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Preparing For Those Long Distance Wedding Drives

The DriveWrite Archives

Preparing For Those Long Distance Wedding Drives

DriveWrite Automotive
5 April 2018

Wedding Drive
Wedding season is almost here and for many people that involves driving to places all around the UK to get to the venue. You might have relatives that live far away or the couple may have chosen their dream venue that is several hundred miles away. Either way, you need to get there so it is best to just accept you’re going to need to have a long drive.

The train could have been an option if you didn’t need to take your outfit and ensure that it stays neat and crumple-free, which unfortunately not many train journeys lend themselves to very well.

Wherever you are heading to, whether it is a location that is easy to reach by motorway or somewhere in the stunning countryside like Gleddoch’s beautiful wedding venue in Glasgow, you need to prepare for your journey to ensure it doesn’t end up stressing you before the big event. Here are some pointers that should help you to plan out your drive:

Take a break

If you are driving a long distance, you need to make sure that you take sufficient breaks as tiredness can cause accidents. The best option is to share the driving responsibilities but if that isn’t possible then stop off for rests along the way, grab some food and maybe a coffee to keep you alert on the road.

Check the tyres and oil

Before you set off for a long journey, you should always check your oil level and tyre pressure. It only takes a few minutes to do this but could save you from needing to call out roadside recovery and potentially ruining your weekend. If you don’t know what pressure your tyres should be, find it out from the manual before you set off.

Plan your journey

If you haven’t got Sat Nav then make sure that you have the directions that you need to arrive at the wedding on time. Print off the directions and read them before you set off so you have an idea of which junctions etc. you will be taking to ensure that you don’t add a load of unnecessary time and miles to your journey! You can also use apps like Google Maps to check for any roadworks, or incidents that are going to delay you, so you can look for alternative routes. Have your hotel reception number saved on your phone in case you get lost and need directions, especially if you are going somewhere quite remote where internet signal might be poor.

Pack an emergency bag

If you are unfortunate enough to break down, you will get slight consolation by being prepared. If it is cold weather or you are driving at night, make sure you have warm clothes and a blanket in case you need to sit and wait in the car for a while. You should also stock up on some food and plenty of drinks, just in case you end up being in the car for much longer than expected. Have the number for whichever roadside assistance company you are a member of stored on your phone with your membership number. It is also a good idea to take an umbrella and waterproof coat just in case you end up standing or walking in the rain.

As a final thought, provide yourself with plenty of time to make your journey and then you won’t try to drive for too long without a break. If you don’t leave enough time then you might get into a bit of a panic which won’t bode well for enjoying a lovely time at the wedding.

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