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Finally, A Wedge of Consistence?

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Finally, A Wedge of Consistence?

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
June 27, 2007


It is probably safe to say without a doubt, that NASCAR will never allow itself to enforce penalties and fines across the board. Certainly we can use the excuse that each infraction is different, and as the "Sheriff" said one time on XM Radio, each case is looked at individually. NASCAR wants us to believe that all of its decisions in enforcement are fair per circumstance. If they have the audacity to think we, as fans, buy into that, then ladies and gentlemen, I could sell cow shit to a dairy farmer. However, I believe they set a presidence regarding the Hend(p)rick teams after this past weekend.

NASCAR was quick to spank the pee pee of Dale Jr. and Tony Eury Jr. after the illegal mounting bracket was found on the spoiler back at Darlington. It was in DEI's best interest to drop its appeals, take it on the chin, and go on with the season. No one argued NASCAR's decision, and there was very little heard from the fans regarding this. However, I was listening to Claire B. Lang's show on XM and the outcry of Hend(p)rick fans over what was happening to poor Jeffy and Jimmie was unbelievable! Come on people, TWO cars with the SAME infraction? Coincidence, I think not! The penalties leveled were MORE than fair! That's right, I said they were "fair". Not, "It should have been a lot more", but DEFINITELY not less. NASCAR is getting their point across that the COT program is not to be tinkered with, and "X" is going to happen if it is. Now that NASCAR has taken the ball and ran with it, it's up to them to make sure they run all the way.

I realize I sound like a broken record for continuing to address the following fact, but it is something that is worthy of repitition. NASCAR needs to make a drastic change to get us back into the game as fans. The COT program, in my opinion, has led to some interesting racing, and has proven me wrong in that aspect. However, there are many facets of the sport that need a facelift before ratings and attendance drop even further. It's up to the the NASCAR Nazis of Mike Helton and the France Dynasty to slap themselves on the foreheads and drink that V-8. Robin Pemberton should run for political office. This man couldn't give a straight answer if he was given a cue card to read. He is the closest thing to a human-like blow up sex dummy that we will ever see in NASCAR. Mr. Pemberton, get up off all fours, brush your dirty knees off, and chew the fat instead of dragging your teeth up and down the shaft of NASCAR's member. Yes, I'm harsh. Yet, I see the frustration in the minute epitaphs that other fans are posting here and elsewhere. If that makes me the whipping boy for speaking out, fine. If you all don't agree with me, and I'm sure you won't, that's just dandy, too. Though it's hard to deny that, in my opinion, the best sport on earth, is in serious jeopardy.

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