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Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
May 2, 2008

Most of you joined this group because we're Dale Jr. fans. Some joined because they enjoy a good beer or spirit, and yet there's others who share a passion for both.

I have two Budweiser, special edition #8 tall boys that I keep saying I'll crack open when Dale Jr. wins another race. You can imagine that they're well over a year old by now. It's been frustrating for us fans to see him come "so close" week after week, but unable to seal the deal. I consider myself a patient fan. No one's driver can win every race, but this is getting out of hand. However, I will consider to support my driver, though he now drives for the dark side and has a sponsor that when consumed, causes us to become the exact opposite of what we want to be during a race; "Amped".

He's had success at Richmond. Night racing brings back the atmosphere native to racing. The atmosphere is right, and if I had my say, they would race on Saturday nights instead of Sundays. We make the best of it, though, plugging away week after week. I don't whine when my driver doesn't win. If anything, at least he's been consistant so far this season. I still believe he could do better in a crew chief than his cousin, but he believes in involving family. However, I tend to reason this may have plagued him not only this season, but those past. But I digress. Admittedly, it's become a tad frustrating to see him come close, but not be there on the last lap. I'm not sure what the answer is, I'm just a fan venting in this forum.

Maybe this weekend gets the show turned around, maybe not. We can't complain about his points standings, that's for sure. Regardless, it's going to be Saturday night racing, good beer, and maybe a pizza thrown in the mix!

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