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Pre-WWII Racing


The New York Times
October 26, 1902

Competitions on the Grosse Pointe Track, Detroit, Made Exciting Sport.

DETROIT, Mich., Oct. 25.—The most exciting event at the Grosse Pointe Automobile races to-day was the five-mile contest for the Manufacturers' Challenge Cup, which was run in 5 minutes 28 seconds.  Barney Oldfield of Detroit, riding in Tom Cooper's place, beat Charles B. Shanks of Cleveland by a good mile, and was carried from his machine to the judges' stand on the shoulders of admirers, who rushed out on the track by hundreds when he drew up in front of the grand stand.  W. C. Bucknam of Geneva, Ohio, with his black steam machine, which looks like a small locomotive, pushed Shanks hard for second place.

The ten-mile handicap, won by Charles B. Shanks of Cleveland in 13:34 2-5, and in which there were eleven starters, also proved an exciting even.  Alexander Winton of Cleveland, who was the scratch man, broke down, and J. Hedges of New York, whole allowance was only 45 seconds, gave the winner a hard run for first money.  W. C. Baker of Cleveland gave an exhibition ten-mile run with an electric machine in 17:58, making five miles in 9:05 1-5 and breaking the five-mile electric record, which stood at 10:28½.  The seventh event, an obstacle race, was called off owing to darkness.  Summary:

First Race.—Five miles, open, gasoline machines five horse power and under—Won by W. Wigle, Detroit; D. B. Huss, Detroit, second; J. L. McNamara, Detroit, third.  Time—7:50.  Joseph Miller, George R. Haines, J. P. Schneider, W. Rockerman, all of Detroit, also started.

Second Race.—Five miles, handicap, Detroit private owners, all gasoline machines—Won by W. Rockerman, (4:15;) W. C. Rands, (scratch,) second; A. Y. Malcomson, (1:15,) third.  Time of winner, 8:32 2-5; time of W. C. Rands, scratch man, 7:06 1-5.  John W. Eddy and D. M. Ferry, Jr., also started.

Third Race.—Three miles; open; steam machines—Won by W. C. Bucknam, Geneva, Ohio; Windsor T. White, Cleveland, second; J. G. Reiner, Chicago, third.  Time—4:07 205.

Fourth Race.—Ten-mile handicap, open—Won by Charles B. Shanks, Cleveland, (2 minutes;) J. Hedges, New York, (45 seconds,) second; Windsor T. White, Cleveland, (20 minutes 30 seconds,) third.  Time of winner—13:34 2-5.  Best actual time, by Hedges, 12:24 2-5.  Joseph Miller, J. P. Schneider, William F. V. Newman, J. L. McNamara, W. C. Rand, all of Detroit; Carl Fischer, Indianapolis, and Alex Winton, Cleveland, also started.

Fifth Race.—Five miles, Manufacturers' Challenge Cup, open to all members of the American Motor League—Won by Barney Oldfield, Detroit, in Tom Cooper's gasoline machine; Charles B. Shanks, Cleveland, gasoline, second; W. C. Bucknum, Geneva, Ohio, steam, third.  Time—5:28.  Best mile, 1:04 1-5.  Alexander Winton pulled out in last mile.

Sixth Race.—Twenty miles, open—Only two starters, both gasoline.  Race called off at end of ninth mile when J. Hedges of New York was three-quarters of a mile ahead of Alexander Winton of Cleveland.  Time for nine miles—10:43.

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