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Bill beat me to the punch on this one guys!

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Tony Stewart

Bill beat me to the punch on this one guys!

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
August 2, 2007

The article referenced in the title is Random Lugnuts: MWR's Future, The Stewart Storm, and My Own Personal Sponsor Troubles.

*First, let me say that I haven't bothered reading all the posts regarding, what I'm sure, has been well hashed. However, I've been sitting on this for a long time*

I open this installment with a disclaimer to my more conservative readers: You may wish to move on to another article. The contents herein will probably cause severe aggravation and pulsation of your rarely used, grey matter. However, if you chose to engage in the viewing of this prose, you do so at your own risk.

Without a doubt by now, all have been discussing Tony Stewart's emotionally-charged comment during his victory interview after winning the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard this Sunday passed. Besides confessing the fact that I laughed a loud when I was by myself after hearing the term "bullshit" roll of of his tongue like Shakespherian poetry, it was also an easy realization that the NASCAR Nazis would indeed be armed with yet more ammunition against him...and would use it. Only then did the smile fall from my face and I became pensive when considering the other televised professional sports.

I ask you this: When was the last time you watched an NFL game? Ever notice how the new attractions are the sideline microphones, or better yet, the referees and quarterbacks sporting the same appliance? How many times do these professional atheletes, just like our drivers, have to drop the "F" or "S" bomb before the governing body steps in and starts docking them money, or sitting them for a game? I can already hear it, "NASCAR is a family oriented sport, the drivers should know better!" Let me tell you something people, our children look up to just as many football, baseball, and basketball celebrities as they do drivers in NASCAR. The point being? We CANNOT censor freedom of speech! We CANNOT control competition which thrives on emotion and the human element. This kind of mentality of trying to raise our children and the now ever-so-easily offended public in a "shucky darns"-type of world are only fooling themselves. Yes, Tony said it, yes it's bad, but can you actually phathom the thought of moving on? Well with terrorism and service people overseas fighting insurgency, why would ANYONE EVER believe that there might be bigger fish to fry? It's beyond me. Oh, and man-o-man, have you ever listened to a scanner at a NASCAR race? ANYONE who speaks ill of Tony Stewart's Sunday outburst then goes to a race and plants scanner phones on their heads best throw them in the refuse before you spontaneously combust. My good friend Bill Crittenden conceived the ideas in which this article is written, but not in so many words.

Face it folks, what our children aren't hearing on television, or radio, are hearing it in the halls at school, the ball diamonds during the summer, the grid iron they play in the fall, and the hardwood they dribble on throughout the winter. Competitivness x emotion=sports. Get over it!

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