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Grand National

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Stock Car Racing

Grand National
Racing Series

Grand National was NASCAR's premiere series from 1950 to 1971.

The name Grand National replaced Strictly Stock in 1950.  It was determined that Strictly Stock sounded more like a rule or rules interpretation than a series name.

Grand National was then dropped in favor of corporate sponsor Winston's name in 1972.  The Grand National then became the Winston Cup.

Grand National Champions

1950Bill Rexford1950 Schedule & Standings
1951Herb Thomas1951 Schedule & Standings
1952Tim Flock1952 Schedule & Standings
1953Herb Thomas1953 Schedule & Standings
1954Lee Petty1954 Schedule & Standings
1955Tim Flock1955 Schedule & Standings
1956Buck Baker1956 Schedule & Standings
1957Buck Baker1957 Schedule & Standings
1958Lee Petty1958 Schedule & Standings
1959Lee Petty1959 Schedule & Standings
1960Rex White
1961Ned Jarrett
1962Joe Weatherly
1963Joe Weatherly
1964Richard Petty1964 Schedule & Standings
1965Ned Jarrett
1966David Pearson
1967Richard Petty
1968David Pearson
1969David Pearson
1970Bobby Isaac
1971Richard Petty

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NASCAR Grand National Model Cars Diorama Diorama with the cars of Richard Petty, Ned Jarrett, and Fred Lorenzen
Photo ©2009 Bill Crittenden
Attack of the Plastic Model Car Contest
July 5, 2009
View photo of NASCAR Grand National Model Cars Diorama - 968KB


The 1950 season, the first with the new Grand National name, featured the inaugural Southern 500, a huge event on Labor Day weekend the new paved Darlington racetrack, the first 500-mile stock car race had a huge 75 car field and an at-the-time NASCAR record $25,000 purse.  It would be the only paved track race of the 19 event schedule.


DateRaceTrackPoleWinnerWinner's Car
February 5Daytona Beach CourseDaytona Beach CourseJoe LittlejohnHarold Kite1949 Lincoln
April 2Charlotte SpeedwayCharlotte SpeedwayRed ByronTim Flock1949 Lincoln
April 16Langhorne SpeedwayLanghorne SpeedwayTim FlockCurtis Turner1950 Oldsmobile
May 21Martinsville SpeedwayMartinsville SpeedwayBuck BakerCurtis Turner1950 Oldsmobile
May 30Canfield SpeedwayCanfield SpeedwayJimmy FlorianJimmy Florian1950 Oldsmobile
June 18Vernon FairgroundsVernon FairgroundsChuck MahoneyBill Blair1950 Mercury
June 25Dayton SpeedwayDayton SpeedwayDick LinderBill Blair1950 Ford
July 2Monroe County FairgroundsMonroe County FairgroundsCurtis TurnerCurtis Turner1950 Oldsmobile
July 23Charlotte SpeedwayCharlotte SpeedwayCurtis TurnerCurtis Turner1950 Oldsmobile
August 13Occoneechee SpeedwayOcconeechee SpeedwayDick LinderFireball Roberts1949 Oldsmobile
August 20Dayton SpeedwayDayton SpeedwayCurtis TurnerDick Linder1950 Oldsmobile
August 27Hamburg SpeedwayHamburg SpeedwayDick LinderDick Linder1950 Oldsmobile
September 4Southern 500Darlington RacewayCurtis TurnerJohnny Mantz1950 Plymouth
September 17Langhorne SpeedwayLanghorne SpeedwayWally CampbellFonty Flock1950 Oldsmobile
September 24Wilkes 200North Wilkesboro SpeedwayFireball RobertsLeon Sales1950 Plymouth
October 1Vernon FairgroundsVernon FairgroundsDick LinderDick Linder1950 Oldsmobile
October 15Martinsville SpeedwayMartinsville SpeedwayFonty FlockHerb Thomas1950 Plymouth
October 15Winchester SpeedwayWinchester SpeedwayDick LinderLloyd Moore1950 Mercury
October 29Occoneechee SpeedwayOcconeechee SpeedwayFonty FlockLee Petty1949 Plymouth

Standings (Top 51)

1Bill Rexford1,959171$5,750
2Fireball Roberts1,848.591$6,800
3Lee Petty1,590171$7,120
4Lloyd Moore1,398161$5,235
5Curtis Turner1,375.5164$8,080
6Johnny Mantz1,28231$10,810
7Chuck Mahoney1,217.5110$2,250
8Dick Linder1,121133$5,695
9Jimmy Florian801101$2,730
10Bill Blair766161$4,400
11Herb Thomas590.5131$2,645
12Buck Baker531.590$2,145
13Cotton Owens50030$1,100
14Fonty Flock458.571$2,195
15Weldon Adams44040$1,205
16Tim Flock437.5121$3,980
17Clyde Minter42780$1,155
18Dick Burns341.580$780
19Art Laney32040$655
20Bob Flock31440$1,155
21George Hartley29880$875
22Gayle Warren287100$550
23Frank Mundy275.580$550
24Jim Paschal220.560$850
25Jack White211.570$525
26Pappy Hough207.550$325
27Ray Duhigg202.550$450
28Leon Sales20020$1,000
29Jimmy Thompson20040$525
30Harold Kite18731$1,550
31Neil Cole183.520$300
32Jack Smith18030$775
33Bucky Sager18020$750
34Red Harvey18010$750
35Ted Swaim18010$750
36Buck Barr18020$575
37Pepper Cunningham177.520$300
38Ewell Weddle173.530$600
39Donald Thomas16420$300
40Bill Snowden16340$325
41Jimmie Lewallen14030$400
42Chuck James14010$400
43Dick Clothier133.550$350
44Paul Parks124.560$375
45Al Gross12430$550
46Jack Reynolds12020$300
47Jim Delaney11420$175
48Carl Renner10820$250
49Jack Holloway107.520$225
50Bob Dickson10560$275
51J.C. Van Landingham10510$450


The 1951 season saw NASCAR branch out westward with 5 races in California and one in Arizona.  The Great Lakes were also visited frequently, with five events in Ohio and two in Michigan.

One of those Michigan events was held in Detroit, Michigan.  The race in the Big 3's proverbial backyard gave many in the automakers their first personal experience with NASCAR.  The 250-mile race was also part of Detroit's 250th anniversary celebration.

The series continued its move to paved tracks, albeit slowly, as three paved tracks hosted a total of four Grand National races in 1951.

In the era when NASCAR competitors were not expected to race all events, even when racing for the championship, it was not uncommon to have more than one Grand National race on the same date.  April 8, April 29, September 23, and November 11 all had two events scheduled, and three were held on October 14.


