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The New York Times
July 4, 1915

The Ross Eight, a newcomer in the East, will be placed on display this week at the salesroom of the Auto Utilities Company at 1,700 Broadway.  It's producer-the Ross Automobile Company, is a subsidiary of Ross & Young Machine Company of Detroit.  The V between the two sets of cylinders in the new car has been left clear of non-essential parts, so that the valves can easily and quickly be reached.  The cylinder bore is 3 inches and the stroke 4½ inches.  Lubrication is obtained by the forced feed system, with sight feed on the instrument board.  The Ross Eight will sell at $1,350.  Albert Roren is manager of the Auto Utilities Company.

Harry A. Lozier's new undertaking is a twelve-cylinder car with overhead valves, list price of which is to be $1,750.  The name selected temporarily is the "H. A. L." and this may or may not be adopted permanently.  The weight of the new "H. A. L." when ready for a long trip with tanks filled, full equipment, and spare tires, will not exceed 8,300 pounds.  The following parts only are located between the cylinder castings, or in the V as it is commonly called:  Carburetor, intake manifolds, water connections, and distributor.  The wheel base is 130 inches and lubrication is force feed through drilled crank shaft, oil delivered to bearings in proportion to power developed.

A new non-blinding headlight device which has been approved by the New Jersey Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, has been brought out by the Aderente Non-Blinding Device Company of Jersey City, for which the E.J. Willis Company, 85 Chambers Street, and the Auto Owners' Supply Company of 1,773 Broadway are agents.  The device does not reduce the light power and can be attached to any headlamp.

The Maxwell Company will establish and maintain an engineering laboratory at the Chicago Speedway.  Its staff will go to work to systematically develop materials and details of design by the new standard.  This laboratory will have at its command a chance to abuse motors at the absolute limit.

A new shock absorber is being put on the market by the Fox Pneumatic Shock Absorber Company of Philadelphia, invented and patented by A. H. Fox.  The special feature is the patent rebound air check which, after the bump is taken checks naturally the quick rebound of the ordinary coil spring and cushions it above the air chamber automatically formed underneath the piston in the shock absorber, giving a soft action.  Byron E. Wrigley is President of the company, and Ansely H. Fox is Secretary and Treasurer.  Temporary offices have been taken at 34 West Thirty-third Street, and an equipping station is maintained in the International Motor Company's building at Sixty-fourth Street and West End Avenue.

The Studebaker Corporation of America has announced for 1916 a seven-passenger forty horse power four at $885 and a seven-passenger fifty horse power six at $1,050.  Semi-elliptic springs are used in front, 38 inches long, 2 inches wide, seven-leaf type.  In the rear the springs are three-quarter elliptic, nine-leaf springs, 51 inches long and 2 inches wide, fitted with shackles at both ends to take up end play.  The wheel base of the four has been increased to 112 inches.  The three-passenger roadster body is to sell at &850 and the three-passenger landau roadster at $1,185.  The wheel base of the six is increased to 122 inches.  The three-passenger roadster is to sell at $1,000, the three-passenger landau roadster at $1,350, the four-passenger coupe at $1,550, and the seven-passenger limousine at $2,250.  In addition to the pleasure cars the Studebaker Corporation will also manufacture three commercial cars.

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company announces a continuance through July, August, and September of the offer to refund the entire purchase price if Goodyear S-V tires fail to prove superior to competing makes, on a basis of cost per mile.

Saturday, July 17, will be a gala day for some nine thousand employes of Dodge Brothers of Detroit.  Three large excursion steamers will carry probably the largest crowd of the season to Tashmoo Park, on the St. Clair River, where a big athletic meet and amusement program will be staged.  To allow every last man and woman to attend the excursion the company has announced that the factory will be closed for the day.

Under the supervision of George Stowe, Vice President and General Manager of the Chalmers Motor Company of New York, Inc., the salesmen, employes, and dealers from the metropolitan district greatly enjoyed a clam bake and outing last week at Rye, N. Y.

Sam W. Menefee, manager of the New York Detroit Electric branch, announces a record made by a standard model which made a suburban trip daily for twenty days from Detroit to a point in the country, carrying four passengers.  The trips, averaging seventy-five miles each, were made on one battery charge with the Standard Detroit lead battery, Goodrich Silvertown tires and Houk wire wheels.

The 1916 Moon Six-30, which is announced this week by the Moon Motor Car Company, seels for $1,195, or $135 lower than the lowers priced car of the line in the 1915 season.  The wheel base of the new car is 120 inches.  The gasoline tank is on the rear.  The Stewart vacuum gasoline feed is used.  Other features of the new car are Hotchkiss drive and underslung rear springs.

The Milnes-Daimler Company, London, England, has closed a contract with the International Motor Company, New York, for a large number of two-ton Mack worm-drive trucks for commercial purposes, to be delivered over a period of two years.

Twleve out of the twenty-two cars in the Indianapolis Speedway race were equipped with Moto-Meters.

A novel contest among automobile dealers is to be staged by the Saxon Motor Company on July 15.  On that day dealers from all over the country will start from the factory driving new Saxon "Sixes" to their home towns.  A silver loving cup will be given to the dealer making the best record on gasoline and oil consuption.

According to Harry S. Houpt, Hudson distributor here, the Hudson Motor Car Company has erected a series of colossal ovens in one of the extensions of their plant, and these are capable of caring for hundreds of bodies at one time.  As each coat of finish is applied it is baked on.  Every coat is applied by a new process under pressure.  The result of this method is a finish which defies the wear and tear of the elements better than ever before.  The cost of installing this equipment was $100,000.

On July 1, R. D. Huntley took charge of the New York branch of the J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company.

The Serco Safety Electric Rim Signal is a new invention covered by patents and is said to be the only device which gives the driver control of his car under all conditions, and at the same time ready access to the signal without shifting the hands.  There are eight push buttons on the steering wheel, one always within easy access, and it can be operated without removing the hands from the steering wheel.

The winning of the 500-mile Chicago Derby was another victory for Goodrich Silvertown cable cord tires.  Resta won the $24,000 prize at an average speed of 97.6 miles an hour with his Peugeot equipped with Silvertowns.  The ten cars which finished were also thus equipped.

A new salesroom for the sale of Hupmobiles was opened at 20 Halsey Street, corner of Branford Place, Newark, last week, by the newly formed firm of De Cozen & Riess, which consists of Alfred De Cozen and George L. Riess, Vice President of Charles E. Riess & Co., Inc., the metropolitan distributors of the Hupmobile.

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