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Baja 1000

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Baja 1000

Baja 1000 is the common name for a 1000-mile off-road race held in Baja California, Mexico.

Wikipedia: Baja 1000

DateRouteCar WinnersCar Winner's VehicleMotorcycle WinnersMotorcycle Winner's Make
1967Tijuana to La PazVic Wilson & Ted MangelsMeyers Manx VWJ.N. Roberts & Malcolm SmithHusqvarna
1968Ensenada to La PazLarry Minor & Jack BayerFord BroncoLarry Berquist & Gary PrestonHonda
1969Ensenada to La PazLarry Minor & Rod HallFord BroncoGunnar Nilsson & J.N. RobertsHusqvarna
1970Ensenada to La PazDrino Miller & Vic Wilson MillerVolkswagenMike Patrick & Bill BowersYamaha
1971Ensenada to La PazParnelli Jones & Bill StroppeFord BroncoMalcolm Smith & Gunnar NilssonHusqvarna
1972Mexicali-La PazParnelli Jones & Bill StroppeFord BroncoGunnar Nilsson & Rolf TibblinHusqvarna
1973Ensenada to La PazBobby Ferro & Johnny JohnsonFunco VolkswagenMitch Mayes & A.C. BakkenHusqvarna
1975Ensenada to EnsenadaMalcolm Smith & Dr. Bud FeldkampHi-Jumper VolkswagenAl Baker & Gene CannadyHonda
1976Ensenada to EnsenadaIvan StewartChenowth VolkswagenLarry Roeseler & Mitch MayesHusqvarna
1977Ensenada to EnsenadaMalcolm Smith & Dr. Bud FeldkampFunco VolkswagenBrent Wallingsford & Scot HardenHusqvarna
1978Ensenada to EnsenadaMark StahlChenowth VolkswagenLarry Roeseler & Jack JohnsonHusqvarna
1979Ensenada to La PazWalker Evans & Bruce FlorioDodge PickupLarry Roeseler & Jack JohnsonHusqvarna
1980Ensenada to EnsenadaMark StahlChenowth VolkswagenLarry Roeseler & Jack JohnsonYamaha
1981Ensenada to EnsenadaMark McMillin & Thomas HokeChenowth VolkswagenScot Harden & Brent WallingsfordHusqvarna
1982Ensenada to La PazMickey Thompson & Terry SmithRaceco VolkswagenAl Baker & Jack JohnsonHonda
1983Ensenada to EnsenadaMark McMillin & Ralph PaxtonChenowth VolkswagenDan Smith & Dan AshcraftHusqvarna
1984Ensenada to EnsenadaMark McMillin & Ralph PaxtonChenowth VolkswagenChuck Miller & Randy MoralesHonda
1985Ensenada to EnsenadaSteve Sourapas & Dave RichardsonRaceco VolkswagenRandy Morales & Derrick PaiementHonda
1986Ensenada to La PazMark McMillin & Ralph PaxtonChenowth PorscheBruce Ogilvie & Chuck MillerHonda
1987Ensenada to EnsenadaBob Gordon & Malcolm SmithChenowth PorscheDan Ashcraft & Bruce OgilvieHonda
1988Ensenada to EnsenadaMark McMillinChenowth PorschePaul Krause, Larry Roeseler, Danny LaPorteKawasaki
1989Ensenada to La PazRobby GordonFord PickupLarry Roeseler, Danny LaPorte, Ted Hunnicutt Jr.Kawasaki
1990Ensenada to EnsenadaBob Gordon, Robyn Gordon, Robby GordonChenowth ChevroletLarry Roeseler, Ted Hunnicutt Jr., Danny LaPorteKawasaki
1991Ensenada to EnsenadaLarry RaglandChevrolet PickupLarry Roeseler, Ted Hunnicutt Jr., Marty SmithKawasaki
1992Ensenada to La PazPaul Simon & Dave SimonFord RangerDanny Hamel, Garth Sweetland, Paul OstboKawasaki
1993Mexicali-MexicaliIvan StewartToyota SR5Danny Hamel, Larry Roeseler, Ty DavisKawasaki
1994Mexicali-MexicaliJim SmithFord TTDanny Hamel, Larry Roeseler, Ty DavisKawasaki
1995Tijuana to La PazLarry RaglandChevrolet TTPaul Krause, Ty Davis, Ted Hunnicutt Jr.Kawasaki