DateRaceTrackPoleWinnerWinner's Car
February 11Daytona Beach CourseDaytona Beach CourseTim FlockMarshall Teague1951 Hudson
April 1Charlotte SpeedwayCharlotte SpeedwayFonty FlockCurtis Turner1951 Nash
April 8New Mobile SpeedwayNew Mobile SpeedwayRed HarrelsonTim Flock1951 Oldsmobile
April 8Carrell SpeedwayCarrell SpeedwayAndy PierceMarshall Teague1951 Hudson
April 15Occoneechee SpeedwayOcconeechee SpeedwayFonty FlockFonty Flock1950 Oldsmobile
April 22Arizona State FairgroundsArizona State FairgroundsFonty FlockMarshall Teague1951 Hudson
April 29Wilkes County 150North Wilkesboro SpeedwayFonty FlockFonty Flock1950 Oldsmobile
May 6Martinsville SpeedwayMartinsville SpeedwayTim FlockCurtis Turner1950 Oldsmobile
May 30Poor Man's 500Canfield SpeedwayBill RexfordMarshall Teague1951 Hudson
June 10Columbus SpeedwayColumbus SpeedwayGober SosebeeTim Flock1951 Oldsmobile
June 16Columbia SpeedwayColumbia SpeedwayFrank MundyFrank Mundy1951 Studebaker
June 24Dayton SpeedwayDayton SpeedwayTim FlockCurtis Turner1951 Oldsmobile
June 30Carrell SpeedwayCarrell SpeedwayLou FigaroLou Figaro1951 Hudson
July 1Grand River SpeedromeGrand River SpeedromeMarshall TeagueMarshall Teague1951 Hudson
July 8Bainbridge SpeedwayBainbridge SpeedwayFonty FlockFonty Flock1950 Oldsmobile
July 15Heidelberg RacewayHeidelberg RacewayFonty FlockHerb Thomas1951 Oldsmobile
July 29Asheville-Weaverville SpeedwayAsheville-Weaverville SpeedwayFonty FlockFonty Flock1951 Oldsmobile
July 31Monroe County FairgroundsMonroe County FairgroundsFonty FlockLee Petty1951 Plymouth
August 1Altamont-Schenectady FairgroundsAltamont-Schenectady FairgroundsFonty FlockFonty Flock1951 Oldsmobile
August 12Motor City 250Michigan State FairgroundsMarshall TeagueTommy Thompson1951 Chrysler
August 19Fort Miami SpeedwayFort Miami SpeedwayFonty FlockTim Flock1951 Oldsmobile
August 24Morristown SpeedwayMorristown SpeedwayTim FlockTim Flock1951 Oldsmobile
August 25Greenville-Pickens SpeedwayGreenville-Pickens SpeedwayTim FlockBob Flock1951 Oldsmobile
September 3Southern 500Darlington RacewayFrank MundyHerb Thomas1951 Hudson
September 7Columbia SpeedwayColumbia SpeedwayTim FlockTim Flock1951 Oldsmobile
September 8Central City SpeedwayCentral City SpeedwayBob FlockHerb Thomas1951 Plymouth
September 15Langhorne SpeedwayLanghorne SpeedwayFonty FlockHerb Thomas1951 Hudson
September 23Charlotte SpeedwayCharlotte SpeedwayBilly CardenHerb Thomas1951 Hudson
September 23Dayton SpeedwayDayton SpeedwayFonty FlockFonty Flock1951 Oldsmobile
September 30Wilson SpeedwayWilson SpeedwayFonty FlockFonty Flock1951 Oldsmobile
October 7Occoneechee SpeedwayOcconeechee SpeedwayHerb ThomasHerb Thomas1951 Hudson
October 12Thompson SpeedwayThompson SpeedwayNeil ColeNeil Cole1950 Oldsmobile
October 14Pine Grove SpeedwayPine Grove SpeedwayTim FlockTim Flock1951 Oldsmobile
October 14Martinsville SpeedwayMartinsville SpeedwayHerb ThomasFrank Mundy1951 Oldsmobile
October 14Oakland StadiumOakland StadiumDick RathmanMarvin Burke1950 Mercury
October 21Wilkes 200North Wilkesboro SpeedwayHerb ThomasFonty Flock1951 Oldsmobile
October 28Marchbanks SpeedwayMarchbanks SpeedwayDick RathmanDanny Weinberg1951 Studebaker
November 4Speedway ParkSpeedway ParkHerb ThomasHerb Thomas1951 Hudson
November 11Lakewood SpeedwayLakewood SpeedwayFrank MundyTim Flock1951 Hudson
November 11Carrell SpeedwayCarrell SpeedwayFonty FlockBill Norton1950 Mercury
November 25New Mobile SpeedwayNew Mobile SpeedwayFrank MundyFrank Mundy1951 Studebaker

Standings (Top 50)

1Herb Thomas4,208.45357$20,850
2Fonty Flock4,062.25348$15,200
3Tim Flock3,722.57$14,545
4Lee Petty2,392.25321$7,340
5Frank Mundy1,963.5273$7,085
6Buddy Shuman1,368.7570$2,830
7Jesse James Taylor1,214100$3,750
8Dick Rathmann1,040150$3,225
9Bill Snowden1,009.25120$2,640
10Joe Eubanks1,005.5120$3,415
11Lloyd Moore996.5220$2,600
12Fireball Roberts93090$1,190
13Jimmie Lewallen874.25120$2,430
14Bob Flock869171$3,680
15Jim Paschal858.5160$2,450
16Bill Blair840180$2,710
17Gober Sosebee784100$2,710
18Erick Erickson723.5120$2,435
19Tommy Thompson75551$5,510
20Donald Thomas743.5170$2,060
21Johnny Mantz72560$2,025
22Lou Figaro684.2131$2,135
23Buck Baker644.5110$1,650
24Dick Meyer626.560$1,650
25Harold Kite62520$800
26Billy Carden509.75110$1,460
27Jimmy Florian462.590$1,100
28Jim Fiebelkorn455170$1,355
29Ronnie Kohler43250$1,100
30Danny Weinberg423.561$1,470
31Pappy Hugh42391$760
32Woody Brown42130$1,125
33Neil Cole38251$2,050
34Paul Newkirk3750$500
35John McGinley372.560$1,300
36Marvin Panch371.530$1,075
37Oda Greene366.560$825
38Jack Goodwin362.530$725
39Jack Smith360.570$1,275
40Robert Caswell35030$1,325
41Lloyd Dane323.570$975
42Cotton Owens312.550$225
43Fred Steinbroner306.560$700
44Ewell Weddle293.570$435
45George Seeger27890$910
46Sam Hawks262.530$650
47Don Bailey239.5100$625
48Bud Farrell227.550$700
49Harvey Riley80$475
50Fred Lee22460$450


In a reversal of 1951's schedule, NASCAR had scheduled conflicting events on only one date:  June 1.  Four races were held on pavement (two each at Daytona and Darlington), the rest on dirt.

The 1952 Grand National schdule featured the first race outside the United States, held in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

The Fabulous Hudson Hornet dominated the season, with drivers Tim Flock, Marshall Teague, Dick Rathmann, Buck Baker, Buddy Shuman, Bob Flock, and Donald Thomas combining to win 27 of the 34 events in their Hornets.

1952 was also the beginning of contingency sponsorships by major automotive products companies; Champion Spark Plug and Pure Oil Co. (predecessor of Union 76/Unocal) were among the sponsors.


West Palm Beach, FloridaTim FlockHudson
Daytona Beach, FloridaMarshall TeagueHudson
Jacksonville, FloridaMarshall TeagueHudson
North Wilkesboro, North CarolinaHerb ThomasHudson
Martinsville, VirginiaDick RathmannHudson
Columbia, South CarolinaBuck BakerHudson
Atlanta, GeorgiaBill BlairOldsmobile
Macon, GeorgiaHerb ThomasHudson
Langhorne, PennsylvaniaDick RathmannHudson
Darlington, South CarolinaDick RathmannHudson
Dayton, OhioDick RathmannHudson
Canfield, OhioHerb ThomasHudson
Augusta, GeorgiaGober SosebeeChrysler
Toledo, OhioTim FlockHudson
Hillsboro, North CarolinaTim FlockHudson
Charlotte, North CarolinaHerb ThomasHudson
Detroit, MichiganTim FlockHudson
Niagara Falls, Ontario, CanadaBuddy ShumanHudson
Oswego, New YorkTim FlockHudson
Monroe, MichiganTim FlockHudson
Morristown, New JerseyLee PettyPlymouth
South Bend, IndianaTim FlockHudson
Rochester, New YorkTim FlockHudson
Weaverville, North CarolinaBob FlockHudson
Darlington, South CarolinaFonty FlockOldsmobile
Macon, GeorgiaLee PettyPlymouth
Langhorne, PennsylvaniaLee PettyPlymouth
Dayton, OhioDick RathmannHudson
Wilson, North CarolinaHerb ThomasHudson
Hillsboro, North CarolinaFonty FlockOldsmobile
Martinsville, VirginiaHerb ThomasHudson
North Wilkesboro, North CarolinaHerb ThomasHudson
Atlanta, GeorgiaDonald ThomasHudson
West Palm Beach, FloridaHerb ThomasHudson

