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Michael Schumacher

Open Wheel Racing

Michael Schumacher

A Formula 1 driver and 7-time Formula 1 Champion.

His accomplishments include:
1994 Formula 1 Champion
1995 Formula 1 Champion
2000 Formula 1 Champion
2001 Formula 1 Champion
2002 Formula 1 Champion
2003 Formula 1 Champion
2004 Formula 1 Champion

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Michael Schumacher in 2005 2005 German Grand Prix
Ferrari F2005
Photo by Leo Schulz
View photo of Michael Schumacher in 2005 - 1.0MB

Article Index

8 April 2002Racing: Schumacher Downplays Rivalry with MontoyaVoice of America
29 September 2002Germany's Rubens Barrichello Wins US Formula One Grand PrixVoice of America
9 June 2003Schumacher Extends Contract with Ferrari Through 2006VOA Sports
15 June 2003Germany's Michael Schumacher Wins Canadian Grand PrixVOA Sports
14 September 2003Schumacher Wins Italian Grand PrixVOA Sports
28 September 2003Formula 1: United States Grand PrixHeinz Harald Frentzen
Kimi Raikkonen
Michael Schumacher
12 October 2003Schumacher Wins Unprecedented 6th F1 TitleVOA Sports
16 October 2003World's Greatest Racing Figure Unrecognized in US Jason Paur
29 December 2003French Newspaper Names German Driver Schumacher Voted World 'Champion of Champions'VOA Sports
7 March 2004Schumacher Wins Formula 1 Australian Grand PrixVoice of America
21 March 2004Michael Schumacher Wins Malaysia Grand Prix Scott Bobb
19 June 2004Formula 1: United States Grand PrixRubens Barrichello
Takuma Sato
Michael Schumacher
20 June 2004Formula 1: United States Grand PrixRubens Barrichello
Takuma Sato
Michael Schumacher
10 October 2004Schumacher Wins Japanese Grand PrixVOA Sports
5 January 2005Formula One Champ Schumacher Donates $10 Million to Tsunami Aid EffortVoice of America
22 June 2005Michael Schumacher nicht stolz auf Sieg in den USA Wikinews
25 August 2005Ferrari Denies Report it Will Not Renew F1 Contract for SchumacherVOA Sports
18 October 2005Ferrari-Teamchef stellt sich vor Michael Schumacher Wikinews
23 October 2005Michael SchumacherMarvyn H.
24 October 2005Ferrari-Präsident will Schumacher behalten Wikinews
23 March 2006Ferrari's Wing Designs Cause Disagreement in MalaysiaJulie Smith
23 April 2006Michael Schumacher breaks Formula One record for most polesWikinews
23 April 2006Михаэль Шумахер снова выигрывает гонку после более чем годового перерыва Викиновости
7 May 2006Michael Schumacher wins the European Grand PrixWikinews
7 May 2006Возвращение чемпиона? Викиновости
27 May 2006Шумахер — нечестная игра? Викиновости
28 May 2006Шумахер стартует последним Викиновости
29 June 2006Formula 1: United States Grand PrixMichael Schumacher
1 July 2006Schumacher Takes U.S. GP Pole in IndyVOA Sports
2 July 2006Michael Schumacher wins 2006 United States Grand PrixWikinews
16 July 2006Michael Schumacher wins 2006 French Grand PrixWikinews
30 July 2006Schumacher Boosts Chances of Snatching Eighth World TitleVOA Sports
8 August 2006Schumacher Dismisses Speculations On BMW IssueSarah McBride
31 August 2006Будущее Шумахера Викиновости
10 September 2006Michael Schumacher anuncia su retiro de la Fórmula 1 Wikinoticias
10 September 2006Michael Schumacher wins Italian Grand Prix, announces plans to retireWikinews
11 September 2006Михаэль Шумахер победил в Гран-При Италии и сообщил о своих дальнейших планах Викиновости
1 October 2006Michael Schumacher wins 2006 Chinese Grand PrixWikinews
1 October 2006Schumacher erstmals führend in der WM-Wertung Wikinews
6 January 2007Michael Schumacher hat einen neuen Job Wikinews
26 April 2007Michael Schumacher could returnAlfred Johnson
5 September 2007Schumacher Named Winner of Prince of Asturias Award for Sports 2007VOA Sports
16 September 2008Vettel considerato in Germania come l'erede di Schumacher Wikinotizie
27 July 2009Michael Schumacher returns to Formula One to replace injured MassaWikinews
29 July 2009Formula 1: Michael Schumacher sostituirà Felipe Massa Wikinotizie
30 July 2009Michael Schumacher sustituirá a Felipe Massa Wikinoticias
4 August 2009Formula One: Renault dismisses Piquet, Schumacher barred from practisingWikinews
11 August 2009Michael Schumacher calls off Formula 1 comeback due to injuryWikinews
23 December 2009Formel 1: Schumacher kehrt zurück Wikinews
23 December 2009Schumacher vuelve a la Fórmula 1 Wikinoticias
24 December 2009Daimler-Betriebsrat kritisiert Formel-1-Vertrag mit Schumacher Wikinews
24 September 2010Schumacher Not Quitting Formula OneVOA Breaking News
22 June 2012Why Michael Schumacher deserves his bad luckMatt Hubbard, Speedmonkey
9 September 2012Schumacher's 1991 Jordan F1 car for sale Matt Hubbard, Speedmonkey
11 April 2013Michael Schumacher gets a job with Mercedes-Benz Matt Hubbard, Speedmonkey
30 December 2013Michael Schumacher permanece en estado de coma Wikinoticias
30 December 2013Шумахер находится в коме Викиновости
31 December 2013El piloto Michael Schumacher, en estado crítico tras una caída de esquí Wikinoticias
2 January 2014Michael Schumacher erleidet Schädel-Hirn-Trauma durch Skiunfall in Méribel Wikinews
18 January 2014Un neurólogo afirma que si Schumacher sobrevive no volverá a ser el mismo Wikinoticias
13 June 2014El expiloto Michael Schumacher entra en tratamiento de recuperación en un hospital francés Wikinoticias
20 June 2014Michael Schumacher wakes up from comaWikinews

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