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A manufacturer of cars and SUVs.  Part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Vehicle names used by Chrysler currently and throughout history include:  200, 300, 300C, 300F, 300H, 300L, 300M, Airflow, Aspen, C-300, Cirrus, CO, Concorde, Conquest, Crossfire, E-Class, Fifth Avenue, Firepower, Grand Voyager, Howler, Imperial, Laser, Le Baron, LHS, ME Four-Twelve, Model B, New Yorker, Newport, Norseman, Pacifica, Panel Cruiser, Phaeton, Pronto Spyder, Prowler, PT Cruiser, Royal, Sebring, TC, Town and Country, and Windsor.

Dealerships include:
Ancira Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (San Antonio, Texas, USA)
Bay Ridge Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Benny Boyd Chrysler Dodge Jeep (Lampasas, Texas, USA)
Briggs Chrysler (Lawrence, Kansas, USA)
Brown's Automotive Group (Patchogue, New York, USA)
Central Avenue Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (Yonkers, New York, USA)
Crown Motors (Holland, Michigan, USA)
Highland Park Volvo/Chrysler/Plymouth (Highland Park, Illinois, USA)

Adveritising slogans include:
form follows function (late 1990's)
Drive=Love (early 2000's)
Inspiration Comes Standard. (mid-2000's)


The following section is an excerpt from Wikipedia's Chrysler (division) page on 12 December 2015, text available via the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Chrysler is an American car brand and the longstanding premium marque of automaker FCA US LLC. Before the 2014 creation of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles by the merger of Fiat and Chrysler, FCA US was known as Chrysler Group LLC, named after its founder Walter Chrysler.


The Chrysler brand was originally a premium luxury position competing with Cadillac, Packard, and Lincoln. Chrysler was the top brand in the portfolio of what was then known as Chrysler Corporation, led by its top model, the Imperial starting in 1955.

After the corporation decided to spin Imperial off as a separate brand in 1955 to better compete with Cadillac and Lincoln, Chrysler became the corporation's number two brand, but still offered luxury and near-luxury products. Chrysler's positioning of the Chrysler brand towards a mid-price brand caused Chrysler to kill DeSoto after 1961 and merge most DeSoto vehicles into the new Chrysler Newport. After the Imperial brand was dropped in 1975, Chrysler once again became the top brand.


Chrysler-Plymouth was a division that sold cars with both Chrysler and Plymouth brand names. The Chrysler models emphasized luxury, while the Plymouth cars stood for practicality. The division also sold the high-luxury Imperial brand until 1975. Most Chrysler-Plymouth dealers began offering Jeep vehicles following the demise of Chrysler's Eagle brand in 1998.

When the Plymouth brand was retired in 2001, Chrysler became a stand-alone division of DaimlerChrysler AG, the company formed by the merger of Chrysler and Daimler-Benz. Recently, however, the Chrysler Group has been making efforts to consolidate the Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep brands into one sales unit, while maintaining separate brand identity.

During the 1980s the Chrysler division expanded its product line and target markets by marketing upscale versions of the Chrysler K platform. The Chrysler brand took on a similar role as Oldsmobile, Buick, or Acura by offering entry-level luxury cars of various types and sizes. After the Plymouth line of cars (which were sold in car dealerships alongside the Chrysler brand) were discontinued in 2001, the Chrysler division marketed everything from economy cars such as the PT Cruiser to the limited production Prowler sports car alongside the brand's traditional upscale models such as the 300 and LHS.

Following Fiat's acquisition of a 20% stake in Chrysler LLC, Fiat set a long-term goal of reviving Chrysler as a full luxury brand to compete again with Cadillac and other luxury brands. The company stated in October 2009 that future plans for Chrysler brand vehicles include closer cooperation and shared development between Chrysler and Lancia, an upscale Italian automaker within the Fiat Group. In 2011, the brand's winged emblem was modified, eliminating the historic blue ribbon center which dated from the 1930s, replacing it with a blue-backed "Chrysler" nameplate. In May 2014, Fiat-Chrysler announced it would make the brand a mainstream brand with premium features, similar to GM's Buick, in contrast to earlier statements of moving the full line into the luxury market.

Reference Desk

The Crittenden Automotive Library's "Reference Desk" is a collection of materials that cannot be shared due to copyright restrictions. Information from these resources, however, can be shared. Go to the Reference Desk page for more information.

