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Ford F-Series: Best Seller For February 2007

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Ford F-Series: Best Seller For February 2007

Anthony Fontanelle
March 6, 2007

Following the reports posted by different car manufactures for the month of February this year, Reuters compiled a report which shows which models American motorists bought the most number of last month. The leading information source for financial markets reported the top twenty best selling vehicles for the month of February.

At the top of the leader board is the Ford F-Series selling 100,170 units. Although that number is lower than last year’s number, it is enough to put the F-Series on top of the scorecard. The Ford F-Series is also the leader in terms of sale for the month of February last year. Taking the second place is the Chevrolet Silverado which posted a sales number of 97,089 units which is 14.9 percent higher than its output last year. The Silverado remains unchanged in its second spot from last year.

After the two vehicles from domestic auto makers, three vehicles from Asian brands follow closely. Taking the third spot is the Toyota Camry. Toyota sold 63,609 units of the Camry last month and the model also retains its third spot in the leader board. Following the Camry is the Honda Accord which jumps from last year’s fifth spot to this year’s fourth place. Honda sold 56,084 units of the Accord last month, an 18.5 percent increase over last year for the same period. Jumping to the fifth spot is another Toyota model, the Corolla. From sixth place last year, it now occupies the fifth spot due to the fact that Toyota sold 53,840 units of the Corolla.

The Dodge Ram, last year’s fourth best selling vehicle for the month of February, lands on the sixth spot posting 53,012 units sold. The seventh spot is now occupied by the Chevrolet Impala which made a big leap from its former position in 13th place due to the 29.3 percent increase in its sales number for last month compared to February of 2006. Chevrolet sold 52,200 units of the Impala. Next vehicle in the list is the Nissan Altima which climbed one spot from its last year’s ninth place to finish eighth this year. Nissan sold 46,508 units of the Altima.

Taking the ninth place this year is the Honda Civic. It slipped by two places due to the fact that Honda sold 22.4 percent less Civic in February of this year compared to last year. It seems that Honda needs to pull the brakes on the downward slide of the Civic. Rounding up the ten best selling vehicle for the month of February is the Dodge Caravan. From its 12th place finish in February last year, the Caravan made it to the tenth place when Dodge sold 34,968 units of the said vehicle.

Source:  Amazines.com

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