Standings (Top 50)

1Tim Flock3386,858.5$22,890
2Herb Thomas3286,752.5$18,965
3Lee Petty3236,498.5$16,876
4Fonty Flock2925,183.5$19,112
5Dick Rathmann2753,952.5$11,248
6Bill Blair1913,449$7,899
7Joe Eubanks1903,090.5$3,630
8Ray Duhigg1802,986.5$3,811
9Donald Thomas2112,574$4,477
10Buddy Shuman1512,483$4,587
11Ted Chamberlain1802,208$1,277
12Buck Baker1412,159$3,187
13Perk Brown1902,151.5$2,187
14Jimmie Lewallen2002,033$2,052
15Bub King1001,993$2,737
16Herschel Buchanan01,868$2,468
17Johnny Patterson501,708$3,618
18Jim Paschal1501,694$1,483
19Neil Cole1101,618$1,793
20Lloyd Moore801,513.5$2,193
21Gene Comstock801,339$785
22Banjo Matthews301,240$1,000
23Ralph Ligouri1201,230$920
24Jack Reynolds1001,177.5$1,450
25Dick Passwater601,148$945
26Bucky Sager1001,119.5$710
27Frankie Schneider60931$1,350
28Otis Martin50873.5$275
29Coleman Lawrence80846$375
30Ed Samples80827$1,535
31Fred Dove0780$390
32Slick Smith50746$725
33Iggy Katona50742$525
34Jack Smith80729$820
35Tommy Moon60726$1,145
36Rollin Smith10700$350
37Speedy Thompson20656$305
38Jimmy Thompson0650$300
39Bud Farrell60648$325
40Weldon Adams60634$275
41Clyde Minter50632$375
42Elton Hildreth60614$375
43Dave Terrell50612$475
44Tommy Thompson50602.5$525
45Bob Moore50579.5$575
46Jim Reed70567$475
47E.C. Ramsey70560$260
48Jimmy Florian60551$175
49Ed Benedict50526$360
50Curtis Turner70505$265


It took until the 1953 season for a driver to run the full schedule, 37 races in the season.  Conflicting race dates prevented any driver from doing so before.  Herb Thomas ran the full schedule and won the championship.

In an early example of NASCAR attemtping to expand its market, the Grand National series visited such places as Nebraska, Louisiana, Iowa and South Dakota.

Hudson again delivered a dominant performance, winning 22 of the 37 races and Herb Thomas' championship.

NASCAR began requiring drivers to pre-register for races to earn points, in the process making themselves available for prerace publicity.  Under the old rules points were awarded strictly on where the driver finished on race day, under the new rules drivers who did not pre-register did not earn points.


West Palm Beach, FloridaLee PettyDodge
Daytona Beach, FloridaBill BlairOldsmobile
Spring Lake, North CarolinaHerb ThomasHudson
North Wilkesboro, North CarolinaHerb ThomasHudson
Charlotte, North CarolinaDick PasswaterOldsmobile
Richmond, VirginiaLee PettyDodge
Macon, GeorgiaDick RathmannHudson
Langhorne, PennsylvaniaBuck BakerOldsmobile
Columbia, South CarolinaBuck BakerOldsmobile
Hickory, North CarolinaTim FlockHudson
Martinsville, VirginiaLee PettyDodge
Columbus, OhioHerb ThomasHudson
Raleigh, North CarolinaFonty FlockHudson
Shreveport, LouisianaLee PettyDodge
Pensacola, FloridaHerb ThomasHudson
Langhorne, PennsylvaniaDick RathmannHudson
High Point, North CarolinaHerb ThomasHudson
Wilson, North CarolinaFonty FlockHudson
Rochester, New YorkHerb ThomasHudson
Spartanburg, South CarolinaLee PettyDodge
Morrison, New JerseyDick RathmannHudson
Atlanta, GeorgiaHerb ThomasHudson
Rapid City, South DakotaHerb ThomasHudson
N. Platte, NebraskaDick RathmannHudson
Davenport, IowaHerb ThomasHudson
Hillsboro, North CarolinaCurtis TurnerOldsmobile
Weaverville, North CarolinaFonty FlockHudson
Norfolk, VirginiaHerb ThomasHudson
Hickory, North CarolinaFonty FlockHudson
Darlington, South CarolinaBuck BakerOldsmobile
Macon, GeorgiaSpeedy ThompsonOldsmobile
Langhorne, PennsylvaniaDick RathmannHudson
Bloomsburg, PennsylvaniaHerb ThomasHudson
Wilson, North CarolinaHerb ThomasHudson
North Wilkesboro, North CarolinaSpeedy ThompsonOldsmobile
Martinsville, VirginiaJim PaschalDodge
Atlanta, GeorgiaBuck BakerOldsmobile

Standings (Top 50)

1Herb Thomas37128,460$28,910
2Lee Petty3657,814$18,447
3Dick Rathmann3457,362$20,245
4Buck Baker3346,713$18,167
5Fonty Flock3346,174$17,756
6Tim Flock15,011$8,282
7Jim Paschal2414,211$5,571
8Joe Eubanks2403,603$5,254
9Jimmie Lewallen2203,508$4,222
10Curtis Turner1913,373$4,347
11Speedy Thompson722,958$6,547
12Slick Smith2302,670$2,302
13Elton Hildreth2502,625$1,997
14Gober Sosebee1702,525$2,722
15Bill Blair2112,457$4,535
16Fred Dove01,997$1,240
17Bub King1401,624$1,036
18Gene Comstock1301,519$990
19Donald Thomas1701,408$1,765
20Ralph Ligouri1201,336$1,098
21Pop Mcginnis1301,113$975
22Otis Martin801,068$610
23Andy Winfree70954$300
24Bob Welborn110761$1,160
25Johnny Patterson110753$645
26Ted Chamberlain90738$500
27Neil Roberts20738$400
28Buddy Shuman50713$395
29Arden Mounts100644$395
30Bobby Myers20644$390
31Clyde Minter80636$405
32George Osborne20612$300
33Jim Reed30590$635
34Gordon Bracken60538$215
35Don Oldenberg40527$375
36C.H. Dingler50520$250
37Elbert Allen40488$250
38Mike Magill30486$235
39Lloyd Hulette10486$250
40Bill Harrison30480$450
41Tommy Thompson30463$865
42Coleman Lawrence80446$250
43Dub Livingston60435$225
44Buck Smith50400$175
45Jimmy Ayers40384$150
46Bob Walden40356$250
47Eddie Skinner40352$200
48Bill Adams20346$250
49Mel Krueger30336$175
50Johnny Beauchamp30328$150


1954 featured another Grand National first - a road course race.  On June 13 the cars raced at the airport in Linden, New Jersey.  Al Keller won in a Jaguar.

It was the last great season for Hudson, winning 17 of 37 events.  Oldsmobile had a good year as well, winning 11 events.  It was Chrysler, however, that would be the car of choice for champion Lee Petty.


