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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: AAA 400

Stock Car Racing Topics:  AAA 400

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: AAA 400

Carl Edwards
Jimmie Johnson
October 2, 2011


KERRY THARP: Thank you so much and congratulations on taking over the points lead and we'll see you at Kansas. Thank you.
Our race runner-up is Jimmie Johnson, five-time NASCAR Sprint such series defending champion and Jimmie comes back with a strong second-place finish here today. And talk about that, Jimmie. You certainly had a car that could -- you had a race-winning car and certainly you were strong and a tired day and certainly one of those tracks you feel like you needed to excel at that.
JIMMIE JOHNSON: Obviously a great day for us, to lead that many laps and to have great stops on pit road across the board, very, very strong effort. Wish that we could be one spot better but I just did not get two good restarts at the end of that thing and cost myself.
So all in all, though, exactly what we needed. We needed to run in the top three here at one of our better racetracks, and mission accomplished.
KERRY THARP: After today you are in fifth place, just 15 points out of the lead. So you made up a lot of ground today here at Dover.
JIMMIE JOHNSON: Are we out of it? Last week I was considered done.
KERRY THARP: Jimmie, you are never out of it.
JIMMIE JOHNSON: Just making sure, Kerry.

Q. Coming here to Dover for a third race in the Chase, do you think that plays into the factor of how the Chase shakes out; when you won your past championships and prior years past, it was the second race; do you think it makes a difference or it benefitted you more that it's the third race in the Chase?
JIMMIE JOHNSON: I don't think it really matters to be honest with you. When I looked at the schedule, with Atlanta not being in the Chase, that's been a tough track for us to consistently run well at and Chicago has been a more consistent track. My focus was more on the Chicago Atlanta switch. Didn't really matter to know. I was happy to that I was in the Chase; that Dover was in the Chase.
KERRY THARP: We are joined by Carl Edwards. Carl is tied with Kevin Harvick for the number of points, but Kevin would get the higher seed due to the tie-breaker rules.
But great showing out there today, Carl. You come in third place, you were up front most of the day. You had that speeding penalty on pit road, you came back, your car was extremely fast. Really put on a great show, you and Jimmie did, and Kurt, as well. Toward the end of that race. Congratulations.
CARL EDWARDS: It was a great day, other than that feeling I had when I ruined it there on pit road. That's about as small as you can feel in a race car.
We talked about it before the race. We looked at the pit road speeding lines and that last line, Bob and I actually discussed the last section. It's 25 feet, eight inches long, and we talked about that run and how I was not going to speed through it, and I just blasted right through it.
We were very, very fortunate. As frustrated as I am with myself for messing that up, I'm really, really grateful for the gift that was given to us with that caution and the ability to come back up there.
And the other thing that was really important to me was my guys sticking behind me, because they had every right to be really, really upset with me. So ended up being a good finish. I had a good time racing there with Jimmie the last couple of laps. That was fun.

Q. You mentioned the last two restarts, and Kurt looked like in a pro-stock the way he took off; was that a case of him being so much better or you not hitting your mark right?
JIMMIE JOHNSON: Well, I did a really good job, up until those last two. I have to say, when you're the leader, you have a small advantage, because you go when you want. I blew it by spinning the tires. Kurt got a good launch, and we were door to door going into one, and he was able to get by on the outside.
And then the next one, I was going to try to do that same thing back to him, and I was just trying to time it when he was going to accelerate. And I didn't time it right. And I had too big of a gap, and fell in behind him going into turn one.
I put it on me, because the starts I had earlier in the day, regardless of the lane, leading or not -- yard guys, I cleared them typically going into one so, it's on me.

Q. The two of you have had really very similar seasons, both of you have won one time and won once, and both of you could have run a number of other races. The regular season is sort of graded on a curve for the Chase, but the Chase is just a system that rewards consistency. Have either of you ever had seasons when you have actually been more consistent?
JIMMIE JOHNSON: Is that a brain teaser? You're making me think, man.
CARL EDWARDS: I don't know either.

Q. Tony Stewart complains that we don't make him think and now you complain that we do.

Q. Are the two of you proud of your damn consistency?
CARL EDWARDS: I'm really proud of my consistency (laughing). It feels good that runs a team on average as well as we have this year and to have an opportunity to win races. It's a little frustrating that we have not won more of them. I know Kenny Bruce had some advice for me the other day and I've been trying to think about that, trying to win more so we can get more points. But it has been a good season.
JIMMIE JOHNSON: I think that the year that we raced Jeff for the championship, I know in the Chase, at least, we won a lot of races. I feel like that was maybe my most consistent year. I don't know how the regular season was.
But you know, victory lane, there's nothing like it. I wish that -- especially in the first 26, the consistency wasn't there, but we went to victory lane more; would have been a better regular season for me.

