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Texas Biggie

Texas Biggie

A radio control car race in Texas.

The 1995 race was hosted by the Dallas RCRC Club and was at their track in Dallas.

19951/10 scale A-MainArt Carbonell1995 1/10 scale A-Main Results
19951/8 scale 2WD A-MainDave Campbell1995 1/8 scale 2WD A-Main Results
19951/8 scale 4WD A-MainArt Carbonell1995 1/8 scale 4WD A-Main Results

1995 1/10 scale A-Main Results

12Art CarbonellSerpentMegaDahms108
27Jimmy PiersolDeltaNova/RossiDahms105
39Brian BodineBMTNova/RossiDahms105
44Tommy RamundoSerpentMegaDahms101
56Mike QuellerBMTOPSDahms101
65Frank CalandraSerpentMegaDahms94
78Scott BarreraPBNova/RossiDahms91
81Dave CampbellDeltaNova/RossiDahms90
910Rudy WillamsBMTNova/RossiBMT88
103Don JonesSerpentMegaDahms84

1995 1/8 scale 2WD A-Main Results

12Dave CampbellDeltaNova/RossiLola110
24Chris AllisonBMTTQ-10Lola108
39Sean CochranDeltaNova/RossiLola105
410Brent GottfriedDeltaNova/RossiLola105
53Shawn MurrayPBNova/RossiPB Jag104
67David MurrayPBNova/RossiPB Jag103
75Jimmy PiersolDeltaNova/RossiLola95
81Kyle WilsonBMTNova/RossiLola43
98Steve SmithDeltaNova/RossiLola34
106Tommy PorfirioBMTTQ-10LolaDNS

1995 1/8 scale 4WD A-Main Results

15Art CarbonellSerpentMegaLola118
23Chris TossoliniBMTOPSLola118
37Frank CalandraSerpentMegaLola116
41Ralph Burch Jr.BMTTQ-10Lola115
510Don JonesSerpentMegaLola115
69Josh AltonSerpentMegaLola113
78Davy PrestonBMTTQ-10Lola113
86Eric DavisParsecRoemElfin107
92Tommy RamundoSerpentMegaLola92
104Scott BarreraPBNova-RossiPB Jag56

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