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Sushi Anyone?

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Toyota

Sushi Anyone?

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
March 9, 2008

If you are a fan of Toyota, you should be ashamed of yourself! Now that I have your attention...

However, if you were one of the millions of innocent victims whose driver was forced into driving this make, or was out of work and needed a job, then I issue you all the "free pass". Other than that, my introductory statement still stands. I am more than certain that a perverbial shit storm will ensue after posting this article, but awareness is the key, and many are not aware.

Why do we drive foreign automobiles? This one is easy, better bang for the buck on fuel costs, dependability, blah blah blah, my foot in your ass. Though there is truth in what I just stated, we still need to realize where the profits are going, EVEN if Toyotas, Hondas, Mazdas, etc, are manufactured here in the states! The land of the rising sun people! Good ol' far east Japan. Oh yes indeed, these folks have provided Americans with jobs, and allowed local and national economies to tread with their noggins above water, but it's out-sourcing without sending the actual jobs overseas! Yet, even that doesn't hold true as of recent as Honda announced they are shutting down their motorcycle plant here in Marysville, Ohio in 2009, and "reassigning" its employees.

Oh I can hear you fools over there, too. "What really constitutes an American-made car anymore? Parts from Canada, Japan, China, and Malaysia, assembled in Mexico, before running down the line in Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey..." You know, I'm not an economist, and I refrain from expressing my political party views here, but folks wake up, our economy sucks ass nuggets right now! I digress. Besides, does anyone remember grass roots racing?

Sure, Toyota really has their game plan implemented and executed to a "T". They bought Joe Gibbs like a Senator buys a high-dollar whore. (There was some reference to that on the PRN broadcast today, maybe not that dramatic) It's time for the other "Big Three" to get off of their asses and deal with what they wanted to turn a blind eye to all along. Chevy, Ford, and Chrysler have been in some type of denial coma since Toyota came into the truck series, and are now their whipping bitches. Behind the 8-ball is even an understated cliche in this case. Their dicks have drug in the dirt so long that they could cork themselves in the keister and still have road rash. They have nobody to blame but themselves. Hell, many of US were on the same "huh-uh" train as the American auto makers. So now what?

Am I against foreign manufacturers in NASCAR? You bet my baseball and apple pie ass I am! Am I indignent of their drivers? Absolutely not. I'm still one of those who thinks Dave Blaney could be one of the cup series' little hidden secrets if given the right opprotunity. Tony Stewart is the new age Dale Earnhardt, and J.J. Yeley was never given a fair shake. However, Kyle Busch is still one half of the idiot plagued Keebler Elf Twins, but beggars can't be choosers, right?

This isn't new folks. We had been warned that Toyota was comin', but no one took them seriously. Oops, our bad! Now they're here, and I'd like steak sauce with my ass before you hand it to me on a plate. So, will I still bitch and moan every time a Toyota wins? Hey that's my right as an American! However, will I be surprised? Absolutely not. Now Big Three, do you like cream or sugar with your coffee?

My rant for the week...and since this is posted in MY group this time, I can say, FUCK TOYOTAS!

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