West Palm Beach, FloridaHerb ThomasHudson
Daytona Beach, FloridaLee PettyChrysler
Jacksonville, FloridaHerb ThomasHudson
Atlanta, GeorgiaHerb ThomasHudson
Savannah, GeorgiaAl KellerHudson
Oakland, CaliforniaDick RathmannHudson
North Wilkesboro, North CarolinaDick RathmannHudson
Hillsboro, North CarolinaHerb ThomasHudson
Macon, GeorgiaGober SosebeeOldsmobile
Langhorne, PennsylvaniaHerb ThomasHudson
Wilson, North CarolinaBuck BakerOldsmobile
Martinsville, VirginiaJim PaschalOldsmobile
Sharon, PennsylvaniaLee PettyChrysler
Raleigh, North CarolinaHerb ThomasHudson
Charlotte, North CarolinaBuck BakerOldsmobile
Gardena, CaliforniaJohn SoaresDodge
Columbia, South CarolinaCurtis TurnerOldsmobile
June 13Linden, New JerseyAl KellerJaguar
Hickory, North CarolinaHerb ThomasHudson
Rochester, New YorkLee PettyChrysler
Mechanicsburg, PennsylvaniaHerb ThomasHudson
Spartanburg, South CarolinaHerb ThomasHudson
Weaverville, North CarolinaHerb ThomasHudson
Willow Springs, IllinoisDick RathmannHudson
Grand Rapids, MichiganLee PettyChrysler
Morristown, New JerseyBuck BakerOldsmobile
Oakland, CaliforniaDanny LetnerHudson
Charlotte, North CarolinaLee PettyChrysler
San Mateo, CaliforniaHershel McGriffOldsmobile
Corbin, KentuckyLee PettyChrysler
Darlington, South CarolinaHerb ThomasHudson
Macon, GeorgiaHershel McGriffOldsmobile
Charlotte, North CarolinaHershel McGriffOldsmobile
Langhorne, PennsylvaniaHerb ThomasHudson
LeHi, ArkansasBuck BakerOldsmobile
Martinsville, VirginiaLee PettyChrysler
North Wilkesboro, North CarolinaHershel McGriffOldsmobile

Standings (Top 50)

1Lee Petty3478,649$21,127
2Herb Thomas34128,366$30,975
3Buck Baker3446,893$19,368
4Dick Rathmann3236,760$16,264
5Joe Eubanks3305,467$8,559
6Hershel McGriff2445,137$13,250
7Jim Paschal2713,903$5,451
8Jimmie Lewallen2203,233$4,694
9Curtis Turner1012,994$10,120
10Ralph Liguari2302,905$3,495
11Blackie Pitt2702,661$1,925
12Dave Terrell3002,645$2,225
13Bill Blair1902,362$2,650
14Laird Bruner2402,243$2,080
15Gober Sosebee1812,114$3,150
16John Soares912,072$3,262
17Marvin Panch1001,925$4,747
18Eddie Skinner1501,794$1,017
19Joel Million901,779$1,092
20Elton Hildreth1401,710$1,152
21Arden Mounts1201,705$875
22Fireball Roberts501,648$1,080
23Speedy Thompson701,480$1,165
24Johnny Patterson401,417$1,240
25Erick Erickson601,337$1,365
26Ray Duhigg1201,245$1,375
27Slick Smith601,122$950
28Clyde Minter1201,116$900
29Gwyn Staley201,088$670
30Lloyd Dane40984$1,600
31Donald Thomas90980$1,675
32Ted Chamberlain100920$475
33Danny Letner41915$1,975
34Elmo Langley20864$450
35Tim Flock50860$1,050
36Fred Dove0832$525
37Bill Widenhouse60805$425
38Gene Comstock10780$400
39Walt Flinchum80756$425
40Charlie Cregar50716$405
41Bill Amick60700$250
42Harvey Eakin70698$425
43Lou Figaro30690$425
44Ken Fisher50668$400
45Jim Reed90631$965
46Russ Hepler60624$525
47Allen Adkins20624$1,150
48Van Van Wey30602$495
49Tony Nelson30568$325
50John Dodd, Jr.10552$150


Factory backing of race teams began, as General Motors and Ford took steps to begin the backing of teams.  Chrysler did nothing to back drivers of their cars, yet their cars won 27 of the 45 events (60%).  Hudson won its last Grand National race in the spring.


High Point, North CarolinaLee PettyChrysler
West Palm Beach, FloridaHerb ThomasHudson
Jacksonville, FloridaLee PettyChrysler
Daytona Beach, FloridaTim FlockChrysler
Savannah, GeorgiaLee PettyChrysler
Columbia, South CarolinaFonty FlockChevrolet
Hillsboro, North CarolinaJim PaschalOldsmobile
North Wilkesboro, North CarolinaBuck BakerOldsmobile
Montgomery, AlabamaTim FlockChrysler
Langhorne, PennsylvaniaTim FlockChrysler
Charlotte, North CarolinaBuck BakerBuick
Hickory, North CarolinaJunior JohnsonOldsmobile
Phoenix, ArizonaTim FlockChrysler
Tucson, ArizonaDanny LetnerOldsmobile
Martinsville, VirginiaTim FlockChrysler
Richmond, VirginiaTim FlockChrysler
Raleigh, North CarolinaJunior JohnsonOldsmobile
Winston Salem, North CarolinaLee PettyChrysler
New Oxford, PennsylvaniaJunior JohnsonOldsmobile
Rochester, New YorkTim FlockChrysler
Fonda, New YorkJunior JohnsonOldsmobile
Plattsburg, New YorkLee PettyChrysler
Charlotte, North CarolinaTim FlockChrysler
Spartanburg, South CarolinaTim FlockChrysler
Columbia, South CarolinaJim PaschalOldsmobile
Weaverville, North CarolinaTim FlockChrysler
Morristown, New JerseyTim FlockChrysler
Altamont, New YorkJunior JohnsonOldsmobile
Syracuse, New YorkTim FlockChrysler
San Mateo, CaliforniaTim FlockChrysler
Charlotte, North CarolinaJim PaschalOldsmobile
Winston-Salem, North CarolinaLee PettyDodge
LeHi, ArkansasFonty FlockChrysler
Raleigh, North CarolinaHerb ThomasBuick
Darlington, South CarolinaHerb ThomasChevrolet
Montgomery, AlabamaTim FlockChrysler
Langhorne, PennsylvaniaTim FlockChrysler
Raleigh, North CarolinaFonty FlockChrysler
Greenville, South CarolinaTim FlockChrysler
LeHi, ArkansasSpeedy ThompsonFord
Columbia, South CarolinaTim FlockChrysler
Martinsville, VirginiaSpeedy ThompsonChrysler
Las Vegas, NevadaNorm NelsonChrysler
North Wilkesboro, North CarolinaBuck BakerFord
Hillsboro, North CarolinaTim FlockChrysler

Standings (Top 50)

1Tim Flock1859,596$37,780
2Buck Baker3238,088$19,771
3Lee Petty4267,194$18,920
4Bob Welborn3205,460$10,147
5Herb Thomas2335,186$18,024
6Junior Johnson3654,810$13,803
7Eddie Skinner3804,652$4,737
8Jim Paschal3654,572$10,586
9Jimmie Lewallen3304,526$6,440
10Gwyn Staley2404,360$6,547
11Fonty Flock3134,266$13,100
12Dave Terrell2503,170$3,655
13Jimmy Massey1102,924$3,510
14Marvin Panch1002,812$4,385
15Speedy Thompson1522,452$7,090
16Jim Reed1402,416$2,703
17Gene Simpson2202,388$2,158
18Dick Rathmann2002,298$4,368
19Ralph Ligouri1202,124$1,973
20Joe Eubanks1402,028$2,008
21Blackie Pitt2001,992$1,785
22Harvey Henderson1701,930$1,810
23Banks Simpson701,852$870
24Dink Widenhouse01,752$1,660
25John Dodd, Jr.1301,496$1,695
26Bill Widenhouse501,444$1,065
27Lou Spears301,272$810
28Larry Flynn101,260$1,175
29Cotton Owens201,248$900
30Gordon Smith1501,212$975
31Billy Carden1301,172$1,340
32Arden Mounts1201,170$1,025
33Joel Milton801,136$1,685
34Curtis Turner901,120$2,605
35John Lindsay601,052$575
36Nace Mattingly30992$700
37Bill Blair120974$440
38Donald Thomas100932$1,240
39Ed Cole, Jr.130924$645
40Mack Hanbury80900$575
41Danny Letter40892$1,780
42George Parrish120880$750
43Banjo Matthews30860$745
44Carl Krueger70748$585
45Ted Cannady90744$450
46Allen Adkins40740$1,160
47Joe Weatherly60724$2,575
48John McVitty70684$550
49Lloyd Dane50674$780
50Fred Dove0668$750


Buck Baker completed his ascent to the Grand National championship that began with a 4th place finish in 1953, followed by a 3rd place in 1954, then 2nd in 1955.

