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Venting Anger

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Venting Anger

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
October 1, 2007

My only hope for NASCAR is the slim optimistic view that next season HAS to be better. Let's face it, other than having one of Brian France's Nazis actually RIDE in the car with the drivers, can the governing body find any more ways to screw with perfection? Any of my readers who've followed my contritbutions this year have seen the evolution of my anger. First starting out as mere frustration, turning to the pit of disgust that I find myself at the present. NASCAR has become nothing more than 43 billboards driving in circles, each under a same set of rules which face it, are interpreted differently depending on who is guilty of the infraction. Coupled with the force-fed political correctness during driver interviews, disallowing any driver or crew chief to be honest with what they are thinking are enough to make a billy goat puke up its gonads. All of this going on and we as fans are suppose to just sit back and accept everything that the butt plug twins, Helton and France throw at not only us, but the sportsman who we pay to see. There's no argument to the fact that Big Bill wanted to see NASCAR become a sports empire or he wouldn't have dedicated his life to such an enormous dream. However, can anyone honestly say he would approve of the continual watering down of an American staple which has such a modest root system? No, I cannot speak with the dead, but I would be apt to believe that if Grandpa Bill were alive today, there would be some proverbial bitch slapping going on amongst the family. I will bow my head to you and confess that I am not an "answers" man in solidifying a solution to NASCAR's squandering. In offering a suggestion, however, maybe we need to erase the board and start all over. Abandon the cookie cutter race tracks, the cloned cars, grab an old muscle car, toss a case of shine in the trunk, and haul ass across some good ol' southern dirt roads. Pursuing a "if we knew then what we know now" philosophy would make great drama. It will never happen obviously, but an attempt should be made and revamping what was once a great sport accompanied by one ultra-apology to the fans.

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