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Wikipedia: Monogram (company)

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Manufacturer of model kits.  After a merger with Revell, many products were co-branded Revell-Monogram.


The following section is an excerpt from Wikipedia's Monogram (company) page on 24 September 2018, text available via the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Monogram has been a premier maker of scale plastic models of aircraft, spacecraft, ships, cars, and military vehicles since the early 1950s. The company was formed by two former employees of Comet Kits, Jack Besser and Bob Reder. After thirteen years as a fully owned subsidiary of Hallmark Cards' Binney and Smith unit, Hobbico announced it was acquiring Revell-Monogram in 2007 (Funding Universe webpage). Along with Revell, AMT, and MPC, Monogram is sometimes called one of the traditional "Big 4" in plastic modeling.

Monogram was founded in Chicago in 1945, making balsa wood model kits of ships and airplanes. Seaships such as the USS Missouri battleship, the USS Shangri-La carrier and the USS Hobby destroyer were among the very first products. Meanwhile, a company called Revell started making plastic kits in 1953, and Monogram responded with "All Plastic" "Plastikits" the first of which were a red plastic midget racer and a "Hot Rod" Model A - and the modeling race was on (Funding Universe webpage). These two cars, and later an Indianapolis-style racer and hydroplane racing boat, were also offered with C02 "Jet Power". Early kits advertised that the models were made from "acetate parts molded to shape". The wording showed the newness of the plastics industry and how plastics were not yet being taken for granted.

Early airplane models were mainly balsa wood, but more plastic parts were added over the next couple of years. By 1954 the airplane lineup consisted of the 'Speedee Built' series which flew under rubber band power. A few of these planes were all-plastic. Also seen were the Superkits with a prefabricated balsa fuselage, but more plastic parts.

Auto kit makers AMT and Jo-Han started early but focused on manufacturers' promotional models and did not enter the kit fray until the late 1950s. As the 1950s progressed, Monogram increasingly included more automobile models and custom wheeled creations in competition with the other makers. Through the 1970s, competition required increased production of a variety of fantastical vehicles.


Type & Item #NameDetails
Model Kit - 0761Alan Kulwicki's Quincy's ThunderbirdAK Collection, 1:24 scale, 1985-1986
Model Kit - 2209'85 Corvette1:24 scale
Model Kit - 2211'55 Chevy Street Machine1:24 scale
Model Kit - 2262Ford F-150 Ranger1:24 scale
Model Kit - 2267Bad Actor1:24 scale, Custom 2-Door Panel Wagon
Model Kit - 2278Citation Turbo X1:24 scale
Model Kit - 2294'69 Pontiac GTO1:24 scale
Model Kit - 2297Ford Motorsport Mustang IMSA Racer1:24 scale, #16
Model Kit - 2404Corvette Coupe1:20 scale C3
Model Kit - 2406Custom Corvette1:20 scale C3
Model Kit - 2430Havoline Ford Thunderbird1:24 scale, Davey Allison #28
Model Kit - 2430#10 Tide T-Bird1:24 scale, Ricky Rudd
Model Kit - 2440#5 Tide Lumina1:24 scale, Ricky Rudd Chevrolet Lumina
Model Kit - 2442McDonald's Thunderbird1:24 scale, Jimmy Spencer #27
Model Kit - 247810 Tide Thunderbird1:24 scale, Ricky Rudd
Model Kit - 2469Bill Elliott's #94 McDonald's Thunderbat1:24 scale, Jimmy Spencer #27
Model Kit - 247810 Tide Thunderbird1:24 scale, Ricky Rudd #10
Model Kit - 27153 'n 1 Heavy Chevy CHEVELLE1:24 scale, 1970
Model Kit - 2724'65 'Vette Street Machine1:24 scale
Model Kit - 2730Plymouth GTX 2 'n 11:24 scale
Model Kit - 2727Frank Iaconio's Budweiser-Motorcraft Pro-Stock T-Bird1:24 scale
Model Kit - 2754Cale Yarborough's Hardee's Oldsmobile Stock Car1:25 scale, #29
Model Kit - 2775Casey Luna Ford Sprint Car1:24 scale
Model Kit - 2779Wynn's/K-Mart Oldsmobile Stock Car1:24 scale, Lake Speed #83 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
Model Kit - 2904La Bamba Ritchie Valens '58 T-BirdRockin' Rods, 1:24 scale
Model Kit - 2921Mello Yello Lumina Stock CarDays of Thunder, 1:24 scale, Cole Trickle
Model Kit - 2924'57 Corvette Roadster1:24 scale
Model Kit - 2946'91 Mustang GT Convertible1:24 scale
Model Kit - 2949Western Auto/AC Delco Chevy Lumina #171:24 scale, Darrell Waltrip, 1993 decals (2949M0340)
Model Kit - 29501992 Corvette ZR-1 Coupe1:24 scale
Model Kit - 2960#2 Rusty Wallace Pontiac"Pontiac Excitement" 1:24 scale
Die-Cast Body Model Kit - 6100'53 Corvette1:24 scale
Model Kit 3 Pack - 6241Pontiac Muscle Cars (Pontiac Firebird, Pontiac GTO, Pro-Street Firebird)1:24 scale, Kay-Bee Special Value Tri-Pack: 1978 Trans Am, 1964 Pontiac GTO, 1980's Firebird Pro Street
Model Kit 2 Pack - 6391Darrell Waltrip Combo1:24 scale, #11 1982 Mountain Dew Buick Regal and #11 1983 Pepsi Challenger Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Model Kit - HG12419937 Mac Tools1:24 scale, Harry Gant #7 Chevrolet Lumina
Model Kit - PC64-1981930 Ford Phaeton Customizing Kit
Model Kit - PC-124Scarab Rear-Engined1:24 scale
Model Kit - 85-2968'67 Corvette 427 RoadsterRevell 1:25 scale
Model Kit - 85-41421998 Revell Hi-Lo O'Reilly Auto Parts Top Fuel DragsterRevell 1:25 scale Limited Edition 1 of 12,500
Model Kit - 85-4260Rommel's RodTom Daniel, 1:24 scale, Half-track military command car
Model Kit - 85-4280'58 Ford Thunderbird Convertible 2 'N 1Car Show, 1:24 scale
Model Kit - 85-7627'37 Ford PickupRevell 1:25 scale Checkers Market

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