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A Week in Bad Headlines: Democrats Scrambling, Tanking, Playing Defense on Gas Prices

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A Week in Bad Headlines: Democrats Scrambling, Tanking, Playing Defense on Gas Prices

Congressman John Boehner
March 16, 2012

Two weeks ago, the president hosted a productive, bicameral, bipartisan meeting in which he and congressional leaders talked about jobs and rising gas prices.  Congressman Boehner was encouraged by the president’s willingness to discuss bipartisan steps that can be taken toward an all-of-the-above national energy strategy, including common-sense pro-American energy bills passed by the House and supported by the president’s own jobs council.  Unfortunately, the White House has yet to follow through and the president has essentially told Americans, tough luck.  

As the ABC News/ Washington Post  and CBS News/New York Times surveys confirmed this week, Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of the way this president is handling gas prices, which have doubled on his watch.  There is still time for the president to do the right thing and press the Democratic-controlled Senate to act on bipartisan, House-passed energy bills.  In the meantime, heres a look at the Obama Administrations bad week in headlines:

Democrats have spent years blocking Republicans all of the above strategyrestricting energy production, and lobbying against projects like the Keystone XL pipeline as gas prices have steadily risen.  President Obama can attempt to explain away how gas prices have doubled on his watch, but all Americans want to see are solutions to the problem.  Under the American Energy Initiative, House Republicans have passed legislation that removes barriers to American energy production, helps address gas prices, and creates jobs. 

If President Obama wants to show the American people that his support for Republicans all-of-the-above energy policy is more than just words, he will call on Senate Democrats to stop blocking these, and nearly 30 other bipartisan, House-passed jobs bills awaiting a vote in the Democratic-controlled Senate.  Learn more about theAmerican Energy Initiative at facebook.com/americanenergy and follow the progress of the Republican Plan for Americas Job Creators at jobs.gop.gov.

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