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A developer & manufacturer of vehicle parts founded in 1899 as the Muzzy-Lyon Company. Muzzy-Lion and Federal Bearings and Bushing merged in 1924 to become the Federal-Mogul Corporation.


The following section is an excerpt from Wikipedia's Federal-Mogul page on 12 September 2019, text available via the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Federal-Mogul Corporation is an American developer, manufacturer and supplier of products for automotive, commercial, aerospace, marine, rail and off-road vehicles; and industrial, agricultural and power-generation applications.

Federal-Mogul operates two independent business divisions, called Federal-Mogul Powertrain and Federal-Mogul Motorparts. The two divisions each have their own chief executive officer.

Federal-Mogul was founded in Detroit in 1899 by J. Howard Muzzy and Edward F. Lyon as the Muzzy-Lyon Company. Muzzy and Lyon went into business together producing mill supplies and rubber goods. In addition, the partners formed a subsidiary called the Mogul Metal Company where they launched various bearing innovations. Muzzy Lyon began producing bearings made from their own Babbitt metal called Mogul, an alloy of tin, antimony and copper. The product was trademarked under the names of "Mogul" and "Duro". In addition to Babbitt metal, Muzzy and Lyon invented a process of custom die-casting bearings.

The Muzzy-Lyon Company bearings business proved successful in the early 1900s and became the pair's main concern, with Buick as one of their earliest customers. In 1924, the Muzzy-Lyon Company and Federal Bearings and Bushing, an engine bearings and bushings manufacturing company founded in 1915 by a group of Detroit businessmen, merged to become Federal-Mogul Corporation. The combined company also manufactured bronze bearings, a product the Muzzy-Lyon Company had not supplied.

Federal Mogul established a research division in 1929, with the help of Battelle Memorial Institute. In 1931, during the Great Depression, Federal-Mogul started its Equi-Poise propeller division.

In 1932, the company developed a new alloy called C-100, one of the first new bearing materials since the discovery of Babbitt metal. The Federal-Mogul research team revamped the C-100 in 1934 to create a C-50 alloy.

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6 April 2020Federal-Mogul Motorparts LLC; Analysis to Aid Public CommentFederal Register: FTC (April J. Tabor)

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