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Automobile Notes of Interest.

Automobile Notes of Interest.

The New York Times
April 11, 1906

Secretary S. S. Gorham of the American Automobile Association will leave for Chicago to-morrow, and before returning to New York he will meet President John Farson, and discuss several items of importance in American Automobile Association matters, some of which will come up for action at the next meeting of the Board of Directors.

Sanctions have been granted by the Racing Board of the American Automobile Association for an automobile track meet near Boston on May 30, to be conducted by the Bay State Automobile Club; for the Atlantic City races on April 25, 26, and 27; for the hill-climbing contest at Wilkesbarre, Penn., on May 10, and for a track meet at Houston, Texas, to-day.

The Postmaster of Detroit has secured permission from Washington officials to install automobiles for the collection of mails.  A contract has been entered into whereby Oldsmobiles will be used.

The Electric Vehicle Company has just doubled the size of its gasoline motor testing department at the Hartford factory.  This course was rendered necessary by the increased business.  The new testing plant will work six motors at once.

Mrs. Joan Newton Cuneo will drive her White steam car and a Maxwell speedster in the Atlantic City races this month.  Other entries are C. J. Swain of Philadelphia, (40 horse power Winton;) J. S. Bunting, (30 horse power S. & M. Simplex,) and John N. Wilkins, Jr., Philadelphia, (40 horse power Winton.)

The fine weather of the past week did much to show autoists that the touring season is here.  The consequence was that in many of the salesrooms along Broadway the biggest business of the year was transacted.  The four-cylinder Oldsmobile touring car was one of the big sellers.  One of the best demonstrations was that of K. C. Darling in an Oldsmobile on the well-known "Duffy's Hill."  As a rule most automobiles take this hill on the rush, but Darling made a mistake and came through one of the side streets right on the grade.  He sent the Olds up on the high speed, to the satisfaction of his passengers.

Luxury in vehicle furnishing is exemplified in the latest models of electric town carriages for private service, such as broughams, landaulets, and hansoms.  The interior of the latest electric brougham is lined with a heavy dark-green broadcloth, and the furnishings are of the very highest grade, including dome, electric light, cardcase, memorandum pad, mirror, toilet set, umbrella holder, speaking tube, and electric bell, connecting with the driver's seat, and electric cigar lighter.  Electric foor warmers for Winter and electric fans for Summer have been installed on a number of vehicles.

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