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The Marriage of NASCAR and Tree Huggers

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The Marriage of NASCAR and Tree Huggers

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
May 31, 2010

Okay, perhaps the title was a bit too strong, but the fact that you're reading makes me feel warm and snuggly-wuggly on the inside. The 2010 cup season had been going so well in my opinion, that it was beginning to scare me. I thought I had lost my zest for composing good NASCAR grit to submit to you and my boss. So, in essence, yes, I had run out of things to bitch about, but a few short paragraphs while blitzing through Jayski.com lit a fire under my hind quarter I hadn't had in an eon or so. My original intent was to research what drivers would be making appearances at the upcoming Coke 400 weekend in Daytona, since I will be in attendance. I never made it that far.

It is quite possible that with the insanely busy summer I have had thus far, that this information could have been hidden in the open and if it were a snake, it surly would have bit me on said hind quarter. However, I still believe that allowing me to vent to you, the fans, regarding this issue, will be immensly therapeutic to me. Are you aware that NASCAR is planning on implementing the E-15 fuel for the 2011 season, but they are in a rush state to do away with the good ol' carburetor which wrench heads of garages past have romanced for decades in favor of fuel injection? Okay, if I have to compromise, switching fuels isn't neccessarily the end of the world. I will just have to accept the fact that racing exhaust will now smell like popcorn instead of testosterone. If anything, I will put on a couple pounds during an event. But COME ON! NASCAR is one of the last motorsports that uses the good ol' gas guzzlin' carburetor. It's what makes a race car sound like just that, not some wound up sewing machine like an Indy Car. (Sorry Patrick ha ha) Apparently, I need to wake up, because Robin Pemberton reports that some teams have already had track time with their prototypes in preparation for the 2011 Speedweeks in Daytona. What is the next change? A single lug on the wheels? Automatic jacks under the cars? NASCAR just took a huge step in "de-Europeanizing" the machines by placing the spoiler back on the rear deck, then take two steps back because the environmentalists are running out of trees to kiss. Seriously?! I figure the NHRA will be running hybrids before too long...no I'm kidding, right? The governing body wants to improve fuel efficiency and emissions. Are we racing the entire circuit in California now?!

NASCAR admits, they do not know yet how they are going to regulate the systems in terms of horepower and speed, but that the project is moving quickly. I am sure the greeners will be fuming at this editorial of sorts, but it would be my guess that not many of them are true race fans. I could be wrong, so be it. I also realize that NASCAR is one of the last remaining racing organizations that still utilizes the carburetor over fuel injection, but I also believe there is a reason for that. It's Americana folks! Good, old-fashioned muscle and horsepower.

So my advice to all of us who LOVE that first green flag lap, when all 43 cars come roaring by at 190 mph? Go to a race before the end of the season, because next year, the roar might be replaced with a whine or a high-pitched buzz. I know I'm being overly sarcastic, folks, you don't have to comment on that, but this prose at the very least, should be thought provoking in terms of the future.

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