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Environmental Article Index

Environmental Article Index

Article Archives
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Environmental, Safety, Weird News

Laura S. LefflerA. Stanley Meiburg
January 6, 1994Revisions to Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Calculations Pursuant to the North American Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act of 1993Carol M. Browner
January 24, 1994Federal Highway Funding Assistance Limitations and Emissions Offset Requirements; IllinoisCarol M. Browner
January 24, 1994Federal Highway Funding Assistance Limitations and Emissions Offset Requirements; IndianaCarol M. Browner
January 24, 1994Imposition of Statewide Sanctions on California Under Clean Air Act Section 110(m) for Failure to Submit a Complete SIP Revision for an Enhanced Motor Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance ProgramCarol M. Browner
April 6, 1994Control of Air Pollution From New Motor Vehicles and New Motor Vehicle Engines; Refueling Emission Regulations for Light-Duty Vehicles and Light-Duty Trucks; Final RuleCarol M. Browner
April 6, 1994Light Truck Average Fuel Economy Standards, Model Years 1998-2006Barry Felrice
December 19, 1994Manufacturing Incentives for Alternative Fuel VehiclesBarry Felrice
December 28, 1994Light Truck Average Fuel Economy Standards; Model Years 1996-1997Barry Felrice
January 7, 1998Control of Air Pollution From New Motor Vehicles and New Motor Vehicle Engines: State Commitments to National Low Emission Vehicle Program; Final RuleEnvironmental Protection Agency
January 16, 1998Environmental Impact Statement: City of Lawrence, Douglas County, KansasDavid R. Geiger
January 26, 1998Draft Environmental Impact Statement; Letcher County, KentuckyJesse A. Story
February 3, 1998Environmental Impact Statement: Madison, Wayne and Butler Counties, MissouriDonald L. Neumann
February 4, 1998Moving the Nation With Advanced Transportation: Electric Humvee and Hybrid Bus Highlight New PartnershipU.S. Department of Transportation
February 6, 1998California State Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Standards; Waiver of Federal Preemption--Notice of Waiver Decision and Within the Scope DeterminationRichard D. Wilson
February 11, 1998Environmental Impact Statement: Denver, Arapahoe, and Douglas CountiesRonald A. Speral
Louis F. Mraz, Jr.
February 12, 1998Environmental Impact Statement: Montgomery County, MarylandRenee Sigel
February 17, 1998Control of Air Pollution From Motor Vehicles and New Motor Vehicle Engines; Modification of Federal On-board Diagnostic Regulations for Light-Duty Vehicles and Light-Duty Trucks; Extension of Deficiency PolicyEnvironmental Protection Agency
February 19, 1998Control of Air Pollution From Motor Vehicles and New Motor Vehicle Engines; Modification of Federal On-Board Diagnostic Regulations for Light-Duty Vehicles and Light-Duty Trucks; Notice of Document AvailabilityRichard D. Wilson
February 24, 1998California State Motor Vehicles Pollution Control Standards; Opportunity for Public HearingRichard D. Wilson
February 24, 1998Environmental Impact Statement: Los Angeles County, CaliforniaC. Glenn Clinton
March 2, 1998Environmental Impact Statement; Tarrant County, TexasDavid L. Gibbs
March 5, 1998Environmental Impact Statement: El Dorado CountyJames W. Keeley
March 11, 1998Control of Air Pollution From Motor Vehicles and New Motor Vehicle Engines; Increase of the Vehicle Mass for 3-Wheeled MotorcyclesCarol M. Browner
March 16, 1998Environmental Impact Statement: New London County, ConnecticutCarl L. Gottschall
March 17, 1998Environmental Impact Statement: Howard County, MDRenee Sigel
March 20, 1998Retrofit/Rebuild Requirements for 1993 and Earlier Model Year Urban Buses; Approval of an Application for Certification of EquipmentRichard D. Wilson
March 20, 1998Retrofit/Rebuild Requirements for 1993 and Earlier Model Year Urban Buses; Public Review of a Notification of Intent to Certify EquipmentRichard D. Wilson
March 26, 1998Retrofit/Rebuild Requirements for 1993 and Earlier Model Year Urban Buses; Additional Update of Post-Rebuild Emission Levels in 1998Carol M. Browner
September 7, 1999FHWA Official Receives National Environmental AwardFederal Highway Administration
October 18, 1999U.S. Transportation Deputy Secretary Downey Hails Agreement Among Federal Agencies To Streamline Environmental Review ProcessFederal Highway Administration
December 7, 1999Transportation Researchers Find Unusual Source For Environmentally Friendly Snow and Ice ControlFederal Highway Administration
January 20, 2000Federal Highway Administration Provides Handbook With Guidance on Using of Native Plants Along HighwaysFederal Highway Administration
May 18, 2000Top U.S. Highway Official Commends NESEA for Contribution to Cleaner AirFederal Highway Administration
May 25, 2000U.S. Transportation Secretary Slater Announces Proposed Planning and Environmental RulesFederal Highway Administration
