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Fast Lane

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Fast Lane American Government

Fast Lane

The official blog of the United States Secretary of Transportation.  The actual blog can be found at http://fastlane.dot.gov/.  The Crittenden Automotive Library contains copies of only the entries primarily about road transportation.

Fast Lane

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Article Index

19 October 2012Race-car-driving teens talk about safety Fast Lane
22 October 2012Look Before You Book this holiday season and every time you travel by bus Fast Lane
23 October 2012DOT works with world partners to improve connected vehicles, deliver safety benefits Fast Lane
23 October 2012Every Day Counts delivers projects--and transportation results--sooner Fast Lane
25 October 2012Halloween is scary enough – keep it safe by driving sober Fast Lane
26 October 2012America's bus passengers need you to show your app-titude Fast Lane
31 October 2012As Sandy weakens, DOT helping states stand strong Fast Lane
6 November 2012FMCSA works to speed up fuel delivery to storm-stricken communities Fast Lane
7 November 2012Distracted driving enforcement pilot begins in Delaware Fast Lane
13 November 2012Monterey BRT offers fast, innovative transit service Fast Lane
14 November 2012Florida Distracted Driving Summit has a clear safety goal Fast Lane
14 November 2012New York's transportation recovery continues, as once-submerged Carey Tunnel reopens Fast Lane
15 November 2012495 Express Lanes: relief for Virginia motorists, an innovative financing model for American infrastructure Fast Lane
15 November 2012New York looks to the future with Nostrand Avenue BRT Fast Lane
20 November 2012On the road this Thanksgiving? Please buckle up...and slow down Fast Lane

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