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Mexican Grand Prix

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Mexican Grand Prix

A Formula 1 World Championship race first held in 1962.

Wikipedia: Mexican Grand Prix

DateOfficial NameWinnerWinner's Make
4 November 1962I Gran Premio de MexicoTrevor Taylor/Jim ClarkLotus-Climax
27 October 1963II Gran Premio de MexicoJim ClarkLotus-Climax
25 October 1964III Gran Premio de MéxicoDan GurneyBrabham-Climax
24 October 1965IV Gran Premio de MexicoRichie GintherHonda
23 October 1966V Gran Premio de MexicoJohn SurteesCooper-Maserati
22 October 1967VI Gran Premio de MexicoJim ClarkLotus-Ford
3 November 1968VII Gran Premio de MexicoJo SiffertLotus-Ford
19 October 1969Denny HulmeMcLaren-Ford
25 October 1970Jacky IckxFerrari
12 October 1986Gerhard BergerBenetton-BMW
18 October 1987Nigel MansellWilliams-Honda
29 May 1988Alain ProstMcLaren-Honda
28 May 1989XIII Gran Premio de MéxicoAyrton SennaMcLaren-Honda
24 June 1990XIV Gran Premio de MexicoAlain ProstFerrari
16 June 1991Riccardo PatreseWilliams-Renault
22 March 1992XVI Gran Premio de MéxicoNigel MansellWilliams-Renault
1 November 2015Formula 1 Gran Premio de México 2015Nico RosbergMercedes2015 Race Information & Results
30 October 2016Formula 1 Gran Premio de México 2016Lewis HamiltonMercedes
29 October 2017Formula 1 Gran Premio de México 2017Max VerstappenRed Bull Racing-TAG Heuer
28 October 2018Formula 1 Gran Premio de México 2018Max VerstappenRed Bull Racing-TAG Heuer
27 October 2019Formula 1 Gran Premio de México 2019Lewis HamiltonMercedes

2015 Race Information

23 July 2014La Fórmula 1 regresa a México Wikinoticias
31 October 2015Nico Rosberg ganó la pole del Gran Premio de México Wikinoticias
31 October 2015Pilotos de la F1 sitúan nuevos récords de velocidad en autódromo mexicano Wikinoticias

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