June 21, 2000U.S. Transportation Secretary Slater Announces Contracts Under the Advanced Vehicle ProgramUSDOT Research & Special Projects Administration
July 6, 2000U.S. Department of Transportation Grants Extension on Proposed Planning and Environmental RulesFederal Highway Administration
July 26, 2000U.S. Transportation Secretary Slater Says Atlanta Can Move Forward, Transportation Plan Will Meet Clean Air StandardsFederal Highway Administration
September 27, 2000FHWA Releases Revised Guide To State, Local Officials For Meeting Clean Air RequirementsFederal Highway Administration
January 9, 2001BTS Journal Says Better Statistical Information Needed On Automotive EmissionsUSDOT Bureau of Transportation Statistics
January 13, 2001Toyota Prius Delights OwnerJohn Birchard
April 17, 2001U.S. Transportation Secretary Mineta Announces 13 Environmental Excellence AwardsFederal Highway Administration
August 6, 2001Honda's Hybrid Car Targets High Gas PricesJohn Birchard
January 2, 2002Honda to Build 'Hybrid' CivicJohn Birchard
January 16, 2002Clean Cars Displayed at Denver ShowShelley Schlender
February 13, 2002Fuel Economy a High Octane Issue in USMichael Leland
March 28, 2002FHWA to Hold Public Meeting Beginning Environmental Assessment For Improving Access to Kennedy CenterFederal Highway Administration
April 24, 2002FHWA's First Environmental Statesmanship Award Goes to Pennsylvania's Transportation Secretary MalloryFederal Highway Administration
July 8, 2002Honda Presents New Hybrid CarJohn Birchard
July 30, 2002FHWA Administrator Tells Congress Transportation, Environment Are Compatible GoalsFederal Highway Administration
September 16, 2002FHWA Gives Environmental Award to Iowa for Innovative Bridge ProjectFederal Highway Administration
October 11, 2002Actor/Environmentalist Dennis Weaver Promotes Fuel-Efficient CarsMike O'Sullivan
December 3, 2002First US Fuel Cell Car DeliveredMike O'Sullivan
January 14, 2003Critics Launch High-Profile Campaigns Against SUV's in USStephanie Ho
February 7, 2003Bush Promotes Hydrogen Fuel Cell ResearchScott Stearns
February 19, 2003Bush Hydrogen-Powered Vehicle Plan Stirs Debate Among EnvironmentalistsRosanne Skirble
May 1, 2003Actor Crusades for Fuel Efficient CarsMike O'Sullivan
June 7, 2003Analysts Project Market Growth for Hybrid CarsJohn Birchard
June 7, 2003FedEx Embarks on Hybrid Project for Delivery VehiclesJohn Birchard
June 7, 2003Research Firm Predicts Significant Growth of US Hybrid Vehicle SalesJohn Birchard
June 20, 2003Japanese Carmaker Goes GreenAmy Bickers
November 5, 2003Iceland Envisions a Future Fueled by HydrogenBrent Hurd
December 17, 2003Hybrid Cars Gain Wider Consumer AcceptanceJohn Birchard
December 26, 2003Hybrid Electric is Prelude to Automobile's Future, says Former GM ChairmanJohn Birchard
May 26, 2004Hybrid Auto Sales On the RiseJohn Birchard
June 17, 2004Ford Unveils Hybrid SUVJohn Birchard
June 20, 2004Auto Industry Inches Slowly Toward Hydrogen-Powered VehiclesJohn Birchard
June 23, 2004World's Biggest 'Living Roof' Covers Michigan Ford PlantRosanne Skirble
March 30, 2005New 2005 Cars Display Energy Saving InnovationsSam Peskin
April 14, 2005Many Americans Ready to Switch to More Fuel-Efficient CarsRosanne Skirble
April 18, 2005Hybrid Hype and a Small Price HikeMichael Walker
May 24, 2005Commercial Trucks Adopt Fuel-Saving TechnologyArt Chimes
June 26, 2005Weltrekord mit Wasserstoff-Fahrzeug - Ein Liter auf 5.385 KilometerWikinews
July 19, 2005Bio-Diesel: Alternative Fuel with Many BenefitsGreg Flakus
July 25, 2005Congress Told Hydrogen Fuel Decades from Being PracticalMichael Bowman
August 17, 2005VCD-Studie: Deutsche Autohersteller liegen bei umweltfreundlichen Fahrzeugen weit hintenWikinews
September 2, 2005Trittin fordert sparsamere AutosWikinews
September 4, 2005Trittin: Wir müssen weg vom ErdölWikinews
September 13, 2005Turn air into gasoline! Tire pressure and better fuel efficiency.Jason Miller
October 19, 2005Cars of All Colors at Tokyo Show Come in Shades of GreenSteve Herman
December 27, 2005Leaded Fuel to be Phased Out in Sub-Saharan AfricaCathy Majtenyi
January 23, 2006Electric-powered Engine in F1?Alfred Johnson
February 5, 2006GM "Goes Yellow"Bill Crittenden
February 25, 2006Energy Department Kicks in $119 Million for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle ResearchRick Chapo
February 28, 2006Using the Sun to Power Your RVRick Chapo
March 23, 2006Tax Deductions for Your 2005 Hybrid AutomobileRichard Chapo
March 27, 2006Need for Hybrid Cars, TheChristine Bettridge
April 19, 2006Alternative Power Cars on DisplayTracy Dawson
April 19, 2006Various Ford and Mercury Hybrids Get Tax Credit Certification From IRSRichard Chapo
April 19, 2006Various Toyota Hybrids Get Tax Credit Certification From IRSRichard Chapo
April 27, 2006Crittenden County Children Get Cleaner BusesCynthia Fanning
May 10, 2006Buy the Right Car, Save a Polar BearAldene Fredenburg
May 15, 2006?? ????????? ?????? ?? 70% ???? ???????? ???????????????
