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How the New C3 Rally Car Differs from the Road Version

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Rally Racing Topics:  Citroën C3

How the New C3 Rally Car Differs from the Road Version

Will Hope
22 April 2017

The supermini market is fiercely competitive and one car that stands out from the crowd is the Citroen C3. This superb little car is great fun to drive, very comfortable and has a wide scope for personalisation, as well as low running costs. Fans of the C3 and rally cars will be excited to hear about the new C3 rally car, which looks fantastic and could influence the way that rally cars look for the next few years.

The C3 WRC Rally Car

The Citroen C3 WRC car is what Britain’s Kris Meeke drives in the 2017 World Rally Championship and marks the return of the French manufacturer to the series. So, how does the rally car differ from the popular road version?

The Differences

In addition to its sportier appearance, the C3 WRC is both longer and wider than the road car, as well as 25kg lighter - this brings it down to a nimble 1175kg before the driver and co-drivers enter the vehicle. Powered by the 1.6l-litre turbocharged petrol engine, it offers an impressive 380bhp.

One of the key factors of the C3 WRC is how aerodynamic it is. It features a massive two-element rear wing and vanes mounted on the front bumper - this is to capitalise on the new 2017 WRC regulations, which allow for greater aerodynamic aids.

The Season

Citroen Racing have run two of these impressive automobiles in the first few rounds of the season, but will be looking to roll out three of four as of May. This will see the likes of Sheikh Khalid Al Qassimi and Craig Been joining Meeke and Stephane Lefebvre later in the season.

Finding C3s

The impressive C3 WRC may have a more aggressive appearance and boosted performance, but it still builds on the great design of the C3 road car and you will struggle to find a better city car than this one. Small, attractive, comfortable and packed full of personality, the C3 is a fantastic choice for any motorist in the market for an impressive supermini. The best place to purchase either new or used automobiles will be dealerships with a good reputation and plenty of deals, such as Robins & Day.

The Citroen C3 is a charming car that is popular in the competitive supermini car market. The new C3 WRC builds on this great design and is a powerful, nimble and vibrant rally car that could signify the return of the popular Citroen hot hatchbacks.

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