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This Week's "WTF" Award

Stock Car Racing Topics:  Brad Keselowski, Roger Penske

This Week's "WTF" Award

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
April 22, 2010

Normally during the week, I try to give myself break from the goings on in NASCAR to allow me to meet race weekends with some sort of built-up enthusiasm. However, I found myself channel surfing last night and came across a show on SPEED, "NASCAR Hub". I had never seen this show before yesterday, and apparenty it gives the sports updates as to what is happening through the week. I caught the tail-end of a blurb that blew my mind. So, with that in mind, realize I don't know why this move was made, or the circumstances behind it, but nonetheless, I'm still going to give this the Jerm's Joint "WTF Award".

This week's trophy goes to Roger Penske. Noted as a sound business man, profitier, a racing junkie who knows how to put good people throughout his different series' of motorsports in place. I guess this is why I'm questioning the latest of these moves. Apparently, Brad Keselowski is going to the "Blue Deuce", the #2 Miller Lite Dodge. What?! Are you kidding me? I'm sure the reasoning far outreaches my understanding of the internal mechanics of a race shop, but is Keselowski the best man to be thrown into THAT kind of spotlight? Please don't misunderstand, I came to like Brad a lot when Dale Jr. brought him on board to pilot his #88 Nationwide ride, and found him fascinating as he won Talladega in a cup car last year. However, I think many would agree his cup performance since has been mediocre, at best. So now, you are going to toss him in the driver's seat of a sponsor who expects to perform well and win? There is no doubt that Brad has that desire within him, but he hasn't provided the results to back that up.

Turn the page...

Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm not a fan of either Busch brother. As a matter of fact, I've been guilty of calling them the "Keebler Elf Twins" on more than one occasion. I will say that since his run-in with the law back in his Roush Days in Phoenix, I have gained a great respect for Kurt's sense of humor, his new-found graciousness, and over all demeanor since driving for Penske. Granted there were some growing pains at first, but he is finally turning the #2's program around and finds himself in another championship hunt. So, how does Penske reward that performance? Toss him in the #12 ride. Seriously?! Maybe someone saw the entire episode and can tell me if it is a points issue to help ensure Brad makes the top 35? Still, as a fan, I don't like the move.

Keselowski has a tremendous amount of talent behind the wheel, but equally, has the same in terms of needing to mature on the track before assuming a NASCAR staple like Miller Lite. Maybe Penske is trying o stir the fire a bit, but I believe both drivers possess the drive and passion to mix it up on track, just Kurt has had more experience doing so at the cup level than Brad. What say you?

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