May 17, 2006Auto Interior Parts Designed By Mazda Using Corn-Based PlasticTracy Dawson
May 26, 2006Honda: Developing Bio-Fabric For CarsSarah McBride
May 31, 2006Mazda Hybrid Prototypes Donated To The Los Angeles Fire DepartmentKimberly Meyer
June 1, 2006Fuel-Efficient Ford Cars: The New TrendJason Moore
June 6, 2006Ford Escape Hybrid Given To ChicagoChuck Smith
June 14, 2006Volvo Takes Home 16 Gold Medals During Michelin ChallengeKevin Anderson
June 19, 2006IRS Announces Tax Credits For Toyota PriusRichard A. Chapo
June 20, 2006California Emission Standards Implemented In CanadaJay Stevens
June 29, 2006Brazil Found To Be World Leader In Production Of BiofuelMargaret Adams
June 30, 2006World Leaders Bring Back Electric CarsJoe Thompson
July 4, 2006Year One For First Honda Fuel Cell Vehicle Lease To CustomerTom Bailey
July 8, 2006Hydrogen cars. No petrol!! No diesel!! (Hydregen cars)Bhupinder Kohli
July 11, 2006View NYC With Clean Tourist BusesJoe Thompson
July 13, 2006IRS Approves Saturn Vue Green Line for Tax CreditRichard A. Chapo
July 14, 2006Green Cars Go Festive!Carol Mitchel
July 17, 2006EPA, Out For Illegal Imported EnginesJenny McLane
July 17, 2006Honda Natural Gas Cars Issued Massive Tax Credits By IRSRichard Chapo
July 18, 2006Travelling to Europe in an LPG CarLaura Cowan
July 19, 2006Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe planen Anschaffung von 250 wasserstoffgetriebenen BussenWikinews
July 19, 2006Fuel Cell Technology Could Be Beneficial to Auto IndustryTerry Brown
July 21, 2006Land Rover Introduces CO2 Offset Programme At Auto ShowCarol Mitchel
July 21, 2006Saturn Vue Green Line Ready For 2007Joe Ratzkin
July 26, 2006New Events From Ford: The Escape Hybrid Technology ClinicJay Stevens
August 2, 2006Eco-DrivingLaura Cowan
August 2, 2006Ford Escape Hybrid Technology Clinic comes to SacramentoJason Moore
August 3, 2006Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE to be shown in ONS2006 ExhibitionMargaret Adams
August 3, 2006Sacramento To Receive Ford Escape Hybrid Tech ClinicJay Stevens
August 4, 2006Top Ten Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs for 2006Kevin Hobbs
August 5, 2006Unveiled: Saab Biopower ConvertibleJoe Thompson
August 8, 2006How To Make Biodiesel FuelChris Coffman
August 15, 2006Technology Now Allows Waste To Become FuelKimberly Meyer
August 16, 2006Advantageous Hybrid Cars, TheJennifer Dylan
August 17, 20062007 Toyota Prius Hybrid Gets Price IncreaseTracy Dawson
August 17, 2006IRS Updates Hybrid Tax Credits Following Industry AuditRichard Chapo
August 18, 2006Victory of Toyota Prius, TheMark Clarkson
August 22, 2006How to Drive Your Car AND Help the EnvironmentJaime Mintun
August 22, 2006Hybrid Car Soon In Your Garage, ACharles Hawkins
August 23, 2006Ford Focus Fuel Cell Vehicle Hits Woodward Dream CruiseChuck Smith
September 21, 2006Umweltschäden: Kalifornien klagt gegen AutoherstellerWikinews
October 14, 2006"One-litre car" may help traffic pollutionWikinews
November 1, 2006La tassa sui Suv viene sostituita dal superbollo per veicoli oltre i 100 kwWikinotizie
November 30, 2006Auto Makers Pledge Greater Fuel EfficiencyMike O'Sullivan
January 26, 2007Daimler Chrysler Board Chairman Sees Diesel AlternativeJohn Birchard
January 30, 2007Highway Air Pollution a Threat to Children's LungsMelinda Smith
February 4, 2007Are Hybrids Losing Their Pull?Anthony Fontanelle
February 4, 2007Biofuel to Play a Major Role In The FutureAnthony Fontanelle
February 5, 2007Better Batteries for Electric VehiclesAnthony Fontanelle
February 5, 2007Il 25 febbraio stop alle auto in tutto il nord ItaliaWikinotizie
February 5, 2007Partnership Aims to Produce 1 Million Gallons of BiodieselAnthony Fontanelle
February 6, 2007Deutsche Automobilindustrie erreicht Teilerfolg bei Grenzwerten für KohlendioxidemissionenWikinews
February 7, 2007DaimlerChrysler's Commitment to Alternative Fuels OutlinedAnthony Fontanelle
February 7, 2007Increasing Demand for Hybrid CarAnthony Fontanelle
February 12, 2007Angela Merkel fordert mehr benzinsparende AutosWikinews
February 12, 2007Volkswagen Shows the Future of Clean Vehicles at Sustainability SummitAnthony Fontanelle
