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Formula One - A Review of First Third of the Season

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Formula One - A Review of First Third of the Season

Lemmy Gibson
May 26, 2009

The Formula One season is now one third complete following the Monaco Grand Prix. As expected, the season has been one full of chaos and controversy.

After massive changes to the rules and regulations for Formula One, the 2009 season promised to be an interesting one. Well, it has fallen flat. After three straight seasons of intense tight championships, the 2009 season was over before it began and has made a farce out of the efforts of FIA chief Max Mosley to make the sport more competitive.

Jenson Button and Brawn GP have risen from the ashes of Honda and wiped out the field. Using a controversial double diffuser, the team has only really been challenged in the rain. The team is so dominant that the mercurial Ross Brawn has resulted to his old tactics of filling up the car with more fuel than others to make it look slower compared to the other cars in the field during qualifying.

If there has been one highlight to the season, it is that passing is a bit easier. That being said, most fans enthusiasm for this is misguided. The passing is taking place in the middle to rear of the field. How this is exciting is beyond me, but it is what it is as the announcers lamely try to make a pass for 11th position seem exciting.

Team of the Year

Brawn GP is clearly the team of the year. Honda almost folded the team and it was Ross Brawn that saved it with his investors. One of the major players at Ferrari during the Schumacher years, he has proven to be every bit as brilliant with his own team. It must be difficult for Ferrari fans to look down the pit lane at Brawn GP and wonder how Ferrari possibly let him get away. It was a mistake that will haunt Ferrari for years and years.

Driver of the Year

Jenson Button is the undisputed winner. Yes, he has the best car, but he is driving the wheels off of it as well. He senses his opportunity and is grasping it ever so tightly as Schumacher or Alonso did when their opportunities arose. This is no more apparent than when Button is compared to Rubens Barrichello, his teammate. Jenson has finished ahead of Barrichello in every race and now has a 15 point lead over him. Unless Jenson gets hurt, the Driver’s Championship is his.

Poor Performance of the Year

Ferrari and McLaren Mercedes were running neck and neck for this award, but things have changed. McLaren is still a mess, but is at least keeping its current pace. To the surprise of many, Ferrari has rebounded and now may be the second best car in the field. Regardless, my award for poor performance of the year goes to another team.

BMW is the biggest disappointment in Formula One this year. The team had a plan to progress over the years and had followed it. The 2009 rules and regulations, however, have proved too much for the team. They are arguably now the worst team on the track with their starting grid positions behind Force India at Monaco. What a disaster. Given the economy, it would not surprise anyone to see BMW decide to save some money and leave Formula One after 2010.

2009 has proven to be a disappointment after three years of championships that went down to the last race. Both championships in the 2009 season are already won for all intensive purposes. Expect to see decreased attendance in the stands and lower television ratings given the economy and an uncompetitive season.

Lemmy Gibson writes about Formula One for PullingGsRacing.com

Source: Amazines.com

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