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Vehicle Parts Manufacturer

A manufacturer of spark plugs.

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NGK Advertisement Motor Trend
August 1965
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DateDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
3 July 2012Devices for Detecting Accumulation Amount of Particulates
United States Patent US 8,210,033 B2
Jungo Kondo, Keiji Matsuhiro, Kenji Aoki, and Atsuo Kondo for NGK Insulators, Ltd.

- 899KB - 11 pages
16 July 2013Bonding Agent Comprising Spherical Sintered Metal Oxide Powder
United States Patent US 8,486,328
Makoto Ohmori, Toshiyuki Nakamura, and Takashi Ryu for NGK Insulators, Ltd.

- 4.8MB - 20 pages
6 August 2013Method for Producting Group III Nitride Semiconductor
United States Patent US 8,501,141
Takayuki Sato, Seiji Nagai, Makoto Iwai, Shuhei Higashihara, Yusuke Mori, and Yasuo Kitaoka for Toyota Gosei Co., Ltd., NGK Insulators, Ltd., and Osaka University

- 782KB - 12 pages
6 August 2013Solid Electrolyte Fuel Cell Stack
United States Patent US 8,501,365
Hideki Uematsu, Masahiro Shibata, Hiroshi Sumi, Hiroya Ishikawa and Keizo Furusaki for NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

- 1.1MB - 20 pages

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