February 15, 2007Alternative Fuel Conference Scheduled in AprilAnthony Fontanelle
February 15, 2007Emission Laws Too Stringent says SUV OwnersAnthony Fontanelle
February 15, 2007Hybrid Car's Poses Threat to Safety of Blind PersonsAnthony Fontanelle
February 22, 2007Auto Show for Green Vehicles to be Sponsored by Co-Operative InsuranceAnthony Fontanelle
February 22, 2007Directory for E85 and Bio-Diesel Fuel Station Made AvailableAnthony Fontanelle
February 23, 2007FedEx Express to Use Hybrid Delivery Trucks in DenverAnthony Fontanelle
February 25, 2007Scatta oggi la giornata ecologica: tutto il nord Italia ferma le autoWikinotizie
February 27, 2007Danforth Center Received $25 Million For Renewable Fuel ResearchAnthony Fontanelle
February 28, 2007Coalition Aims To Stop Automotive Refrigerant Sale BanAnthony Fontanelle
March 2, 20073-Wheel Bonning Roadster: Mean And GreenAnthony Fontanelle
March 2, 2007Big 3 Face Global Warming GoadAnthony Fontanelle
March 6, 2007Fuel Efficient Cars At The Geneva Auto ShowAnthony Fontanelle
March 6, 2007Saab Provides Flex-Fuel Technology For Entire 9-3 RangeAnthony Fontanelle
March 7, 2007Consumers Crave for Cleaner CarsAnthony Fontanelle
March 12, 2007Toyota Announced Development of Lithium-Ion BatteriesAnthony Fontanelle
March 16, 2007BMW Goes GreenAnthony Fontanelle
March 16, 2007New Electric Car Charger Cuts Down Recharging TimeAnthony Fontanelle
March 16, 2007Safety-Kleen Receives "Best Overall Value Award"Anthony Fontanelle
March 21, 2007GM To Sell The Cheapest Hybrid To Challenge ToyotaAnthony Fontanelle
March 21, 2007Hydrogen Vehicles Available For Test DriveAnthony Fontanelle
March 24, 2007Saturn Makes Hybrid Technology More AccessibleAnthony Fontanelle
March 29, 2007Daimler Expands Plug-in Hybrid ProgramAnthony Fontanelle
March 30, 2007Hydrogen Hybrids Delivered to NorwayAnthony Fontanelle
April 13, 2007Mulally's Bush Saga Invades BlogosphereLauren Woods
April 17, 2007Nissan, NEC Soon To Offer Advanced BatteriesAnthony Fontanelle
April 19, 2007Alternative Fuel Cars on California Roads IncreasesAnthony Fontanelle
April 20, 2007EPA SmartWay Gets Support From CumminsAnthony Fontanelle
April 20, 2007Orders For Electric Cars From ZAP Reach $79MAnthony Fontanelle
April 25, 2007Carbon Dioxide Regulation: No Snap DecisionAnthony Fontanelle
April 25, 2007Ford Responds To Climate Change ConcernsAnthony Fontanelle
April 26, 2007GM's Lutz Calls For National Renewable Energy PolicyAnthony Fontanelle
May 8, 2007Chevy Volt Moves Closer To ProductionAnthony Fontanelle
May 16, 2007BMW Delivers World's First Hydrogen-Powered SaloonAnthony Fontanelle
May 16, 2007BMW to Deliver Hydrogen 7Anthony Fontanelle
May 18, 2007Clean Brazilian Cars To Take On US Auto IndustryAnthony Fontanelle
May 23, 2007Clean Car Program to Promote Green Cars, Increase SavingsAnthony Fontanelle
May 24, 2007Honda To Roll Out Hydrogen Hybrid In 2008Anthony Fontanelle
June 11, 2007Toyota Hybrid Sales Top 1MAnthony Fontanelle
June 11, 2007Toyota Reports 1 Million Hybrids SoldAnthony Fontanelle
June 12, 2007Study Reveals Fuel Efficiency Does Not Sacrifice SafetyAnthony Fontanelle
June 21, 2007GM Readies Fuel Cell TechnologyAnthony Fontanelle
June 21, 2007Google Promotes Development Of Plug-In Hybrid VehiclesAnthony Fontanelle
June 21, 2007Google Pushes Hybrid Development With $10MAnthony Fontanelle
June 29, 2007Cadillac Escalade May Soon Have A HybridAnthony Fontanelle
June 30, 2007Federal Agencies Expands Hybrid FleetAnthony Fontanelle
July 8, 2007Help Save The Environment With Your Oil ChangesRobert Holland
July 12, 2007Civic Hybrid Owner Sues Honda Over Mileage ClaimsAnthony Fontanelle
July 12, 2007Ford Partners With Edison InternationalAnthony Fontanelle
July 12, 2007Ford Plug-ins Expected Within Ten YearsAnthony Fontanelle
July 12, 2007Freedom From Oil Campaign Applauds Ford, Edison Promise To Build Plug-in HybridsAnthony Fontanelle
July 27, 2007Cal To Road-Test Toyota Plug-In HybridAnthony Fontanelle
August 1, 2007Dust To Dust Study RefutedAnthony Fontanelle
August 10, 2007Audi To Launch The Cleanest Diesel TechnologyAnthony Fontanelle
