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Day Two

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Daytona 500

Day Two

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
February 14, 2009

A noticeable change this year is the lack of attendance, which really isn't so bad. It makes parking much easier, egress a breeze, and face it, it is wonderful to be able to stretch out your legs in those cramped seats. All in all, it was some phenomenal racing we witnessed today as Tony Stewart pulled off the win. I don't have to share details of the race, because after all, I am most certain you all watched it, right? *wink*

However, before the green flag, I was able to tool around as normal, do some cool stuff, and meet some interesting people. At the Chevy display, I attended a prerace appearance by Jeff Burton. During his short stint on the stage, he was asked a series of questions, but regardless of what they were, what impressed me most was his honesty. Jeff was asked how his speed weeks had gone, and he was more than candid by replying, "Not very well, to tell you the truth." Admittedly, he stated that no testing would prove what teams were better at preparing and which would figure out how much work they still had in front of them. Like most of the drivers throughout NASCAR, he is also highly in favor of the single file restarts with under 20 laps to go instead of the old rule of ten.

After getting my rear end handed to me in the Skoal Pit Stop Challenge by my best friend, (which by the way, ended my four year undefeated streak) I was standing in an autograph line for Jimmy Spencer, Mr. Excitement. I must say, he is very personable, and refused to sit behind the table to sign. Instead, he came around to the front of the TUMS display, posed for a picture with everyone in line, shook our hands, and thanked us for coming out. His grip was firm, and he made eye contact. An attribute that is very important to me.

I realize these are not my usual caliber articles, but I'm on location, and bringing you the grit from a fan on the go...Now, time to have a nice cold Guiness and relax. ...until tomorrow!!!

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