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Webber Staying On At Red Bull for 2011 Season

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Webber Staying On At Red Bull for 2011 Season

Lemmy Gibson
June 8, 2010

The drama at Red Bull continues to play out following the Turkey Grand Prix. The latest news is Mark Webber is staying on at Red Bull for the 2011 season.

Red Bull has been quickly trying to put the “crashgate” saga of the Turkey Grand Prix behind them. Of course, it hasn’t always gone that smoothly. The team’s initial reaction showed their preference for Sebastian Vettel as the number one driver by blaming Mark Webber for the crash despite nearly everyone else looking at Sebastian for taking such a bold move against a teammate.

This was quickly followed up by an announcement that Webber wasn’t at fault. It was all just a racing accident. Then Webber and Vettel had a clear the air meeting with the team owner. Hmmm…Why do I think it was the team owner who was cleaning most of the clocks…err, air in that meeting. Regardless, the boys came out all happy and excited to be racing with one another.

Many reacted to the blow up with thoughts that one driver might be leaving the team at the end of the year. Webber has been wiping the floor with Vettel lately much to my and most people’s surprise. That being said, Webber is 33 and Vettel is a young pup. Who would you rather hold onto? The choice seemed obvious and many suspected the Aussie would be driving a different color car in 2011.

Apparently not! News is Webber has been re-upped by Red Bull for the 2011 season. That being said, the contract is an odd one. The current point leader was only re-upped for a single year. This would seem to suggest that all is not entirely stable in the team and that the management has decided to hold its cards closely to its vest to see how things shake out.

Will Webber continue to dominate Vettel? Will Vettel get his act together and come back to the top of the podium? Will the two drivers have a love fest or come to punches? This one-year contract by Red Bull would seem to suggest the team doesn’t have the answers either.

Lemmy Gibson is with PullingGsRacing.com - where you can read more F1 rants and other Formula 1 content.

Source: Amazines.com

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