August 13, 2007Mercedes Looks Into A Greener FutureAnthony Fontanelle
August 15, 2007Alternative Fuel Conference SetAnthony Fontanelle
August 22, 2007Cleanest Volvo To Be UnveiledAnthony Fontanelle
August 24, 2007Hybrid Tax Credit To Expire SoonAnthony Fontanelle
September 6, 2007Green Buses To Hit MontrealAnthony Fontanelle
September 13, 2007Mazda Developed Green FabricsAnthony Fontanelle
September 13, 2007Mazda To Launch New Biofabric For Auto InteriorsAnthony Fontanelle
September 18, 2007Jay Leno To Drive Hydrogen Powered CarAnthony Fontanelle
September 18, 2007Plug-in Saturn To Be Released "In 2009-ish"Anthony Fontanelle
September 18, 2007VW, German Society For Nature Conservation NABU Join Frankfurt Auto ShowAnthony Fontanelle
September 28, 2007Volkswagen's Diesels To Visit AltWheels FestivalAnthony Fontanelle
September 28, 2007VW Dieselution Pushes Clean Diesel TechnologyAnthony Fontanelle
October 2, 2007Auto Aficionados' Opinion Shifts Towards HybridsAnthony Fontanelle
October 3, 2007Mazda Rolls Out Hydrogen HybridAnthony Fontanelle
October 24, 2007SmartWay Transport PartnershipWal-Mart
November 7, 2007Mazda Unveils Biofabric For Car InteriorsAnthony Fontanelle
November 15, 2007General Motors To Make Chevy GreenAnthony Fontanelle
November 19, 2007Toyota Making Headway In Fuel Cell TechnologyAnthony Fontanelle
December 11, 2007GM opens studio dedicated to new electric carsAnthony Fontanelle
December 16, 2007Mercedes Benz signs up with Amatola Green PowerAnthony Fontanelle
December 25, 2007CTI Symposium Highlights Green TechnologiesAnthony Fontanelle
January 2, 2008Milano sperimenta l'ecopass per ridurre l'inquinamento da trafficoWikinotizie
January 3, 2008Kalifornien verklagt Bundesumweltbehörde wegen Nichtgenehmigung strengerer AbgaswerteWikinews
January 26, 2008Unabhängigkeit vom Öl ? Israel plant Elektroauto-NetzwerkWikinews
February 6, 2008GMC Sierra Goes Green For 2009Anthony Fontanelle
February 27, 20082008 Hyundai Sonata Receives Green HonorAnthony Fontanelle
March 17, 2008Environment-Friendly Emissions from Your HondaAnthony Fontanelle
March 17, 2008Random Lugnuts: Carbon Footprints Can Take a HikeBill Crittenden
March 26, 2008Thai Pushes 'Green' Car ProductionAnthony Fontanelle
April 4, 2008Top 10 Hybrids As Released By Cars.comAnthony Fontanelle
April 17, 2008Top Five of the Most Fuel Efficient CarsSteven Magill
April 18, 2008Solar Powered Vehicles - Alternative Energy SourcesSteven Magill
May 6, 2008Electric Vehicle Company, RTEV, to launchJ. Gilman
May 22, 2008Wann kommt das Elektroauto?Wikinews
May 28, 2008Camry: Goes HybridAnthony Fontanelle
June 11, 2008How Do Hybrid Cars WorkSteven Magill
June 17, 2008???????????FCX Clarity???? - Wikinews
June 22, 20084.000 Elektroautos für Frankreichs HauptstadtWikinews
June 27, 2008Studie sagt schnelles Durchsetzen des Elektroautos vorausWikinews
July 10, 2008?Project Better Place? nun auch in Portugal aktivWikinews
July 23, 2008Truth About Hydrogen Fuel Systems, TheAlan Nelson
July 30, 2008What You Need To Know About Hybrid CarsAlan Nelson
August 2, 2008What Are Alternative Fuel Cars?Steven Magill
August 5, 2008Energy Costs of Driving Electric CarsKlaus H. Hemsath
August 13, 2008Schlechte Stromversorgung in Indien bremst ElektroautosWikinews
September 1, 2008Projekt ?E-Mobility Berlin?: 500 Ladestationen für ElektroautosWikinews
September 4, 2008Beginn der Elektroauto-Ära beeinflusst BauingenieureWikinews
September 8, 2008VCD und Greenpeace kritisieren Elektroauto-Initiative von RWE und DaimlerWikinews
October 20, 2008Young and green - AAMIAAMI Insurance
November 15, 2008Könnte Lithium-Knappheit die Verbreitung von Elektroautos bremsen?Wikinews
November 26, 2008Deutsche Bundesregierung will eine Million Elektroautos bis 2020Wikinews
January 6, 2009Hybridautoverkäufe in den Vereinigten Staaten gehen zurückWikinews
January 12, 2009Big Three US Automakers Tout Fuel-Efficient VehiclesKane Farabaugh
January 26, 2009US-Regierung will strengere Abgasnormen für Autos zulassenWikinews
February 2, 2009Walmart Tests New Hybrid Trucks, Alternative FuelsWalmart
