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I-90 Work Zone - yes or no?

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Topics:  Interstate Highway System

I-90 Work Zone - yes or no?

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
May 6, 2013

Yesterday I had a great ride into Chicago (and back) on my motorcycle. I left about 11:00AM and rode south on 47 to Huntley, then east on the Tollway. I thought it might be a white-knuckle ride, but drivers were fairly polite and stayed pretty close to the speed limit, even in the eastbound work zone.

The Illinois State Police brought a smile to my lips, because the Wolf Pack was a-hunting in the westbound lanes. An unmarked, maroon, four-door sedan had one driver stopped, and a white SUV with the ISP insigne on the side had a second vehicle stopped - although in a dangerous location - the inside shoulder. A third, marked patrol car was working the westbound side.

Coming back was another story. Shortly after entering the Kennedy, the craziness started. Once back on the Tollway westbound, speeds of other drivers were pretty high, including a jerk in a VW who cut me off and a kid on a crotch rocket who thought he was on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

And then I arrived at the construction zone at the Elgin toll plaza. The warning signs at the beginning of the work zone were clear and posted on both sides of the roadway: 45 MPH. And ignored by almost all.

Right after the toll plaza and before Randall Road, there stood a lonely 55 MPH standard speed limit sign on the right shoulder and no construction barrels anywhere to be seen.

So, the question is ... is the speed limit 55 MPH or 45 MPH? There had been no End Work Zone sign. So it's still 45, right? Or is it?

After 1-2 miles the work zone became obvious, and 45MPH work zone speed limit signs were posted.

Believe me! You don't want to get a $375 ticket and have to take your time (and your chances) with da judge.

I have emailed the Tollway about this. Let's see if they fix it. Will they promptly cover that 55 MPH sign and install additional work-zone speed limit signs?

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