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United Auto Workers

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United Auto Workers
Trade Union

A union of automobile factory workers more commonly known as the UAW.

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Soldiers of Solidarity produced a 7-part film called 2007 UAW Bargaining Convention Uncensored.


United Auto Workers Local 1268 Local 1268
Belvidere, Illinois

Photo ©2010 Bill Crittenden
March 14, 2010
View photo of United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 1268 Building - 3,318KB


Court Decisions

  • Supreme Court of the United States:  Auto Workers v. Scofield, 382 U.S. 205 (1965)

    Article Index

  • DateFile DescriptionFiles
    14 May 2010United States District Court, District of Kansas
    AZ Automotive Corp. v. United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America International Union, AFL-CIO and UAW Local 710
    Memorandum and Order

    - 122KB - 10 pages
    DateOriginal PublisherArticleAuthor
    September 18, 2003GM, UAW Reach Labor AgreementBarry Wood
    March 31, 2006Auto parts maker Delphi plans to cut 8,500 jobs; union contractsWikinews
    April 19, 2006Where Would General Motors Be Without the United Automobile Workers Union?George Reisman
    March 22, 2007UAW Members Fault Union Leaders For ConcessionsAnthony Fontanelle
    March 29, 2007“Strike Was Not Out Of The Question” - GettelfingerAnthony Fontanelle
    April 25, 2007UAW Member Perks SlashedAnthony Fontanelle
    May 29, 2007GM, Delphi Nearing Pact With UAWAnthony Fontanelle
    June 18, 2007Delphi, GM And UAW Nearing Wages PactAnthony Fontanelle
    June 20, 2007Delphi, UAW Close To Reaching AgreementAnthony Fontanelle
    June 27, 2007Delphi, UAW Agree On Wage CutsAnthony Fontanelle
    June 27, 2007UAW To Push Delphi Wage DealAnthony Fontanelle
    June 28, 2007Workers Say UAW Got Best DealAnthony Fontanelle
    July 24, 2007Delphi Labor Pact Gets OKAnthony Fontanelle
    July 25, 2007What Will Surface At The Bargaining Table?Anthony Fontanelle
    September 24, 2007Auto Workers Strike Closes GM FactoriesMil Arcega
    September 24, 2007Sindicato de General Motors anuncia huelga inminenteWikinoticias
    September 25, 2007Analysts Predict Massive Losses for General Motors If Strike ProlongedAlex Villarreal
    September 26, 2007Union Reaches Deal with Largest US AutomakerAlex Villarreal
    October 4, 2007GM-UAW Agreement A Blow To CAWAnthony Fontanelle
    October 10, 2007Chrysler Auto Workers Begin StrikeVOA News
    November 13, 2007UAW-Dodge Members Aid Wild Fire VictimsAnthony Fontanelle
    October 25, 2010United Auto Workers Local 1999, Oklahoma City, OK; Notice of Negative Determination Regarding Application for ReconsiderationDel Min Amy Chen
    January 12, 2011UAW-Chrysler National Training Center Technology Training Joint Programs Staff, Detroit, MI; UAW-Chrysler Technical Training Center Technology Training Joint Programs Staff, Warren, MI; Notice of Revised Determination on ReconsiderationDel Min Amy Chen
    May 27, 2011Amended Revised Determination on Reconsideration: UAW-Chrysler Technical Training Center, Technology Training Joint Programs Staff Including On-Site Leased Workers from Manpower, Detroit, Michigan; UAW-Chrysler Technical Training Center, Technology Training Joint Programs Staff, Including On-Site Leased Workers from Manpower, Warren, MichiganDel Min Amy Chen
    September 17, 2011GM, UAW Agree on New ContractVOA Breaking News
    September 23, 2011US Automakers Haggling With UnionVOA Breaking News
    September 28, 2011Union Approves Labor Pact With General MotorsVOA Breaking News
    October 12, 2011US Auto Maker Chrysler Reaches Labor DealVOA Breaking News

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