February 2, 2009Walmart prueba nuevos camiones híbridos y combustibles alternativosWalmart
February 12, 2009Sonderpreis für Innovationen geht an BMW für die Entwicklung des Elektroautos MINI EWikinews
February 16, 2009Next Generation of Ford Engines, TheRonnie Tanner
February 16, 2009Toyota Engines: Toyota's New Hybrid Line UpRonnie Tanner
February 27, 2009California Salvage Yards Go GreenRonnie Tanner
February 27, 2009Indiana Salvage Yards Keep Mercury Out of the EnvironmentRonnie Tanner
February 27, 2009Michigan Junk Yards: Technology in an Unlikely PlaceRonnie Tanner
February 27, 2009Salvage Yards in Ohio: Good Environmental NeighborsRonnie Tanner
February 27, 2009Texas Junk Yards: The New EnvironmentalistsRonnie Tanner
March 9, 2009Genfer Salon: Noch sind Elektroautos rarWikinews
March 23, 2009Converting a Car to BiodieselAnna Williams
April 1, 2009Southern California auto maker announces fully-electric sedanWikinews
April 7, 2009Ulm: 30 Millionen Euro für die AutoforschungWikinews
May 27, 2009Used Parts save Money and the EnvironmentRonnie Tanner
May 29, 2008Volkswagen Hybrid For 2010Anthony Fontanelle
June 1, 2009RTEV Wheego spinoffJ. Gilman
June 2, 2009Green Auto RepairsRonnie Tanner
June 2, 2009Hydrogen fuel cell cars promoted in various states, but U.S. federal funding cut
July 3, 2009Toyota employs the Japanese hybrid solar powered vehicle carrier ship 'Auriga Leader'
August 24, 20092010 Honda Insight Hybrid SedanJames Flammang
September 1, 20092009 Honda Civic Test Drive: Powered by Natural GasMac Demere
September 3, 20092010 Toyota Prius: New Generation HybridJames Flammang
September 11, 2009GM's MPG WonderKlaus H. Hemsath
September 21, 2009Brilliant Mini Cooper Research Program, TheDirk Gibson
October 23, 2009A Better Look at A Better Place (A Company Profile)Ezra Drissman
November 12, 2009Studie von ?Transport and Environment?: Elektroautos helfen kaum beim KlimaschutzWikinews
November 28, 2009An Algae Powered Prius>Ezra Drissman
December 17, 20092010 Ford Escape Hybrid: Places to Go, Keeping them GreenWayne Scraba
January 6, 2010Environmental Impact Statement; Maricopa County, AZKenneth H. Davis
January 7, 2010Environmental Impact Statement: Sherburne and Stearns Counties, MNCheryl B. Martin
January 21, 2010Studie: Lithiumversorgung für Akkus von Elektroautos gesichertWikinews
January 24, 2010In Deutschland laufen im Januar Alltagstests für Elektroautos anWikinews
April 8, 2010Spanien fördert Elektroautos bis zu 6.000 Euro pro FahrzeugWikinews
April 12, 2010Deutscher Bundesverkehrsminister will vorläufig keine staatlichen Kaufhilfen für ElektroautosWikinews
April 16, 2010Frankreich schreibt Kauf von 50.000 Elektroautos ausWikinews
April 22, 2010PETA Names WHEEGO Best Green Car Company of 2010Susan Nicholson
May 31, 2010Marriage of NASCAR and Tree Huggers, TheJeremy T. Sellers
July 17, 2010Toyota, Tesla to develop electric SUVWikinews
July 31, 2010US President Barack Obama test drives Chevy Volt in MichiganWikinews
August 2, 2010Ford Goes Green in EuropeRob Gillignham
August 4, 2010Korean Automaker Aims to Boost Fuel EfficiencyVOA Breaking News
August 19, 2010What Makes the Ford Fusion Hybrid So Good?Levi Quinn
August 28, 2010Eliminate Your Dependency On Gas With An Electric CarScott Frank
August 28, 2010Solar roadways can power the USA with electricity, study findsWikinews
August 30, 2010EPA, DOT Propose New Fuel Economy Labels/Agencies seek public comment on the most dramatic overhaul in the label?s 30-year historyUnited States EPA
August 31, 2010Environmental Impact Statement; Santa Rosa County, FLMartin Knopp
September 1, 2010Environmental Impact Statement; Opportunity Corridor, City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, OH
September 7, 2010Cancellation of Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS); Travis County, TXSalvador Deocampo
September 7, 2010Environmental Impact Statement: Queens County, NYJeffrey W. Kolb
September 7, 2010Environmental Impact Statement: Yellowstone County, MTBrian Hasselbach
September 16, 2010Competition Shows Off Super Fuel-Efficient AutomobilesElizabeth Lee