1996Ensenada to EnsenadaLarry RaglandChevrolet TTPaul Krause, Ty Davis, Greg ZitterkopfKawasaki
1997Ensenada to EnsenadaLarry RaglandChevrolet TTJohnny Campbell, Tim Staab, Greg BringleHonda
1998Santo Tomás to La PazIvan StewartToyotaJohnny Campbell, Jimmy LewisHonda
1999Ojos Negros to Ojos NegrosLarry RaglandChevroletJohnny Campbell, Tim StaabHonda
2000Ensenada-Cabo San Lucas (Officially the race was the Baja 2000 in honor of the year 2000)Dan Smith & Dave AshleyFordJohnny Campbell, Tim Staab, Craig Smith, Steve HengeveldHonda
2001Ensenada to EnsenadaDoug Fortin & Charlie TownsleyJimco ChevroletJohnny Campbell, Tim StaabHonda
2002Ensenada to La PazDan Smith & Dave AshleyFordSteve Hengeveld, Johnny Campbell, Andy GriderHonda
2003Ensenada to EnsenadaDoug Fortin & Charlie TownsleyJimco ChevroletSteve Hengeveld, Johnny CampbellHonda2003 Race Information
2004Ensenada to La PazTroy Herbst & Larry RoeselerSmithbuilt-FordSteve Hengeveld, Johnny Campbell, Kendall NormanHonda
2005Ensenada to EnsenadaLarry Roeseler & Troy HerbstSmithbuilt-FordSteve Hengeveld, Johnny Campbell, Mike ChildressHonda
2006Ensenada to La PazAndy McMillin & Robby GordonChevroletSteve Hengeveld, Mike Childress, Quinn CodyHonda
2007Ensenada to Cabo San LucasMark Post & Rob MacCachren & Carl RenezederFordRobby Bell, Kendall Norman, Steve Hengeveld, Johnny CampbellHonda
2008Ensenada to EnsenadaRoger Norman & Larry RoeselerFordRobby Bell, Kendall Norman, Johnny CampbellHonda
2009Ensenada to EnsenadaAndy McMillin & Scott McMillinChevroletKendall Norman, Timmy Weigand, Quinn CodyHonda2009 Race Information
2010Ensenada to La PazTavo Vildosola & Gus VildosolaFord F-150 TTKendall Norman, Quinn CodyHonda2010 Race Information
2011Ensenada to EnsenadaAndy McMillin & Scott McMillinFord Raptor TTKendall Norman, Quinn Cody, Logan HolladayHonda
2012Ensenada to La PazBJ BaldwinChevrolet TTColton Udall, Timmy Weigand, David KamoHonda
2013Ensenada to EnsenadaBJ BaldwinChevrolet TTColton Udall, Timmy Weigand, David Kamo, Mark SamuelsHonda
2014Ensenada to La PazRob MacCachren, United States Andy McMillin, United States Jason VossFord TTRicky Brabec, Robby Bell, Steve Hengeveld, Max Eddy Jr.Kawasaki
2015Ensenada to EnsenadaRob MacCachren & Andy McMillinFord TTColton Udall, Mark Samuels, Justin JonesHonda
2016Ensenada to EnsenadaRob MacCachren & Jason VossFord TTJustin Jones, David Kamo, Mark Samuels, Daymon Stokie, Colton UdallHonda

2003 Race Information

1 November 2003Father-son duo race for the gold in Baja 1000Ragland Racing
19 November 2003From entrepreneur to off-road racer, Phoenix man feels no fear!Ragland Racing
23 November 2003Rick D. Johnson and RJR Racing Take Protruck Championship Lead to Legendary Baja 1000 this WeekendSponsor PR & Marketing

2009 Race Information

6 January 2010FOX Racing Shox Dominates 2009 SCORE Baja 1000 Overall Victory and 10 Individual Class WinsFOX Racing Shox

2010 Race Information

28 October 2010Get Ready to Ride: The 43rd Annual Baja 1000 is About to BeginJim Labelle

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