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From The Sheltra Motorsports Team: “What do you want Santa Claus to bring you for Christmas this year?”

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From The Sheltra Motorsports Team: “What do you want Santa Claus to bring you for Christmas this year?”

Chris Knight
Sheltra Motorsports
December 23, 2008

Recently, members of the Sheltra Motorsports team were asked what they would like from Christmas. From health to new cell phones and even a car too, one of the strongest ARCA RE/MAX Series teams on the circuit responded to what they would like the jolly guy in the red suit to bring them this Christmas.

Steven Cupp (Mechanic): “It’s a long shot, but I begged Santa Claus to bring me a 468 cubic Oldsmobile engine.”

John Hayden (Crew Chief): “Everyone gives me a hard time about my cell phone. It’s one of the first Nokia cell phones that were ever made. I really hope I’ll get a new one for Christmas.”

Steve Howell (Marketing): “Every year I ask Santa Claus for the same thing and I keep inching closer, wealth and health.”

Kevin Huffines (Spotter): “I’ve asked the big guy to bring me good time with my wife and kids while also bringing my racing boy Devin a new quarter midget and my other son Carter some neat civil war memorabilia.”

Kenny Hunt (Track Support): “The only thing I’ve asked Santa for is Sheltra Motorsports and Patrick to win the Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200 at Daytona in February!”

Chris Knight (Communications): “I’ve asked Santa to be surrounded by friends and family. Enjoy the time with them while also hoping he will bring me some much wanted DVDs, cds and cologne.”

Phillip Lindley (Mechanic & Tire Carrier): “I recently moved into my own place in Western Kentucky so I’m hoping Santa will bring me a plasma television.”

William Mares (Fabricator & Tire Carrier): “We just had a recent addition to our family, so I’m hoping that Santa will bring us some new wheels and a vehicle that is comfortable enough for entire family.”

Shane Russelburg (Fabricator & Tire Changer): “I’ve always watched A Christmas Story and I’ve never received a Red Rider BB Gun, so I’m asking Santa for one this Christmas.”

Grace Sheltra (Car Owner): “I’ve asked Santa to bring our race team a pole and a win at Daytona in February. Santa’s already brought me everything else I need.”

Patrick Sheltra (Driver): “I do a lot of hunting, so I hope that on Christmas Morning, Santa has delivered me a new gun for my growing collection. I’ve also asked the big guy to help me out with victories for the 2009 racing season.”

Keith Strunk (Team Manager): “Santa usually brings me time with my family and friends which I’m thankful for but I’m hoping he’ll also bring a Playstation 3 so when I have some down time, I can play it with my kids.”

Eric Wettstain (Mechanic & Tire Changer): “I haven’t asked Santa a lot this year, so I’m hoping he’ll bring me new clothes and a cell phone.”

From our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

For more on Patrick Sheltra, please visit PatrickSheltra.com.

About Sheltra Motorsports:

Sheltra Motorsports (sheltramotorsports.com) is a three-tier Motorsports operation consisting of dirt and asphalt competition. Patrick Sheltra, a 22-year old native of Indiantown , Florida competes in the UMP and WoO (Dirt) Series; while also running a full schedule in the ARCA RE/MAX Series (No. 60) and a limited schedule in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Sheltra Motorsports ownership is combined of Richard, Grace and Patrick Sheltra. The team is headquartered in Indiantown , Florida with additional operations in Richmond , Indiana and Whitesville , Kentucky .



NAME: Chris Knight, Sheltra Motorsports
PHONE: 239.834.9797
EMAIL: chris@patricksheltra.com

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