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Futaba Grand Prix

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Futaba Grand Prix

An race for radio control cars.  Established in 1983.

The 1992 event was held at the Ranch Pit Stop in Pomona, California.  Cars raced were 1/10th scale onroad.

1992 A Main Results

1Tony NeisingerRC10LReedy
2Tyree PhillipsRC10L-T&TTrinity
3Kevin JelichRC10LPeak Performance
4Mark PavidisRC10LReedy
5Rick HohwartBolinkPeak Performance
6Ron SchuurRC10LCam
7Barry BakerRC10LReedy
8Kyle ReedRC10LTrinity
9Mike BlackstockRC10LReedy
10Bob HayesBolinkPeak Performance

1992 B Main Results

1Frank Killam
2Ron Rossetti
3Kelly English
4Fernando Belair
5Mike Garrett
6Brian Kinwald
7Tom Prokop
8Mace Horowitz
9Paul Smith
10Steve Blair

1992 C Main Results

1Mike Critelli
2Scott Kimbrow
3Tim Copp
4Derek Furutani
5Bobby Ochoa
6William Brown
7Steve Chamberlain
8Randy Locken
9Robert Cavazos
10Steve Hickman

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