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Automobile Models For Toy Collectors


Automobile Models For Toy Collectors

Sivakorn Siricharoensataporn
18 August 2008

A lot of guys out there grew up playing with their toy cars, planes, trains, space ships, basically different types of vehicles. While there are those who eventually forgot about it as they got older and become more focused on work and their families, there are still some guys who never got over their fascination with such toys and have actually turned their old playthings into a collection that they can be proud of.

Vintage automobiles tend to be very popular for such toy collectors. Aside from scouring the local hobbyists' shops, which have rows and rows of various types of automobiles from different eras, avid automobile collectors also like to frequent flea markets for 'forgotten treasures'.

Even though these automobile collectibles are just considered as simple child's toys, serious automobile toy collectors can actually amass a small fortune if they sell their collections on internet auction sites wherein there are loads of similar toy automobile collectors looking for their next vintage buy.

Some automobile toy collectors can get lucky especially with flea markets as there are a lot of interesting curios and collectibles that can be found in such places. If a rare chance comes by and you see an automobile toy collectible that is in good condition, make sure that you grab it as you as you spot it and ask for a price quote from the seller. If you have very good haggling skills, you can get that automobile toy car for as little as $1. However, if the seller happens to have a keen eye when it comes to collectibles, and is abreast with what is in with automobile toy collectors nowadays, you can expect a higher price quote of up to $80 for a single automobile toy collectible even if it is just being sold in a flea market.

Not surprisingly, a lot of automobile toy collectors will actually be willing to pay even if it is considered as such an exorbitant amount by some. For these loyal collectors, they consider the price as nothing as long as it is an automobile toy collectible that they have spent years looking for - most especially if it is one-of-a-kind.

If you want to get started with your own automobile toy collection, there are more budget-friendly alternatives out there like the Matchbox line from Mattel which may turn out to be expensive automobile toy collectibles in the future. If you are determined to ensure the value of your automobile toy collectibles, it is best that you keep them in a safe place - preferably one that is free from dust and water. It is actually considered by weird as some that most toy collectors often prefer to have their prized collections stored behind glass cases or just kept in a box - not ever playing with it. But that is actually their way of ensuring the toy's quality and value - by keeping it from possibly getting damaged. Collector's edition toys sell more in auction sites if it is still in mint condition as opposed to something that looks like the dog just dug out from the trash can.

Just to get you started on the art of toy collecting, log on to the Internet and view auction sites to pick out something that you fancy enough to want to start collecting it.

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