)
Vista Cruiser (Oldsmobile car)
Volaré (Plymouth car)
Volt (Chevrolet car)


Jaguar XJ
XJ6 - XJ8 - XJ12 - XJL - XJR - XJS
Jaguar XF

Wagonaire (Studebaker car)
Wasp (Marmon race car)
Wienermobile (Advertising vehicle)
Wildcat (Buick car)
Wrangler (Jeep SUV)
WRX (Subaru car)

X1/9 (Fiat/Bertone car)
xB (Scion car)
XK 120 (Jaguar car)
XK 140 (Jaguar car)
Xterra (Nissan SUV)

Yaris (Toyota car)
Yukon (GMC SUV)
Z3 (BMW car)
Z4 (BMW car)
Z8 (BMW car)
Zephyr (Lincoln/Mercury car)
Zonda (Pagani car)

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