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NASCAR and Retirement

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NASCAR and Retirement

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
February 7, 2007

I don't know if this article made any of your papers, but it did mine and I think it's worth addressing. Now granted, NASCAR is not like other sports in terms of being employed by the "league" in which they play; (ie: MLB, NBA, NFL) Each driver is basically an independent employee in a common sport governed by one agency, NASCAR. However, were any of us aware that there are NO retirement plans established for drivers in any series? Drivers are responsible NOW for their own health care, life insurance, and retirement plans. Whereas other professional sports take care of their players, NASCAR leaves its drivers to fend for themselves once they walk away from the sport. Obvsiously, NASCAR shouldn't be held solely accountable for a driver's retirement due to the uniquness of it's setup when compared to other professional sports, however, a contribution, or some sort of union needs to be established to assure drivers will be taken care of in "the worst case scenario" happening, as Jeff Burton stated in this article. This is something I truly believe warrants action. Now we know why so many drivers go into the broadcast booth lol...what are your opinions?

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