Baker's championship run was as a part of Carl Kiekhaefer's powerful team.  Buck Baker joined the team for the 1956 season, driving with teammates Tim Flock and Speedy Thompson.  However, Tim Flock quit the Kiekhaefer team in April to drive a Mercury for Bill Stroppe.  Herb Thomas was his replacement, but he then quit the team in July to drive for himself.  In whichever form it was in, this team dominanted, combining to win 21 of the first 25 races, including a stretch of 16 straight wins, and a total of 30 races on the 56 race schedule.

Late in the season, former Kiekhaefer driver Herb Thomas was leading the championship points by 246 with four races to go.  The Grand National series headed into the race in Shelby, North Carolina, a date that was on the schedule because Carl Kiekhaefer convinced NASCAR to add it.  During the race, Herb Thomas was injured in an incident with Kiekhaefer driver Speedy Thompson, ending Thomas' season.  He finished third in points, and Buck Baker won the championship.  Speedy Thompson, finished second.

Carl Kiekhaefer and his team were criticized because to some the incident looked intentionally created to give Buck Baker a better chance at the championship.  The controvery led Carl Kiekhaefer to leave NASCAR.

The Kiekhaefer team's domanance, in addition to 2 wins by Lee Petty and 1 by Royce Haggerty gave the Chrysler/Dodge combination a total of 33 wins on the 56 race schedule (58%).


Hickory, North CarolinaTim FlockChrysler
Charlotte, North CarolinaFonty FlockChrysler
Lancaster, CaliforniaChuck StevensonFord
West Palm Beach, FloridaHerb ThomasChevrolet
Phoenix, ArizonaBuck BakerChrysler
Daytona Beach, FloridaTim FlockChrysler
West Palm Beach, FloridaBilly MyersMercury
Wilson, North CarolinaHerb ThomasChevrolet
Atlanta, GeorgiaBuck BakerChrysler
North Wilkesboro, North CarolinaTim FlockChrysler
Langhorne, PennsylvaniaBuck BakerChrysler
Richmond, VirginiaBuck BakerDodge
Columbia, South CarolinaSpeedy ThompsonDodge
Concord, North CarolinaSpeedy ThompsonChrysler
Greenville, South CarolinaBuck BakerDodge
Hickory, North CarolinaSpeedy ThompsonChrysler
Hillsboro, North CarolinaBuck BakerChrysler
Martinsville, VirginiaBuck BakerDodge
Abbottstown, PennsylvaniaBuck BakerDodge
Charlotte, North CarolinaSpeedy ThompsonChrysler
Portland, OregonHerb ThomasChrysler
Eureka, CaliforniaHerb ThomasChrysler
Syracuse, New YorkBuck BakerChrysler
Merced, CaliforniaHerb ThomasChrysler
LeHi, ArkansasRalph MoodyFord
Charlotte, North CarolinaSpeedy ThompsonChrysler
Rochester, New YorkSpeedy ThompsonChrysler
Portland, OregonJohn KieperOldsmobile
Weaverville, North CarolinaLee PettyDodge
Raleigh, North CarolinaFireball RobertsFord
Spartanburg, South CarolinaLee PettyDodge
Sacramento, CaliforniaLloyd DaneMercury
Chicago, IllinoisFireball RobertsFord
Shelby, North CarolinaSpeedy ThompsonDodge
Montgomery, AlabamaMarvin PanchFord
Oklahoma City, OklahomaJim PaschalMercury
Elkhart Lake, WisconsinTim FlockMercury
Old Bridge, New JerseyRalph MoodyFord
San Mateo, CaliforniaEddie PaganFord
Norfolk, VirginiaBilly MyersMercury
Spartanburg, South CarolinaRalph MoodyFord
Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaFireball RobertsFord
Portland, OregonRoyce HaggertyDodge
Darlington, South CarolinaCurtis TurnerFord
Montgomery, AlabamaBuck BakerChrysler
Charlotte, North CarolinaRalph MoodyFord
Langhorne, PennsylvaniaPaul GoldsmithChevrolet
Portland, OregonLloyd DaneFord
Columbia, South CarolinaBuck BakerDodge
Hillsboro, North CarolinaFireball RobertsFord
Newport, TennesseeFireball RobertsFord
Charlotte, North CarolinaBuck BakerChrysler
Shelby, North CarolinaBuck BakerChrysler
Martinsville, VirginiaJack SmithDodge
Hickory, North CarolinaSpeedy ThompsonChrysler
Wilson, North CarolinaBuck BakerChrysler

Standings (Top 50)

1Buck Baker48149,252$34,077
2Speedy Thompson4288,788$27,169
3Herb Thomas4858,710$19,352
4Lee Petty4728,324$15,338
5Jim Paschal4217,878$17,204
6Billy Myers4226,976$15,830
7Fireball Roberts3355,794$14,742
8Ralph Moody3545,528$15,493
9Tim Flock415,062$15,769
10Marvin Panch2014,680$11,520
11Rex White2404,642$5,334
12Johnny Allen3204,024$4,559
13Paul Goldsmith913,788$8,569
14Gwyn Staley2203,550$5,159
15Joe Eubanks2603,284$5,584
16Joe Weatherly1703,084$5,251
17Bill Amick1303,048$5,381
18Jim Reed1102,890$5,077
19Tiny Lund02,754$2,811
20Curtis Turner1312,580$14,541
21Jack Smith1512,320$3,825
22Billy Carden2302,108$2,175
23Lloyd Dane1022,106$4,370
24Frank Mundy901,836$3,585
25Bobby Johns901,832$1,450
26Blackie Pitt2701,760$1,545
27Harold Hardesty901,724$2,380
28Al Watkins1401,710$1,185
29Chuck Meekins701,656$2,815
30Harvey Henderson1801,634$1,310
31Bill Champion1401,632$1,570
32Eddie Pagan811,598$4,095
33Pat Kirkwood301,540$2,025
34Clyde Palmer1101,516$2,755
35John Kieper811,506$3,250
36Johnny Dodson1101,488$1,450
37Bill Blair901,284$1,005
38Junior Johnson1301,272$1,350
39Ed Cole1201,200$950
40Brownie King1501,140$925
41Scotty Cain401,124$1,235
42Allen Adkins601,104$1,465
43Bobby Keck1501,076$950
44Gordon Haines701,066$1,500
45Bob Keefe701,066$1,040
46Dick Beaty1501,036$910
47Jim Blomgren60992$475
48Ed Negre50952$1,255
49Jimmy Massey70950$1,545
50Fonty Flock71946$1,780


Buck Baker won the championship for the second consecutive year, this time without the controversy of Shelby, North Carolina.  He drove his own Chevrolets.

NASCAR's conversion from dirt track racing to paved track racing continued, with 14 paved races on the schedule in 1957.  Many of those new paved-track races were not due to new venues, but to older venues paving their dirt tracks.  Martinsville, North Wilkesboro and Weaverville paved their tracks.  Other paved tracks on the schedule, however, included road courses at Willow Springs and Titusville, and Grand National's first trip to the road course at Watkins Glen, New York.  Also on the schedule was a 1-mile oval at Ralegh, North Carolina.