Q. We have seen in the first three races, a pattern of you being up there, contending for top-five finishes in Chicago, you run out of gas the final lap. You go to New Hampshire, you were on track for a top-ten finish and you struggle with Kyle Busch's contact in the final laps, and then here, it looked like you led the most laps, you're in contention to win, and then you end up finishing second. Do you feel like you've left a lot of points on the table the first three races and do you look back and say, oh, that's going to hurt me down the road? Or are you confident with the speed you've shown in the first three races and you're saying, okay, I feel like I'm in good position for the final seven.
JIMMIE JOHNSON: I look at it and say we left points on the table. New Hampshire, for sure -- all three of them, absolutely, without a doubt. Not getting the restart I needed today at the end, that's on me and no one else.
Definitely. This Chase is so tough to know what it's going to take, and I just -- we look at the 14 car, and what he did in the first two races and then the struggles they had today. I think it speaks to how tough these ten races are going to be and how you think somebody is on fire and the fire can go out.
So we'll just keep fighting hard. I hate leaving points on the table, and we have these first three.

Q. You both talked about essentially mistakes that you made today that prevented you from winning. How do you get over that? How long does that take? What's that process in moving forward?
JIMMIE JOHNSON: If I was Carl, I wouldn't get over that mistake.
CARL EDWARDS: (Laughing ).
JIMMIE JOHNSON: I maybe wouldn't show up next week.
CARL EDWARDS: But you're not me.
CARL EDWARDS: It is tough. It's frustrating. I think if I were Jimmie, I would be so frustrated I gave up that win. He had otherwise a perfect day. It would probably bother me all week if I were Jimmie.
JIMMIE JOHNSON: (Laughing). Not sure we answered your question.

Q. Inaudible.
CARL EDWARDS: I go shooting. That helps. (Laughing).
No, it is tough. Someone wrote a long time ago -- I don't remember which book it was but my buddy, Carl Frederickson, had this book at his house that said, racing is not -- you don't succeed by being the guy that does everything perfect; you succeed by being the guy that minimizes mistakes. Everyone is going to make mistakes and they are very difficult to get over.
Today I think both of us were fortunate. We finished up front didn't cost ourselves a ton of points but we are race car drivers and we are going to think about what we did wrong and try not to do it again.
Seems like as soon as you have everything figured out you start forgetting things that you knew a long time ago and start making mistakes over again. It's very difficult.
JIMMIE JOHNSON: Definitely, giving up a win by not getting a good restart; I'll think about it tonight. And certainly disappointed in the fact that I didn't take advantage of the opportunity I had up front.
But finishing second, big picture wise, we'll take it. It's not the end of the world, but the mistake's on me.

Q. The way you were dominating the first half of the race, without that mistake, you win this thing going away? Is that how you'll remember this tonight or tomorrow when you go shooting?
CARL EDWARDS: Yeah, it's really easy to say, if we would not have made that mistake we would have won. I definitely took myself out of position to fight for the win by doing that. So that's something that painful, and I'm going to think about it. I'm going to think about it all the way home. I'm going to lay in bed. My wife's going to yell at me and tell me to get over it. That's just how it goes. That's how racing is.
But to me, the neatest part was that Bob and my guys made sure that they told me that they were behind me and they weren't -- they were excited to go to Kansas. That really felt good. But you do feel kind of like you're on an island sometimes when you make those kind of mistakes. You feel like, man, I have all of these people behind me, all of these folks working so hard and that's a tough thing to swallow but that's part of the sport.

Q. (No mic).
CARL EDWARDS: That's the first time I've been caught speeding on pit road all year? Well, I've done it like 15 times in the Nationwide Series. That's a tough one.

Q. Did you say that maybe you had something on one of your tires on that restart? And also, can were you concerned at all just restarting against Kurt Busch and knowing if you had contact, then, oh my gosh, this could lead to other stuff?
JIMMIE JOHNSON: No, it didn't cross my mind at all. It was just another guy to race, another car to worry about fighting for the win with. I didn't think twice about Kurt being out there.
We raced hard and clean and did what we both needed to on the track, so that's a good thing. Coming around to get the green, there's a lot of rubber chunks laying around and I picked up a piece of rubber and I could feel it on the tire kind of thumping as I was coming around. It could have been on the rear. I think it might have, but I didn't want to climb out of the race car saying, I had stuff on my tires and that's what messed it up. I should have done a better job of cleaning my tires and worked harder to get it off. Whatever it is, it's still on me.
But I did feel like I had a little pick-up there right before I went to the gas are for the start itself.

Q. How glad are you guys that it wasn't a mileage race today?
JIMMIE JOHNSON: Very glad. Very happy that it wasn't. Racing, worrying about that stuff, it has not been our strong suit but it's an area we are working hard to get better in and happy to know it didn't come down to that.
CARL EDWARDS: We get pretty good fuel mileage with our Ford and we work on it hard. So to me fuel mileage races I kind of look at as an opportunity. But I'm sure as soon as I say that, I'll get bit by one and it will get me.
I was glad we raced to the finish today. I thought that was a lot of fun.
KERRY THARP: Carl and Jimmie, thank you and good luck at Kansas.

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