September 16, 2010Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS) for Northwest I-75/I-575 Corridor, Cobb and Cherokee Counties, GA (Atlanta Metropolitan Area)Rodney N. Barry
September 20, 2010Environmental Impact Statement; Pinal County, AZKenneth H. Davis
September 20, 2010Southern LNG Company, LLC; Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Assessment for the Proposed LNG Truck Loading Project and Request for Comments on Environmental Issues, and Notice of Public Scoping MeetingKimberly D. Bose
September 21, 2010Environmental Impact Statement: U.S. 64/Corridor K. The Project Begins on U.S. 64 From West of the Ocoee River to State Route 68 Near Ducktown in Polk County, TNCharles J. O'Neill
September 23, 2010Revisions and Additions to Motor Vehicle Fuel Economy Label; Proposed RuleEnvironmental Protection Agency
September 24, 2010Environmental Impact Statement: Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties, CA; Notice of IntentCindy Vigue
September 28, 2010Public Hearing Locations for the Proposed Fuel Economy LabelsJoseph S. Carra
October 1, 2010DOT and EPA Announce Next Steps toward Tighter Tailpipe and Fuel Economy Standards for Passenger Cars and TrucksNHTSA
October 1, 2010EPA, DOT Announce Proposed New Fuel StandardsVOA Breaking News
October 12, 2010Environmental Impact Statement; Davis County, UTJames Christian
October 12, 2010Notice Pursuant to the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993--Cooperative Research Group on High Efficiency Dilute Gasoline Engine IIPatricia A. Brink
October 13, 20102017 and Later Model Year Light Duty Vehicle GHG Emissions and CAFE Standards; Notice of IntentLisa P. Jackson
October 15, 2010Environmental Impact Statement: Cameron County, TXGregory S. Punske
October 25, 2010DOT, EPA Propose the Nation?s First Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Trucks and BusesU.S. Department of Transportation
October 27, 2010Federal Highway Official Joins Governor Carcieri to Open T.F. Green InterLinkFederal Highway Administration
November 1, 2010Public Hearings for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and VehiclesRonald Medford
November 8, 2010Environmental Impact Statement: St. Louis County, MOPeggy J. Casey
November 10, 2010Environmental Impact Statement: Kern County, CACindy Vigue
November 17, 2010California State Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Standards; California Heavy-Duty On-Highway Otto-Cycle Engines and Incomplete Vehicle Regulations; Notice of DecisionGina McCarthy
November 17, 2010Notice of Availability of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for a Proposed Project in Mariposa County, CACindy Vigue
November 17, 2010Termination of Environmental Review Process Cities of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, VAVictor M. Mendez
November 18, 2010Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement, WIS 47, Outagamie and Shawano Counties, WisconsinTracey McKenney
November 18, 2010Toyota to Boost Production of Hybrid, Electric AutosVOA Breaking News
November 22, 2010Environmental Impact Statement: San Diego County, CACindy Vigue
December 6, 2010Environmental Impact Statement: Billings County, North DakotaWendall Meyer
December 8, 20102017 and Later Model Year Light-Duty Vehicle GHG Emissions and CAFE Standards: Supplemental Notice of IntentLisa P. Jackson
December 29, 2010Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and VehiclesMargo Tsirigotis Oge
January 24, 2011EPA, DOT and California Align Timeframe for Proposing Standards for Next Generation of Clean CarsU.S. Department of Transportation
January 26, 2011Partial Grant of Clean Air Act Waiver Application Submitted by Growth Energy To Increase the Allowable Ethanol Content of Gasoline to 15 Percent; Decision of the AdministratorLisa P. Jackson
January 27, 2011U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Highlights American Innovation and Green Jobs at Proterra Plant in Greenville, SCU.S. Department of Transportation
January 31, 2011California State Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Standards; Greenhouse Gas Regulations; Within-the-Scope Request; Opportunity for Public HearingMargo T. Oge
