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Jo Bonnier

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

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Jo Bonnier

Former Formula 1 driver.

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Formula 1 Race History


Jo Bonnier 1961 United States Grand Prix Penske about to be lapped by Jo Bonnier (#11). Porsches contrasted with British cars by exhaust note, which loafed by comparison. Bonnier pitted early in race for plug trouble, started in 10th grid spot, finished 6th.
Watkins Glen
Today's Motor Sports, January 1962
View photo of Jo Bonnier at the 1961 United States Grand Prix - 1.8MB

Formula 1 Race History

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DateGrand PrixConstructorGridFinishPoints
January 13, 1957ArgentineMaserati1370
July 20, 1957BritishMaserati17Retired0
August 18, 1957PescaraMaserati9Retired0
September 2, 1957ItalianMaserati13170
May 18, 1958MonacoMaserati16Retired0
May 26, 1958DutchMaserati15100
June 15, 1958BelgianMaserati1490
July 6, 1958FrenchMaserati1680
July 19, 1958BritishMaserati13Retired0
August 3, 1958GermanMaserati21Retired0
August 24, 1958PortugueseMaserati14Retired0
September 7, 1958ItalianBRM10Retired0
October 19, 1958MoroccoBRM843
May 10, 1959MonacoBRM7Retired0
May 31, 1959DutchBRM118
July 5, 1959FrenchBRM6Retired0
July 18, 1959BritishBRM10Retired0
August 2, 1959GermanBRM752
August 23, 1959PortugueseBRM5Retired0
September 13, 1959ItalianBRM1180
February 7, 1960ArgentineBRM470
May 29, 1960MonacoBRM552
June 6, 1960DutchBRM4Retired0
June 19, 1960BelgianBRM7Retired0
July 3, 1960FrenchBRM8Retired0
July 16, 1960BritishBRM4Retired0
August 14, 1960PortugueseBRM13Retired0
November 20, 1960United StatesBRM452
May 14, 1961MonacoPorsche9120
May 22, 1961DutchPorsche12110
June 18, 1961BelgianPorsche970
July 2, 1961FrenchPorsche1370
July 15, 1961BritishPorsche352
August 6, 1961GermanPorsche4Not classified0
September 10, 1961ItalianPorsche8Retired0
October 8, 1961United StatesPorsche1061
May 20, 1962DutchPorsche1370
June 3, 1962MonacoPorsche1850
July 8, 1962FrenchPorsche9Retired0
July 21, 1962BritishPorsche7Retired0
August 5, 1962GermanPorsche670
September 16, 1962ItalianPorsche961
October 7, 1962United StatesPorsche9130
May 26, 1963MonacoCooper-Climax1170
June 9, 1963BelgianCooper-Climax1352
June 23, 1963DutchCooper-Climax8110
June 30, 1963FrenchCooper-Climax11Not classified0
July 20, 1963BritishCooper-Climax12Retired0
August 4, 1963GermanCooper-Climax1261
September 8, 1963ItalianCooper-Climax1170
October 6, 1963United StatesCooper-Climax1280
October 27, 1963MexicanCooper-Climax852
December 28, 1963South AfricanCooper-Climax1161
May 10, 1964MonacoCooper-Climax1150
May 24, 1964DutchBrabham-BRM1290
June 14, 1964BelgianBrabham-Climax14Retired0
July 11, 1964BritishBrabham-BRM9Retired0
August 2, 1964GermanBrabham-BRM12Retired0
August 23, 1964AustrianBrabham-Climax1061
September 6, 1964ItalianBrabham-Climax12120
October 4, 1964United StatesBrabham-Climax9Retired0
October 25, 1964MexicanBrabham-Climax8180
January 1, 1965South AfricanBrabham-Climax7Retired0
May 30, 1965MonacoBrabham-Climax1370
June 13, 1965BelgianBrabham-Climax7Retired0
June 27, 1965FrenchBrabham-Climax11Retired0
July 10, 1965BritishBrabham-Climax1470
July 18, 1965DutchBrabham-Climax15Retired0
August 1, 1965GermanBrabham-Climax970
September 12, 1965ItalianBrabham-Climax1470
October 3, 1965United StatesBrabham-Climax1080
October 24, 1965MexicanBrabham-Climax12Retired0
May 22, 1966MonacoCooper-Maserati16Not classified0
June 12, 1966BelgianCooper-Maserati6Retired0
July 3, 1966FrenchBrabham-Climax17Not classified0
July 16, 1966BritishBrabham-Climax15Retired0
July 24, 1966DutchCooper-Maserati1370
August 7, 1966GermanCooper-Maserati12Retired0
September 4, 1966ItalianCooper-Maserati12Retired0
October 2, 1966United StatesCooper-Maserati15Not classified0
October 23, 1966MexicanCooper-Maserati1261
January 2, 1967South AfricanCooper-Maserati12Retired0
June 18, 1967BelgianCooper-Maserati12Retired0
July 15, 1967BritishCooper-Maserati9Retired0
August 6, 1967GermanCooper-Maserati1652
August 27, 1967CanadianCooper-Maserati1480
September 10, 1967ItalianCooper-Maserati14Retired0
October 1, 1967United StatesCooper-Maserati1561
October 22, 1967MexicanCooper-Maserati17100
January 1, 1968South AfricanCooper-Maserati19Retired0
May 26, 1968MonacoMcLaren-BRMDNQ0
June 9, 1968BelgianMcLaren-BRM16Retired0
June 23, 1968DutchMcLaren-BRM1980
July 20, 1968BritishMcLaren-BRM20Retired0
September 8, 1968ItalianMcLaren-BRM1961
September 22, 1968CanadianMcLaren-BRM17Retired0
October 6, 1968United StatesMcLaren-BRM18Not classified0
November 3, 1968MexicanHonda1852
July 19, 1969BritishLotus-Ford16Retired0
August 3, 1969GermanLotus-Ford14Retired0
September 6, 1970ItalianMcLaren-FordDNQ0
October 4, 1970United StatesMcLaren-Ford24Retired0
March 6, 1971South AfricanMcLaren-Ford23Retired0
August 1, 1971GermanMcLaren-FordDNQ0
August 15, 1971AustrianMcLaren-Ford20Retired0
September 5, 1971ItalianMcLaren-Ford21100
October 3, 1971United StatesMcLaren-Ford28160

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