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Edwards Statement On Tentative Agreement Between The U.A.W. And G.M.

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Edwards Statement On Tentative Agreement Between The U.A.W. And G.M.

Senator John Edwards
September 26, 2007

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – Senator John Edwards released the following statement congratulating the U.A.W. and G.M. on reaching a tentative agreement:

"I am pleased to hear of today's tentative agreement between the United Auto Workers and General Motors. I honor the strength and solidarity shown by 73,000 U.A.W. members who walked the line to get a deal that protects their jobs and honors the standards they have created over decades. This process illustrates that collective bargaining works, and I am happy that both sides are satisfied with today's outcome.

"This settlement highlights the significance of two issues that every worker in America is concerned about – health care and job security. I am encouraged that U.A.W. members have won promises of job security in an era where our government's trade policies are undercutting and exporting jobs that pay living wages. I believe that unionized American autoworkers, if given the chance, can compete with workers from anywhere to produce the most modern and energy efficient vehicles in the world.

"The challenges faced by both sides on the issue of health care remind all of us that our nation remains constrained by our shortsighted approach to securing care for our workers, retirees and families. Until America joins the rest of the industrialized, developed world in providing universal care, we will continue to make our companies less competitive in the global market, and our workers and families will remain at great risk of joining the 47 million Americans who have no health care coverage. I know that America can do better, and I believe that U.A.W. members and retirees join all Americans in wanting real change in Washington that protects good jobs and provides universal health care for everyone."

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