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Those Summer Driving Days

The DriveWrite Archives

Those Summer Driving Days

Geoff Maxted
DriveWrite Automotive
4 April 2018

Summer Driving Beach
Summer’s coming! Hahaha! Sorry, made myself laugh there. I just looked out of the window. It is the 4th April, it has been raining and the heating is still on. Seriously though, summer is coming and it might be a hot one. We can but live in hope.

It is at this time of year we work to get those beach bodies in shape. Failure to do so will lead to reports of pale, stranded elephant seals on UK beaches. If the arrival of summer marks the start of your fitness regime, is it not also the ideal time to make sure your car is fit for duty too? It has taken a bashing during our beastly winter weather. Time to get it sorted.

The high temperatures of summer (pause for another hollow laugh) can be very hard on your motor. Indiscriminate bombing by loose-bowelled birds can be hard on the paint. Protect with wax.

Also, your tyres have been subjected to harsh conditions on our ruined roads. Leaving your vehicle unchecked could leave you stranded, baking inside a broken down car.

Summer Tips

Yes, I know you know but it doesn’t hurt to recap the basics, does it? Checking fluids like coolant, engine oil and windscreen washer fluid are things even the most non-mechanical motorists should be able check on their own. It’s probably worth getting the air-con checked too. Hopefully we are going to need it so why not spend a few quid to ensure it is in tip-top working order?

And to those people who insist on opening windows in air-conditioned cars, please stop it. It really doesn’t help. You know who you are.

How many times did you check your tyre pressures over the winter? Thought so. Do it right away; tyres work best at correct pressures. No need to go to the garage these days, an accurate pump/gauge combo costs only costs a few pounds. I use one from the Ring brand, but any will do provided they guarantee a good degree of accuracy.

As the outside summer temperature climbs so the air in your car’s tyres expands, so check the pressure when the rubber hoops are at a normal temperature – before you set off. Look for the correct pressures to use; they’ll be in the handbook, on a door label or, as ever, on the Internet. If have built-in tyre pressure monitoring then good for you but don’t forget the spare (if it hasn’t been replaced by one of those stupid kits manufacturers are palming off on us now). Always carry the pump on board, just in case.

Summer Service

Summer brings with it the desire to travel more. We emerge from our comfy cocoons, blinking into the sun to begin planning our journeys. More driving means more fuel consumption so it’s a good time to keep up periodic maintenance like oil and filter changes and inspection or replacement of the air cleaner and fuel filters. Winter neglect will likely cause poor fuel economy.

My Three Summer Rules

Regular maintenance equals driving pleasure.

Preparation is key.

Avoid giving lifts to wasps.

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