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New Video Fact Checks Obama Administrations False Gas Price Claims

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New Video Fact Checks Obama Administrations False Gas Price Claims

Congressman John Boehner
May 27, 2011

When an estimated 35 million Americans hit the road this Memorial Day weekend, they will face gas prices $1.06 higher than they were at this time last year.  While Republicans are working to address high gas prices with the American Energy Initiative, President Obama and Washington Democrats have done nothing but duck responsibility for the fact that gas prices have doubled on their watch.  As the following video released by the Heritage Foundation this week makes clear, the loss of jobs and American energy production and the resulting increase in gas prices are a direct result of Democrats’ anti-energy policies: 

Republicans understand that increasing American energy production will help bring down high gas prices and allow small businesses to create more private-sector jobs.  At the unveiling of the House Republican Plan for Americas Job Creators today, House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings (R-WA) reaffirmed the new House majoritys commitment to lower energy prices and help create jobs by increasing domestic energy production:

Expanding production of all types of American energy must be an essential component of any jobs plan. America is blessed with vast energy resources that can simultaneously help meet our nations energy needs and create good-paying jobs for millions of Americans. As part of the American Energy Initiative, House Republicans have already passed three bipartisan bills that will expand offshore energy production and create a combined 1.2 million jobs. The Natural Resources Committee will be working on an array of additional bills to spur job growth and produce more, homegrown American energy.

Follow our progress on the American Energy Initiative effort to boost U.S. energy production here: http://facebook.com/americanenergy, and learn more about the Plan for Americas Job Creators here: http://www.gop.gov/jobs.

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