On whatever surface they were racing on, chances are it was in the Carolinas.  North and South Carolina combined to host 28 of the 53 races (52%).

Safety became an issue for NASCAR in 1957.  At the fall race in North Wilkesboro, a wheel was thrown from Tiny Lund's car, killing a spectator.  This was after a car left the track and landed in the stands at Martinsville, injuring five persons (one a small boy).

The Martinsville incident, in combination with an early 1957 decision by the Automobile Manufacturers Association that member manufacturers should distance themselves from motorsports, are credited with General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler ending their support of NASCAR teams.

Ford dominated the early part of the season, winning 17 of the first 23 events, totaling 26 wins in the season's 53 events.  General Motors finished the season strong, winning just 4 of the first 16 races but 17 of the last 22 for a total of 27 of the season's 53 races.

After Chrysler's 1956 dominance (winning 58% of the races), in 1957 Chrysler brands did not win a single Grand National event.  Top Grand National drivers, some of them former Carl Kiekhaefer team drivers, switched from Chryslers and Dodges to other makes.  1956 Chrysler/Dodge winners Buck Baker, Jack Smith, and Speedy Thompson drove Chevrolets in 1957, and Lee Petty switched to Oldsmobile.


Lancaster, PennsylvaniaMarvin PanchFord
Concord, North CarolinaMarvin PanchFord
Titusville, FloridaFireball RobertsFord
Daytona Beach, FloridaCotton OwensPontiac
Concord, North CarolinaJack SmithChevrolet
Wilson, North CarolinaRalph MoodyFord
Hillsboro, North CarolinaBuck BakerChevrolet
Weaverville, North CarolinaBuck BakerChevrolet
North Wilkesboro, North CarolinaFireball RobertsFord
Langhorne, PennsylvaniaFireball RobertsFord
Charlotte, North CarolinaFireball RobertsFord
Spartanburg, South CarolinaMarvin PanchFord
Greensboro, North CarolinaPaul GoldsmithFord
Portland, OregonArt WattsFord
Shelby, North CarolinaFireball RobertsFord
Richmond, VirginiaPaul GoldsmithFord
Martinsville, VirginiaBuck BakerChevrolet
Portland, OregonEddie PaganFord
Eureka, CaliforniaLloyd DaneFord
New Oxford, PennsylvaniaBuck BakerChevrolet
Lancaster, South CarolinaPaul GoldsmithFord
Los Angeles, CaliforniaEddie PaganFord
Newport, TennesseeFireball RobertsFord
Columbia, South CarolinaJack SmithChevrolet
Sacramento, CaliforniaBill AmickFord
Spartanburg, South CarolinaLee PettyOldsmobile
Jacksonville, North CarolinaBuck BakerChevrolet
Raleigh, North CarolinaPaul GoldsmithFord
Charlotte, North CarolinaMarvin PanchFord
LeHi, ArkansasMarvin PanchPontiac
Portland, OregonEddie PaganFord
Hickory, North CarolinaJack SmithChevrolet
Norfolk, VirginiaBuck BakerChevrolet
Lancaster, South CarolinaSpeedy ThompsonChevrolet
Watkins Glen, New YorkBuck BakerChevrolet
Bremerton, WashingtonParnelli JonesFord
New Oxford, PennsylvaniaMarvin PanchFord
Old Bridge, New JerseyLee PettyOldsmobile
Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaGwyn StaleyChevrolet
Darlington, South CarolinaSpeedy ThompsonChevrolet
Syracuse, New YorkGwyn StaleyChevrolet
Weaverville, North CarolinaLee PettyOldsmobile
Sacramento, CaliforniaDanny GravesChevrolet
San Jose, CaliforniaMarvin PorterFord
Langhorne, PennsylvaniaGwyn StaleyChevrolet
Columbia, South CarolinaBuck BakerChevrolet
Shelby, North CarolinaBuck BakerChevrolet
Charlotte, North CarolinaLee PettyOldsmobile
Martinsville, VirginiaBob WelbornChevrolet
Newberry, South CarolinaFireball RobertsFord
Concord, North CarolinaFireball RobertsFord
North Wilkesboro, North CarolinaJack SmithChevrolet
Greensboro, North CarolinaBuck BakerChevrolet

Standings (Top 50)

1Buck Baker401010,716$30,764
2Marvin Panch4269,956$24,307
3Speedy Thompson3828,560$26,841
4Lee Petty4148,528$18,326
5Jack Smith3948,464$14,562
6Fireball Roberts4288,268$19,829
7Johnny Allen4207,068$9,815
8L.D. Austin4006,532$6,485
9Brownie King3605,740$5,589
10Jim Paschal3505,124$7,079
11Tiny Lund3204,848$6,424
12Billy Myers2804,640$6,566
13Paul Goldsmith2544,188$12,734
14Cotton Owens1714,032$12,784
15Eddie Pagan1533,612$7,274
16Bill Amick2113,512$8,073
17Dick Beaty2003,220$3,648
18Jim Reed602,836$3,408
19Clarence DeZalia2502,828$3,308
20Frankie Schneider1002,516$4,588
21Rex White902,508$3,870
22Curtis Turner1002,356$4,830
23George Green1702,216$2,240
24Whitey Norman1301,920$3,390
25Lloyd Dane1011,852$4,985
26Jimmie Lewallen701,796$1,030
27Johnny Mackinson501,764$1,330
28Bobby Keck1601,740$1,525
29Billy Carden301,600$1,675
30Bill Benson1101,592$1,090
31Dick Getty1001,504$1,890
32Scotty Cain1101,492$1,165
33Roy Tyner1001,468$1,020
34T.A. Toomes1101,404$1,450
35Possum Jones601,360$2,375
36Huck Spaulding801,240$1,120
37Ralph Earnhardt901,180$1,150
38George Seeger601,108$2,740
39Ken Rush1601,104$2,045
40Peck Peckham1001,064$950
41Bill Champion100956$1,125
42Chuck Hansen70900$510
43Danny Graves71880$1,895
44Marvin Porter61872$1,770
45Eddie Skinner40848$605
46Jimmy Thompson20816$325
47Parnelli Jones101812$1,625
48Bobby Johns10800$225
49Don Porter60784$810
50Joe Weatherly140776$5,240


1958 was a big year for the Petty family.  Not only did Lee Petty win the championship, but his son, Richard, made his Grand National debut at Exposition Speedway in Toronto.  His finish of 17th of 19 cars, after a crash, likely left few in attendance predicting that the 21-year old would win 200 races, 7 championships and retire with the most wins in NASCAR's highest series, regardless of its name.

The 1958 championship showed the importance of running as much of the schedule as possible.  Lee Petty ran 50 races, while runner up Buck Baker ran just 44.  Over his 50 starts, Petty averaged 244.64 points per race, while Baker averaged over 263.  Had Buck Baker held that average over 50 races, he would have won the championship with 13,168 points to Lee Petty's 12,232.  Other drivers with higher points per race average include Fireball Roberts (442 ppr 10 races), Parnelli Jones (380 ppr in 3 races), Herb Estes (368 ppr in 11 races), Marvin Panch (311 ppr in 11 races), Rex White (297 ppr ni 22 races), and Jim Reed (280 ppr in 17 races).


