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You May Not Agree, but I Don't Care!

Stock Car Racing Topics:  Jimmie Johnson

You May Not Agree, but I Don't Care!

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
November 9, 2010

This has nothing to do with the fact that I hate Jimmie Johnson...there it is, I threw it out there, I hate the arrogant bastard and I don't care what anyone else says. However, I didn't like it when Childress did it, and I don't like it when cup guys who race the Nationwide Series do it either.

Your team is just that, YOUR team. It's the hand you were dealt, and you deal with it as best as you can and suck it up! For the 48 team, a devestating blow to the morale when Knaus and Hend(p)rick made the decision to penalize all of the crew by having Gordon's wrecked out guys come over and handle Jimmie's pit stops for the remainder of the Texas race. Wrong move! It was cowardice and undermining. It wasn't there fault the tire got boinked by Menard...did you see how close he came to hitting the guy? If you must, yank the front tire changer, but to penalize the entire crew was a low blow. It's the 48 crew regardless of team mate status!

I give props where I see fit. The 48 crew has been kicking ass all year. What went wrong? I have no idea. I understand they are racing for a fifth consecutive championship (which would totally devestate the integrity of the sport, but that's another article), but Knaus and Hend(p)rick definitely get the official "Wienership" title after that stunt Sunday. After all, isn't it bad enough the chase is custom made for Johnson without adding insult to injury? So now, the 48 team is sent to the bullpen, or triple A for a rehab assignment while Jeffy-poo's team has a great chance at stealing the glory Johnson's team worked so hard to establish through 33 3/4 races!

This is where the almight NASCAR needs to step in and say, "Hey, wait a minute here..." If it was anyone of a smaller financed team, I bet they would!

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