March 8, 2011Spain Lowers Speed Limit to Save Energy CostsVOA Breaking News
March/April 2011Street Design: Part 2 - Sustainable StreetsDavid J. Carlson
Ellen Greenberg
Morgan Kanninen
April 5, 2011Automakers Turn Agro-Waste into Car PartsRosanne Skirble
April 29, 2011Approval and Promulgation of Air Quality Implementation Plans; Indiana; Removal of Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Programs for Clark and Floyd CountiesSusan Hedman
May 2, 2011Adequacy Status of the Greensboro/Winston-Salem/Highpoint North Carolina 1997 Annual PM2.5 Maintenance Plan Motor Vehicle Emissions Budgets for Transportation Conformity Purposes
May 2, 2011Adequacy Status of the Hickory-Morganton-Lenoir, North Carolina 1997 Annual PM2.5 Maintenance Plan Motor Vehicle Emissions Budgets for Transportation Conformity PurposesA. Stanley Meiburg
May 5, 2011Bremer CDU macht Umweltzone zum WahlkampfthemaWikinews
May 10, 2011Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for New Corporate Average Fuel Economy StandardsChristopher J. Bonanti
May 16, 2011Adequacy Status of the Baton Rouge, Louisiana Maintenance Plan 8-Hour Ozone Motor Vehicle Emission Budgets for Transportation Conformity PurposesAl Armendariz
May 25, 2011Green Motor Racing is Coming - What are your Thoughts? - obp Tech SessionGrant Loc
June 7, 2011Control of Emissions From New Highway Vehicles and Engines; Guidance on EPA's Certification Requirements for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines Using Selective Catalytic Reduction TechnologyMargo Tsirigotis Oge
July 6, 2011Revisions and Additions to Motor Vehicle Fuel Economy LabelRay LaHood
Lisa P. Jackson
July 12, 2011Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Assessment for Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act of 2010 RulemakingChristopher J. Bonanti
July 15, 2011Air Quality: Widespread Use for Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery and Stage II WaiverLisa P. Jackson
July 25, 2011Regulation To Mitigate the Misfueling of Vehicles and Engines With Gasoline Containing Greater Than Ten Volume Percent Ethanol and Modifications to the Reformulated and Conventional Gasoline ProgramsLisa P. Jackson
August 1, 2011Approval and Promulgation of Air Quality Implementation Plans; Pennsylvania; Diesel-Powered Motor Vehicle Idling ActW.C. Early
August 3, 2011Agency Information Collection Activity Under OMB ReviewAnn M. Linnertz
September 6, 2011Revisions and Additions to Motor Vehicle Fuel Economy Label; CorrectionRonald Medford
Margo T. Oge
September 15, 2011Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and VehiclesRay LaHood
Lisa P. Jackson
September 16, 2011Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans; New Jersey; Motor Vehicle Enhanced Inspection and Maintenance ProgramJudith A. Enck
September 16, 2011Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans; New York; Motor Vehicle Enhanced Inspection and Maintenance ProgramsJudith A. Enck
September 28, 2011Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and VehiclesChristopher J. Bonanti
September 30, 2011URGENT REGULATORY ALERT: Federal Government Proposes Mandatory Salt Replenishment Program for Bonneville Salt FlatsSEMA Action Network
October 3, 2011Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans; Arizona; Update to Stage II Gasoline Vapor Recovery Program; Change in the Definition of ``Gasoline'' To Exclude ``E85''Keith Takata
October 3, 2011California State Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Standards; Within the Scope Determination and Waiver of Preemption Decision for Amendments to California's Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) StandardsGina McCarthy
October 14, 2011In Case You Are Trying To Find A Fun Way To Go Green - Purchase A Motorcycle Or Even A ScooterKathy Jenkins
October 18, 2011Life Would Be Better With Pollution-Free AutomobilesF. Floyd Khumalo
October 25, 2011Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and VehiclesChristopher J. Bonanti
April 21, 2012Earth Day 2012Bill Crittenden

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