1957 BookChrysler-Imperial 1957 Service Manual; Chrysler Corporation
1976 Book1976 Chrysler Plymouth Dodge Chassis-Body Service Manual; Chrysler Corporation
1976 Book1976 Chrysler Plymouth Dodge Electrical Service Manual; Chrysler Corporation
2006 BookStandard Catalog of 1950's Chrysler by Jon G. Robinson; Krause Publications


Championships Won in Chryslers

1954NASCAR Grand NationalLee PettyNew Yorker
1955NASCAR Grand NationalTim FlockC-300
1956NASCAR Grand NationalBuck Baker300B


DateMedia or Collection Name & DetailsFiles
1955Chrysler's New One Hundred Million Dollar Look!
Jerry Fairbanks Productions for Chrysler

Topic Page
- 831MB - 36:36


1924 Chrysler New Zealand Stamp News and Events: For the Stamp Collector
New Zealand recently issued an attractive set of six antique car stamps to help celebrate the 13th International Car Rally held in New Zealand in February. The six cars illustrate the development of the motor car from the earliest pioneering period to the introduction of the light economy car. The three cent stamp shows an 1895 Benz; the four cent a 1904 Oldsmobile; the five cent a 1914 Model T Ford; the six cent a 1915 Cadillac service car; the eight cent a 1924 Chrysler and the ten cent shows a 1923 Austin 7. The background scenes are appropriate to both the time and eras in which the cars were used.
Antique Automobile: March-April 1972
View photo of 1924 Chrysler New Zealand Stamp - 2.7MB
A. Kann & Company 1929 Chrysler Ad A. Kann & Company
24 May 1929 - The Ludington Daily News
View photo of A. Kann & Company 1929 Chrysler Ad - 1.5MB
Orange Rush 1957 Chrysler Dragster Model 1957
"Orange Rush" - Jim DiBiase

Jimmy Flintstone body
Photo ©2011 Bill Crittenden
2011 Indian Uprising Model Car Show
August 7, 2011
View photo of "Orange Rush" 1957 Chrysler Dragster Model - 1,523KB
Orange Rush 1957 Chrysler Dragster Model 1957
"Orange Rush" - Jim DiBiase

Jimmy Flintstone body
Photo ©2011 Bill Crittenden
2011 Indian Uprising Model Car Show
August 7, 2011
View photo of "Orange Rush" 1957 Chrysler Dragster Model - 2,111KB
1960 Chrysler Advertisement 1960 Advertisement
From National Geographic, May 1959
View photo of 1960 Chrysler Advertisement - 2,154KB
Chrysler 300s Photo © Bill Crittenden
A 1962 Chrysler 300H (background) and a 1965 Chrysler 300L (foreground)
Lensing Autumn Classic Car Show
October 7, 2007
View photo of Chrysler 300s - 3,302KB
Chrysler 300s 300 Series Collection
Models by Bob Deneen
Photo ©2008 Bill Crittenden

2008 Summer NNL

August 3, 2008
View photo of Chrysler 300s - 3,862KB
Slow Down by Wissam Shekhani - Chrysler Wheel Art "Slow Down"
Ink & Marker On Board
This work was made by Wissam Shekhani, Arabian contemporary intellectual and polymath from Lebanon. For more works and information, see www.wissamshekhani.com.
View image of "Slow Down" by Wissam Shekhani - Chrysler Wheel Art - 1.1MB
This artwork is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0 Generic License.


DateDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
1957Chrysler/Imperial 1957 Service Manual (incomplete)
Chrysler Corporation
Topic Page - ??? pages
22 September 1966NHTSA Recall 66V002001
1967 Chrysler, 1967 Imperial, 1967 Dodge Monaco, 1967 Dodge Polara, 1967 Plymouth Fury
Fuel System, Gasoline:Carburetor System
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Recall Page - 1 page
8 January 1967NHTSA Recall 67V009002
1967 Chrysler, 1967 Chrysler Imperial, 1967 Dodge Dart, 1967 Plymouth Barracuda, 1967 Plymouth Valiant
Service Brakes, Hydraulic:Foundation Components:Master Cylinder
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Recall Page - 1 page
17 January 1967NHTSA Recall 67V009004
1967 Chrysler, 1967 Imperial
Electrical System:Wiring:Interior/Under Dash
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Recall Page - 1 page
10 April 1967NHTSA Recall 67V040001
1967 Chrysler, 1967 Imperial
Service Brakes, Hydraulic:Foundation Components:Disc
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Recall Page - 1 page

Article Index

March-April 1972THE CHRYSLER SIX: America's First Modern Automobile Mark Howell, Antique Automobile
13 August 2006Chrysler Film Project Named Five Lucky FinalistsSarah McBride
29 August 2013Petition for Exemption From the Federal Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Standard; ChryslerFederal Register: NHTSA (Christopher J. Bonanti)

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