Fayetteville, North CarolinaRex WhiteChevrolet
Daytona Beach, FloridaPaul GoldsmithPontiac
Charlotte, North CarolinaLee PettyOldsmobile
Fayetteville, North CarolinaCurtis TurnerFord
Wilson, North CarolinaLee PettyOldsmobile
Hillsborough, North CarolinaBuck BakerChevrolet
Fayetteville, North CarolinaBob WelbornChevrolet
Columbia, South CarolinaSpeedy ThompsonChevrolet
Spartanburg, South CarolinaSpeedy ThompsonChevrolet
Atlanta, GeorgiaCurtis TurnerFord
Charlotte, North CarolinaCurtis TurnerFord
Martinsville, VirginiaBob WelbornChevrolet
Manassas, VirginiaFrankie SchneiderChevrolet
Old Bridge, New JerseyJim ReedFord
Greenville, South CarolinaJack SmithChevrolet
Greensboro, North CarolinaBob WelbornChevrolet
Roanoke, VirginiaJim ReedFord
North Wilkesboro, North CarolinaJunior JohnsonFord
Winston-Salem, North CarolinaBob WelbornChevrolet
Trenton, New JerseyFireball RobertsChevrolet
Riverside, CaliforniaEddie GrayFord
Columbia, South CarolinaJunior JohnsonFord
Bradford, PennsylvaniaJunior JohnsonFord
Reading, PennsylvaniaJunior JohnsonFord
New Oxford, PennsylvaniaLee PettyOldsmobile
Hickory, North CarolinaLee PettyOldsmobile
Weaverville, North CarolinaRex WhiteChevrolet
Raleigh, North CarolinaFireball RobertsChevrolet
Asheville, North CarolinaJim PaschalChevrolet
Busti, New YorkShorty RollinsFord
Exposition SpeedwayLee PettyOldsmobile
Buffalo, New YorkJim ReedFord
Rochester, New YorkCotton OwensPontiac
Belmar, New JerseyJim ReedChevrolet
Bridgehampton, New YorkJack SmithChevrolet
Columbia, South CarolinaSpeedy ThompsonChevrolet
Nashville, TennesseeJoe WeatherlyFord
Weaverville, North CarolinaFireball RobertsChevrolet
Winston-Salem, North CarolinaLee PettyOldsmobile
Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaBob WelbornChevrolet
Darlington, South CarolinaFireball RobertsChevrolet
Charlotte, North CarolinaBuck BakerChevrolet
Birmingham, AlabamaFireball RobertsChevrolet
Sacramento, CaliforniaParnelli JonesFord
Gastonia, North CarolinaBuck BakerChevrolet
Richmond, VirginiaSpeedy ThompsonChevrolet
Hillsborough, North CarolinaJoe EubanksPontiac
Salisbury, North CarolinaLee PettyOldsmobile
Martinsville, VirginiaFireball RobertsChevrolet
North Wilkesboro, North CarolinaJunior JohnsonFord
Atlanta, GeorgiaJunior JohnsonFord

Standings (Top 50)

1Lee Petty50712,232$26,585
2Buck Baker44311,588$25,841
3Speedy Thompson3748,792$17,295
4Shorty Rollins2918,124$13,399
5Jack Smith3927,666$12,634
6L.D. Austin4606,972$6,246
7Rex White2226,552$12,233
8Junior Johnson2766,380$13,809
9Eddie Pagan2704,910$7,472
10Jim Reed1744,762$9,644
11Fireball Roberts1064,420$32,219
12Bobby Keck3004,240$3,459
13Herman Beam2004,224$2,599
14Herb Estes1104,048$2,509
15Clarence DeZalia2703,948$3,004
16Doug Cox1403,736$3,404
17Cotton Owens2913,716$6,579
18Marvin Panch1103,424$4,114
19Billy Rafter1902,916$2,799
20Curtis Turner1732,856$10,029
21Lloyd Dane502,844$2,490
22Bob Duell702,740$2,415
23Jimmy Thompson802,540$3,275
24Fred Harb2502,484$3,320
25Tiny Lund2202,436$3,155
26Bill Poor2402,292$3,115
27Gene White902,040$1,400
28Joe Weatherly1512,032$6,330
29Johnny Mackison1101,680$1,255
30Jim Parsley1001,488$1,135
31Al White901,464$920
32Jimmy Massey901,300$1,625
33Parnelli Jones311,140$1,010
34Joe Eubanks711,120$2,070
35Brownie King2401,116$3,045
36G.C. Spencer101,040$315
37Richard Petty901,016$760
38Bill Carden1301,012$815
39Elmo Langley90980$1,090
40Buzz Woodward90964$1,195
41Possum Jones110960$1,790
42Jim Paschal61928$1,670
43Chuck Hansen70916$580
44Eddie Gray31910$3,375
45Peck Peckham110868$835
46Lennie Page80836$760
47Bob Keefe20782$925
48R.L. Combs90760$805
49Volney Schultze70680$490
50Dean Layfield70664$370


The big story of 1959 was the opening of the Daytona International Speedway and along with the track the inaugural running of its (and NASCAR's) most famous race:  the Daytona 500.

Along with the beginning of the Daytona 500, Richard Petty's career got rolling.  He didn't win a race, but he did take Rookie of the Year honors.  Buddy Baker's debut and Ned Jarrett's first win round out the year of new beginnings at the end of NASCAR's first decade of Grand National racing.


Fayetteville, North CarolinaBob WelbornChevrolet
Daytona Beach, FloridaBob WelbornChevrolet
Daytona Beach, FloridaLee PettyOldsmobile
Hillsborough, North CarolinaCurtis TurnerFord
Atlanta, GeorgiaJohnny BeauchampFord
Wilson, North CarolinaJunior JohnsonFord
Winston-Salem, North CarolinaJim ReedFord
Columbia, South CarolinaJack SmithChevrolet
North Wilkesboro, North CarolinaLee PettyOldsmobile
Reading, PennsylvaniaJunior JohnsonFord
Hickory, North CarolinaJunior JohnsonFord
Martinsville, VirginiaLee PettyOldsmobile
Trenton, New JerseyTom PistoneFord
Charlotte, North CarolinaLee PettyOldsmobile
Nashville, TennesseeRex WhiteChevrolet
Los Angeles, CaliforniaParnelli JonesFord
Spartanburg, South CarolinaJack SmithChevrolet
Greenville, South CarolinaJunior JohnsonFord
Atlanta, GeorgiaLee PettyPlymouth
Columbia, South CarolinaLee PettyPlymouth
Wilson, North CarolinaJunior JohnsonFord
Richmond, VirginiaTom PistoneFord
Winston-Salem, North CarolinaRex WhiteChevrolet
Weaverville, North CarolinaRex WhiteChevrolet
Daytona Beach, FloridaFireball RobertsPontiac
Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaJim ReedChevrolet
CharlotteJack SmithChevrolet
Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaNed JarrettFord
Charlotte, North CarolinaNed JarrettFord
Nashville, TennesseeJoe Lee JohnsonChevrolet
Weaverville, North CarolinaBob WelbornChevrolet
Winston-Salem, North CarolinaRex WhiteChevrolet
Greenville, South CarolinaBuck BakerChevrolet
Columbia, South CarolinaLee PettyChevrolet
Darlington, South CarolinaJim ReedChevrolet
Hickory, North CarolinaLee PettyChevrolet
Richmond, VirginiaCotton OwensFord
Sacramento, CaliforniaEddie GrayFord
Hillsborough, North CarolinaLee PettyPlymouth
Martinsville, VirginiaRex WhiteChevrolet
Weaverville, North CarolinaLee PettyPlymouth
North Wilkesboro, North CarolinaLee PettyPlymouth
Charlotte, North CarolinaJack SmithChevrolet

Standings (Top 50)

