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Why Use a Race Car Quick Shift Gear Change Kit? - Tech Session

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Why Use a Race Car Quick Shift Gear Change Kit? - Tech Session

Grant Loc
June 15, 2011

Hello, how are you today?

Today I want to talk to you about the benefits of fitting a Quick Shift Gear Change Kit to any race car, track car, rally car or even a drag car.

As you can imagine by the name of a "Quick Shift" it reduces the time to change gear, as quite often the slowest part of a race car is you!! So this bit of kit will help you get faster with all your gear changes.

A Quick Shift will give you that all important competitive edge that is required to stay in front.

How does the Quick Shift Kit work?

The standard gear shifter is basically a lever that links to the gear box. Under the gate are basically a pivot and the bottom of the lever is what does the work changing the gears. Some Quick Shifts have bends in the design, this in some cases gives extra leverage whilst leaving the gear knob in the same position.

Some basic physics come into play here, when you have a shorter lever above the pivot and a longer lever below the pivot will deliver a shorter movement required to produce a gear change. Obviously more effort is required when you reduce the leverage ratio however no gearbox should offer any major resistance, unless there is a problem with the gear box.

What type is best for me?

There are many types of Quick Shifters available some are adjustable and some are fixed. Be careful when setting it to the fastest setting as this may cause rubbing or locking up issues. You will find many car specific fitments for most of the popular Race cars, make sure you find the correct unit for your car.

Will I notice a difference?

I can guarantee you will feel a significant difference when you have installed the correct unit and set it up correctly. You will experience a more responsive, slick gear change and at least a 40% quicker gear change. Every second counts in Motorsport and this could give you the edge you need to get you on the podium. Once you have raced with a quick shift you will not want to ever go back.

How do I fit it?

Fitment is not difficult. The best way is to get the correct car manual so you can see how the mechanism works as standard. The hardest part is getting at the gear linkage, once you have access it is an easy replacement. The modification is simple that will give you a sportier feel and faster gear changes.

I am sure this has been interesting to you.

Please look at my other articles and leave comments below.

Thank you for your time.

Grant Loc has been involved with Motorsports for over 15 years and the Director of obp Ltd. obp Ltd is a major player in Manufacture and Supply of Quality Race Car Products and provides most of the leading Motorsport distributors all over the World. obp manufacture Race Pedal Boxes, Hyd Handbrakes, Alloy Fuel Swirl Pots, Alloy Fuel Tanks, Alloy Dry Oil Tanks, Alloy Header Tanks, Alloy Oil Catch Tanks, etc. http://www.obpltd.com

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