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You've Been Waiting For This!

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Dale Earnhardt Jr.

You've Been Waiting For This!

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
May 5, 2008

Second, you all can deny, deny, deny, but any of you who know me knew that I was fuming after Saturday's race. However, it's the reason I'm hot under the collar that may surprise you. Was I upset regarding how Jr. was taken out by an overly-aggressive Keebler Elf with anger issues? (Give that guy some Fudge Stripes, Deluxe Grams, SOMETHING!) I guess so, but then again, short track racin' is just that, and I would expect nothing more than two equally matched cars doin' the bump and grind to etch out a win. I have to admit, it was my normally inactive conspiracy theory gene that kicked in to overdrive relating to the commentation stated just prior the knock out that, once the race was over, made everything complete.

I should state that I believe out of the three networks that cover NASCAR, that Fox's crew does the best job with their presentation with this one exception: I don't know how many of you listen to Bob and Tom on your morning commutes. (A popular radio show out of Indianapolis broadcast coast-to-coast) They do a skit entitled, "The Mr. Obvious Show". If there was a NASCAR version of Mr. Obvious, it would be Larry Mac. He has got the insight of an amoeba when it comes to caution flags, etc. Nevertheless, I put Fox's team up against any of the other existing broadcst idocy of TNT/NBC or ESPN/ABC.

Many may have missed what was said in those last few laps when Ky Jelly Busch was chasing down Dale Jr. Understandably so, the action on the track was too exciting to listen to anything Mike, Larry, or DW were babbling. Yet, I'm different. I take it all in...and to listen to those three was nothing short than setting up the end of the race for a WWE-style finish. Could it have been scripted? Of course not, but it does make one wonder.

Things relating to such topics as, 'setting Jr. up for failure', 'Jr. does not need to see a caution here', etc. (Notice I didn't use quotation marks as I was paraphrasing) Though what happened? I use to respect Denny Hamlin for his youthful talent and demeanor when it came to the sport and his coworkers on the track. However, the distastful, dirty, bone-headed move he pulled off Saturday earned him a well-deserved place in my shit can. Realizing that he was out of contention, he stopped on the track like a wounded dog to purposely bring out the yellow then miraculously drove into the pits as to allow his team mate much needed closing distance. Sure, NASCAR parked him for two laps...whooptie shit! Talk about conduct unbecoming the sport! It was the compilation of what the Fox team was saying accompanied by the on-track occurences that should have outraged any NASCAR fan. Coincidence? Surly! Strange? DEFINITELY!

This can't take away from what game Toyota has brought to NASCAR. I still hate them, always will. However, as I've stated in the past, they brought their dollars, they brought their "A" game, and they bOught some damn good teams and talent. The other maunfacturers? They should have seen the turd avalanche sliming down on them when Toyota entered the truck series. We Chevy, Dodge, and Ford lovers can't blame Toyota for winning, we can blame ourselves for losing.

Until next week, or...whenver!

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