1Lee Petty421111,792$49,220
2Cotton Owens3719,962$14,640
4Herman Beam3007,396$6,380
5Buck Baker3517,170$11,061
6Tom Pistone2227,050$12,725
7L.D. Austin3506,519$4,671
8Jack Smith2146,150$13,290
9Jim Reed1435,744$23,534
10Rex White2355,526$12,360
11Junior Johnson2854,864$9,675
12Shep Langdon2104,768$3,526
13G.C. Spencer2804,260$3,701
14Tommy Irwin2503,876$9,190
15Richard Petty2103,694$8,111
16Fireball Roberts813,676$10,661
17Bob Welborn2933,588$6,491
18Joe Weatherly1703,404$9,816
19Bobby Jones102,732$5,951
20Tiny Lund2702,634$4,941
21Bob Burdick602,392$10,050
22Larry Frank1502,256$5,993
23Bobby Keck1802,186$1,270
24Curtis Turner1022,088$3,845
25Jim Paschal601,792$2,980
26Buddy Baker1201,692$1,705
27Shorty Rollins1001,600$1,500
28Elmo Langley1301,568$2,286
29Jimmy Thompson501,528$1,580
30Brownie King1801,480$1,875
31Tim Flock201,464$850
32Joe Eubanks1301,432$2,000
33Roy Tyner2801,416$5,425
34Charlie Cregar301,408$550
35Dick Freeman301,352$475
36Raul Cilloniz201,272$550
37Ned Jarrett1721,248$3,860
38Dave White501,228$660
39Dick Joslin401,224$485
40Tommy Thompson301,168$510
41Harvey Hege1001,152$955
42Eduardo Dibos301,128$1,050
43Bill Champion101,120$500
44Joe Caspolich101,040$470
45Jim Austin501,016$440
46Marvin Porter70984$1,940
47Jim McGuirk40928$325
48Harlan Richardson100924$1,120
49Al White50872$575
50Richrd Riley100760$910



DateRaceTrackPoleWinnerWinner's Car
November 10Textile 250Concord SpeedwayDavid PearsonNed Jarrett1963 Ford
November 17Augusta International RacewayAugusta International RacewayFred LorenzenFireball Roberts1963 Ford
December 1Speedway ParkSpeedway ParkJack SmithWendell Scott1962 Chevrolet
December 29Sunshine 200Savannah SpeedwayNed JarrettRichard Petty1963 Plymouth
January 19Motor Trend 500Riverside International RacewayFred LorenzenDan Gurney1964 Ford
February 21Daytona 500 100 Mile Qualifying Race #1Daytona International SpeedwayPaul GoldsmithJunior Johnson1964 Dodge
February 21Daytona 500 100 Mile Qualifying Race #2Daytona International SpeedwayRichard PettyBobby Isaac1964 Dodge
February 23Daytona 500Daytona International SpeedwayPaul GoldsmithRichard Petty1964 Plymouth
March 10Richmond 250Atlantic Rural FairgroundsNed JarrettDavid Pearson1964 Dodge
March 22Southeastern 500Bristol International SpeedwayMarvin PanchFred Lorenzen1964 Ford
March 28Greenville 200Greenville-Pickens SpeedwayDick HutchersonDavid Pearson1964 Dodge
March 30Bowman-Gray StadiumBowman-Gray StadiumMarvin PanchMarvin Panch1964 Ford
April 5Atlanta 500Atlanta International RacewayFred LorenzenFred Lorenzen1964 Ford
April 11Asheville-Weaverville SpeedwayAsheville-Weaverville SpeedwayMarvin PanchMarvin Panch1964 Ford
April 12Joe Weatherly 150Orange SpeedwayDavid PearsonDavid Pearson1964 Dodge
April 14Piedmont Interstate FairgroundsPiedmont Interstate FairgroundsDick HutchersonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
April 16Columbia 200Columbia SpeedwayDavid PearsonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
April 19Gwyn Staley 400North Wilkesboro SpeedwayFred LorenzenFred Lorenzen1964 Ford
April 26Virginia 500Martinsville SpeedwayFred LorenzenFred Lorenzen1964 Ford
May 1Savannah 200Savannah SpeedwayJimmy PardueLeeRoy Yarbrough1963 Plymouth
May 9Rebel 300Darlington RacewayFred LorenzenFred Lorenzen1964 Ford
May 15Tidewater 250Langley SpeedwayDavid PearsonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
May 16Hickory 250Hickory SpeedwayJunior JohnsonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
May 17South Boston SpeedwaySouth Boston SpeedwayMarvin PanchRichard Petty1963 Plymouth
May 24World 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayJimmy PardueJim Paschal1964 Plymouth
May 30Pickens 200Greenville-Pickens SpeedwayMarvin PanchLeeRoy Yarbrough1963 Plymouth
May 31New Asheville SpeedwayNew Asheville SpeedwayRichard PettyNed Jarrett1964 Ford
June 7Dixie 400Atlanta International RacewayJunior JohnsonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
June 11Concord SpeedwayConcord SpeedwayRichard PettyRichard Petty1964 Plymouth
June 14Music City 200Nashville SpeedwayDavid PearsonRichard Petty1964 Plymouth
June 19Confederate 300Boyd SpeedwayRichard PettyDavid Pearson1964 Dodge
June 21Fairgrounds RacewayFairgrounds RacewayDavid PearsonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
June 23Valdosta SpeedwayValdosta SpeedwayNed JarrettBuck Baker1964 Dodge
June 26Piedmont Interstate FairgroundsPiedmont Interstate FairgroundsDavid PearsonRichard Petty1964 Plymouth
July 4Firecracker 400Daytona International SpeedwayDarel DieringerA.J. Foyt1964 Dodge
July 8Old Dominion 400Old Dominion SpeedwayNed JarrettNed Jarrett1964 Ford
July 10Fireball Roberts 200Old Bridge StadiumBilly WadeBilly Wade1963 Mercury
July 12Bridgehampton RacewayBridgehampton RacewayRichard PettyBilly Wade1964 Mercury
July 15Islip SpeedwayIslip SpeedwayBilly WadeBilly Wade1964 Mercury
July 19The Glen 151.8Watkins Glen InternationalBilly WadeBilly Wade1964 Mercury
July 21Pennsylvania 200Lincoln SpeedwayDavid PearsonDavid Pearson1964 Dodge
July 26Volunteer 500Bristol International SpeedwayRichard PettyFred Lorenzen1964 Ford
August 2Nashville 400Nashville SpeedwayRichard PettyRichard Petty1964 Plymouth
August 7Rambi RacewayRambi RacewayDavid PearsonDavid Pearson1964 Dodge
August 9Western North Carolina 500Asheville-Weaverville SpeedwayJunior JohnsonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
August 13Moyock 300Dog Track SpeedwayNed JarrettNed Jarrett1964 Ford
August 16Mountaineer 500West Virginia International SpeedwayBilly WadeRichard Petty1964 Plymouth
August 21Sandlapper 200Columbia SpeedwayNed JarrettDavid Pearson1964 Dodge
August 22Myers Brothers 250Bowman-Gray StadiumJunior JohnsonJunior Johnson1964 Ford
August 23Starkey SpeedwayStarkey SpeedwayGlen WoodJunior Johnson1964 Ford
September 7Southern 500Darlington RacewayRichard PettyBuck Baker1964 Dodge
September 11Buddy Shuman 250Hickory SpeedwayDavid PearsonDavid Pearson1964 Dodge
September 14Capital City 300Virginia State FairgroundsNed JarrettCotton Owens1964 Dodge
September 18Old Dominion SpeedwayOld Dominion SpeedwayDavid PearsonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
September 20Orange SpeedwayOrange SpeedwayDavid PearsonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
September 27Old Dominion 500Martinsville SpeedwayFred LorenzenFred Lorenzen1964 Ford
October 9Savannah SpeedwaySavannah SpeedwayNed JarrettNed Jarrett1964 Ford
October 11Wilkes 400North Wilkesboro SpeedwayJunior JohnsonMarvin Panch1964 Ford
October 18National 400Charlotte Motor SpeedwayRichard PettyFred Lorenzen1964 Ford
October 25Harris SpeedwayHarris SpeedwayBilly WadeRichard Petty1964 Plymouth
November 1Jaycee 300Augusta SpeedwayNed JarrettDarel Dieringer1964 Mercury
November 8Jacksonville SpeedwayJacksonville SpeedwayDoug YatesRichard Petty1964 Ford

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