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Yet Another Kick in the Juevos!

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Yet Another Kick in the Juevos!

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
April 2, 2008

It's out of control, folks! At a time in NASCAR when everyone is concerned about powerhouse teams dominating the sport and what can be done to control it, ANOTHER team announced the addition of a fourth car to their stable! Is it possible that racing is going to be monopolized into eternal boredom? This is making my ass tired!

I'm a Dale Jr. fan, sure, I have no problem admitting that. However, I think even I would get bored if he began winning every weekend! This season has been refreshing thus far for two very good reasons (my opinion only): There have been five different winners in six races, AND, "Cry Baby Gordon" and "Jimmmie with his Johnson" haven't won yet! Oh sure, eventually I'll eat crow over that, but it's my dream world and I'm going to hold onto it as long as I can! Pretty soon, there will be no one but Hend(p)rick, Roush, and now Childress cars winning on Sundays! I love RCR! After all, my favorite driver of all time made Richard a lot of money before he died so tragically. However, his announcement at thiefing the General Mills sponsorship away from Petty to add a fourth car troubles me. It illustrates how modernization of NASCAR is what is going to kill it. Though I would guess this will make betting in Vegas a hell of a lot easier! I'm not a suit, sitting behind some huge desk with all sorts of certificates hanging on my wall who's educated enough to figure out a solution. It would seem that the writing is on the wall regarding the future of cup series racing. You now will have three teams which account for nearly one third of the entire starting grid. WTF?

It would be neat if we all could muster the will power to boycott NASCAR for one season, and attend nothing but local track events. However, I don't even have that sort of will-power, so I sure has shit wouldn't ask that of my fellow loyalists. We can sit and wonder what kind of impact that would have. The ultimate in fan-speak!

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