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As Dirty As It May Seem...

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As Dirty As It May Seem...

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
July 2, 2008

One of our readers responded to the news of Dear Dario being ousted at Chip's house after realizing he hired the wrong driver for the 40 ride. Not all responses to other writer's articles come to me, but this one did. I don't have too much to say regarding Franchitti being told to hit the bricks, because let's face it, he's not cut out for NASCAR competition. His lack-luster performance this season took what was once a pretty good ride, and turned it into a two-ton pile of shit that couldn't: 1. make it into a race, or 2. keep a car together for an entire event. It was confusing to me in the first place as Coor's Light became the official beer of NASCAR as to why they pulled car sponsorship. To me, that would be like replacing the Clydesdales of Budweiser with pack mules from the Grand Canyon tours. Hee Haw! Chip's little international circus has been shrunk from three to two rings, and even they don't have much going for them. The stats don't lie.

What caught my attention is what this reader said regarding Juan Pablo putting the screws to the Angry Keebler Elf. He stated that Montoya should be suspended by NASCAR for 10 races, and that kind of behavior should not be tolerated. My question to him is this, has he paid any sort of attention to the quality of racing this season? It's worth about as much as a public toilet full of foreign turds. Not to mention that even promoters, track presidents, and even commentators are expressing NASCAR's need to get back to some old school brawl and blood. (ie: Texas Motor Speedway president offering $15,000 to the first driver to throw his helmet at another car in anger) What you saw between Juan and Kyle Sunday was nothing more than old school, dirt track payback! You cannot deny Montoya's honesty. He owned up to slamming the little fuck after taking it from him the entire race. Would I have been upset if this had happened to Jr? Sure I would, but hey, a little bumpin' and bruisin' is just what the doctor orderd for this severe case of mediocrity we've come to know as NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

I'm not a fan of either one of the drivers involved in the yellow flag incident. I hate Kyle Busch, because he comes to NASCAR with his early 20-something sense of entitlement that many of the young drivers arrive bearing. Thinking that you're "owed" something does not follow the principles on which the sport was founded. The fact that they both got taken out was nothing more than equally sweet justice. However, I think it's safe to say that we can depend on Juan Pablo Montoya to call a spade a spade and nothing more.

Certainly, NASCAR will issue fines, points penalties, blah blah blah, puke. Yet, to say NASCAR should suspend Juan for 10 races would only contribute to the continued sterilization of the sport and make it even more painful to watch, just when a little excitement is coming back. Since you're the NASCAR morality police, maybe you should apply for a job with their officiating staff. (The application is pretty easy, I filled one out two years ago online) Could you imagine if a 10-race suspension policy was instituted in the days of Waltrip, Earnhardt, Yarborough, Allison, and Pearson? Christ, we would have missed out on some of the greatest racing in NASCAR history, and perhaps thieved a few championships along the way. Maybe this respondent was a secret agent of the NASCAR SS (oh shit, I'm gonna get in trouble for that again), and was told by Mike Helton or Brian France to submit the response. Maybe I've just had a lack of sleep and that rubbed me the wrong way, or better yet...MAYBE I'm tired of NASCAR becoming so politically correct and INtolerant, that (in the words of Kyle Petty) NASCAR is only a sport on Sundays and a big buisiness the other 6.

(In a three-year old's whiny voice) ...But using a 3400 pound car as a weapon could get someone hurt or killed. Uggh, and wrecking into a group of tightly packed cars this weekend on the Superstretch at 185 mph, kissing walls and rooftops of cars won't? Gimme a break. You're as confused as a baby in a titty bar. Let 'em race, let 'em run, let 'em say what they want, and let 'em get back to settling certain issues on the track! My rant for the week. Be safe all, and have a Happy 4th of July!

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